"M. C. C. Ghiette : pan-pan. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
Parkett No.100-101/2017.
"Petra Stavast : China / S75. Exposition GRA 2008. Graduation publication."
"20:16 VAV, moving image. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication"
Flash Art no. 311.
"Sara Arzu : in conversation with YAYBIR - publishers copyright and licensing society, authorized organization fighting against copyright infringements and piracy in Turkey. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphi"
Aperture no. 225 : on feminism.
"Alex Farrax, Harry Meadly, Iona Smith : a latento 3. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Alicja Bielawska : miejsca / places. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Perceive the city through the details. Thesis, Izabela Stepska. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Inter-Architecture"
"Jennifer de Jonge : thuis. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
Flash Art no. 316 : september-october 2017.
"Marion Blume : making, for God's sake : why is it necessary to produce more stuff? Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Jewellery"
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 4.
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 3.
F.R. David 2013 nr.10 : for single mothers.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 104 : Das Individuum = The individual.
"Lina Kaplan : Hope 2061. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
"Golrokh Nafisi : no title. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Cleo Florine Scheibe : meeting points, between and inbetween subject and object. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Fine Arts"
"Emma Olanders : chromatics. Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Back Cover Graphic Design, Typography, etc."
"Till Hormann : short update on antiquated faces. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Noemie Courtois ; Speedball textbook : alphabets for artists letterers and students. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
De witte raaf : nr.187, mei-juni 2017.
De witte raaf : nr.184, november-december 2016.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 103 : poetry.
"It depends. Exhibition Sandberg 2016 Graduation publication"
"Chantal Hattink-Maschke : de waarde van erkenning en waardering in een tijdperk van transparantie. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis DOGtime IDUM"
De witte raaf : nr.185, januari-februari 2017.
"Dianan Cerrada Maeso : window design in Amsterdam. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Ramaya Tegegne : this is (the title) a piece of cheese. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Iris Pouw : alsof ze er nog toe deed alsof ik er nog toe deed. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Robin Waart : part one. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Ivette Zub : towards tactical interpassivity : from submission to subversion. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Isfrid Angard Siljehaug : mediëval strangeness and modern frustrations. Exhibitions GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Kristin Maurer : architectural anxiety : the perfect safe zone. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 220 : the interview issue.
"Cecilie Scoppa : the acceptable suck. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Naomi van Dijck : no title. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Roos Breeuwer : vice versa, 5 days : Rosa Johanna. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 216 : fashion.
"Loris Pernoux : collective work as an open method of 'productions'. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Graphic Design"
"Anton Weflo : A piece of history, trampled over by designers in New Balance shoes. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Bas Medik : Ridley Scott : alien. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis DOGtime"
"Dog Time. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication"
032c : 33rd issue : Berlin kidz.
"Roosje Verschoor : redundant. Exhibition GRA 2016 Photography Graduation publication"
"Leonie Hennicke : a hand, a bowl, and a dancing woman : on softness. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Mara Joustra : emmers. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Minne Kersten : de onnavolgbare fles. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Beeld en taal"
Capricious 2011 nr.12 : protest.
"Laura Grimm : het gebouw als choreograaf. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis TXT"
Aperture no. 221 : performance.
Grafiek en tekeningen na 1920.
"Sylvia van den Ouwelant : gras. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
Flash Art no. 314 : may 2017.
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 5.
Grafiek en tekeningen 1500-1920.
"Inger Sif Heeschen : mountain. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
"Joakim Derlow : Nachmittag in Dordrecht. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
Flash Art no. 315 : june-july-august 2017.
Flash Art no. 312.
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 9.
"Signe Nord Hansen : curiosa. Exposition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Fine Arts"
"Luca Asta : embodied images. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 7.
"Catoo Kemperman : of plane of pace of oodles of (re)productions. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
Capricious 2013 nr.14 : masculine.
Aperture no. 214 : documentary, expanded.
032c : 30th issue, An innocent mind has no fear.
"Roos Quakernaat : a proper dish. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
"Verre van Hal : iets met context: het ervaren, beleven, aanschouwen en zien van (een) mode (show). Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Fashion"
Aperture no. 222 : odyssey.
"Elfi Seidel : scissors are sweet wounds and heal. Exhibition GRA 2017."
"Joakim Drescher : miserable mildred. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Arta Balina. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
Fantastic man : no. 26; autumn & winter 2017.
"Cigarettemountains, Spinnerbuden. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Jolana Sykorova : forbidden spaces. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Sylvia van den Ouwelant : de Marnixstraat. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
"Sylvia van den Ouwelant : werkende mensen. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
"Danit Elgev : language and the moving image, a retrospective analysis. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
"Medeina Musteikyte : Programming language as a system of thought. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Graphic Design"
"Elisabeth Rafstedt and Sophie Rentien Lando : F. Conijn. Exhibition GRA 2017."
"Sylvia van den Ouwelant : unseenperformance. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
"Loidys Carnero : the odd one out. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication DOGtime Fine Arts"
"Marit Heinen : TTIP - 7. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Designlab"
Aperture no. 228 : Elements of style.
"Throat and column : Claudia Pages. Exhibition Sandberg 2016 Graduation publication"
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 6.
"Jessy van Dinther : het laatste vijventwintig gulden biljet, door Jaap Drupsteen. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Alina Lupu : you asshole. Exposition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
"Akiko Wakabayashi : DJ noodles. Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
Parkett No.22/1989.
"Stijn Pommée : references. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
Texte zur Kunst : issue 100 : the canon.
"Velislava Dakova : Family portrait, the Frick digital image archive. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Milena Naef : (no)body with no object, on the relation of body and environment in the modern world. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Glass"
"Nicola Godman : Smithson/Dialectics. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
Texte zur Kunst : issue 102 : fashion.
"Quixotic : designLAB graduation show 2016. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graduation 2016"
"Sophie Serber : everyone in the world feels the exact same way: enzyme dispensing and the recalibration of belief in response to poor digestion. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Ankje Frouws : uitwassen. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Eliane Willeumier : portfolio 2006-2010. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 218 : "queer".
"Robin Waart : Traum & trauma : Warhol bij Nietzsche. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Joeri Bosma : no title. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
"Ellen van den Berg : no body. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 227 : Platform Africa.
"Rietveld Fine Arts, 2016. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication"
032c : 32nd issue : us vs. them : how to find truth in an age without facts.
"Thekla Ahrens : Im Schatten meiner Selbst : eine Begegnung mit Thekla Ahrens. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Martijn den Ouden : melktanden. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduatio publication."
"Sara Poletti : surrounding : 50 Isolatorweg - Gein. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Jakob Ehrlich : Versions of hysteria: power dynamics at play in the work of Ingeborg Bachmann and Chantal Akerman. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 2.
"Vibeke Gieskes. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
F.R. David 2011 nr. 9 : this is not new of course.
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 11.
"Lina Kaplan : the third image. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
"Sara Arzu. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Roosje Verschoor : leadership and practice, a guide to succesful teamwork. Exhibition GRA 2015 Graduation publication Photography"
"Aurélien Potier : in defence of permanent resentment : on the hegemony of the universal. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
Texte zur Kunst : issue 108 : idiom-languages of art.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 101 : polarities = polarität.
Parkett No.99/2017.
De witte raaf : nr.183, september-oktober 2016.
De witte raaf : nr.182, juli-augustus 2016.
"Mai-Loan Gaudez : the subject is always you facing me. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Inter-architecture"
Texte zur Kunst : issue 106 : the new new left.
Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine #30.
"Sara Arzu : Mickey Mouse is sick today. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Hawaii blue & Rocky by Klemen Ilovar. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
F.R. David 2013 nr.11 : "all distinctions are mind, by mind, of mind".
Aperture no. 224 : sounds.
"Locks and keys : Klemen Illovar, Till Hormann. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
"Ceramics department. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication"
"Kristine Bech Sorensen : epic form, part one : stories about horses. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Designlab"
Flash Art no. 310.
De witte raaf : nr.190, november-december 2017.
Fantastic man : no. 24; autumn & winter 2016 : Vetements : uproars in fashion with designer Demna Gvasalia.
Aperture no. 223 : vision & justice.
"Johanna Ehde : Taxi! Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Balthazar Berling : from cock to cunt. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Roosje Verschoor : happy sad. Exhibition GRA 2015 Graduation publication Photography"
"Rosan Dekker : lift door de Sahara gevraagd tel 043-11092. Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation"
"Kees van Leeuwen : de zuchtende atoomdeur en andere observaties. Exhibition GRA 2011. Graduation publication."
"Sylvia Wozniak : de tuin van vergeten verhalen. Exposition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Louki van Hasselt : dinner stories. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Niki Ulfstedt : on anchors, and damn good accessories. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Jewellery"
"Isabel van Gool : textiel licht oppervlakte : foto's. Exposition GRA 2012 Graduation publication."
"Antonia Breme : works 2010/2011. Exhibition GRA 2011. Graduation publication."
"Nicolina Eklund : holes in the cheese of my life. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
"Elisabeth Klement : apparition of the Ampersand (3 dln.). Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Mara Joustra : Frida Kahlo. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Michelle Son : spring fever. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Fine Arts"
"Theodore Kaczynski : the Industrial society and its future. Exposition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Liam Tickner : handling art. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Ran Zhang : the Viciennial paintwork : a critical essay on form and content within painting. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Susan Kooi : human complexity. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Merel Schoutendorp : to make the stone more stony : vieogame en schilderij in dialoog. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Alexandra Duvekot : the sound of plants. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Joakim Drescher : variations and permutations of the polymorphous mirage girl continuum.. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Joakim Drescher : metamorphosis. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Joakim Drescher : unworthy of note. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
Aperture no. 219 : Tokyo.
"Joakim Drescher : the aleph. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Joakim Drescher : in defense of our national treasures. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Mika Yamakoshi : unbelivable that this little piece of junk could be such a big problem. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Lena Hesse : trespassing. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Miglé Kazlauskaité and Kristin Loekegaard : Hi hei. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Ellen van den Berg : Smaakmakers : boeren in de stad. Ellen van den Berg, Hannie van den Bergh, Lotte Clerkx. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
Texte zur Kunst : issue 107 : Identitätspolitik heute = Identity politics now.
"Anton Weflo. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Basile Monsacre : the beat goes on. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
Tong : de slag om Roosendaal.
"Joubin Zargarbashi : tree of forgetting. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Alicja Bielawska : memory of spaces. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Bastien Gachet : the work of art as a plant. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Michiel van Iersel : against the grain. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Nickie Fenja Sigurdsson : heart and sole. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Halla Einarsdottir : un use you all: odd, unhandy, half broken, broken, replaced, use less, powerful. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Graphic Design"
"Laura Grimm & Stijn Pommee : paper face masks. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication TXT"
"Christine Bax : ballet of the unhatched chick. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Elisabeth Rafstedt and Sophie Rentien Lando : F. Conijn. Exhibition GRA 2017."
"Alexander Sedelnikov : sotty and around. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
André Chapatte : Tom cat.
"Polina Vasilyeva : see you later. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen : Graceland to Graceland. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Alya Hessy : stripping for emptiness; a tentative exploration of the space in between. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation thesis."
"Eunkyo Kang : new. Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Pieter Tensen : Erik ; roman. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Jude Crilly : re-insomnia & re-genesis : 54 Gein - Cantraal Station. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Kyle Tryhorn : Human / nature. Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Images : once five / theses TXT. Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation theses."
"Olga lanko : required reading. Exhibition GRA 2012 Graduation publication."
"Francesca Burattelli & Ott Metusala : waltz of the matinées. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Andrea Zavala Folache & Christopher Holloran : everything but the work. Exposition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Elke Smits : light and perception; being inside a light art space. Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation thesis."
"Thierry Abels : prins, het vieze paard. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Femke Woltering : bestaat er zoiets als ""normale voeding"" voor de mens? Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Sara Cattin : deserts anyway. Exhibition 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Nicholas Bjerch Andersen : the uncanny. Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Karin Bartels : change encounters; a gesture, an object, a decor. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
F.R. David 2011 nr. 2 : spin-cycle.
"Inge Thoes : Anders Breivik versus rat en beer (oorlog en kunst in het nieuwe Wotan tijdperk). Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Anouk van Reijen : de grenzen van ruimte. Exposition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Jessie Jingying Gong & Julie Hviid Cetti : I am here - 18.53.. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Kristoffer Li : between the image and the object, Pt. 4: façades. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Mylou Oord : it was all a dream! (the subjective reality of being & beings). Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
De witte raaf : nr.189, september-oktober 2017.
"Marta Colpani : elsewhere. Exhibition 2014. Graduation publication."
"Anne Marijn Voorhorst : de beteugeling : verhalen. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Kim Forni : ""Rhine vases' : a lot of water. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Line-Gry Hörup : results and development. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Marie Gronkaer : non-rigid surfaces in motion. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Nam Hee Ji : rrose is a rrose is a rrose. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Miglé Kazlauskaité : introduction to Lapidary instruments. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Leo Beukeboom and Moonsick Gang : unsigned signs. Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
"Sytske van Koeveringe : waar ik thuiskom : de ontmoetingen. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Sytske van Koeveringe : waar ik thuiskom : korte verhalen. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"Yuri An : a forest three meters squared. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Yuri An : invisible transparency. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
"Olivier Oosterbaan : supernormality. Exhibition: GRA 2014. Graduation thesis."
"Nil Ilkbarasan : nieuwbouw Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publication."
"Barbara Dubbeldam : procession of the damned : life near the event horizon of a postmodern black hole. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation thesis."
"Giorgos Tsiongas : [sic]. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Jan van der Kleijn : stone is for ever. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Evelina Jonsson : legacy of the void. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Russell Joyce : chance, sabotage and failire. The three likeliest muses. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Hanna Steenbergen-Cockerton : growth in the restriction. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Anne Marijn Voorhorst : verschuiving van werkelijkheden. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation thesis."
"Anna Drupka : materialising memory. Exhibition GRA 2014. Graduation publication."
"The Exhibitionist La Critique"
"Klaske Oenema : benevolence. Exposition GRA 2006. Graduation publication."
Capricious 2011 nr.11 : new photography.
"Sabine Beck : afzwemmen : verhalen. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Beeld en taal"
"Pilvi Takala : bag lady. Exposition GRA 2007. Graduation publication."
"Bas Medik : A.C. Exposition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Lieven Lahaye : heaviness of things and stuff. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation thesis."
"Jane Porter : baby dyke excerpts. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Andreas Albrectsen : I'm up to my neck in the world. The world should be lying at my feet. Exhibition GRA 2011. Graduation publication. m"
Flash Art no. 318 : January-February 2018.
"Naama Aharony : stone, space, me; pretending to be a solid. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Inter-architecture"
"Femke Moedt : love me gender. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 1.
"Dovilé Alksandraviciuté : sugar rush to sugar crash. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Gwen Fieneke van der Zwan : de dame; een novelle. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Back Cover Graphic Design, Typography, etc."
"Anne Huijnen : situations. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Cosmo Knex : mudpool. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Katarína Hrusková : virgin hair. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Krisztina Czika : What the hair are we doing? : A brief selective history and contemplation about human hair. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Marion Folle : roc la vie. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Marion Folle : no title. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Jeanne Magnenat : j'ai ma petie idee. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Ceramics"
"Lisa Sudhibhasilp : index masks, casts and interactions, 1.01.a to 5.09.c. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Photography"
"PhED & Nina Marie Schouten : Bobby body intruder. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Rens van der Knoop : mannen, vrouwen en heiligen. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 10.
F.R. David 2010 nr. 7 : "with love".
F.R. David 2009 nr. 5 : "keep it to yourself".
F.R. David 2009 nr. 5a : "iditorial".
F.R. David 2008 nr. 4 : "the book of intentions".
F.R. David 2008 nr. 3 : "a is for orses" (not for asses).
F.R. David 2008 nr. 2 : "stuff and nonense".
De witte raaf : nr.186, maart-april 2017.
"Katarina Hruskova : it will grow on you. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Joeri Bosma : powered by dreamspray. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication VAV"
"Lisa Jacobs : add images. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Christian van der Kaap : no country for old men. Exhibition GRA 20110. Graduation publication."
Fantastic man : no. 25; spring & summer 2017.
"Steven Lenoir : notes on freshness. Exhibition GRA 2017."
Texte zur Kunst : issue 105 : Wir sind Ihr = they are us.
"Nadine Watson : royston. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 230 : prison nation.
"Lydia Sachse : and the moral of that is - Exhibition GRA 2012. Graduation publication."
Aperture no. 229 : future gender.
Aperture no. 226 : American destiny.
"Thekla Ahrens the room of the books. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Flash Art no. 309 : Stories.
Flash Art no. 313 : puppies puppies.
"Sae Honda : everybody needs a rock : different approaches to observation and the attribution of value. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Jewellery"
"Susan van Veen : images of lightness : an essay on Jimmie Durham, digital material and intimacy. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation thesis Fine Arts"
"Catoo Kemperman : of plane of pace of oodles of (re)productions. Exhibition GRA 2017."
"Wendela Hubrecht, Maartje Smits : Mart Stam model no. b43. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Thierry Serra : de druppelaar. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
"Karen Maes : de mattenkloppermop. Exhibition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
Flash Art no. 317 : november-december 2017.
"Mandy Sharabani : glazed illusion. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation thesis."
"Kati Karki : art in the age of words. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation thesis."
"Sara Arzu. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Isabelle Wenzel : automatic release; you can't stop me now (2 dln.). Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Anne Piet Hofstede : restjes. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Danaë Moons : verleiding. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Maurijn Rouwet : het tollen, het zoemen. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation thesis."
"Joakim Derlow : the eye. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Fine Arts"
"Katell Feunteun : a book of invitations. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Bulletins of The Serving Library nr. 8.
"Joakim Drescher : trouble girl . Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation publications."
"Jannemieke Oostra : souvenir. Exposition GRA 2010. Graduation publicatiion."
"Sofi Lindroos : return of the dog. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Maartje Smits : Height in horizon. Exposition GRA 2009. Graduation publication."
Texte zur Kunst : issue 109 : art without rules?
"Jolana Sykorova : Archigram 5 Metropolis : re-edition of the magazine Archigram 5, 1964. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication Graphic Design"
"Beeld en Taal, 2006-2016. Exhibition GRA 2016 Graduation publication"
"Martine Folkersma : art (...) work. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
"Maurits de Bruijn : Pop Art : 53 Gaasperplas - Cantraal Station. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
"Sofi Lindroos : how to have fun with a strong girl. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"How to not be seen : a compendium by Joakim Derlow. Exhibition GRA 2016 Fine Arts Graduation publication"
"Tim Cullmann : hyper, hyper. Exhibition GRA 2017. Graduation thesis."
Aperture no. 217 : lit.
"André D. Chapatte : the nature reserve. Exhibition GRA 2015. Graduation publication."
"Rens van der Knoop : wait : 51 Westwijk - Centraal Station. Exhibition GRA 2010. Graduation publication."
Terras 13 : China.
Terras 11 : onze.
Terras 04 : Berlijn
Terras 03 : masker, ontmasker.
Terras 10 : metalen..
Terras 08 : door de nacht.
Terras 06 : on/ding.
Terras 07 : nieuw land.
Terras 09 : Brussel.
Terras 05 : maken en breken.
Dark and stormy 8.
Colour : based on nature.
"Black Power : lecture by Elaine Brown (disc 1) gig by Ghasem Batamuntu and friends (disc 2)"
"Cross-identifying : lecture by Lisa Erb lecture by Hans Scheirl"
"Becoming Native: discussion between Francio Guadeloupe, Michiel Leezenberg and Markha Valenta"
"Becoming Nation : lecture by Joseph Massad artworks by Larissa Sansour & Oreet Achery"
"Becoming Animal : lecture by Jan van Hooff performance by Gabriella Maiorino (choreography), Valentina Campora & Samir Calixto (dancers)"
"Becoming Niet Normaal : performance by Liz Carr & lecture by Prof. Dr. Theresia Degener (disc 1) discussion between Prof. Dr. Theresia Degener, Liz Carr and Mat Fraser (disc 2)"
"Becoming Former West teams with Becoming Former Bitch : lecture by Ivet Curlin, Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic and Sabrina Sabolovic curated by Cosmin Costinas and Maria Hlavajova"
"Becoming Minor : lecture by Prof. Dr. Gary Genosko discussion between Prof. Dr. Gary Genosko and Willem van Weelden"
"Minor Words : lecture by Joseph Strau"
Art Monthly 2013 nr. 6.
Art Monthly 2013 nr. 5.
Art Monthly 6/2014.
Art Monthly 2012 nr.11.
Art Monthly 2013 nr.12.
Art Monthly 2014 nr. 2.
Art Monthly 2013 nr. 4.
Art Monthly 7/2014.
Art Monthly 2013 nr.10.
Art Monthly 2013 nr. 7.
Art Monthly 2014 nr. 1.
Art Monthly 4/2014.
Art Monthly 5/2014.
Art Monthly 2013 nr. 3.
Art Monthly 8/2013.
Art Monthly 2012 nr.10.
Art Monthly 8/2014.
Art Monthly 2012 nr.12.
Art Monthly 9/2013.
Art Monthly 2012 nr. 5.
Art Monthly 2012 nr. 4.
n+1 : nr. 19; spring 2014.
n+1 : nr. 27; winter 2017 : deep end.
n+1 : nr. 28; speing 2017 : half-life.
n+1 : amnesty.
n+1 : nr. 16; spring 2013.
n+1 : nr. 29; fall 2017 : bottoms up.
"n+1 : nr. 26; fall 2016. dirty work."
"n+1 : nr. 20; fall 2014. Survival."
n+1 : nr. 30, winter 2018 : motherland.
"n+1 : nr. 24; winter 2016. New age."
"n+1 : nr. 21; winter 2015. Throwback."
n+1 : nr. 14; fall 2012.
"n+1 : nr. 25; spring 2016. Slow burn."
n+1 : nr. 18; winter 2014.
n+1 : nr. 17; fall 2013.
"n+1 : nr. 22; spring 2015. Conviction."
"n+1 : nr. 23; fall 2015. As if."
"Katinka Bock : works oeuvres werke - words mots worte."
The playground project.
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 96 2016. Social poetics : the architecture of use and appropriation. Sociale Poetica : de architectuur van gebruik en toe-eigening."
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 90 2013.
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 91 2013.
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 99. The architecture museum effect = De effecten van architectuurmusea."
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 92 2014. Codes and continuities."
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 90 2013.
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 87 2012.
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 89 2013.
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 88 2012
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 98. Narrating urban landscapes = Verhalend stedelijk landschap."
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 95 2015. Crossing boundaries : transcultural practices in architecture and urbanism = Grenzenloos : transculturele praktijken in architectuur en stedenbouw."
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 93 2014.
Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 86 2011.
"Oase : journal for architecture; nr. 94 2015. OMA : the first decade."
The shallows : what the internet is doing to our brains.
"San Rocco; no. 7 - summer 2013. Indifference."
"San Rocco; no. 8 - winter 2013. What's wrong with the primitive hut?"
San Rocco; no. 13 Spring 2017 : pure beauty.
"San Rocco; no. 11 - summer 2015. Happy birthday, Bramante!."
"San Rocco; no. 10 - winter 2014. Ecology."
San Rocco; no. 12 Spring 2016 : clients.
The YellowPress periodical #1.
The YellowPress periodical #2.
The YellowPress periodical #3.
Back Cover : Graphic Design, Typography, etc.; nr. 7 2016.
"Back Cover : Graphic Design, Typography, etc.; nr. 6 2013/2014. Special issue : Japan."
Das Magazin
"Current obsession : contemporary jewellery in the context of today's visual culture, issue #5. The vernacular issue."
"Current obsession : contemporary jewellery in the context of today's visual culture, issue #6. Cult."
Afterall 2012 nr. 1 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2004 nr. 10 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2005 nr. 12 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2015 nr. 39 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2015 nr. 38 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2017 nr. 43 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2016 nr. 42 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2011 nr. 8 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2017 nr. 44 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2016 nr. 41 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2011 nr. 3 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2008 nr. 19 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2015 nr. 40 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2014 nr. 37 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2009 nr. 22 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2007 nr. 16 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2006 nr. 15 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2007 nr. 17 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2009 nr. 21 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2005 nr. 13 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2008 nr. 18 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2006 nr. 14 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2004 nr. 11 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2013 nr. 1 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2013 nr. 3 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2009 nr. 20 a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Afterall 2012 nr. 3 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Foam magazine issue #45 : 24 young artists shaping the future of photography.
Foam magazine.
Foam magazine issue #46.
Foam magazine issue #49.
Foam magazine issue #42 : talent.
Foam magazine issue #48.
Foam magazine issue #43 : Ai WeiWei.
Foam magazine issue #44 : on earth.
Foam magazine issue #47.
"Annie Goodner : LA.NL. Sandberg Instituut Graduation 2016"
Van Kandinsky tot Corneille : linoleum in de kunst van de twintigste eeuw. From Kandinsky to Corneille : linoleum in the art of the twentieth century.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 186 : contemporary art and protest.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 174.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 172.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 170.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 188.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 185.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 176.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 181.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 182.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 183.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 191.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 180.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 179.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 171.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 190.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 187.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 189.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2017 nr. 184.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2018 nr. 192.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 173.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 177.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 168.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2016 nr. 178.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2015 nr. 169.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture March 2018 nr. 193.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2014 nr. 167.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2016 nr. 53..
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2012 nr. 35.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2012 nr. 33.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2015 nr. 48.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2015 nr. 50.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2013 nr. 36.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2013 nr. 37.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine February-March 2018, nr. 62.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2015 nr. 47.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine Summer 2017 nr. 59.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2017 nr. 57.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2013 nr. 38.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2013 nr. 39.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making, october 2014, nr. 10.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making, april 2014, nr. 9.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2016 nr. 52.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2016 nr. 55.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine April-May 2017 nr. 58 : learning from Athens. An issue about documenta 14.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making, june 2016, nr. 12.
The Exhibitionist : journal on exhibition making, july 2015, nr. 11.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2015 nr. 49.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2017 nr. 56, 2006-2016: a small anthology.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2015 nr. 51.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2014 nr. 45.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2014 nr. 44.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine October-November 2017 nr. 60.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2016 nr. 54.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine December 2017-January 2018, nr. 61.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine 2014 nr. 42.
F.R. David spring 2007 nr. 1 : the "as yet..." issue (on speculation).
F.R. David nr 14 : recognition.
F.R. David nr 13 : inverted commas.
About graphic design.
A Magazine #15.
A Magazine.
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture no.1 2018.
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture no.3 2017.
Flash Art no. 304, volume 48 2015 October : Frances Stark.
"Flash Art no. 300 The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
Flash Art no. 305, volume 48 2015 November : Frances Stark.
"Flash Art The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
"Flash Art The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
Flash Art no. 308, volume 49 2016 May.
"Flash Art no. 299 The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
Flash Art no. 306, volume 49 2016 January-February : Issey Miyake.
Flash Art no. 303, volume 48 2015 July-August-September : reality and co-reality in painting.
Flash Art no. 307, volume 49 2016 March-April : Shanghai 2.0.
"Flash Art The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
"Flash Art no. 301 The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
"Flash Art no. 302 The World's Leading Art Magazine International Edition"
Foam magazine
Foam magazine
Foam magazine
Foam magazine issue #41 : the messenger : image-based activism today.
Foam magazine
Foam magazine
Foam magazine
Foam magazine issue #40 : after Araki : heaven and hell.
Artforum International 2015 nr. 7
Artforum International 2013 nr. 1
Artforum International 2013 nr. 2
Artforum International 2016 vol. 54 no. 5.
Artforum International March 2018 vol. 56 no. 7.
Artforum International 2017 vol. 55 no. 8.
Artforum International 2017 vol. 56 no. 4.
Artforum International 2017 vol. 56 no. 3.
Artforum International Summer 2016 vol. 55 no. 7.
Artforum International 2015 nr. 8
Artforum International 2014 vol. 53, no.4 : the best of 2014.
Artforum International Summer 2016 vol. 55 no. 2.
Artforum International 2013 nr. 6
Artforum International 2015 vol. 54 no. 4.
Artforum International 2014 nr. 8
Artforum International 2013 nr. 7
Artforum International 2015 nr. 5
Artforum International 2013 nr. 8
Artforum International 2013 nr. 9
Artforum International 2015 vol. 54 no. 2.
Artforum International 2017 vol. 55 no. 9 : summer preview.
Artforum International Summer 2016 vol. 55 no. 4.
Artforum International 2015 vol. 54 no. 1.
Artforum International May 2016 vol. 54 no. 9.
Artforum International 2017 vol. 55 no. 6.
Artforum International February 2018 vol. 56 no. 6
Artforum International 2017 vol. 55 no. 5.
Artforum International 2016 vol. 54 no. 7.
Artforum International 2013 nr. 1
Artforum International 2017 vol. 56 no. 2.
Artforum International 2013 nr. 2
Artforum International 2013 nr. 3
Artforum International Summer 2016 vol. 54 no. 10.
Artforum International 2018 vol. 56 no. 5.
Artforum International 2013 nr. 4
Artforum International 2014 nr. 5
Artforum International 2013 nr. 4
Artforum International September 2016 vol. 55 no. 1 : fall preview.
Artforum International 2014 nr. 7
Artforum International 2016 vol. 54 no. 6.
Artforum International 2015 nr. 6
Artforum International 2017 vol. 56 no. 1.
Artforum International 2013 nr. 3
Artforum International Summer 2016 vol. 55 no. 3.
Artforum International 2015 nr. 10
Artforum International 2017 vol. 55 no. 10 : the politics of everyday life.
Artforum International 2015 vol. 54 no. 3.
Artforum International 2014 nr. 6
Artforum International 2013 nr. 5
The Hermitage Museum.
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine #37.
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
"Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine"
A Magazine #17 : curated by Eckhaus Latta.
A Magazine #D : guest curator Olivier Theyskens.
A Magazine #16.
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"English grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate learners of English."
Cabinet issue 49 : death.
Cabinet issue 31 : shame.
Cabinet issue 48 : thou shalt not destroy thy forests ...
Cabinet issue 60 : containers.
Cabinet issue 55 : love.
Cabinet issue 54 : the accident.
Cabinet issue 50 : money.
Cabinet issue 58 : theft.
Cabinet issue 32 : fire.
Cabinet issue 62 : milk.
Cabinet issue 33 : deception.
Cabinet issue 34 : testing.
Cabinet issue 47 : books
Cabinet issue 45 : no title.
Cabinet issue 57 : catastrophe.
Cabinet issue 52 : celebration.
Cabinet issue 64 : the nose.
Cabinet issue 51 : wheels.
Cabinet issue 42 : central books.
Cabinet issue 61 : calendars.
Cabinet issue 63 : the desert.
Cabinet issue 59 : the north.
Cabinet issue 56 : sports.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 135.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 137.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 136.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 139.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 134.
Camera Austria : international; 2015, nr. 131.
Camera Austria : international; 2015, nr. 130.
Camera Austria : international; 2016, nr. 133.
Camera Austria : international; 2014, nr. 127
Camera Austria : international; 2015, nr. 132.
Camera Austria : international; 2017, nr. 140.
Volume 28 winter 2011 : the internet of things : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 32 summer 2012 : centers adrift : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 33 fall 2012 : interiors : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 45 winter 2015 : learning : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 35 spring 2013 : everything under control : building with biology.
Volume 51 : augmented technology.
Volume 14 winter 2007 : unsolicited architecture : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 20 winter 2009 : storytelling : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 50 : beyond beyond : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 29 winter 2011 : the urban conspiracy : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 26 winter 2010 : architecture of peace : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 18 winter 2009 : after zero : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 17 winter 2008 : content management : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 21 winter 2009 : the block : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 46 winter 2015 : shelter : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 31 spring 2012 : guilty landscapes : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 25 winter 2010 : getting there being there : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 48 spring 2016 : the research turn.
Volume 15 winter 2008 : destination library : to beyond or not to be.
"Volume 43 winter 2014 : self-building city : to beyond or not to be. 10 years of Volume!."
Volume 16 winter 2008 : engineering society : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 42 winter 2014 : art & science of real estate : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 49 spring 2016 : hello world!
Volume 44 winter 2015 : on display to beyond or not to be.
Volume 34 winter 2012 : city in a box : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 27 winter 2011 : aging fight or accept : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 47 spring 2016 : the system : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 24 winter 2010 : counterculture : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 37 fall 2013 : is this not a pipe? : to beyond or not to be.
Volume 38 winter 2013 : the shape of law : to beyond or not to be.
A Magazine
Meisterzeichnungen des 20.Jahrhunderts.
Metropolis M 2012 no. 3
Metropolis M 2014 no. 3
"Yes, wow, totally, pointful : interview with Melvin Moti / Vivian Sky Rehberg."
Metropolis M 2013 no. 1
Metropolis M 2014 no. 4
Metropolis M 2016 no. 1
"Metropolis M 2014 no. 4a Graduation Special."
Metropolis M 2016 no. 2
Metropolis M 2017 no. 2.
Metropolis M 2016 no. 4.
Metropolis M 2015 no. 4
Metropolis M 2012 no. 4
Metropolis M okt/nov 2017 no. 5.
Metropolis M 2016/2017 no. 6.
Metropolis M 2015 no. 1
Metropolis M 2016 no. 3
Metropolis M dec/jan 2017/2018 no. 6.
Metropolis M 2016 no. 5.
Metropolis M 2014 no. 5
Metropolis M 2015 no. 2
Metropolis M feb/mrt 2018 no. 1.
Metropolis M 2012 no. 2
Metropolis M 2014 no. 1
Metropolis M 2012 no. 6
Metropolis M 2015 no. 4a Graduation Special.
Metropolis M 2013 no. 2
Metropolis M 2015 no. 6
Metropolis M 2014 no. 2
Metropolis M 2013/14 no. 6
A Magazine.
The culture of the copy : striking likenesses, unreasonable facsimiles.
Politik des Subjekts.
How English works : a grammar practice book with answers.
Frame 2016 nr. 114 : the great indoors.
Frame 2016 nr. 113 : the great indoors.
Frame 2013 nr. 5
"Frame 2015 nr. #106 the great indoors."
Frame 2016 nr. 110 : brands on show, from in store to on stage.
Frame 2013 nr. 4
Frame 2016 nr. 108 : make less, think more.
Frame 2015 nr. 105 : make less, think more.
Frame 2017 nr. 118 : home-grown hotels.
Frame 2015 nr. #103
Frame 2017 nr. 116 : the great indoors.
Frame 2016 nr. 112 : checking in: tailor-made hotel concepts for millenials.
Frame 2012 nr. 5
"Frame 2015 nr. #107 Material futures."
Frame 2013 nr. 3
Frame 2017 nr. 119 : welcome to the responsive workplace.
"Frame 2015 nr. #104 Retail."
Frame 2012 nr. 6
Frame 2012 nr. 4
Frame 2012 nr. 2
Frame 2012 nr. 3
Frame 2013 nr. 1
Frame 2013 nr. 2
Frame 2014 nr. #101
Frame 2017 nr. 117 : the fashion of fitness.
Frame 2017 nr. 115 : the great indoors.
Frame 2016 nr. 109 : colour.
Frame 2011 nr. 6
"Under milk wood. (Project van basisjaar studenten Rietveld Academie)"
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 24 2016.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 26 2017.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 16 2012.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 27 2017.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 21 2014.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 17 2012.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 20 2014.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 22 2015.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 19 2013.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 25 2016.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 23 2015.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 18 2013.
"Cyrilla Verkooijen : stof : een minimaal laagje met een maximale betekenis. Exhibition GRA 2013. Graduation thesis."
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 29, Autumn 2011.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 48, Summer 2016.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 52, Summer 2017 : what exhibitions do.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 50, Winter 2017 : the family.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 28, Summer 2011.
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 27, Spring 2011. The Berlin Issue."
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 38, Winter 2013. Models of play."
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 46, Winter 2015/2016.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 54, Winter 2018 : New formations.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 51, Spring 2017 : can art help?
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 41, Autumn 2014. The anniversary issue."
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 37, Herbst / Autumn 2013. The Berlin Issue."
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 53, Autumn 2017 : The real.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 49, Autumn 2016.
"De aap in ons: waarom we zijn wie we zijn."
Via Cappello 23.
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 4 2015. Perform present : the artist's persona."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 1 2014. Auga."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 3 2015. Impose enact : the artist's persona."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 1 2017. Breaking the frame : subversion from within."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 3/4 2016. Translation as method."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 2 2014. Art criticism in the networked age."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 2 2016. Constructed identities."
Thinking architecture.
De geschiedenis van het denken : filosofie, wetenschap, kunst en cultuur van de Oudheid tot nu.
The new production of knowledge.
De wereld : naturalis historia.
Fractals : the patterns of chaos : discovering a new aesthetic of art, science, and nature.
Hoe kunst en filosofie werken.
We have never been modern.
Fractals : meetkundige figuren in eindeloze herhaling.
Filographie: filosofie van denken in vormen.
The culture of the copy : striking likenesses, unreasable facsimiles.
A non-philosophical theory of nature : ecologies of thought.
A non-philosophical theory of nature : ecologies of thought.
Envisioning information.
The visual display of quantitative information.
Visual explanations : images and quantities, evidence and narrative.
Beautiful evidence.
Bookspace : collected essays on libraries.
Mondothèque : a radiated book - un livre irradiant = een irradiërend boek.
Kunstbibliotheken in Nederland : tien korte schetsen.
Paper machines : about cards and catalogs, 1548-1929.
Fantasies of the library.
The big archive : art from bureaucracy.
The object reader.
The object reader.
What is philosophy?
"Phenomenology: an introduction."
The Penguin dictionary of critical theory.
Fanaticism : on the uses of an idea.
The posthuman.
The posthuman.
The technological society.
The savage mind.
Mimesis and alterity : a particular history of the senses.
Against method.
Aesthetics and politics.
Aesthetic theory.
The aesthetics of environment.
The power of judgement : a debate on aesthetic critique.
Aisthesis : scenes from the aesthetic regime of art.
The aesthetic unconcious.
Aesthetics and its discontents.
Het esthetisch denken,
Der ästhetische Imperativ.
The Bloomsbury anthology of aesthetics.
De verbeelding van het denken : geïllustreerde geschiedenis van de westerse en oosterse filosofie.
De wereld van Sofie : roman over de geschiedenis van de filosofie.
De droom der rede : een geschiedenis van de filosofie van de Grieken tot de Renaissance.
Filosofie en godsdienst.
Geschiedenis van de filosofie.
Filosofie : 100 essentiële denkers.
Descartes to Derrida : an introduction to European philosophy.
Think : a compelling introduction to philosophy.
Beauty and the sublime.
The metaphysics.
The statesman.
The republic.
Hippias minor, or: the art of cunning.
Feminist interpretations of Benedict Spinoza.
Spinoza : practical philosophy.
Discourse on method and Meditations on first philosophy.
The panopticon writings.
Phenomenology of Spirit
Critique of Judgement.
Either/or : a fragment of life.
"Basic writings: The birth of tragedy, Beyond good and evil, On the genealogy of morals, The case of Wagner, Ecce Homo"
The Dionysian vision of the world.
The ego and his own : the case of the individual against authority.
Genealogies of speculation : materialism and subjectivity since structuralism.
Filosofen van deze tijd
Downcast eyes : the denigration of vision in twentieth-century French thought.
The will to technology and the culture of nihilism : Heidegger, Nietzsche, & Marx.
The moral status of technical artefacts.
Modernity and the hegemony of vision.
De kunst van kritiek : Adorno in context.
The melancholy science : an introduction to the thought of Theodor W. Adorno.
Hannah Arendt : for love of the world.
Grensganger tussen disciplines : over Jacques Rancière.
Georges Bataille : an intellectual biography.
The dialectics of seeing : Walter Benjamin and the arcades project.
Deleuze and Guattari.
Mind and nature : a study of the naturalistic philosophies of Cohen, Woodbridge and Sellars.
Out of this world : Deleuze and the philosophy of creation.
Gilles Deleuze : key concepts.
The trouble with pleasure : Deleuze and psychoanalysis.
How to read Derrida.
Merleau-Ponty : key concepts.
Slavoj Zizek.
Semblance and event : activist philosophy and the occurrent arts.
The culture industry : selected essays on mass culture.
The Adorno reader.
Zonder richtlijn: Parva aesthetica.
Prisma's cultuurkritiek en maatschappij.
Minima moralia : reflections from damaged life.
Prisms : essays on Veblen, Huxley, Benjamin, Bach, Proust, Schoenberg, Spengler, jazz, Kafka.
The coming of community.
The fire and the tale.
Potentialities : collected essays in philosophy.
The highest poverty : monastic rules and form-of-life.
The end of the poem : studies in poetics.
The man without content.
"Homo sacer: sovereign power and bare life."
State of Exception
What is an apparatus? and other essays.
Infancy and history : the destruction of experience.
The open : man and animal.
The use of bodies : homo sacer IV, 2.
Vita Activa: de mens: bestaan en bestemming.
The origins of totalitarianism .
The promise of politics.
Responsibility and judgement.
Essays in understanding 1930-1954.
The portable Hannah Arendt.
The human condition.
On violence.
Crises of the republic. Lying in politics. Civil disobedience. On violence. Thoughts on politics and revolution.
On revolution.
Between the past and future.
Eichmann in Jerusalem : a report on the banality of evil.
Hannah Arendt : Men in dark times
How to do things with words.
Inesthetiek: filosofie, kunst, politiek.
Ethics : an essay on the understanding
Theoretical writings.
The Badiou dictionary.
Being and event.
"The accursed share. Volume II and III."
The absence of myth : writings on surrealism.
De fatale strategieën.
The system of objects.
The second sex.
The Arcades Project
Het kunstwerk in het tijdperk van zijn technische reproduceerbaarheid. Kleine geschiedenis van de fotografie. Eduard Fuchs : verzamelaar en historicus.
Het kunstwerk in het tijdperk van zijn technische reproduceerbaarheid. Kleine geschiedenis van de fotografie. Eduard Fuchs : verzamelaar en historicus.
On photography.
Reflections : essays, aphorisms, autobiographical writings.
The work of art in the age of its technological reproducibility, and other writings on media.
Radio Benjamin.
"Selected writings: 1913 - 1926 Volume 1"
"Selected writings: 1927 -1930 Volume 2, part 1"
"Selected writings: 1931 -1934 Volume 2, part 2"
"Selected writings: 1935 - 1938 Volume 3"
"Selected writings: 1938 - 1940 Volume 4"
Kleine filosofie van het flaneren : passages, Parijs, Baudelaire.
Matter and Memory.
"Time and free will: An essay on the immediate data of consciousness."
Het geniale dier : een andere antropologie.
Transpositions : on nomadic ethics.
For more than one voice : toward a philosophy of vocal expression.
Plato's camera : how the physical brain captures a landscape of abstract universals.
Bestaan als verleiding.
Coming to writing and other essays.
Desert islands and other texts, 1953-1974.
A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophrenia.
Anti-Oedipus : capitalism and schizophrenia.
A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophrenia.
The fold : Leibniz and the baroque.
The neuro-image : a Deleuzian film-philosophy of digital screen culture.
Kritisch en klinisch : essays over literatuur en filosofie.
Difference and repetition.
Rizoom : een inleiding.
L' abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze = Gilles Deleuze's ABC primer.
"Philosophy and simulation: The emergence of synthetic reason."
A Thousand years of nonlinear history.
Assemblage theory.
Echographies of television : filmed interviews.
The politics of friendship.
The truth in painting.
"Voice and phenomenon : introduction to the problem of the sign in Husserl's phenomenology."
The animal that therefore I am.
Paper machine.
Artaud the Moma : interjections of appeal.
Archive fever : a Freudian impression.
Of hospitality : Anne Dufourmantelle invites Jacques Derrida to respond.
A voice and nothing more.
What computers still can't do : a critique of artificial reason.
Reflexive water : the basic concerns of mankind.
Natural : mind.
On doubt.
The history of the devil.
Madness and civlization : a history of insanity in the age of reason.
The archaeology of knowledge and the discourse on language.
Aesthetics, method, and epistemology.
The order of things : an archeology of the human sciences.
Discipline and punish : the birth of the prison.
Genealogy as critique.
The history of sexuality : volume 1 : an introduction.
How the body shapes the mind.
Form and object : a treatise on things.
The three ecologies.
The structural transformation of the public spehere.
Towards speculative realism.
The quadruple object.
Crystals, fabrics, and fields : metaphors that shape embryos.
Being and time.
Poetry, language, thought.
De oorsprong van het kunstwerk.
Basic writings : key selections from Being and time to The task of thinking.
Existence and being.
Listening and voice : phenomenologies of sound.
The way of love.
The notion of authority : a brief presentation.
The thirst for annihilation : Georges Bataille and virulent nihilism.
Philosophy and non-philosophy.
Dictionary of non-philosophy.
Hypermodern times.
Discourse, figure.
The future of Hegel : plasticity, temporality and dialectic.
What should we do with our brain?
The ethics of memory.
Politics of affect.
Phenomenology of perception.
The ego tunnel : the science of the mind and the myth of the self.
Realist magic : objects, ontology, causality.
The ground of the image
The creation of the world, or: globalization.
Philosophical chronicles.
Being singular plural.
Action in perception.
The revolt of the masses.
The future of the image.
The emancipated spectator
The emancipated spectator
The politics of aesthetics : the distribution of the sensible.
Chronicals of consensual times.
De geëmancipeerde toeschouwer.
Memory, history, forgetting.
Being and nothingness : the principal text of modern existentialism.
The parasite.
The five senses : a philosophy of mingled bodies.
The natural contract.
Variations on the body.
On the mode of existence of technical objects.
Sferen : I; bellen microsferologie II; globes macrosferologie.
Regels voor het mensenpark: kroniek van een debat.
Spheres : volume 1 : bubbles. Microspherology.
Medien-Zeit : drei gegenwartsdiagnostische Versuche.
Terror from the air.
Rage and time : a psychopolitical investigation.
An aesthetic education in the era of globalization.
Cosmopolitics I.
Technics and time 2 : disorientation.
Technics and time 1 : the fault of Epimetheus.
This is not a program.
First and last notebooks.
Philosophical investigations.
Tractatus logico-philosophicus.
The sublime object of ideology.
The plague of fantasies.
In defense of lost causes.
Event : philosophy in transit.
Absolute recoil : towards a new foundation of dialectical materialism.
Demanding the impossible.
The metastases of enjoyment : six essays on women and casuality.
For they know not what they do : enjoyment as a political factor.
Living in the end times.
Waarheid en wetenschap : voorspel van een "filosofie der vrijheid".
New materialism : interviews & cartographies.
Jade woman qigong : Liu Dong's method: the healing power of Taoist medicine for every woman.
I Ching : het boek van de verandering.
Tao te ching : a book about the way and the power of the way.
Tao : de Chinese filosofie van tijd en verandering.
Finite and infinite games : a vision of life as play and possibility.
Philosophy & animal life.
The machine question : critical perspectives on AI, robots, and ethics.
De geïllustreerde geschiedenis van de kruistochten : christendom islam pelgrimage oorlog.
"Moses the Egyptian: the memory of egypt in western monotheism."
Essential sacred writings from around the world.
New Larousse encyclopedia of mythology.
100 Mythologische figuren : inleiding tot de belangrijkste goden en halfgoden uit het oude Griekenland.
100 Bijbelse figuren : verhalen over de boeiendste personages uit de heilige schrift.
Griekse mythen
Griekse en Romeinse sagen.
Islam : a short history.
Backwoods : a journal of anarchy and wortcunning, no.1 Spring 2018.
Revolution : a reader.
On the reproduction of capitalism : ideology and ideological state apparatuses.
On ideology.
The social life of things : commodities in cultural perspective.
The internet does not exist.
The post-colonial studies reader.
Globalization : the human consequences.
The individualized society.
Work, consumerism and the new poor.
Identity : conversations with Benedetto Vecchi.
Postmodernity and its discontents.
Liquid modernity.
Consuming life.
Telemorphosis, preceded by Dust breeding.
The uprising : on poetry and finance.
After the future.
The soul at work : from alienation to autonomy.
Futurability : the age of impotence and the horizon of possibility.
The location of culture.
The ecology of freedom : the emergence and dissolution of hierarchy.
"The information age : economy, society and culture. Volume II : the power of identity"
A critique of postcolonial reason : toward a history of the vanishing present.
Wretched of the earth.
Ghosts of my life : writings on depression, hauntology and lost futures.
The weird and the eerie.
Critique of economic reason.
Theories of culture in postmodern times.
Dialectic of enlightenment : philosophical fragments.
Homo Ludens : a study of the play-element in culture.
Beyond subculture : pop, youth and identity in a postcolonial world.
The cultural turn : selected writings on the postmodern, 1983-1998.
Culture, globalization and the word-system : contemporay conditions for the representation of identity.
Met open zinnen : natuur, landschap, aarde.
Undoing property?
My first recession : critical internet culture in transition.
On the postcolony.
Culture and consumption : new approaches to the symbolic character of consumer goods and activities.
Cognitive capitalism.
Postcolonial studies : an anthology.
The porcelain workshop : for a new grammar of politics.
Dialogues in the diasporas : essays and conversations on cultural identity.
The descent of man.
On the pleasure principle in culture : illusions without owners.
Theory in an uneven world.
On the shores of politics.
The fall of public man.
Border fetishisms : material objects in unstable spaces.
The epic struggle of the internet of things.
Dispute plan to prevent future luxury constitution.
The public and its problems.
The science of passionate interests : an introduction to Gabriel Tarde's economic anthropology.
The freedom of the migrant : objections to nationalism.
The affect theory reader.
De mensenmaatschappij : een inleiding.
The Black Atlantic : modernity and double consciousness.
Cradle to cradle : afval = voedsel.
Cradle to cradle : remaking the way we make things.
De capsulaire beschaving : over de stad in het tijdperk van de angst.
Social justice and the city.
Brave new neighborhoods : the privatization of public space.
The ecological thought.
Time to eat the dog? : the real guide to sustainable living.
Creativiteit en de stad : hoe de creatieve economie de stad verandert.
Publics and the city.
Mediapolis : popular culture and the city.
The right to the city : social justice and the fight for public space.
Stadswijk : stedenbouw en dagelijks leven.
The global city : New York, London, Tokyo.
The foreigner : two essays on exile.
The new urban frontier : gentrification and the revanchist city.
The practice of everyday life.
"Critique of everyday life. Volume 1 : introduction. Volume 2 : foundations for a sociology of the everyday. Volume 3: from modernity to modernism."
"Critique of everyday life. Volume 1 : introduction. Volume 2 : foundations for a sociology of the everyday. Volume 3: from modernity to modernism."
The production of space.
Introduction to modernity.
Reading the everyday.
On education.
Pedagogy of the oppressed.
The sane society.
The presentation of self in everyday life.
On collective memory.
Towards a new manifesto.
The consumer society : myths and structures.
Society of the Spectacle.
Society of the Spectacle.
De spektakelmaatschappij.
Guy Debord.
Public secrets : collected skirmishes of Ken Knabb, 1970-1997.
The culture of the new capitalism.
Dread : the dizziness of freedom.
The age of earthquakes.
The stack : on software and sovereignty.
Obfuscation : a user's guide for privacy and protest.
Spam : a shadow history of the internet.
Reading writing interfaces : from the digital to the bookbound.
All consuming images : the politics of style in contemporary culture.
Software studies : a lexicon.
Protocol : how control exists after decentralization.
I read where I am : exploring new information cultures.
Radical technologies : the design of everyday life.
Modernism's print cultures.
In the swarm : digital prospects.
Science fiction, fantasy, and politics : transmedia world-building beyond capitalism.
Gramophone, film, typewriter.
Delusive spaces : essays on culture, media and technology.
I am a bullet : scenes from an accelerating culture.
The medium is the massage : an inventory of effects.
Understanding media : the extensions of man.
The Gutenberg galaxy : the making of typographic man.
Me++ : the cyborg self and the networked city.
Over mediatheorie : taal, beeld, geluid, gedrag.
Technics and civilization.
Cyclonopedia : complicity with anonymous materials.
Voice : vocal aesthetics in digital arts and media.
Orality and literacy : the technologizing of the word.
The voice in the machine : building computers that understand speech.
Zeros + ones : digital women + the new technoculture.
Post-cinematic affect.
Cultural techniques : grids, filters, doors, and other articulations of the real.
Processed lives : gender and technology in everyday life.
Pressed for time : the acceleration of life in digital capitalism.
Gamer theory.
The art of memory.
Steps to an ecology of mind.
Liquid love : on the frailty of human bonds.
Liquid times : living in an age of uncertainty.
Liquid times : living in an age of uncertainty.
The ecological approach to visual perception.
No culture, no Europe : on the foundation of politics.
Culture and imperialism.
The least of all possible evils : a short history of humanitarian violence.
Metaphors of memory : a history of ideas about the mind.
Simians, cyborgs, and women : the reinvention of nature.
When species meet : posthumanities, volume 3.
Staying with the trouble : making Kin in the Chthulucene.
Primate visions : gender, race, and nature in the world of modern science.
How we became posthuman : virtual bodies in cybernetics, literature and informatics.
Humankind : solidarity with nonhuman people.
Cyberspace Odyssee
The cybernetic brain : sketches of another future.
The prosthetic impulse : from a posthuman present to a biocultural future.
Zoontologies : the question of the animal.
What is posthumanism?
Distinction : a social critique of the judgement of taste.
On super-diversity.
24/7 : late capitalism and the ends of sleep.
Hybrid cultures : strategies for entering and leaving modernity.
Reassembling the social : an introduction to actor - network - theory.
An inquiry into modes of existence : an anthropology of the moderns.
The nightmare of participation.
Alleys of your mind : augmented intelligence and its traumas.
The assemblage brain : sense making in neuroculture.
Brain and culture : neurobiology, ideology, and social change.
Queer phenomenology : orientations, objects, others.
The cultural politics of emotion.
Living a feminist life.
Willful subjects.
Nomadic theory : the portable Rosi Braidotti.
Gender trouble : feminism and the subversion of identity.
Bodies that matter : on the discursive limits of "sex".
Close to home : a materialist analysis of women´s oppression.
Returning to Reims.
Sexing the body : gender politics and the consruction of sexuality.
Revolution at point zero : housework, reproduction and feminist struggle.
Caliban and the witch : women, the body and primitive accumulation.
The dialetic of sex : the case for feminist revolution.
Gay semiotics : a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men.
Fortunes of feminism : from state-managed capitalism to neoliberal crisis.
Hunger : a memoir of (my) body.
Ain't I a woman : black women and feminism.
Feminism and nationalism in the third world.
Sexual politics.
Queer ecologies : sex, nature, politics, desire.
The argonauts.
The sex appeal of the inorganic : philosophies of desire in the modern world.
One dimensional woman.
The gentrification of the mind : witness to a lost imagination.
Straight sex : rethinking the politics of pleasure.
Radical happiness : moments of collective joy.
Men explain things to me.
Sexual difference : a theory of social-symbolic practice.
C'lick me : a netporn studies reader.
Subculture : the meaning of style.
Symbolic exchange and death.
Organized networks : media theory, creative labour, new institutions.
Practical reason : on the theory of action.
Veiligheid en burgerschap in een netwerksamenleving.
Occidentalisme: het westen in de ogen van zijn vijanden.
Are Prisons Obsolete?
They must be represented : the politics of documentary.
Together : the rituals, pleasures and politics of cooperation.
Respect in a world of inequality.
Notes of a native son.
Black skin, white masks.
"Race," writing, and difference.
Outlaw culture : resisting representations.
Talking back : thinking feminist, thinking black.
Beyond black and white : from civil rights to Barack Obama.
Seeing through race.
Race-ing justice, en-gendering power : essays on Anita Hill, Clarence Thomnas, and the construction of social reality.
White innocence : paradoxes of colonialism and race.
White innocence : paradoxes of colonialism and race.
The autobiography of Malcolm X.
The suffering of the immigrant.
The grand domestic revolution : a history of feminist designs for American homes, neighborhoods, and cities.
Fugitive cultures : race, violence, and youth.
The child in the country.
Neoliberalism, globalization, and inequalities : consequences for health and quality of life.
What is a people?
Vibrant matter : a political ecology of things.
Walled states, waning sovereignty.
The essential Noam Chomsky.
Making things public : Atmospheres of democracy
The prince.
#Accelerate : the accelerationist reader.
The return of the political.
The democratic paradox.
On the political.
The body in pain : the making and unmaking of the world.
Inventing the future : postcapitalism and a world without work.
General intellects : twenty-one thinkers for the twenty-first century.
Impossible exchange.
Precarious life: the powers of mourning and violence.
Excitable speech : a politics of the performative.
Capitalist realism : is there no alternative?
On populist reason.
Constituent imagination : militant investigations, collective theorization.
Politics of nature : how to bring the sciences into democracy.
The politics of heroin : CIA complicity in the global drug trade: Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Central America, Colombia.
The anarchist cookbook.
Post-Fordism and its discontents
The origin of capitalism : a longer view.
Tomorrow's battlefield : US proxy wars and secret ops in Africa.
Fascism today : what it is and how to end it.
Provo & provocaties 1065-1967.
Magiër van een nieuwe tijd : het leven van Robert Jasper Grootveld.
Notes from a revolution : Com/co, the Diggers and the Haight.
Defacing the currency : selected writings, 1992-2012.
Expect resistance : a crimethink field manual.
Living my life : vol. 1.
Living my life : vol. 2.
Living my life : vol. 3.
The coming insurrection.
Against his-story, against leviathan! : an essay.
De utopie van de vrije markt.
Steady-state economics.
The enigma of capital and the crises of capitalism.
Abstract from the concrete.
A companion to Marx´s Capital.
A companion to Marx´s Capital, volume 2.
The limits to capital.
The amateur : the pleasures of doing what you love.
Geontologies : a requiem to late liberalism.
The concept of nature in Marx.
Antifragile : things that gain from disorder.
The panhandler's handbook.
Moneylab reader : an intervention in digital economy.
Cities in a world economy.
Territory, authority, rights : from medieval to global assemblages.
Food for the city : a future for the metropolis.
Hungry city : how food shapes our lives.
The perfect crime.
Adieu auteursrecht, vaarwel culturele conglomeraten : een essay.
Beeldrechtwijzer : auteursrecht op beeldende kunst en vormgeving.
Piracy : the intellectual property wars from Gutenberg to Gates.
Remix : making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy.
Free culture : the nature and future of creativity.
Intellectual property : a very short introduction.
De kunst en het recht : over algemene publiekrechtelijke regels met betrekking tot kunst.
The art of war.
Een antropoloog op Mars : zeven paradoxale verhalen.
The man who mistook his wife for a hat.
Totem and Taboo.
Moses and monotheism.
Civilization and its discontents.
The basic writings of Sigmund Freud.
Man and his symbols.
Memories, dreams, reflections.
The red book : liber novus, a reader's edition.
Jung : a very short introduction.
New maladies of the soul.
Tales of love.
Black sun : depression and melancholia.
Strangers to ourselves.
Introducing Lacan.
Freud and beyond : a history of modern psychoanalytic thought.
The ego and the mechanisms of defence.
The deepest sense : a cultural history of touch.
Mood provoking visual stimuli : their origins and applications.
Eye and brain : the psychology of seeing.
Hands : what we do with them and why.
Politics of touch : sense, movement, sovereignty.
Touch : sensuous theory and multisensory media.
The senses of touch : haptics, affects and technologies.
The senses of touch : haptics, affects and technologies.
The queer art of failure.
Gaga feminism : sex, gender, and the end of normal.
Female masculinity.
In a queer time & place : transgender bodies, subcultural lives.
Trans* : a quick and quirky account of gender variability.
Testo junkie : sex, drugs, and biopolitics in the pharmacopornographic era.
Queer game studies.
Gender archaeology.
Overwrite : ethics of knowledge, poetics of existence.
The arachnean, and other texts.
Disturbing pleasures : learning popular culture.
Between borders : pedagogy and the politics of cultural studies.
Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom.
Deschooling society.
Tools for conviviality.
Blueprint for counter education.
The silent university : towards a transversal pedagogy.
The ignorant schoolmaster : five lessons in intellectual emancipation.
De honderd talen van kinderen : de Reggio Emilia-benadering bij de educatie van jonge kinderen.
Punt en lijn.
Linked : the new science of networks.
Key thinkers on space and place.
Order out of chaos : man's new dialogue with nature.
De vierde dimensie : naar een meetkunde van een hogere werkelijkheid.
Scale : the universal laws of life and death in organisms, cities and companies.
Views of nature.
Magisch Panorama : Panorama Mesdag, een belevenis in ruimte en tijd.
Optical illusions.
Onmogelijke figuren : het begoochelde oog.
De geheime code : de gulden snede als goddelijke verhouding in kunst, natuur en wetenschap.
The science of art : optical themes in western art from Brunelleschi to Seurat.
Perspectieven doorzien : meetkunde als thema in de kunst.
Het schetsen van ruimtelijke vormen.
Onmogelijke figuren in kleur.
Waarneming en werkelijkheid : optische misleidingen in wetenschap en kunst.
De Gulden Snede.
De Gulden Snede.
Het tekenen van perspectief.
Spruijt's kalender 1982-1983 : plattegronden en kaarten.
Fab : the coming revolution on your desktop - from personal computers to personal fabrication.
Grain vapor ray : textures of the anthropocene.
Interaction of color.
The luminous and the grey.
Broken white.
Colour and culture : practice and meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction.
On being blue : a philosophical inquiry.
Het fenomeen kleur : de nieuwe kleurenleer gebaseerd op wetmatigheden van kleurperceptie.
Theory of colours.
Wim van Hooff vakman polychromeur : kleur en architectuur.
The art of color : the subjective experience and objective rationale of color.
"Kleur. Manifestation ""State your colour/kleur bekennen"": 14/20/4/2002 in Arnhem."
Remarks on colour.
Kleur : principe, theorie en toepassing.
Watchers of the stars : the scientific revolution.
Sterren, sterrenbeelden en planeten.
De ruimte in : de geschiedenis van de ontdekking van het universum.
Kalenderbauten : frühe astronomische Grossgeräte aus Indien, Mexico und Peru.
25 eeuwen tijdmeting.
"Polders! Gedicht Nederland. Uitgave tgv de 2e Internationale Architectuur Biënnale Rotterdam 20005."
The pebbles on the beach.
Mineralogy : an introduction to the study of minerals and crystals.
Minerale und Gesteine.
Rocks and minerals : a guide to familiar minerals, gems, ores and rocks.
Welcher Stein ist das ? : Tabellen zum Bestimmen der wichtigsten Mineralien, Edelsteine und Gesteine.
Praktische Gemmologie.
Stenen en mineralen zelf slijpen.
Antlitz edler Steine : Mineralien, Kristalle.
Kristalle : ein farbenfrohes Bild geheimnisvoller und gesetzmässiger Kunstformen der Natur.
Edelsteine : ein farbenfroher Überblick über alle Edelsteine, die Halbedelsteine und andere schmückende und farbige Steine.
Elseviers gids van edel- en sierstenen.
Edelsteine und Schmucksteine vom Goldschmied aus gesehen.
Practical gemmology : a study of the identification of gem-stones, pearls, and ornamental minerals.
Marmor : Material und Kultur.
Volcano : nature and culture.
Snow crystals.
Natuurbeheer : zelfmoord of zelfbehoud.
Fossil identifier.
Leerboek der biologie.
Punten en lijnen in het landschap.
Bloemen en hun bezoekers.
Colors for survival : mimicry and camouflage in nature.
Het strand.
Waddenzee : natuurgebied van Nederland, Duitsland en Denemarken.
World beneath the microscope.
The book of flowers : four centuries of flower illustration.
Wilde planten : flora en vegetatie in onze natuurgebieden. Dl. 1: Algemene inleiding, duinen, zilte gronden.
Wilde planten : flora en vegetatie in onze natuurgebieden. Dl. 2: Het lage land.
Wilde planten : flora en vegetatie in onze natuurgebieden. Dl. 3: De hogere gronden.
Trees for town and country : a comprehensive selection of trees suitable for general cultivation in Britain.
The Oxford book of food plants.
Bomen en struiken in bos en veld.
atlas of animal anatomy for artists.
Leven in de oceaan.
Insects : life cycles and the seasons.
Zeevissengids : zeevissen en zeevisserij in Noordwest-Europa.
The whale.
The descent of man.
Atlas van de anatomie : organen, systemen en structuren.
Anatomie voor de kunstenaar.
Anatomie für Künstler
Het hoofd ten voeten uit.
Post HBO opleiding wetenschappelijke illustratie. Postgraduate course scientific illustration.
Albinus on anatomy.
Encyclopedia anatomica : a complete collection of anatomical waxes= vollständige Sammlung anatomischer Wachse=collection complète des cires anatomiques : Museo La Specola Florence.
Anatomie van de mens : handboek voor beoefenaars van de beeldende kunsten.
Menselijke anatomie : van de Renaissance tot het digitale tijdperk.
Fritz Schiders plastisch-anatomischer Handatlas für Akademien, Kunstschulen und zum Selbstunterricht.
Sesam atlas van de anatomie. Dl. 1: Bewegingsapparaat.
Sesam atlas van de anatomie. Dl. 2: Inwendige organen.
Anatomie für Zeichner : der menschliche Körper in der Bewegung.
Modellenboek voor anatomietekenen.
Methoden der forensischen Gezichtsweichteilrekonstruktion : ein Masterprojekt im postgraduierten Studiengang der wissenschaftlichen Illustration. Methods of forensic facial reconstruction : a masters project at the postgradua
"Weibliche" und "mannliche" Körpersprache als Folge patriarchalischer Machtsverhältnisse.
De architectuur van het menselijk lichaam : het wonder van de mens in 500 magistrale beelden.
High times : a 40-year history of the world's most infamous magazine.
Grondregels voor origami : met talrijke vouwvoorbeelden.
Het oudekrantenboek : 150 originele toepassingen van oud papier vouwen, vlechten, plooien, frommelen, rollen, plakken.
Papier : een verslag over experimenten met papier.
Secrets of origami : the Japanese art of paper folding.
Origami made easy.
Structural package designs=Verpackungsformgebung=Modèles structuraux de conditionnement=Disenos de estructuras para embalajes=Design strutturale della confezione.
The Penguin book of kites.
Maak het van hout : met vele foto's en werktekeningen en een weergave in kleur van de voornaamste houtsoorten.
Metall : Werkformen und Arbeitsweisen.
Werk und Werkzeug des Kunstschmieds.
Brandwerk : versieren door inbranden.
Introducing beads.
Patterns of fashion 1 : Englishwomen's dresses and their construction c. 1660-1860.
Patterns of fashion : the cut and construction of clothes for men and women c. 1560-1620.
In defence of food : the myth of nutrition and the pleasures of eating.
Three banquets for a queen : the reception of her most serene majesty Christina queen of Sweden by his holiness our lord pope Clement IX in Rome 1668.
Pies, pâtés, and pastries : secrets old and new of the art of cooking.
Plats du jour.
Pierre Hermé : the architecture of taste.
The art of fermentation : an in-depth exploration of essential concepts and processes from around the world.
The Futurist cookbook.
Against the grain : a deep history of the earliest states.
Technology in the ancient world.
Victorian inventions.
Technisch tekenen en construeren.
Het handtekenen in de techniek.
Architectural graphics.
More with less : aids for disabled people for daily living = Más con menos = adaptaciones para minusválidos en la vida diaria.
Human engineering guide for equipment designers.
Five hundred and seven mechanical movements, embracing all those which are most important in dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing, presses, horology, and miscellaneous machiner
Metal techniques for craftsmen: a basic manual on the methods of forming and decorating metals.
The colouring, bronzing and patination of metals : a manual for the fine metalworker and sculptor : cast bronze, cast brass, copper and copper-plate, gilding metal, sheet yellow brass, silver and silver-plate.
The colouring, bronzing and patination of metals : a manual for fine metalworkers, sculptors and designers : cast bronze, cast brass, copper and copper-plate, gilding metal, sheet yellow brass, silver and silver-plate.
De eend : Citroën 2CV in Nederland.
The Ashley book of knots : every practical knot - what it looks like, who uses it, where it comes from, and how to tie it.
Der fliegende Mensch.
"World of matter. Exhibition: ""On the global ecologies of raw material"" 1/3-22/6/2014 in Dortmund."
Objects & materials
Materiology : materialen an technologieën : de gids voor creatieven.
Materiology : materialen an technologieën : de gids voor creatieven.
Material ConneXion materialenboek : internationale collectie van nieuwe en innovatieve materialen voor architecten, ontwerpers en kunstenaars.
Chemiekaarten : gegevens voor veilig werken met chemicaliën.
The romantic story of scent.
Handboek bouwkunde.
AJ Handbook of building enclosure.
In harmony with nature : creative country construction.
Woodwork joints.
Constructieleer voor meubelmakers.
Nomadic furniture 1 : how to build and where to buy lightweight furniture that folds, collapses, stacks, knocks down, inflates or can be thrown away and recycled.
Nomadic furniture 2 : more about how to build and where to buy lightweight furniture that folds, collapses, stacks, knocks down, inflates or can be thrown away but be recycled.
The art of Japanese joinery.
Instant furniture : low-cost, well-designed, easy to assemble tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, and storage systems.
Upholstered furniture : design and construction.
Räumliche Tragwerke aus Stahl.
Brickwork : architecture and design.
Shops and stores.
Sportgebouwen : ontwerp en inrichting.
Hotelbau : Handbuch für den Hotelbau.
Village homes' solar house designs : a collection of 43 energy-conscious house designs.
Tropenbau=Building in the tropics.
Solar control and shading devices.
Zu - offen : Türen und Fenster.
Daglicht/kunstlicht : een leidraad.
Concepts in architectural acoustics.
Sound, noise and vibration control.
Art speak: a guide to contemporary ideas, movements, and buzzwords.
Symboliek in de westerse kunst.
illustrated encyclopaedia of traditional symbols.
The encyclopedia of fictional artists.
The encyclopedia of fictional artists : the addition.
Dictionary of subjects and symbols in art.
Hall's iconografisch handboek : onderwerpen, symbolen en motieven in de beeldende kunst.
Hall's geïllustreerde encyclopedie van symbolen in oosterse en westerse kunst.
"Dictionary of the Avant-gardes : music film visual arts dance theater. 2th edition."
The archive.
Woordenboek klassieke cultuur : Standaard geïllustreerde encyclopedie van de Oudheid.
Phaidon encyclopedia of art and artists.
On horizons : a critical reader in contemporary art
032c : 27th issue, 1995-2015: a Raf Simons retrospective.
032c : 29th issue, Nest : an homage to the greatest interiors magazine ever!
In numbers : serial publications by artists since 1955.
Artists' magazines : an alternative space for art.
The magazine.
The Third Text reader : on art, culture and theory.
The artist as curator : an anthology.
The artist as curator issue #1.
The artist as curator issue #10.
The artist as curator issue #3.
The artist as curator issue #4.
The artist as curator issue #5.
The artist as curator issue #6.
The artist as curator issue #7.
The artist as curator issue #8.
The artist as curator issue #9.
Art in context : charity.
Art in context : public relations.
Art in context : laughter.
Art in context : education.
Curiosity and method : ten years of Cabinet Magazine.
Generous structures : Casco issues XII.
Casco Issues; no 9 : Past Imperfect : Hotel California, Desert Inn, Hotel Angst, Maison Gray, Hollow Earth, Future Imperfect : Loos vs Le Corbusier.
Control magazine : issue fifteen.
Control magazine : issue sixteen.
Control magazine : issue seventeen.
Control magazine : issue eighteen.
Control magazine : issue nineteen.
Control magazine : issue twenty.
Future publics (the rest can and should be done by the people) : a critical reader in contemporary art.
"Current obsession : contemporary jewellery magazine, issue #3 2014. The f@k3 issue."
"Current obsession : contemporary jewellery in the context of today's visual culture, issue #4 Autumn-Winter 2015. The supernatural issue."
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 42, Winter 2014/2015. History in a time of hypercirculation."
Documenta 14 #1 : South as a state of mind.
Documenta 14 #2 : South as a state of mind #2.
Documenta 14 #2 : South as a state of mind #3.
Dot dot dot 15 : autumn 2007.
Dot dot dot 16 : summer 2008.
Fantastic man : autumn and winter 2014.
Fantastic man : no. 21; spring & summer 2015.
Fantastic man : no. 22; autumn & winter 2015 : 10 years of Fantastic Man, part 2 : back to basics.
Fantastic man : no. 23; spring & summer 2016 : Pedro Almodovar.
Fuse : 1-20.
De gids : de beste verhalen, gedichten en essays van de lage landen.
Ginger & piss #3.
Issue #1 : labour.
Issue 2 : persona.
Graphic : Quarterly Graphic Magazine #33 : bookshops, Sprint 2015.
How to sleep faster #1 : Spring 2011.
How to sleep faster #2.
How to sleep faster #3 : summer 2012.
How to sleep faster #4 : Summer 2013.
How to sleep faster #5 : Winter 2014.
How to sleep faster #6 : Sex.
How to sleep faster E1.
Feminist legacies and potentials in contemporary art practice.
Video Vortex reader : responses to Youtube.
Video Vortex reader II : moving images beyond Youtube.
Urban screens reader.
Critical point of view : a Wikipedia reader
Behind the facts : Interfunktionen, 1968-1975.
The situationist times : facsimile edition.
Robert Lehman lectures on contemporary art.
Robert Lehman lectures on contemporary art.
The lip anthology : an Australian feminist arts journal, 1976-1984.
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
"Manifesta Journal : journal of contemporary curatorship."
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture.
October : the first decade, 1976-1986.
October 101 : Summer 2002
October 102 : Fall 2002
October 150 : Fall 2014.
October 148 : Spring 2014.
October 145 : Summer 2013.
October: the first decade.
October: the second decade, 1986 - 1996.
Parkett No.20/1989
Parkett No.16/1988.
Parkett No.20/1989
Parkett No.20/1989
Parkett No.25/1990.
Parkett No.26/1990.
Parkett No.31/1992.
Parkett No.34/1992.
Parkett No.37/1993
Parkett No.40/41/1994
Parkett No.42/1994
Parkett No.43/1994
Parkett No.44/1995
Parkett No.45/1995
Parkett No.46/1994
Parkett No.49/1997
Parkett No.50/51/1997
Parkett No.67/2003
Parkett No.68/2003
"Parkett No.69/2003 20 years of Parkett."
Parkett No.70/2004
Parkett No.73/2005
Parkett No.74/2005.
Parkett No.75/2005
Parkett No.76/2006
Parkett No.77/2006
Parkett No.78/2006.
Parkett No.79/2007
Parkett No.80/2007
Parkett No.81/2007
Parkett No.82/2008
Parkett No.83/2008
Parkett No.88/2011
Parkett No.89/2011.
Parkett No.91/2012
Parkett No.92/2013
Parkett No.95/2014
Parkett No.96/2015.
Parkett No.97/2015.
Parkett No.90/2012
Parachute; Vol. I : the anthology (1975-2000) : museums, art history and theory.
Parachute; Vol. II : the anthology (1975-2000) : performance & performativity.
From mad Dutch disease to Born to Adorn : the Premsela lectures, 2004-2010.
Re/search #11 : pranks!
Re/search #12 : modern primitives.
Pranks #2.
Re/search #4/5 : a special book issue.
Re/search issue #6/7 : industrial culture handbook.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 1.
Search and destroy : rebel youth culture no. 10.
Search and destroy : future history vol. 2 no. 11.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 2.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 3.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 5.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 6.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 7.
Search and destroy : new wave cultural research no. 9.
Sex magazine #1-10, 2012-2015.
The social life of the book 1 : making books.
The social life of the book 2 : the wet and the dry.
The social life of the book 3 : infant A.
The social life of the book 4 : kinesics of the page.
The social life of the book 5 : Die Toilette, after Chris Kraus.
Solution 1-10 : Umbauland.
Solution 262 : Lavapolis.
Solution 263 : double agent.
Solution 264-274 : drill nation.
Solution 257 : complete love : a novel.
Solution 9 : the great pyramid.
Solution 168-185 : America.
Solution 186-195 : Dubai democracy.
Solution 196-213 : United States of Palestine-Israel.
Solution 214-238 : the book of Japans.
Solution 239-246 : Finland: the welfare game.
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 43, Spring 2015. Der Künstler = The artist."
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 44, Summer 2015. ""Painting as code"""
"Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 45, Autumn 2015. ""The event"""
Stedelijk Museum bulletin 1980.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 97 : bohème = bohemia.
Vestoj : the journal of sartorial matters: issue five: on slowness.
Vestoj : the journal of sartorial matters: issue six: on failure.
Vestoj : the journal of sartorial matters: issue seven: on masculinities.
Vestoj : the journal of sartorial matters: issue eight : on authenticity.
Werker A.
Werker B.
Werker C.
De witte raaf : nr.162, mrt-apr 2013.
De witte raaf : nr.163, mei-jun 2013.
De witte raaf : nr.164, jul-aug 2013.
De witte raaf : nr.165, sep-okt 2013.
De witte raaf : nr.166, nov-dec 2013.
De witte raaf : nr.167, jan-feb 2014.
De witte raaf : nr.168, mrt-apr 2014.
De witte raaf : nr.169, mei-jun 2014.
De witte raaf : nr.170, jul-aug 2014.
De witte raaf : nr.175, mei-juni 2015.
De witte raaf : nr.178, nov-dec 2015.
De witte raaf : nr.180, mrt-apr 2016.
De witte raaf : nr.181, mei-jun 2016.
Concerning War : A Critical Reader
On knowledge production : a critical reader in contemporary art.
The return of religion and other myths : a critical reader in contemporary art.
Idea Archive 02 : Milton Glaser.
Idea 308 2005.1.
Idea 362 2014.1.
Idea 327 2008.3.
Parkett No.47/1996
Parkett No.48/1996
Parkett No.52/1998
Parkett No.53/1998
Parkett No.54/1998/99
Parkett No.55/1999
Parkett No.56/1999
Parkett No.57/1999
Parkett No.58/2000
Parkett No.59/2000
Parkett No.60/2000
Parkett No.61/2001
Parkett No.62/2001
Parkett No.63/2001
Parkett No.64/2002
Parkett No.65/2002
Parkett No.66/2002
Parkett No.71/2004
Parkett No.72/2004
Parkett No.84/2008
Parkett No.85/2009
Parkett No.86/2009
Parkett No.87/2010
Hospitality : hosting relations in exhibitions.
Harald Szeemann : individual methodology.
The curatorial : a philosophy of curating.
A brief history of curating.
Everything you always wanted to know about curating but were afraid to ask.
Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews : volume 1.
Curating research
Curating Subjects.
The culture of curating and the curating of culture(s).
Curating and the educational turn.
"Begriffe des Ausstellens (von A bis Z). Terms of exhibiting (from A to Z)."
On curating : interviews with ten international curators.
Een collectie is ook maar een mens : Edy de Wilde, Jean Leering, Rudi Fuchs, Jan Debbaut over verzamelen.
Dat museum is een mijnheer : de geschiedenis van het Van Abbemuseum, 1936-2003.
Positioning the art gallery : het Amsterdamse galeriewezen in een internationale context = the Amsterdam gallery world in an international context.
Art & project bulletins 1-156 : September 1968-November 1989.
Today we should be thinking about.
Pierre's The magazine of The Artist's Institute, issue one.
Carolee's The magazine of The artist's institute : issue two, fall 2016.
Museum of the future.
L'Exposition imaginaire : de kunst van het tentoonstellen in de jaren tachtig=the art of exhibiting in the eighties.
The birth of the museum : history, theory, politics.
2. Berlin Biennale = 2nd Berlin Biennial : 2001 : Band 1
2. Berlin Biennale = 2nd Berlin Biennial : 2001 : Band 2
3. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst. 3rd Berlin Biennial for contemporary art.
4. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst : von Mäusen und Menschen = 4th Berlin Biennial for contemporary art : of mice and men.
5. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst = 35th Berlin Biennial for contemporary art : when things cast no shadow.
8. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst = 3rd Berlin Biennial for contemporary art.
La Biennale internazionale d'arte Venezia 32.
La Biennale di Venezia 46 : 1895/1995 Centenario.
La Biennale di Venezia 47.
La Biennale di Venezia 48 : punti cardinali dell'arte : dAperTutto : Aperto over All : Aperto par Tout : Aperto über All.
La Biennale di Venezia 48 : punti cardinali dell'arte : dAperTutto : Aperto over All : Aperto par Tout : Aperto über All.
La Biennale di Venezia 49 : platea dell 'umanita' cardinali dell'arte : dAperTutto : Aperto over All : Aperto par Tout : Aperto über All.
La Biennale di Venezia 49 : platea dell 'umanita' cardinali dell'arte : dAperTutto : Aperto over All : Aperto par Tout : Aperto über All.
Post nature : nine Dutch artists.
La Biennale di Venezia 50 : Dreams and conflicts - The dictatorship of the viewer.
La La Biennale di Venezia 51 : always a little further.
La Biennale di Venezia 51 : the experience of art.
La Biennale di Venezia 51 : participating countries / collaterial events.
La Biennale di Venezia 52 : think with the senses / feel with the mind : art in the present tense.
La Biennale di Venezia 52 : think with the senses : feel with the mind : art in the present tense : participating countries, collateral events.
La Biennale di Venezia 52 : Pages in the wind : a reader : texts chosen by the artists of the 52nd interntional art exhibition.
La Biennale di Venezia : 54. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte : Illuminations.
"La Biennale di Venezia 55 : il palazzo enciclopedico : Biennale Arte 2013. Part I."
"La Biennale di Venezia 55 : il palazzo enciclopedico : Biennale Arte 2013. Part II."
La biennale di Venezia : 56th international art exhibition : all the world's futures.
La biennale arte 2017 : exhibition.
La biennale arte 2017 : participating countrues and collateral events.
La Biennale internazionale d'arte Venezia 36.
La Biennale di Venezia 1980 : section of visual arts : general catalogue.
La Biennale di Venezia 1980 : architectural section : The presence of the past : first international exhibition of architecture : the corderia of the arsenal.
La Biennale di Venezia 41 : visual arts general catalogue 1984.
La Biennale di Venezia 42 : arte e scienza.
La Biennale di Venezia 43 : il luogo degli artisti.
La Biennale di Venezia 44: dimensione futuro : l'artiste e lo spazio.
La Biennale di Venezia 45 : punti cardinali dell'arte.
Radical museology : or, what's 'contemporary' in museums of contemporary art?
Centre Georges Pompidou Paris.
Chroma lives.
Bouwen voor de kunst? Museumarchitectuur van Centre Pompidou tot Tate Modern.
Artist-run spaces : nonprofit collective organizations in the 1960s and 1970s.
Documenta : die Überschau.
Documenta X : the book : politics-poetics.
Documenta X : short guide=Kurzführer.
Documenta documents 1.
Documenta11 : Platform1 : democracy unrealized.
Experiments with truth : Documenta11_Platform2.
Under siege : four African cities : Freetown, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Lagos : Documenta 11 platform 4.
Documenta 11 : platform 5.
Kurzführer=short guide : Documenta11 : Platform 5.
Documenta 12.
Documenta magazine No 1, 2007 : Modernity.
Documenta magazine no 3, 2007 : education.
"The book of books : catalogue Documenta 13; Dl. I. Exhibition: 2012 in Kassel, Kabul, Alexandria, Kaïro and Banff."
"The book of books : catalogue Documenta 13; Dl. II. Exhibition: 2012 in Kassel, Kabul, Alexandria, Kaïro and Banff."
Documenta 14 : daybook, Athens, 8 April-Kassel, 17 September 2017.
The Documenta 14 reader.
Documenta 3.
Documenta 3 : Handzeignungen.
Documenta 4.
Documenta 4.
Documenta 5.
Documenta 6.
Documenta 6.
Documenta 6.
Documenta 7.
Documenta 7.
Documenta 8.
Documenta 8.
Documenta 8.
Documenta 9.
Documenta 9.
Documenta 9.
Documenta 9 : Kurzführer=guide.
Only connect : five exercises in aesthetics.
Pleasure ground.
The best surprise is no surprise.
Circular facts.
Exhibition, design, participation : 'an exhibit' 1957 and related projects.
The biennial reader : an anthology on large-scale perennial exhibitions of contemporary art.
The biennial reader : the Bergen biennial conference.
Fucking good art #35 : New existentialism.
Institutional attitudes : instituting art in a flat world.
20 + years Witte de With.
Stopping the process? : contemporary views on art and exhibitions.
Ten fundamental questions of curating.
The next Documenta should be curated by an artist.
Museum Insel Hombroich.
The museum as a workshop.
De narratieve ruimte : over de kunst van het tentoonstellen.
Cultural anthropophagy : the 24th Bienal de Sao Paulo 1998.
Imagining the audience : viewing positions in curatorial and artistic practice.
Light in museums and galleries.
Manifesta 1 : foundation European art manifestation.
Manifesta 11.
Manifesta 2 : European biennial for contemporary art, Luxembourg.
Manifesta 4 : European biennial of contemporary art, 25 May to 24 August 2002, Frankfurt/Main.
"Manifesta 8 : the European biennial of contemporary art. Region of Murcia (Spain) in dialogue with northern Africa."
Art and its institutions : current conflicts, critique and collaborations.
Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017.
"Bad thoughts : collection Martijn and Jeanette Sanders. Exhibition: 20/7-9/11/2014 in Amsterdam."
Do it : the compendium.
De Paviljoens : logboek van een gebouw, 1992-2004 = De Paviljoens : journal of a building, 1992-2004.
The museums of contemporary art : notion and development.
Portikus Frankfurt am Main, 1987-1997.
"Exhibiting the new art: 'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitutes Become Form' 1969."
XXIV Bienal de São Paulo.
Ready to shoot : Fernsehgalerie Gerry Schum, Videogalerie Schum.
Please come to the show.
Seth Siegelaub : beyond conceptual art.
S.M.A.K. : Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent : de verzameling.
We show art : Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, 93-03.
Het Stedelijk in de oorlog.
Let me be your guide : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam collectiegids.
Reflections on the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Tate Modern London.
The Manifesta decade : debates on contemporary art exhibitions and biennials in post-war Europe.
What ever happened to New Institutionalism?
Beyond objecthood : the exhibition as a critical form since 1968.
"Making art global (part 1) : the third Havana Biennial 1980."
"Making art global (part 2) : 'Magiciens de la Terre' 1989."
"Whitney Biennial 2014. Exhibition: 7/3-25/5/2014 in New York."
Changing roles : artists' personal views and wishes.
Just in time : voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen. Just in time : proposal for municipal art acquisitions.
Contemporary cultures of display.
La Biennale di Venezia 1978 : from nature to art, from art to nature : general catalogue.
Deep screen-art in digital culture: voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen 2008. proposal for municipal art acquisitions 2008.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York : the history and the collection.
On the museum's ruins.
Het geschilderde beeld
If walls had ears - Als muren oren hadden.
Eh! bien prenons la plume : nieuwe leden voor een honderdvijftigjarig idee=neue Mitglieder für eine hundertfünfzigjährige Idee.
Kröller-Müller : honderd jaar bouwen en verzamelen.
Art Pie.
Het museum dat niet bestond.
Art on trial : from Whistler to Rothko.
Art production beyond the art market?
The market.
Changing perspectives : dealing with globalisation in the presentation and collection of contemporary art.
The value of culture : on the relationship between economics and arts.
From Russia with doubt : the quest to authenticate 181 would-be masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde.
Contemporary art and its commerical markets : a report on current conditions and future scenarios.
Collecting contemporary.
How to study art worlds : on the societal functioning of aesthetic values.
De nieuwe mecenas : cultuur en de terugkeer van het particuliere geld.
Shock Art : kunst, handel en hebzucht.
The $12 million stuffed shark : the curious economics of contemporary art.
Talking prices : symbolic meanings of prices on the market for contemporary art.
Verzamelen : van rariteitenkabinet tot kunstmuseum.
Iets wat zoveel kost, is alles waard : verzamelaars van moderne kunst in Nederland.
Intersubjectivity Vol.1 : language and misunderstanding.
"Institutional critique: an anthology of artists' writings."
Conceptual art and the politics of publicity.
Visual cultures as objects and affects.
What is contemporary art?
Selected writings.
Non-places : introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity.
Non-places : an introduction to supermodernity.
Aesthetics and contemporary art.
Smile of the Buddha : eastern philosophy and western art from Monet to today.
The poetics of space.
Art & the senses.
Traveling concepts in the humanities : a rough gide.
Territorial investigations.
"The neutral. Lecture course at the College de France (1977-1978)."
Image music text.
How to live together : novelistic simulations of some everyday spaces, notes for a lecture course and seminar at the Collège de France (1976-1977).
Boris Groys in context
The new art : a critical anthology.
Oceans of love : the uncontainable Gregory Battcock.
The painter of modern life and other essays.
The conspiracy of art : manifestos, interviews, essays.
Cultural activism today : the art of over-identification.
Analysing the bad guy in film : articles & essays by design lab students, Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
An anthropology of images : picture, medium, body.
Thinking art : beyond traditional aesthetics.
Ways of seeing : based on the BBC television series with John Berger.
About looking.
Reading / feeling : if I can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution.
The roots of Romanticism.
What is art?
As a weasel sucks eggs : an essay on melancholy and cannibalism.
Een jaar in het wild. One year in the wild.
Wild park : het onverwachte als opdracht.
Nettitudes : let's talk net art.
"Monumentalisme : geschiedenis, nationale identiteit en hedendaagse kunst. Monumentalism : history, national identity and contemporary art."
Now is the time : art and theory in the 21st century.
Relational aesthetics.
Relational aesthetics.
The Radicant.
Postproduction : culture as screenplay : how art reprograms the world.
The exform.
Denken over kunst : een inleiding in de kunstfilosofie.
Thinking art.
Opus 1 : the artist's beginnings.
Colour in time.
Putting rehearsals to the test : practices of rehearsal in fine arts, film, theater, theory, and politics.
No internet, no art : a lunch bytes anthology.
The end of art theory : criticism and postmodernity.
The contingent object of contemporary art.
From Conceptualism to Feminism : Lucy Lippard's numbers shows 1969-74.
Postmodernism : a very short introduction.
The cinematic.
Web aesthetics : how digital media affect culture and society.
Turning inwards.
Writing about visual art.
What good are the arts?
The grand domestic revolution goes on.
The transdisciplinary studio.
Sexuality and space.
Support structures.
The ethics of art : ecological turns in the performing arts.
Realism materialism art.
Realism materialism art.
Techniques of the observer : on vision and modernity in the nineteenth century.
Suspensions of perception : attention, spectacle, and modern culture.
The transhistorical image : philosophizing art and its history.
The meaning of things : domestic symbols and the self.
What art is.
Things that talk: object lessons from art and science.
Art in the Anthropocene : encounters among aesthetics, politics, environments and epistemologies.
Evictions : art and spatial politics.
Art as experience.
Discussions in contemporary culture : number one.
On (surplus) value in art.
Dot dot dot 11 : winter 2005/6.
Dot dot dot 12 : summer 2006.
Dot dot dot 13 : winter 2006/7.
Dot dot dot 14 : summer 2007.
Dot dot dot 18 : summer 2009.
Dot dot dot 19 : autumn 2009.
Dot dot dot 20 : summer 2010.
Dot dot dot 7 : winter 2003.
Dot dot dot 8 : late summer 2004.
Dot dot dot 9 : winter 2004/5.
Kant after Duchamp.
Art and science.
Written all over us.
Signs of time.
Global theories of the arts and aesthetics.
The necessity of art.
The shape of things : a philosophy of design.
The shape of things : a philosophy of design.
Into the universe of technical images.
Flusseriana : an intellectual toolbox.
Compulsive beauty.
The anti-aesthetic : essays on postmodern culture.
Bad new days : art, criticism, emergency.
Recodings : art, spectacle, cultural politics.
Vision and visuality.
Pretentiousness : why it matters.
Art theory : a very short introduction.
But is it art? : an introduction to art theory.
Art and objecthood : essays and reviews.
The future of art : a manual.
The future of art : a diary.
The reenchantment of art.
Artists talk 1969/1977.
Modernism : the lure of heresy.
Hacking habitat : art of control.
Creativity and other fundamentalisms.
Art and illusion : a study in the psychology of pictoral interpretation.
Art and subjecthood : the return of the human figure in semiocapitalism.
Canvases and careers today : criticism and its markets.
Under pressure : pictures, subjects, and the new spirit of capitalism.
Logica van de verzameling.
The loneliness of the project = De eenzaamheid van het project.
On the new.
Going public.
In the flow.
The politics of small gestures : chances and challenges for contemporary art.
Politics, identity and public space : critical reflections in and through the practices of contemporary art.
The new administration of aesthetics.
Haai op sterk water.
Art in theory : 1815-1900 : an anthology of changing ideas.
Art in theory : 1648-1815 : an anthology of changing ideas.
All of a sudden : things that matter in contemporary art.
Public abstraction.
"Im Modus der Gabe : Theater, Kunst, Performance in der Gegenwart. In the mode of giving : theater, art, performances in the present."
Tell them I said no.
The invisible dragon : essays on beauty.
The artist's joke.
The grid book.
World question center (reloaded).
The studio.
The object.
(Mis)reading masquerades.
Rereading appropriation.
Social works : performing art, supporting publics.
The studio reader : on the space of artists.
The everyday.
After art.
Rich texts : selected writing for art.
Moving image.
Judgment and contemporary art criticism.
Theory in contemporary art since 1985.
The lectures : Raymond Bellour, Marianne Brouwer, Ludger Gerdes, Remo Guidieri, Kasper König, Alexandre Melo, John Miller, Bart Verschaffel.
Where art belongs.
Lost properties : some arguments for and against the dematerialization of art.
Video green : Los Angeles art and the triumph of nothingness.
Was Pollock kleurenblind ? : bouwstenen voor de herschrijving van de recente kunstgeschiedenis.
Perpetual inventory.
Now what? Artists write!
Philosophers on art : from Kant to the postmodernists : a critical reader.
Iconoclash : beyond the image wars in science, religion, and art.
Reset modernity!
Artist/author : contemporary artists' books.
Facing value : radical perspectives from the arts.
Chronophobia : on time in the art of the 1960s.
The life and death of works of art = La vie et la mort de oeuvres d'art.
From head to hand : art and the manual.
"Lier en Boog series; volume II. The intellectual conscience of art."
"Lier en Boog series; volume 15. Screen-based art."
Selected Maria Lind writing.
Six Years : the dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972.
History in motion : time in the age of the moving image.
Geheime publiciteit : essays over hedendaagse kunst.
Cultural revolution : aesthetic practice after autonomy.
Speculative aesthetics.
The voices of silence.
Paper exhibition: selected writings.
The triumph of anti-art : conceptual and performance art in the formation of post-modernism.
Post internet : notes on the internet and art, 12.29.09>09.05.10.
Everyday life : theories and practices from surrealism to the present.
Picture theory
"What do pictures want? The lives and loves of images."
Iconology : image, text, ideology.
Visual cultures as opportunity.
The sublime.
The sublime.
The forest & the school : where to sit at the dinner table?
Inside the white cube : the ideology of the gallery space.
Studio and cube : on the relationship between where art is made and where art is displayed.
Standing still and walking in New York.
Anywhere or not at all : philosophy of contemporary art.
Beyond recognition : representation, power, and culture.
Surrealism, art and modern science : relativity, quantum mechanics, epistomology.
Here/there : telepresence, touch, and art art the interface.
Booktrek : selected essays on artists' books (1972-2010).
Ugliness : the non-beautiful in art and theory.
Invalid format: an anthology of Triple Canopy: Volume 1.
Aesthetics of installation art.
Meesterwerken meesterzetten.
Another publication.
Feminism-art-theory : an anthology, 1968-2014.
The intangibilities of form : skill and deskilling in art after the readymade.
Preferred placement : knowledge politics on the web.
The past is the present; it's the future too : the temporal turn in contemporary art.
On art and life.
Style : in the technical and tectonic arts or practical aesthetics.
The acoustic mirror : the female voice in psychoanalysis and cinema.
What is contemporary art?
Herboren : dagboeken en aantekeningen 1947-1963.
Reborn : journals and notebooks, 1947-1963.
As consciousness is harnessed to flesh : journals and notebooks, 1964-1980.
On photography.
On photography.
Against interpretation.
Styles of radical will.
Good looking : essays on the virtue of images.
On longing : narratives of the miniature, the gigantic, the souvenir, the collection.
The open studio : essays on art and aesthetics.
On longing : narratives of the miniature, the gigantic, the souvenir, the collection.
Theories and documents of contemporary art : a sourcebook of artists' writings.
Art encounters Deleuze and Guattari : thought beyond representation.
"Art is beauty in the brain of the beholder. Mondrian Lecture."
Jan van Eyck jaarboek 2008.
Foucault for architects.
Seven days in the art world.
"Aesthetics. The collected works of Paul Valéry; volume 13"
Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
"How we behave. Publication in the frame of Performance in Residence : If I can't dance I don't want to be a part of your revolution."
Institutional critique and after.
See it again, say it again : the artist as researcher.
Here is information. Mobilise. : selected writings.
Tracing cultures : art history, criticitism, critical fiction.
Writing as sculpture : 1978-1987.
The gothic.
The regime of visibility.
During the exhibition the gallery will be closed : contemporary art and the paradoxes of conceptualism.
The myth of artisthood.
De mythe van het kunstenaarschap.
Towards a lexicon of usership.
Cultural appropriation and the arts.
Contemporary art theory.
World art studies : exploring concepts and approaches.
"Co-ops : exploring new territories in art and science . Co-ops : interterritoriale verkenningen in kunst en wetenschap."
Traction : an applied and polemical attempt to locate contemporary art.
Art after conceptual art.
Philosophy of art.
A pattern language :
De kunst van het kijken : Nederlandse schilderkunst in de zeventiende eeuw.
Towards a psychology of art : collected essays.
Art and visual perception : a psychology of the creative eye.
The power of the center : a study of composition in the visual arts.
Twentieth-century artists on art.
The poetics of space.
Looking in : the art of viewing
A Mieke Bal reader.
Looking, encountering, staging.
Interpreting contemporary art.
Het werkelijkheidseffect.
De salon van 1859 : brieven aan de directeur van de Revue Française.
De filosofie en de kunsten : van Plato tot Beuys.
Again the metaphor problem and other engaged critical discourses about art : a conversation between John Baldessari, Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner, moderated by Beatrix Ruf.
Om de kunst : opvattingen van een museumman over moderne kunst, kunstenaars, musea en kunstbeleid.
Aesthetics and history.
Anders zien.
Het moment van het kubisme.
Eigenzinnig kunstzinnig : de visie van Carl Gustav Jung op kunst.
Ein Gespräch=Una discussione.
Schildpad met roos en mes.
Over de veroordeling van werken van beeldende kunst.
The Academy and French painting in the nineteenth century.
Formless : a user's guide.
Een vroege Vermeer uit 1937 : achtergronden van leven en werken van de schilder/vervalser Han van Meegeren.
Denken over kunst : een inleiding in de kunstfilosofie.
Hogere sferen : alchemie, gnosis, kabbala en hermetische filosofie in de kunst.
Sleep around more : art, research, and the production of new knowledge.
Naar levend model : de opkomst van Amerikaanse kunstenaars : Parijs 1867 - New York 1948.
The painter and the photograph : from Delacroix to Warhol.
Enkele opmerkingen omtrent zin en onzin van de iconografie.
The wake of art : criticism, philosophy, and the ends of taste.
De komedie van de overeenkomsten.
Beyond the Brillo box : the visual arts in post-historical perspective.
Ik zou een museum willen maken waar de dingen elkaar overlappen.
Homo aestheticus : Where art comes from and why.
Grensvervaging in de kunst.
Steeds mooier : over vooruitgang in de kunst.
Der Kitsch.
In actu : de l´experimental dans l´art.
Das Tabu in der Erotik : Eros im Konflikt mit der Gesellschaft.
Kunst die de wereld schokte : zeven opzienbarende kunsttentoonstellingen 1868-1937.
The creative imagination : Enlightenment to Romanticism.
Geur & ontwerp.
Fragments for a history of the human body.
Fragments for a history of the human body.
Fragments for a history of the human body.
The art of looking sideways,
The return of the real : the avant-garde at the end of the century.
De Meesters van weleer.
Kwaliteit : (een bericht).
Recht op schoonheid.
Has modernism failed?
Conversations before the end of time.
Matisse en Picasso : het verhaal van een vriendschap.
The image and the eye : further studies in the psychology of pictorial representation.
Beyond modern art.
Mind and image : an essay on art and architecture.
Art Power.
Out of this century : confessions of an art addict.
Goede bedoelingen : over het beoordelen van ontmoetingskunst.
Good intentions : judging the art of encounter.
Conceptual art and painting : further essays on art and language.
Art in theory : 1900-2000 : an anthology of changing ideas.
Het feest achter de gordijnen : schilders van de negentiende eeuw 1850-1900.
The familial gaze.
Moving pictures.
Kritisch, in vredesnaam kritisch : over kunst en kunstenaars.
Heaven and hell in Western art.
The shock of the new : art and the century of change.
Dialogue avec le visible.
De uitputting van de muze.
Issues in contemporary culture and aesthetics, no. 1, apr. 1995.
Issues in contemporary culture and aesthetics, no. 4, sep. 1996.
Issues in contemporary culture and aesthetics, no. 10/11, apr. 2000.
Beeldende kunst in beeld : analyses van vorm en inhoud.
Spiraal, tien dialogen tussen kunst en filosofie.
Eerste schrift : persoonlijke denkbeelden.
2e schrift : Oost-West.
Theories and manifestoes : of contemporary architecture.
Education of vision.
Art, activism, and oppositionality : essays from Afterimage.
Views of difference : different views of art.
Selected essays from Bravura.
Kunst-Lehre : Aufsätze, Vorträge, Rezensionen und Beiträge zur bildnerischen Formlehre
Kijken is bekeken worden : uit de kelders van Het Stedelijk.
In de ban van Bomarzo : het wonderlijkste beeldenpark van Europa als inspiratiebron voor de kunstenaars.
The optical unconcious.
Beeldarchitectuur en kunst : het samengaan van architectuur en beeldende kunst.
Dwelling and architecture : from Heidegger to Koolhaas.
Frame and generic space : a study intoo changeable dwelling proceeding from the permanent.
Art about art.
Occupational hazard : critical writing on recent British art.
Thinking through art : reflections on art as research.
Psychologie der Kunst : das imaginäre Museum.
Is het zinvol artistieke beeldende creativiteit in verband te brengen met één schilderij van Piet Mondriaan ?
Een verlangen naar ontroostbaarheid : over leven, kunst en dood.
De kunst verstaan : inleiding tot de psychologie van de beeldende kunst.
Gesetze des Sehens.
Over here : international perspectives on art and culture.
Het romantische verlangen : in (post) moderne kunst en filosofie.
Zielespiegel : bij wijze van catalogus.
Evolution in the arts and other theories of culture history.
State of the art : ideas and images in the 1980s.
Arguing about art : contemporary philosophical debates.
Nexus, nr. 21, 1998. Testament van de 20ste eeuw : Deel II : afgoderij.
The body in pieces : the fragment as a metaphor of modernity.
De letterpiloot : essays, verhalen, kronieken.
De Kunstkraker presenteert : het hoofd van de kunstenaar 3x bellen.
Meaning in the visual arts.
Vlugschrift : gebundelde brochures (MUHKA 1989-1995).
Wegbereiter moderner Formgebung : von Morris bis Gropius.
Pevsner on art and architecture : the radio talks. Vol. 1: From Mannerism to Romanticism.
Race-ing art history : critical readings in race and art history.
Plus-Moins-Zéro, no. 43, okt. 1985. Pour une esthétique de la communication=For an aesthetics of communication=Für eine Ästhetik der Kommunikation.
Vorm en betekenis : theorie van de tekens en de media.
Art and science : modes of thinking, visual perception and artistic vision, art forms in nature, art and the unconscious mind.
Art of the postmodern era : from the late 1960s to the early 1990s.
Kunstzaken : over Rembrandt, Rubens, Vermeer en vele andere schilders.
The power of art
Right about now : art & theory since the 1990s.
Cities & Eyes : bronnenboek.
The Routledge companion to Postmodernism.
Adam's navel : a natural and cultural history of the human form.
On photography.
Regarding the pain of others.
Under the sign of Saturn.
Over fotografie.
Against interpretation.
At the same time : essays & speeches.
Op hetzelfde moment : nagelaten werk..
Questioning History : imagining the past in contemporary art.
Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture.
Thinkers for architects 01 : Deleuze & Guatteri.
Thinkers for architects 02 : Heidegger for architects.
De blauwe gitaar : over beeldende kunst.
De huid van de kameleon : over hedendaagse beeldende kunst.
Het geloof in de moderne kunst.
De geplooide voorstelling : essays over kunst.
Als in een donkere spiegel : de kunst in de moderne filosofie.
Looking for genres : the effect of film figure movement on genre recognition.
Kunst als kritiek : tien teksten als voorbeelden van een materialistiese kunstopvatting.
Aspects of form : a symposium on form in nature and art.
Internationale revue i10.
Kunst en anarchie : de Reith Lectures van 1960.
Moderne leegte : over kunst en openbaarheid.
The painted word.
Kunst in crisis.
"If you want, we'll travel to the moon together. Twaalf verkenningen van kunst en globalisering."
Are you working too much? : post-fordism, precarity and the labor of art.
Supercommunity : diabolical togetherness beyond contemporary art.
Thinking worlds : the Moscow conference on philosophy, politics, and art.
We Roma : a critical reader in contemporary art.
The subversive imagination : artists, society, and social responsibility.
Art in the periphery of the center.
Taking the matter into common hands : on contemporary art and collaborative practices.
Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorship.
Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorship.
Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorship.
On the style site : art, sociality and media culture.
Being public : how art creates the public.
Compassion : a paradox in art and society.
The Aids crisis is ridiculous, and other writings, 1986-2003.
Dinge, die wir nicht verstehen = Things we don't understand.
Redrawing the boundaries.
Community art : the politics of trespassing.
Art and activism in the age of globalization.
Mobile autonomy : exercises in artists' self-organization.
Locating the producers : durational approaches to public art.
How to see a work of art in total darkness.
But is it art? : the spirit of art and activism.
Dialogues in public art.
Global visions : towards a new internationalism in the visual arts.
Design and crime (and other diatribes).
The art of participation : 1950 to now.
The murmuring of the artistic multitude : global art, memory and post-Fordism.
Being an artist in post-Fordist times.
Shopping : a century of art and consumer culture.
How to do things with art.
Het streven : kan hedendaagse kunst de wereld verbeteren?
Education for socially engaged art : a materials and techniques handbook.
De vertoning : een pleidooi voor individualiteit en verbeelding : samenleving en religie in Nederland.
Communities of sense : rethinking aesthetics and politics.
Who if not we should at least try to imagine the future of all this? : 7 episodes on (ex)changing Europe.
Vernielde beelden : controversen over kunst in de openbare ruimte.
The Wal-Mart phenomenon : resisting neo-liberal power through art, design and theory.
"Escape the overcode: activist art in the control society."
The one and the many : contemporary collaborative art in a global context.
Conversation pieces : community and communication in modern art.
The rumors of the world : rethinking trust in the age of the internet.
You are here : art after the internet.
Public art : theory, practice and populism.
The idea of the avant garde, and what it means today.
Provoking democracy : why we need the arts.
On the beaten track : tourism, art, and place.
The lure of the local : senses of place in a multicentered society.
Mixed blessings : new art in a multicultural America.
Not now! Now! : chronopolitics, art and research.
The trials of art.
Strike art : contemporary art and the post-occupy condition.
East coast Europe.
Scandalous : a reader on art and ethics.
Kunst als sozialer Raum : Andrea Fraser, Martha Rosler, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Renée Green.
Witnessing you : on trust and truth in a networked world.
Towards a people's culture.
Collective struggle of refugees. Lost. In between. Together.
Leaderless politics.
The art of creating a state.
Stateless democracy.
Social housing : housing the social : art, property and spatial justice.
Art and revolution : transversal activism in the long twentieth century.
Masters of reality.
Rebels rebel : aids, art and activism in New York, 1979-1989.
Reproducing autonomy : work, money, crisis and contemporary art.
Living as form : socially engaged art from 1991-2011.
Flows and counterflows : globalisation in contemporary art.
Art and outrage : provocation, controversy and the visual arts.
Art matters : how the culture wars changed America.
I can't work like this : a reader on recent boycotts and contemporary art.
Work, work, work : a reader on art and labour.
Art in mind : how contemporary images shape thougt.
No academy : laboratory for art & society 2008.
Ruimte : beeldende kunst in samenwerking met de architectuur.
Handboek voor de ontwerppraktijk.
Beeldende kunst en kunstbeleid in Rotterdam 1945-1985.
Massenkunst in Kuba : Agitprop und Massenfeste.
Double exposures : the subject of cultural analysis.
Kunst en maatschappij.
Laat zien die kunst : artoteektentoonstelling over de relatie Artoteek-B.K.R.
Art gallery exhibiting : the gallery as a vehicle for art.
Museum in motion ? =Museum in beweging ? : the modern art museum at issue= het museum voor moderne kunst ter diskussie.
Boekmancahier : kwartaalschrift voor kunst, onderzoek en beleid, jrg. 12, mrt. 2000, nr. 43.
Interface : an approach to design.
"And justice for all...".
Art and social change : a critical reader.
Die Kunstpolitik des Nationalsozialismus.
Acts of engagement : writings on art, criticism, and institutions, 1993-2002.
Still, the museum.
Een groeiend monument=A growing monument : verslag van een onderzoek=a report of an inquiry.
100 Zeeuwse portretten : mensen in de leeftijd van 0 t/m 99 jaar.
Kunst in de openbare ruimte 1990-1998 Stroom Den Haag.
Retour peilen : presentatie en verantwoording beeldende kunst- en vormgevingsbeleid provincie Gelderland 1996-1997-1998-1999.
2 %.
Architectuur en beeldende kunst.
(Im)possible Waltz.
Enjoy more.
Report (Not Announcement) : Transitionary Report on the State of Mobility of the Beginning of the 21st Century
Here as the centre of the world.
Funktionen der Bildenden Kunst im Spätkapitalismus : Untersucht anhand der 'avantgardistischen' Kunst der sechziger Jahre.
Unnatural wonders : essays from the gap between art & life.
Langs kunst in Zuidoost.
From art to politics : how artistic creations shape political conceptions.
Visuelle Kommunikation : Beiträge zur Kritik der Bewusstseinsindustrie.
RE-verberations : tactics of resistance, forms of agency in trans/cultural practices.
Commissieleden !
De toekomst die ons toekomt : 10 jaar Fonds voor Beeldende kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst.
Participation and collaboration in contemporary art : a game without borders between art and 'real' life.
Beyond Leidsche Rijn : kunst als strategie bij verstedelijking.
Vrouwenwerk : wedloop vol hindernissen.
Poging tot inschakeling van beeldende kunstenaars in de ontwikkeling van ruimtelijke vormgeving : projekt Enschedestraat, Hengelo 1974.
Mens en kunst in de samenleving.
Hier gaat het over in de cultuur, de komende jaren.
Locatie- en situatiegebonden beelden.
Kunst und Öffentlichkeit.
Postmodernism, or, the cultural logic of late capitalism.
Kunst op de campus : de uitvoering van de 1%-regeling aan de Vrije Universiteit.
Een beeld van een vakbeweging : geschiedenis van het Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen, zoals die spreekt uit prenten en documenten, gebouwen en gedichten.
Energielandschap : een onderzoek naar nieuwe posities in de beeldende kunst.
Drawing and the blind : pictures to touch.
Arts of the environment.
No logo : no space / no choice / no jobs.
De gebruiker gebruikt.
Kunst en vormgeving KPN.
De Nieuwe Salon : officiële beeldende kunst na 1945.
Park of the future : 75 years Gerrit Rietveld Academie/International AIAS Student Seminar.
Kunst en Kunstbedrijf : Nederland 1914-1940 : Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek=Netherlands yearbook for the history of art 1977.
De kunst van het tentoonstellen : de presentatie van beeldende kunst in Nederland van 1800 tot heden.
Ctrl space : rhetorics of surveillance from Bentham to big brother.
De kunstenaar en de arbeidsmarkt.
Pret ! Leisure en landschap.
New practices - new pedagogies : a reader.
Kunst in crisis en bezetting : een onderzoek naar de houding van Nederlandse kunstenaars in de periode 1930-1945.
Op grondslag van solidariteit : bundel ter gelegenheid van zestig jaar Voorzieningsfonds voor Kunstenaars.
Schoonheid, welzijn, kwaliteit : kunstbeleid en verantwoording na 1945.
Kunstschrift, jrg. 29, extra no., okt./nov. 1985. Kunst en vormgeving bij de PTT.
Nice ! : over nieuw engagement in de hedendaagse kunst.
Inschakeling beeldende kunstenaars recreatieproject Bernisse.
Special kunst en onderneming.
Kunst bij Rijksgebouwen 1978-1985 : 8 jaar kunstopdrachten van de Rijksgebouwendienst.
Kunst bij Rijksgebouwen : deel 2 (1989).
Kunst bij rijksgebouwen : deel 5 (1990-1991).
Kunstopdrachten van de Rijksgebouwendienst na 1945.
Quel est le role de l'artiste aujourd'hui? What is the artist's role today?
Kunst en omgeving : beschouwingen en informatie over de inbreng van beeldende kunst in de omgeving.
Modelkontrakt voor kunstopdrachten.
Het blinkende stof : op zoek naar een nieuw visioen.
Design beyond design : kritische reflectie en praktijk van de visuele communicatie.
De Vrije Kunstenaar 1941-1945.
Een spoor van verbeelding : 150 jaar monumentale kunst en decoratie aan Nederlandse stationsgebouwen.
Why are artists poor? : the exceptional economy of the arts.
To be continued : een geschiedenis van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Art as a thinking process : visual forms of knowledge production.
In between.
Artistic research.
Teaching at the Bauhaus.
The Routledge companion to research in the arts.
Black Mountain : an interdisciplinary experiment, 1933-1957.
Autonomie als waarde : dilemma's in kunst en onderwijs.
Rethinking the contemporary art school : the artist, the PhD, and the academy.
Material thinking : the theory and practice of creative research.
A book of matches.
De Nieuwe Kunstschool.
Het huis van ik : ideologie en theorie in het Nederlandse vormgevingsonderwijs.
Notes for an art school.
Why art cannot be taught : a handbook for art students.
Against competition.
Fondsenboek 2017.
Fondsenboek 2018.
Masters of Rietveld : Dutch design education in the 21st century.
Teaching art in the neoliberal realm : realism versus cynicism.
"Rotterdam dialogues: the critics, the curators, the artists."
Visualizing research : a guide to the resarch process in art and design
The phantom of liberty : contemporary art and the pedagogical paradox.
"In deed : certificates of authenticity in art."
Arts education beyond art : teaching art in times of change.
Contestations : learning from critical experiments in education.
Changing the system? : artists talk about their practice : a discussion event in Rotterdam, April 1999.
Artist at work, proximity of art and capitalism.
Mycreativity reader : a critique of creative industries.
Art school : propositions for the 21st century.
Politics of study.
The making of : werkplaats voor mogelijke kunst.
Ar : artistic research.
Akademie X : lessons in art + life.
"Bien fait? Mal fait? Pas fait?" : symposium on the artistic practice.
The last art college : Nova Scotia college of art and design, 1968-1978.
"Er is eene Rijks-Akademie : over ruimte voor kunstenaars. Once upon a National Academy of Art : on space for artists."
Once we were artists : a BAK critical reader in artists' practice.
Draw it with your eyes closed ± the art of the art assignment.
Spaces of commoning : artistic research and the utopia of the everyday.
12 Gallerists : 20 questions, a collection of interviews with 12 London gallerists.
11 Course leaders : 20 questions, a collection of interviews with 11 London BA fine art course leaders.
15 Methods : 20 questions, interviews with UK art and design educators uncovering the process, value and potential or art education.
Art crits : 20 questions : a pocket guide.
Offside effect : academy as exhibition, 1st Tbilisi triennial.
One hondred thirty seven thousand and sixty-one.
Heartbeat Iran : images and counter images.
Options with nostrils.
Art education : a glossary.
Of sponge, stone and the intertwinement with the here and now.
Art workers : material conditions and labour struggles in contemporary art practice.
Academie (detail).
(...)Willem van Weelden, Q.S. Serafijn, Maarten de Reus, Paul Perry, Arno van der Mark, Jouke Kleerebezem, Bregtje van der Haak, Jan van Grunsven, Anton van Gemert.
Künstler und Kulturarbeit : Modellversuch Künstlerweiterbildung 1976-1981.
Van de Nieuwe Dingen 1996-2006.
Bewegende kunst en beweeglijk kunstonderwijs.
The art academy of the 21st century.
Wahrnehmen, erkennen, gestalten : Grundlagen für Design an der Burg Giebichenstein.
Kunstschulreform 1900-1933 : Bauhaus Weimar Dessau Berlin, Kunstschule Debschitz München, Frankfurter Kunstschule, Akademie für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe Breslau, Reimann-Schule Berlin.
Künstler : 1.Bundesausstellung BBK : Künstler in ihrem Umfeld, Künstler und Umwelt, Künstler in der Öffentlichkeit.
Sehen : Grundlehre von Oskar Holweck an der Staatlichen Werkkunstschule Saarbrücken.
Histoire de l'Académie Julian 1868-1968 : bref aperçu sur cent ans d'une école d'arts.
De Arnhemse School : 25 jaar monumentale kunst praktijk.
De ene Hemel is de andere niet=A choice of Heavens.
Design designers, trainings strategies for the third millennium : The 2nd international convention of universitiy courses in industrial design 2001 edition
The fall of the studio : artists at work.
HFGPF : Schmuck und Gerät / Mode / Kunst- und Designwissenschaften /industrial Design / transportation Design / visuelle Kommunikation / Ausstellungsdesign.
Farbe - Material - Objekt : kollektives Gestalten : Weiterbildung an der Schule für Gestaltung Basel.
The artist and the academy : issues in fine art education and the wider cultural context.
Copy Proof : a new method for design education : Post St. Joost.
Emancipatie en frustratie in het kunstonderwijs.
Beroep : kunstenares : de beroepspraktijk van beeldend kunstenaressen in Nederland 1898-1998.
Sehen lernen : Kritik und Weiterarbeit am Konzept : Visuelle Kommunikation.
Mein Vorkurs am Bauhaus : Gestaltungs- und Formenlehre.
Beeldende vormleer.
Een tekenles, de stip : de nieuwe tekenleer : lijn, toon, materiaal.
Nog een tekenles : drie bijdragen naar aanleiding van 'Een tekenles, de stip' van Paul Citroen.
De Lucaskrater : historie en analyse van en meningen over het beeldende-kunstonderwijs aan de kunstacademies in Nederland.
Hoe ziet gevoel eruit ? : elf docenten over lesgeven, kunst en vormgeving.
Twaalf opleidingen grafisch ontwerpen.
Joost Schmidt : Lehre und Arbeit am Bauhaus 1919-1932.
De kunst meester : een feestbundel artikelen over de Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, naar aanleiding van haar vijfentwintigjarig verblijf in de Lutmastraat.
Bauhaus : der Weg zur abstrakten Malerei.
Kunst in relaties : een analyse van onderzoek en beleid met betrekking tot tien POBK- en vier RAC-projecten.
Research and the artist: considering the role of the art school.
Academies of art past and present.
Geschiedenis van het ontwerp-onderwijs.
Studium Generale.
Het licht in je ogen... : 4-avond kunstgeschiedenis doet z'n mond open : ontboezemingen over eigen en andermans kunst door de 4e klas schilderen en vrije grafiek van de avondopleiding aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Z.t. : uitgesproken schilders.
Z.t. : uitgesproken schilders.
Z.t. : uitgesproken schilders.
De droomzolder : oude portretten en nieuwe, oude motivatiebrieven en nieuwe van tien Rietveldakademiestudenten.
Geen toekomst zonder verleden : 75 jaar Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
The artist's complete health and safety guide : everything you need to know about art materials to make your workplace safe and comply with United States and Canadian right-to-know laws.
Is kunst te leren ?
ZHdK : a future for the arts : Zürich University of the Arts inaugural publication.
Bezalel 100 : volume one 1906-1929
Bezalel 100 : volume two 1935-1965
Bezalel 100 : volume three 1966-2006
Universiart : world wide graduate artworks vol. 1.
Democratisering van de schoonheid : twee eeuwen scholing in de kunsten.
Kunsterziehung gestern, heute, morgen auch.
De Rijksakademie en de ideologie van de 'vrije kunst'.
Tradition und Widerspruch : 175 jahre Kunstakademie München.
Dokumente zur visuell-gestalterischen Grundlagen-Ausbildung.
Dokumente zur visuell-gestalterischen Grundlagen-Ausbildung.
Dokumente zur visuell-gestalterischen Grundlagen-Ausbildung.
Dokumente zur visuell-gestalterischen Grundlagen-Ausbildung.
Aby Warburg and the image in motion.
Seeing Gertrude Stein : five stories.
Everybody's autobiography.
Three lives.
The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.
Algemene kunstgeschiedenis.
A world history of art.
Critical terms for art history.
Spiegel van de wereld : de geschiedenis van de beeldende kunst.
Art treasures of Yugoslavia.
Zauber der Medusa : Europäische Manierismen.
Kunstschätze in der Schweiz : hundert Meisterwerke der Malerei, der Skulptur und des Kunstgewerbes in öffentlichen, kirchlichen und privaten Sammlungen der Schweiz.
Eeuwige schoonheid : inleiding tot de kunst.
Eeuwige schoonheid.
Eeuwige schoonheid.
Algemene kunstgeschiedenis.
A world history of art.
Algemene kunstgeschiedenis.
Algemene kunstgeschiedenis.
A world history of art.
History of art : a survey of the major visual arts from the dawn of history to the present day.
Wereldgeschiedenis van de kunst : een overzicht van de voornaamste beeldende kunsten van de dageraad der mensheid tot heden.
De geschiedenis van de kunst : architectuur, schilderkunst, beeldhouwkunst.
Studies in art, architecture and design. Vol. 1: From Mannerism to Romanticism.
n Kijk op kunst.
Wabi-sabi for artists, designers, poets & philosophers.
Wabi-Sabi : further thoughts.
Beauty and art, 1750-2000.
The language of ornament.
The unknown craftsman : a Japanese insights into beauty.
Art Deco patterns : a design source book.
The grammar of japanese ornament.
De Empire-stijl (1804-1814) en zijn onstaan.
The sense of order : a study in the psychology of decorative art.
Mediæval design=Design des Mittelalters=Diseños medievales=Il design medievale=Designs médiévaux.
The grammar of Chinese ornament : selected from objects in the South Kensington Museum and other collections.
Paisley patterns : a design source book.
De leer van het ornament : versieren volgens voorschrift 1850-1930.
The styles of ornament.
Das elementare Ornament und seine Gesetzlichkeit : eine Morphologie des Ornaments.
Twentieth-century ornament.
De geheime taal van symbolen : een geïllustreerde gids met verborgen betekenissen.
The destruction of art : iconoclasm and vandalism since the French Revolution.
The fake : forgery and its place in art.
Taal in kunst. Language in art.
History of the art of antiquitiy.
Geweide aarde / heilige stenen : spirituele plaatsen en landschappen / prehistorische steenformaties / aardenergie.
Vormleer : de paradox van de vorm.
De genesis van de vorm : van chaos tot geometrie.
The living goddesses.
Kunst und Kultur Sardiniens vom Neolithikum bis zum Ende der Nuraghenzeit.
Kelten und Germanen in heidnischer Zeit.
Das grosse Bilderlexikon des Menschen in der Vorzeit.
Die Kunst Alt-Europas.
Aboriginal kunst : de verhalen vertellen.
The art of Tahiti : and the neighbouring Society, Austral and Cook Islands.
illustrated guide to Maori art.
African masks.
Kunst aus Nagaland : die Sammlung Barbier-Müller, Genf.
The art of the Pacific islands.
Sculptuur uit Afrika en Oceanië=Sculpture from Africa and Oceania : een keuze uit de collecties van leden van de Vereniging van Ethnografica=a choice from the collections of members of the Association of Friends of Ethnograph
Kings of Africa : art and authority in Central Africa : collection Museum für Volkerkunde Berlin.
Corps sublimes.
Negerplastiek fotografisch benaderd.
Art of the Pacific.
Kunst ferner Länder : Ägypten, Afrika, Amerika, Ozeanien, Indonesien.
See the music hear the dance : rethinking African art at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
African art.
Masks : the art of expression.
Oceanic art=Ozeanische Kunst=Art océanien.
Mummies : life after death in ancient Egypt.
Kings in pharaoh's land.
The gods and symbols of ancient Egypt : an illustrated dictionary.
The art of ancient Egypt.
Beeld en schrift in het oude Egypte.
Masken aus Mexiko.
De Azteken : kunstschatten uit het oude Mexico.
Von Küste zu Küste=From coast to coast : Prä-Kolumbische Skulpturen aus Meso-Amerika=pre-Columbian sculptures from Mesoamerica.
Federarbeiten der Indianer Südamerikas : aus der Sammlung Horst Antes.
The art of Maya.
Pre-Columbian art of Mexico and Central America.
De verboden stad=The forbidden city : hofcultuur van de Chinese keizers= court culture of the Chinese emperors 1644-1911.
The first emperor of China.
Chinesische Kunstwerke : Steingut, Porzellan, Jade, Lackarbeiten, Bronzen, Möbel und Gemälde.
Chinese art : the minor arts : gold, silver, bronze, cloisonné, Cantonese enamel, lacquer, furniture, wood.
The Forbidden City.
Het terracotta leger van Xi'an : schatten van de eerste keizers van China.
The great Japan exhibition : art of the Edo period 1600-1868.
Zen at Daitoku-ji.
Japanese art of the Edo period.
Symbolen en beelden in het oude India.
Borobudur : golden tales of the Buddhas.
"Arab art : Émile Prisse d'Avennes and Islamic art. Arabische Kunst : Émile Prisse d'Avennes und die islamische Kunst. l'Art arabe : Émile Prisse d'Avennes et l'art islamique."
Allah's automata : artifacts ofthe Arab-Islamic renaissance (800-1200).
Istanbul: de stad en de sultan.
Islam : kunst en architectuur.
The world of Islam : faith, people, culture.
De kunst van Griekenland : beeldhouwkunst, schilderkunst, bouwkunst.
Het Kreta der Minoërs.
Prehistoric Greece and Cyprus : an archaeological handbook.
The art of the Etruscans.
Die Etrusker : Kunst und Geschichte.
Griekenland en de zee.
The Vikings.
Celtic art.
De Kelten : geschiedenis en cultuurschatten van een oude beschaving.
Frühchristliche Kunst : die Kunst der Spätantike in West- und Ostrom.
Image on the edge : the margins of medieval art.
Early medieval art : Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque.
Saint Bernard : l'art cistercien.
De wereld van het Romaans : de beeldende kunsten in de 11de en 12de eeuw.
Romaanse kunst : architectuur, beeldhouwkunst, schilderkunst.
De kunst van de Gotiek : architectuur, beeldhouwkunst, schilderkunst.
The lives of the artists.
Norm and form : studies in the art of the Renaissance.
The Penguin book of the Renaissance.
De kunst van de Barok : architectuur, beeldhouwkunst, schilderkunst.
Classicisme en Romantiek : architectuur, beeldhouwkunst, schilderkunst, tekenkunst 1750-1848.
The aesthetic movement : prelude to Art Nouveau.
Nineteenth century art : a critical history.
Art of the nineteenth century : painting and sculpture.
Japonisme : the Japanese influence on Western art since 1858.
The De Stijl environment.
Ateliers Arnhem 1991-1992.
Ateliers Arnhem 1993-1994.
Ateliers Arnhem 1995-1996.
Ateliers Arnhem 1997-1998.
Ateliers Arnhem 1998-1999.
The connected body? : an interdisciplinary approach to the body and performance.
Cubism and culture.
Art nouveau.
MashUp : the birth of modern culture.
Quoting Caravaggio : contemporary art, preposterous history.
Partage d'exotismes : 5e Biennale d' Art Contemporain de Lyon ; twee dln.
Das Bauhaus 1919-1933 : Weimar Dessau Berlin und die Nachfolge in Chicago seit 1937.
"Human-space-machine : stage experiments at the Bauhaus. Exhibition: 6/12/2013-11/1/2015 in Dessau, Norway and Korea."
Bauhaus 1919-1933.
We are the world : Biennale di Venezia, Dutch pavilion 2003.
Echoes : contemporary art at the age of endless conclusions.
Manifestoes of surrealism.
Sex & violence, death & silence : encounters with recent art.
Off-screen cinema : Isodore Isou and the lettrist avant-garde.
Vormen van de kleur.
De Opening.
Franz West Otto Zitko.
"Women artists in the colection of the musée national d'art moderne centre de creation industrielle : elles @ centrepompidou. Tentoonstelling : elles@centrepompidou 27/05/2009 te Parijs."
Mit Natur zu tun=To do with nature.
Chambres d'amis.
Cobra 1948-1951.
Cobra : 40 jaar later=40 years after : Collectie J. Karel P. van Stuijvenberg.
Cobra : geschiedenis, voorspel en betekenis van een beweging in de kunst van na de Tweede Wereldoorlog.
Cobra : kunst in vrijheid.
Cobra : kindertekeningen.
Cobra : revue internationale de l´art experimental.
De metamorfose van de wereld : de cultuurgeschiedenis van de twintigste eeuw.
Dada : art and anti-art.
Dada Global.
Holland Dada.
Making mischief : Dada invades New York.
New York Dada 1915-1923.
100 artists' manifestos.
De Stijl. Dl. 2: 1921-1932.
The century of artists' books.
Postmodernism and the postsocialist condition : politicized art under late socialism.
Flux film : anthology.
Happening & Fluxus.
In the spirit of Fluxus.
Art since 1900 : volume 2, 1945 to the present: modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism.
Germinations 1983-1984 : exposition d'étudiants des Beaux-Arts venant de France, de Grande Bretagne et d'Allemagne=exhibition of art students from France, Great Britain and Federal Republic of Germany=Kunststudenten aus Frank
Germinations 10 : European projects for young artists.
Germinations 3 : exposition d'étudiants des Beaux-Arts venant de France, des Pays-Bas et de République fédérale d'Allemagne=tentoonstelling van kunststudenten uit Frankrijk, Nederland en de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland= Kunststud
Germinations 4 : biennale des ecoles d'art. / Biennale der Kunsthochschulen / biennale of colleges of art / biënnale van kunstakademies.
Germinations 5 : biennale des ecoles d'art. / Biennale der Kunsthochschulen / biennale of colleges of art / biënnale van kunstakademies.
Germinations 6 : europäische Ausstellung junger Künstler / exposition européenne des jeunes artistes / european exhibition for young artists.
Germinations 7 : europäische Ausstellung junger Künstler / exposition européenne des jeunes artistes / european exhibition for young artists.
Germinations 9 : europäische Ausstellung junger Künstler / exposition européenne des jeunes artistes / european exhibition for young artists.
Publishing as artistic practice.
Concrete poetry, Fluxus and conceptual art : a book friction.
The Peggy Guggenheim collection of modern art.
Harlem renaissance : art of black America.
East art map : contemporary art and eastern europe.
The acients and the postmoderns : on the historicity of forms.
Machinic Eros : writings on Japan.
The revenge of the Philistines : art and culture, 1972-1984.
Kinetic art : theory and practice.
"Global conceptualism : point of origin, 1950s-1980s."
"The world goes pop : the EY Exhibition. Exhibition: 17/9/2015-24/1/2016 in the Tate Modern in London."
The cult of art in Nazi Germany.
Unbuilt roads : 107 unrealized projects.
Reading the contemporary : African art from theory to the marketplace
Pop art.
Fabrikzeitung Nummer 298 : Henri Chopin et La revue OU.
How to look at outsider art.
Art and the tectonic.
A history of art in 20th-century China.
"Extra art : a surveyof artists'ephimera, 1960-1999. Exhibition: 12/10-8/12/2001 in San Francisco."
Corpus delecti : performance art of the Americas.
The American century : art and culture, 1950-2000.
New art in the 60s and 70s : redefining reality.
The de-definition of art : action art to pop to earthworks.
Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner [also known as the "Xerox Book"]
50 years of recuperation of the Situationist International.
Situationist International : anthology.
The most radical gesture : the Situationist International in a postmodern age.
The situationists and the city.
Cosmonauts of the future : texts from the situationist movement in Scandinavia and elsewhere.
The 'De Stijl' group : Dutch plastic art.
De beginjaren van De Stijl 1917-1922.
The bride and the bachelors : five masters of the avant garde : Duchamp, Tinguely, Cage, Rauschenberg, Cunningham.
The scene : reports on post-modern art.
Art after modernism : rethinking representation.
Open form : space, interaction, and the tradition of Oskar Hansen.
An anthology of concrete poetry.
Surrealist art.
Art since 1960.
P.C.A. : Projecte, Concepte und Actionen.
Kunst na '45 : een handleiding bij het bestuderen van schilder-, beeldhouw- en bouwkunst : nieuw handboek voor de kunstgeschiedenis.
De kunst van de 20ste eeuw.
Das XX Jahrhundert: Kunst, Kultur, Politik und Gesellschaft in Deutschland.
Body art en performances in de Appel.
Distemper : dissonant themes in the art of the 1990s.
World encyclopedia of naive art : a hundred years of naive art.
Collagen : die Geschichte der Collage.
Collagen : die Technik der Collage in der angewandten Kunst.
Moderne kunst : van impressionisme tot postmodernisme.
The Art Nouveau style.
Der Futurismus : Kunst und Leben.
Bilderstreit : Widerspruch, Einheit und Fragment in der Kunst seit 1960.
The BiNATIONAL : Amerikanische Kunst der späten 80er Jahre=American art of the late 80s : Deutsche Kunst der späten 80er Jahre=German art of the late 80s.
Einleuchten : Will, Vorstel und Simul in HH.
Neue Galerie der Stadt Aachen : der Bestand 1972 : Kunst um 1970=art around 1970 : Sammlung Ludwig in Aachen.
Beelden van afwezigheid, tekens van verlangen.
Open mind : gesloten circuits=circuiti chiusi : hommage aan Vincent.
KunstRai 1989.
Metropolis M 1991 : international art exhibition Berlin 1991.
Kunst werkt=Art works : internationale moderne kunst in de industriële werkomgeving, een meer dan 30-jaar durend experiment=international modern art in the industrial working environment, an experiment over more than thirty y
Reis naar het einde van het atelier : tachtig reizen, tachtig ateliers.
Al(l)ready made.
Die Zwanziger Jahre : Kontraste eines Jahrzehnts.
KunstZaken : 23 Nederlandse bedrijfscollecties in woord en beeld.
My home is your home : construction in process 4.
Hills and Mills.
Allocations : art for a natural and artificial environment.
Ik en de ander : dignity for all, reflections on humanity.
Rendez(-)vous : objects=voorwerpen=objektji.
"To build the city of Dioce whose terraces are the colour of stars" : concentrazione, elogio del decoro, histoire du ciel, cerimoniale.
Confrontatie Gent 1994 : confrontatie tussen 5 Europese kunstacademies.
Viterbo : crossroads of the arts 1994.
Through the viewfinder. Intimiteit en distantie.
Forum 1977-1987 : een verkenning van kunst in de luwte=explorations of art from beyond the fringe.
Art of the forties.
Allocaties=Allocations : kunst voor een natuurlijke en kunstmatige omgeving=art for a natural and artificial environment.
Wille zur Form : ungegenständliche Kunst 1910-1938 in Österreich, Polen, Tschechoslowakei und Ungarn.
Unholy alliance : NYC 1994.
This is the show and the show is many things.
Artists from Europe : works from the Leeds European Fine Art Symposium 1994.
Jan van der Ploeg, Julian Dashper.
Quintessenz : Installationen : made for Arolsen 1995.
(!?)'94 IstroProjekt : medzinárodné studentské bienále vysokych umeleckych skôl II. rocník=2nd international student biennial of academies of fine arts.
(No) vacancies : Finnish and Dutch contemporary art.
EAST 94 : selectors Jan Dibbets, Rudi Fuchs.
De Rode Poort.
Kunst Nu, no. 7, 1996 : de Rode Poort : een wandeling door de tentoonstelling.
Collectie Arnulf Rainer.
Een Kunstolympiade in Amsterdam : reconstructie van de tentoonstelling D.O.O.D. 1936.
Magie der Zahl in der Kunst des 20.Jahrhunderts.
Barbakan 1992.
The antagonistic link : Joaquín Torres-García, Theo van Doesburg.
Groene Pasen=Green Easter.
Museum Overholland in Kröller-Müller Museum : ik ben de wereld.
Blurring the boundaries : installation art 1969-1996.
Confrontaties=Confrontations : 111 hedendaagse kunstenaars, België en Luxemburg=111 artistes contemporains, Belgique et Luxembourg= 111 contemporary artists, Belgium and Luxemburg.
Local time : AIAS Bentlage 1997.
Stilte A.U.B. : Centrum Beeldende Kunst/Villa Alckmaer 1994-1998.
Kounellis, Merz, Nauman, Serra : Arbeiten um 1968.
Trash : quando i rifiuti diventano arte.
Art primeur 2000 : the selection of promising graduates of the Dutch art academies meets the Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and United Kingdom= De Nederlandse nieuwe lichting beeldend kunstenaars ontmoet België, Denemarken
Westkunst : zeitgenössische Kunst seit 1939.
Rood gekookt : Sandberg Instituut/Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam : Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Hogeschool Gent.
Sony's heart : young artists online.
Art from Europe.
Ad Dekkers : als golfslag op het strand... : Ad Dekkers in zijn tijd=waves breaking on the shore... : Ad Dekkers in his time.
Tales of the tip : art on garbage.
Home is where the heArt is.
Continental shift : eine Reise zwischen den Kulturen=een reis tussen culturen=un voyage entre les cultures=a voyage between cultures : an exhibition of contemporary art : short-guide..
Over the edges : De hoeken van Gent..
Pop Art : werken uit de collectie Nederland.
Paris-Berlin 1900-1933 : rapports et contrastes France-Allemagne. utilitaires, architecture-urbanisme, agitprop, affiche, théâtre-ballet, littérature, musique, cinéma, photo créative.
Fresh cream : contemporary art in culture : 10 curators, 10 writers, 100 artist. 100 artists.
Conceptuele kunst in Nederland en België 1965 - 1975 : kunstenaars, verzamelaars, galeries, documenten, tentoonstellingen, gebeurtenissen.
Encounters with modernism : highlights from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Friedrich Christian Flick Collection im Hamburger Bahnhof.
Tendenzen der Zwanziger Jahre.
Die dreissiger Jahre : Schauplatz Deutschland.
De verzameling.
Als guter Realist muss ich alles erfinden : internationaler Realismus heute.
A prediction : 5 days and nights at de Appel.
Mataré und seine Schüler : Beuys, Haese, Heerich, Meistermann.
Paris-Moscou 1900-1930 : arts plastiques, arts appliqués et objets utilitaires, architecture-urbanisme, agitprop, affiche, théâtre-ballet, littérature, musique, cinéma, photo créative.
Pier and ocean : construction in the art of the seventies.
Taal als beeldend middel.
Artist and Camera.
Kunst in Europa na 1968.
Les réalismes 1919-1939.
60-'80 : attitudes, concepts, images : een keuze uit twintig jaar beeldende kunst=a selection from twenty years of visual arts.
Kubismus : Künstler, Themen, Werke 1907-1920.
Op losse schroeven : situaties en cryptostructuren.
Christa Dichgans, Lili Dujourie, Marlene Dumas, Lesley Foxcroft, Kees de Goede, Frank van Hemert, Cristina Iglesias, Harald Klingelhöller, Mark Luyten, Juan Muñoz, Katherine Porter, Juliao Sarmento, Barbara Schmidt Heins, Gab
Kunst in Krefeld 1985.
Futurismo and Futurismi.
Ouverture : arte contemporanea.
Correspondentie Europa=Correspondence Europe.
KunstRai 1987 : een keuze=a choice : hedendaagse kunst uit Europa= contemporary art from Europe.
KunstRai 1987 : een keuze=a choice : hedendaagse kunst uit Europa= contemporary art from Europe.
Kinetische objektenshow.
Century 87 : kunst van nu ontmoet Amsterdams verleden=today's art face to face with Amsterdam's past.
The European Iceberg : creativity in Germany and Italy today.
Forum : de kunstenaar en zijn criticus.
Les années 50.
Surrealist Painters and Poets
Arte povera.
Transformations : the art of recycling,
Vorticism and abstract art in the first machine age.
Europäische Avantgarde nach 1945.
Encyclopedie van de moderne kunst : stijlen, scholen, stromingen.
"De Stijl. Dl. 1: 1917-1920. VVV 13-07-2011"
Don't kiss me : the art of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore.
Historische avantgarde : programmatische teksten van het Italiaans Futurisme, het Russisch Futurisme, Dada, het Constructivisme, het Surrealisme, het Tsjechisch Poëtisme.
Kijk, 100 jaar hedendaagse kunst.
The "Wild Beasts" : Fauvism and its affinities.
Der Merzbau von Kurt Schwitters : eine Werkmonographie.
Expressionisme en fauvisme.
Apparative Kunst : vom Kaleidoskop zum Computer.
Dada and Surrealism.
Art Nouveau : an anthology of design and illustration from "The Studio".
Conceptual art.
Performance art ; from futurism to the present.
Sinds '45 : de kunst van onze tijd : dl. I.
Sinds '45 : de kunst van onze tijd : dl. II.
Sinds '45 : de kunst van onze tijd : dl. III : documentatie.
Barney Beuys : all in the present must be transformed.
Painting and sculpture in Europe 1880 to 1940.
Art nouveau : ontstaan, ontwikkeling en opleving.
The world of art deco.
Casino 2001 : 1st Quadriënnale voor Hedendaagse Kunst.
Istanbul : 9. Uluslararasi Istanbul Bienali. Istanbul : 9th International Istanbul Biennal.
Post-modernism : the new classicism in art and architecture.
A companion to contemporary art since 1945.
Site-specific art : performance, place and documentation.
Overlay : contemporary art and the art of prehistory.
Art today : from Abstract Expressionism to Superrealism.
Art in the seventies.
Art in the 1930s : the age of anxiety.
Lives of the great twentieth century artists.
Art in the eighties 1980-1989.
Kunst nu.
Art today.
Cyborg : the man-machine.
Raw creation : outsider art and beyond.
Between the waterfronts : Istanbul - Rotterdam.
Kunst van nu : encyclopedisch overzicht vanaf 1970.
The Arts and Crafts Movement : a study of its sources, ideals and influence on design theory.
Conceptual art : themes and movements.
Deconstruction : omnibus volume.
Die kinetische Kunst : Licht und Bewegung, Umweltkunst und Aktion.
L'Art brut : Kunst zwischen Genialität und Wahnsinn.
Constructivism : origins and evolution.
Art now=hedendaagse kunst.
Dada & surrealist art.
New media in late 20th-century art.
Kunst van heden in het Stedelijk.
Mit Haut und Haaren : der Körper in der zeitgenössischen Kunst.
Der Blaue Reiter.
Dada and Surrealism.
La révolution surréaliste.
Art brut.
Body art and performance : the body as language.
Der Blaue Reiter.
Collage, assemblage, and the found object.
Konzeption=Conception : Dokumentation einer heutigen Kunstrichtung= documentation of a to-day's art tendency.
Die Collage : Geschichte eines künstlerischen Ausdrucksmittel.
Witte de With - Cahier, no. 1, okt. 1993.
Witte de With - Cahier, no. 2, jun. 1994.
Witte de With - Cahier, no. 3, feb. 1995.
Witte de With - Cahier, no. 4, mrt. 1996.
Witte de With - Cahier, no. 5, oct. 1996.
Conceptuele kunst.
Kleine Geschichte der modernen Kunst : ein halbes Jahrhundert Malerei, Plastik, Architektur.
Offspring 2007.
Offspring 2009.
Offspring 2010.
Intentional stance.
Offspring 2011.
Psychopomp counsel.
Offspring 2008.
Urban interventions : personal projects in public space.
TRACK : a contemporary city conversation: 41 international artists at work in 6 cluster areas in Ghent's inner and outer city 12.05-16.09 2012.
"For reasons of state. Exposition: 16/5-7/6/2008 in New York."
"Svea Gustavs : zeichnung und grafik. Christian Altvater : malerei. Torsten Zegenhagen : drahtereien."
Alternativa Guidebook: labour & leisure : estrangement.
"Gijs Assmann en Erik Matthijssen : het verlangen. Tentoonstelling: 01/04/2004-06/06/2004 ""Tussen de sterren"" gallerie LUMC. VVV 13-07-2011"
Marian Theunissen en Chris Baaten : the agony of a table and two people.
Under deconstruction : Libia Castro & Olafur Olafsson.
"When attitudes become form : Bern 1969/Venice 2013. Exposition: 1/6-3/11/2013 Fondatione Prada in Venice."
"The quick and the dead. Exhibition: 24/4-17/9/2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota."
Annette Weisser & Ingo Vetter : Arbeiten 1996-2006.
Difference on display : diversity in art, science & society.
"Art now Vol. 2 : new directory to 81 international contemporary artists. Der neue Wegweiser zu 81 internationalen zeitgenössischen Kunstlern. Le nouveau panorama de l'art contemporain à travers 81 artistes internationaux."
"Henri Jacobs : Mutter zoon daughter petite fille : journaaltekeningen. Tentoonstelling 01/05/2011-18/06/2011 bij HEDEN Den Haag."
The ungovernables.
"Utopics : systems and landmarks. Exhibition: 30/8-25/10/2009 in Bienne."
Ice cream : 10 currators 100 contemporary artists 10 source artists : contemporary art culture.
Common wealth.
Transparencies : the ambivalence of a new visibility.
The Art of not making : the new artist/artisan relationship.
Hit & run : interventions, performances throughout Istanbul.
Town-gown conflict.
Come together : the rise of cooperative art and design.
"The glorious rise and fall ... (and so on). Exposition: 11/5-16/6/2013 in Den Bosch."
Het Oog van de vrouw.
"W139 99 00 01 02 : wij bouwen nieuwe zinnen. W139 99 00 01 02 : we build new sentences."
W139 - Amsterdam : report of an ongoing journey.
W139 from Warmoesstraat to Post CS.
Valéry Proust Museum : white cube fever.
"Forget fear. Exposition: Berlin Biennale 2012."
The Vincent Award 2008.
Wonderland : through the looking glass.
Vernacular visionaries : international outsider art.
The populism catalogue.
Plus : Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten der Stiftung Vordemberge-Gildewart 1994-2007.
The Vincent : the Vincent van Gogh Biennial Award for Contemporary Art in Europe 2006.
Wakaman : drawing lines - connecting dots : contemporary art Suriname.
Art now : 137 artists at the rise of the new millennium.
Art now; vol 2 : the new directory to 136 international contemporary artists. Art now; vol 2 : der neue Wegweiser zur 136 internationalen zetgenössischen Künstlern. Art now; vol 2 : le nouveau panorama de l'art contemporain à
Gift: papers and exhibition 2007.
Art now; vol 3 : a cutting-edge selection of today´s most exciting artists. Art now; vol 3 : ein aktueller Überblick zu 133 internationalen Künstler. Art now; vol 3 : une sélection actuelle de 133 artistes de la scène interna
Ice cream : 10 curators 100 contemporary artists 10 source artists : contemporary art in culture.
Brussels Biennial 1: re-used modernity.
Comic abstraction : image-breaking, image-making.
Crysalis : teoria dell'evoluzione. Crysalis : theory of the evolution.
Lettere sul corpo=Letters on the body : progetti per un sacro sostenible=projects for a sustainable sacred. .
Beauty unrealized : spider webs of personal universes seeking a form.
Telepresence & bio art : networking humans, rabbits, & robots.
Rococo in Nederland
"Een grote activiteit : nieuwe generaties in de Nederlandse kunst. Great activity : new generations in Dutch art."
Heart of darkness.
In & out of Amsterdam : travels in conceptual art, 1960-1976.
"Fluxus and the essential questions of life. Tentoonstelling: 16/04-07/08/2011 te Hanover, 09/09-03/12/2011 te New York, 25/02-20/05/2012 te Michigan."
A flexible history of Fluxus facts & fictions.
Travaux publics = Public works.
"De fabriek : een boek om mee te slaan : 30 jaar kunstenaarsinitiatief de fabriek."
Kunst voor Leidsche rijn : een sneeuwbal van 10 miljoen.
A public space : nieuwe kunst/new art in Amsterdam.
De Appel : performances installatie video projecten 1975-1983.
Foto's, furniture & Ferngläser : vijf kunstopdrachten in het Provinciehuis Groningen.
Nul = 0 : de nederlandse nul-groep in een internationale context.
Nul : Die Wirklichkeit als Kunst fundieren : Die niederländische Gruppe Nul, 1960-1965 und Heute = Nul : de werkelijkheid als kunst funderen : de Nederlandse groep Nul, 1960-1965 en heden.
Wedstrijd Prix de Rome 1977 : vrije schilderkunst, vrije beeldhouwkunst.
Wedstrijd Prix de Rome 1979 : monumentale en versierende schilderkunst, monumentale en versierende beeldhouwkunst.
100 jaar Prix de Rome 1884-1984.
Assault on the impossible : Dutch collective imagination in the Sixties and Seventies.
Uitgelicht 04 : startstipendia beeldende kunst 2002-2003.
"The Living Room : eine amsterdamer Galerie und die achtziger Jahre. Exhibition: 11/6-7/8/1995 in Amsterdam."
Niet gebonden toch geniet : eindexamenpublicatie 1985 Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Een nieuwe synthese : geometrisch-abstracte kunst in Nederland 1945-1960.
Dutch geometric abstraction in the eighties.
Beyond performance.
Schräg=Tegendraads : parodie, humor en spot in hedendaagse Nederlandse kunst.
Vent du Nord VI en VII : clichés : a softer edge.
Babies and bambies.
Zes projecten : een serie solo-presentaties van Nederlandse kunstenaars in de projectruimte van het Van Abbemuseum=Six projects : a series of solo presentations by Dutch artists in the project space at the Van Abbemuseum.
Du concept à l'image : art Pays-Bas XXe siècle.
Marlene Dumas, Maria Roosen, Marijke van Warmerdam.
Sublieme vormen met zicht vanaf 5M.
Peiling 5.
Aernout Mik, Willem Oorebeek.
Eindexamen 1991 Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Koppeltekens : vier kunstenaarsparen - vier dialogen.
The centre holds : report from the Dutch art scene.
This is for real : een voorstel gemeentelijke kunstaankopen 1999/2000.
Expressie en ordening : het verzamelbeleid van Willem Sandberg voor het Stedelijk Museum 1945-1962.
Kunst uit Rotterdam.
Actie, werkelijkheid en fictie in de kunst van de jaren '60 in Nederland.
Sjoerd Buisman David Nash : Hoge Veluwe april 1985
Persönliche Welten=Personal worlds : die Wirklichkeit als Metapher=reality as metaphor.
Nature <=> art.
Innovation und Tradition=Vernieuwing en traditie : Niederländische Kunst der achtziger Jahre=Nederlandse kunst van de jaren tachtig.
Lucht water vuur aarde=Air water fire earth : experimenteel landschapsproject=experimental landscape project "Zeevang".
De Nederlandse identiteit in de kunst ná 1945.
De Schorpioen.
Kounellis, een week.
Het Olympisch Stadion.
Uitgelicht 3 : startstipendia beeldende kunst 97/89.
Something about. Iets over.
From the low contries : reality and art / 1960-2001.
Alles was mooi : een geschiedenis van de Nul-beweging.
Stedelijk collectie reflecties : reflecties op de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Stedelijk collectie highlights : 150 kunstenaars uit de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
I'm not here : an exhibition without Francis Alÿs.
Present forever : 55 contemporary Dutch artists
"Nagele : dossier 2013-2014. Exposition: 27/5-27/6/2014 in the library of the GRA in Amsterdam."
Activism doubt : Jonas Staal and Harmen de Hoop.
Regionalisten = regionalists.
Stedelijk in de pocket.
Beyond imagination : voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen = Beyond imagination : proposals for municipal art acquisitions.
"The Prato project : Thom Puckey Jan van de Ploeg. Exposition: 30/5/2010-30/1/2011 in the Prato."
"On the move : storytelling in contemporary photography and graphic design. Exhibition: 29/8/2014-18/1/2015 in Amsterdam."
"Later on we shall simplify things : four painters exchange some thoughts. Tîm Ayres Ab van Hanegem Jan van de Ploeg Han Schuil. Exhibition: 2005 on Mallorca and in Heerlen."
Hoe de dingen ons bewegen.
Off the record : voorstel Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen 2009. Off the record : proposal Municipal Art Acquisitions 2009.
Ontwerp! : reader vakgeschiedenis.
False Flat : why dutch design is so good.
"Straat van sculpturen 1 : open source Amsterdam. Street of sculptures 1 : open source Amsterdam."
Abri : zeven ontwerpen voor een schuilplaats.
Huub van der Loo / Koen Delaere : Ruis Rubato : projecten in de openbare ruimte 2004-2006. Huub van der Loo / Koen Delaere : Ruis Rubato : projects in public space 2004-2006.
Atelier : vijftig kunstenaarsportretten.
Eenenveertig brieven aan de jonge kunstenaar : het boek dat kunstonderwijs overbodig maakt. Forty-one letters to the young artist : the book that beats art education.
LIfe in a Glass House : een voorstel tot Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen 2001/2002.
Present : percentage for art in the Netherlands 2004-2006.
Silent zones : on globalisation and cultural interaction. Zonas silenciosas : sobre globalización e interacción cultural. Zones de silence : sur la mondialisation et l'interaction culturelle.
Grensverlies, bijzondere projecten 1990-2005.
IAM : installatiekunst en de vraag naar betekenis. IAM : installation art and the quest for meaning.
Treasures of the Alhambra.
Art and architecture in Italy 1250 to 1400.
The moment of self-portraiture in German renaissance art.
Forgery, replica, fiction : temporalities of German renaissance art.
The genius of Venice 1500-1600.
A concise encyclopaedia of the Italian Renaissance.
L'art français au siècle de Louis XIV.
Art and architecture in Italy 1600 to 1750.
Die deutsche Romantik.
The art of Biedermeier : Viennese art and design 1815 to 1845.
Palestinian art : from 1850 to the present (1850-2005).
Ottocento/Novecento : Italiaanse kunst 1870-1910.
Odilon Redon en Emile Bernard : meesterwerken uit de collectie van Andries Bonger.
Topics in American art : since 1945.
Art and revolution : Ernst Neizvestny and the role of the artist in the USSR.
Konstfack -85 : National College of Art, Craft and Design 1985.
Art suisse au XXe siècle=Schweizer Kunst im 20.Jahrhundert=Arte svizzera nel XXo secolo.
Art in revolution : Soviet art and design since 1917.
La distancia=Distance : mira hacia nosotros=looks our way : 10 artistas de Nueva Zelanda=10 artists from New Zealand.
Before Pictures.
Under capricorn : the world over : art in the age of globalization.
The pictures generation, 1974-1984.
Wiener Werkstätte 1903-1932.
Surrealisme : Visual encyclopedia of art.
A minimal future? Art as object 1958-1968.
The Italian avant-garde, 1968-1976.
L' internationale : post-war avant-gardes between 1957 and 1986.
"Russische avant-garde : de Khardzhiev-collectie. Exposition: 19/10/2013-2/2/2014 in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam."
The museum as muse : artists reflect.
The Czech files.
Caribean art.
Black art and culture in the 20th century.
Unconcealed : the international network of conceptual artists 1967-77 : dealers, exhibitions and public collections.
The Russian avant-garde book : 1910-1934.
Russian avant-garde art : the George Costakis collection.
Mike Kelley - Peter Fischli, David Weiss.
A book about Colab (and related activities).
Art Deco in America.
Julio, Joan, Roberta González : itinerario de una dinastía.
Omega and after : Bloomsbury and the decorative arts.
African American art : the long struggle.
Africa now : Jean Pigozzi collection.
Edda Jónsdóttir, Gudny Magnusdóttir 1992.
German Open : Gegenwartskunst in Deutschland=contemporary art in Germany.
Berlinart 1961-1987.
Sensation : young British artists from the Saatchi collection.
Beaufort 2006 : 2de Triënnale voor hedendaagse kunst aan zee.
U-ABC : schilderijen, beelden, fotografie uit Uruguay, Argentinië, Brazilië, Chili=painting, sculptures, photography from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile.
Wem gehört die Welt : Kunst und Gesellschaft in der Weimarer Republik.
Portugiesische Realisten.
Amerika : Traum und Depression 1920-1940.
In de USSR en erbuiten : 28 kunstenaars 1970-1990.
American narrative/story art 1967-1977.
Indianische Kunst im 20.Jahrhundert : Malerei, Keramik und Kachinafiguren indianischer Künstler in den USA.
1997 Biennial Exhibition.
El Taller Torres-García : the school of the South and its legacy.
Latin American artists of the twentieth century.
Widerstand statt Anpassung : Deutsche Kunst im Widerstand gegen den Faschismus 1933-1945.
1909-1925 Kubismus in Prag : Malerei, Skulptur, Kunstgewerbe, Architektur.
1900-1945 : Künstler in Deutschland : Individualismus und Tradition.
Deutsche Kunst im 20.Jahrhundert : Malerei und Plastik 1905-1985.
Kunst in België : na 1980.
British art in the 20th century : the modern movement.
Verso l'Arte Povera : moments et aspects de l'art dans les années 60 en Italie.
Italian art in the 20th century : painting and sculpture 1900-1988.
Wiener Aktionismus=Viennese Actionism 1960-1971 : der zertrümmerte Spiegel=the shattered mirror : Bd. 2.
Presences Polonaises : l'art vivant autour du Musée de Lódz : Witkiewicz, constructivisme, les contemporains.
22 jonge Zwitsers.
Rücksicht : 40 Jahre Kunst in der Schweiz.
Viennese design and the Wiener Werkstätte.
Künstler aus Gugging : zur Art Brut der Gegenwart.
Thirties : British art and design before the war.
Homage to Barcelona : the city and its art 1888-1936.
Tschechische Kunst der 20er und 30er Jahre : Avantgarde und Tradition.
Cross-currents in Swiss art.
Swiezo Malowane : mlode malarstwo Polskie lat 1982-1987.
Kunst aus der Revolution : Sowjetische Kunst während der Phase der Kollektivierung und Industrialisierung 1927-1933.
Hedendaagse Spaanse kunst : van Picasso tot Genovés.
Kunst in der Revolution : Architektur, Produktgestaltung, Malerei, Plastik, Agitation, Theater, Film in der Sowjetunion 1917-1932.
Slávnost : 25 kunstenaars uit de Tsjechische en de Slowaakse Republiek.
The avant-garde in Russia 1910-1930 : new perspectives.
Von der Malerei zum Design=From painting to design : Russische konstruktivistische Kunst der Zwanziger Jahre=Russian constructivist art of the twenties.
Spanische Kunst am Ende des Jahrhunderts.
Zero to infinity : arte povera 1962-1972
Amerikanische Kunst im 20.Jahrhundert : Malerei und Plastik 1913-1993.
Into the light : the projected image in American art 1964-1977.
De grote utopie : russische avantgarde 1915-1932=The great utopia : Russian avant-garde 1915-1932=Die grosse Utopie : Russische Avant-garde 1915-1932.
Rekord : die Spur der Kohlen....
EX USSR : hedendaagse kunstenaars uit het GOS.
Life/live : la scène artistique au Royaume-Uni en 1996 : de nouvelles aventures.
Life/live : la scène artistique au Royaume-Uni en 1996 : de nouvelles aventures.
Kunst in het Arsenaal : Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten Vlaanderen : presentatie van werk van de laureaten 1997.
Kunst in het Arsenaal : Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten Vlaanderen : presentatie van werk van de laureaten=presentation of work of the laureates 1998.
Der Neue Realismus in Amerika.
The Chengdu movement.
The Omega Workshops.
Counterpoints : sights and scenes of Switzerland : from the painter's brush to the photographer's lens.
Numéro unico futurista Campari 1931. Futurismo 1932. Dinamo futurista 1933.
L'art moderne en Belgique.
The short century : independence and liberation movements in Africa 1945-1994.
Platform 99 : 70 young visual artists from Asia and Latin America / 70 jonge beeldende kunstenaars uit Azië en Latijns Amerika.
Eine barocke Party : Augenblicke des Welttheaters in der zeitgenössischen Kunst.
New, used and improved : art for the 80's.
Views from abroad : european perspectives on American art I. Amerikaanse perspectieven : europese visies op Amerikaanse kunst I.
Art of the October Revolution.
American art of the 20th century.
Internationale Samenwerking, no. 12, dec. 1996. Kunst uit Suriname.
Bra mot melankoli : remedy for melancholy.
Cairo : modern art in Holland.
50 New York artists : a critical selection of painters and sculptors working in New York.
Revolt into style : the pop arts in Britain.
New objectivity : painting, graphic art and photography in Weimar Germany 1919-1933.
15th Nitten : the biggest and most traditional art exhibition in Japan : Japanese paintings, sculptures, crafts, calligraphy.
outline history of Polish 20th century art and architecture.
Panorama der tschechischen bildenden Kunst.
The pluralist era : American art 1968-1981.
American art since 1900 : a critical history.
The New York School : the painters and sculptors of the fifties.
Wenen rond 1900 : teksten van avondstudenten van de Rietveld Academie.
Depero : casa d'arte futurista.
Suche und Experiment : aus der Geschichte der russischen und sowjetischen Kunst zwischen 1910 und 1930.
High times hard times : New York painting 1967-1975.
Übergriff : ein Buchprojekt von Studenten der HfG Karlsruhe unter Leitung von Gunter Rambow.
Individuals : post-movement art in America.
Wien 1900 : Kunst, Architektur und Design.
The joys and sorrows of recent American art : the DeYoung Lectures in Higher Education at Illinois State University, 1966.
The new sobriety 1917-1933 : art and politics in the Weimar period.
Der Preis der Schönheit : 100 Jahre Wiener Werkstätte.
Art of the South African townships.
China now : fascinatie van een veranderende wereld. China now : fascination of a changing world.
"Ai Weiwei, Romuald Karmakar, Santu Mofokeng, Dayanita Singh. German Pavilion 2013; 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venetia."
Taking things seriously : 75 objects with unexpected significance.
United States of Latin America.
The uncertain states of America reader.
Peripheral vision & collective body.
Contemporary African art.
Attention economy = Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit.
Rare earth.
Not afraid : Rubell family collection.
Mind the gap : Kunsthof Zürich Materialien und Dukumente 1993-2013.
Fault lines : contemporary African art and shifting landscapes.
Monica Studer Christoph van den Berg : being a guest.
Corpus delicti: art actuel au Palais de Justice de Bruxelles. Hedendaagse kunst in het Justitiepaleis te Brussel.
Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani: Blind Spots.
Altermodern: Tate triennial.
We all laughed at Christopher Columbus.
22+ Noored Eesti kunstnikud. 22+ Young Estonian artists.
Tate Triennal 2006 : new British art.
Schaafijs & wilde bussen : straatkunst in Suriname.
Art in America, no. 2, apr. 1965.
Art and architecture in France 1500-1700.
Brazilian art.
Art in America : a complete survey.
Art in Latin America : the modern era 1820-1980.
Ernste Spiele : der Geist der Romantik in der deutschen Kunst 1790-1990.
De De Vlaamsche kunst.
Art and architecture in Belgium 1600 to 1800.
Amerika's visioenen : het epos van de Amerikaanse kunst.
Art and life in America.
A a history of far Eastern art.
Florence en de Renaissance : het quattrocento.
Lietuvos istorijos paminklai=Monuments of Lithuanian history : is Lietuvos istorijos ir etnografijos muziejaus rinkiniu=from the collection of the Lithuanian Museum of History and Ethnography.
Venice : art & architecture. (2 delen)
Art de Provence.
Heilige Frauen : in den Kirchen Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns.
Geïllustreerde atlas van het hiernamaals.
De beeldtaal van de christelijke kunst : geschiedenis van de iconografie.
Gewijde kunst.
Dictionary of Christian lore and legend.
Hooglied : de beeldwereld van religieuze vrouwen in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden, vanaf de 13e eeuw.
Landscape and Western art.
Women artist at the millenium.
Queer zines.
Wack! Art and the feminist revolution.
Woman artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement 1870-1914.
Space window : mail art.
No-ISBN : on self-publishing.
Through the flower : my struggle as a woman artist.
Acts of voicing.
Design art.
Design and art.
The ends of collage.
Artists' postcards : a compendium.
The anti-museum : an anthology: anti-art-, anti-artist, anti-exhibition, anti-design, anti-architecture, anti-technology, anti-music, anti-cinema, anti-writing, anti-culture, anti-university, anti-philosophy, anti-religion.
On location : siting Robert Smithson and his contemporaries.
Performing the sentence : research and teaching in performative fine arts.
Brutalist readings : essays on literature.
One for me and one to share : artists' multiples and editions.
Women artists and writers : modernist (im)positionings.
Pink labor on golden streets : queer art practices.
Theater objects : a stage for architecture and art.
Women, art, and power, and other essays.
Experience, the media rat race.
Internet art.
How to frame : on the treshold of performing and visual arts.
Boredom and art : passions of the will to boredom.
Space, site, intervention : situating installation art.
Van meme tot mainstream : internetkunst, esthetiek en offline luxe in een postdigitale wereld.
Commerce by artists.
Body art : performing the subject
Signs of life : bio art and beyond.
Artists' book not artists' book.
Ends of the earth : land art to 1974.
Francis Galton : fabrice pichat raccords rapides.
The pink glass swan : selected essays on feminist art.
Records by artists : 1958-1990
The language of new media.
Mind the map! History is not given : a critical anthology based on the symposium.
Artist novels : the book lovers publication.
De collectie : 25 jaar kunstprojecten in zorginstellingen, 1985-2009 = The collection : 25 years of art projects in care institutions, 1985-2009.
Theatrical fields : critical strategies in performance, film, and video.
Installation art in the new millennium.
The responsive eye.
Gender and art.
School of missing studies.
The practice of public art.
Public work : 1995-2000 five years praktijkbureau beeldende kunstopdrachten.
Creative time : the book: 33 years of public art in New York.
Under the clouds : from paranoia to the digital sublime.
Jahresring 62 : toward an aesthetics of living beings = zu einer Ästhetik des Lebendigen.
Material utopias.
Books and ideas after Seth Siegelaub.
A reader on things as ideas.
Cybernetic serendipity : the computer and the arts.
Post porn politics : symposium, reader : queer feminist perspective on the politics of porn performance and sex work as culture production.
Light seed : Cy Twombly, Wolfgang Laib, Michel Verjux.
Art in therapy = Kunst in therapie.
The arts for television.
The luminous object : video art/video theory.
Kunst in opdracht, 1999-2005 : kunstopdrachten begeleid door de kunstcel van de Vlaamse bouwmeester.
Art by commission, 2006-2013.
Landscape & memory.
Over wandelingen en reizen = On walks and travels.
Walkscapes : el andar como práctica estética = walking as an aesthetic practice.
Nichts = nothing.
Metacreation : art and artificial life.
The total work of art : from Bayreuth to cyberspace.
Noise / music : a history.
Sonic somatic : performances of the unsound body.
Installation art.
A woman's touch : women in design from 1860 to the present day.
Rubber vol. 3, no. 1-3, jan.-mrt. 1980 : Stempelkunst in Nederland.
Rubber vol. 3, no. 7-9, jul.-sep. 1980 : Zes post-kunst projekten=Six mail art projects.
Rubber vol. 3, no. 4-6, apr.-jun. 1980 : Rubber stamp publications : (an index).
Rubber vol. 3, no. 10-12, okt.-dec. 1980 : Stempelakties=Stamp actions. 2.0 : Neue Materialen zu Netzkunst/New materials toward Net art.
At the edge of art.
De magnetische tijd : videokunst in Nederland 1970-1985.
Highrise - Common Ground : Art and the Amsterdam Zuidas Area
Feminism and art history : questioning the litany.
The power of feminist art : the American movement of the 1970s, history and impact.
Art and photography.
Het papierproject 1994-1995.
On paper : new paper art.
Amazons of the avant-garde : Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, Ljubov Popova, Olga Rozanova, Varvara Stepanova and Nadezhda Udaltsova.
Feministische kunst internationaal.
Stamp art.
Vida artificial=Artificial life.
Women artists and the surrealist movement.
Women, art, and society.
The nude : a study of ideal art.
Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor
Punk: no one is innocent. Art-style-revolt.
100 Allegories to present the world.
Sonnenmalerei=Sun-painting : Idee - Versuch=idea - experiment.
Vanuit de Zuidas : een project van de Vrije Ruimten Zuidas Artists-In-Residence Virtueel Museum Zuidas.
This is what it is.
Land and environmental art.
Künstlerinnen : von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart.
One place after another : site-spicific art and locational identity.
The sun.
Artist and computer.
CyberArts 2002 : international compendium - prix ars electronica
From the center : feminist essays on women's art.
Neondekorationen : 'Entwicklungen' aus Bauhaus, De Stijl und Matisse.
Snap to grid : a user's guide to digital art, media and cultures.
Surrealism and the politics of eros 1938-1968.
Writing on the wall : word and image in modern art.
A history of women artists : every art form: pottery, weaving, painting, graphics, sculpture, photography : from prehistoric times to the present.
Installations l´art en situation.
Women artists : recognition and reappraisal from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century.
Art of the electronic age.
Obey the giant: live in the image world.
Art and feminism.
Feminism-art-theory: an anthology 1968-2000.
Phantastische Kunst.
Jurriaan Schrofer : onvolmaakt geheugen : een labyrint in papier, licht, beelden en tekst.
Let there be neon.
Gothic : dark glamour.
55 Degrees North: contemporary Scandinavian graphic design.
Art and gender : creative achievement in the visual arts.
Our hidden heritage : five centuries of women artists.
Fast forward : Media Art Sammlung Goetz.
Vrouwen verbeelden vrouwen.
The magic of neon.
Psycho buildings : artists take on architecture
Telling tales : fantasy and fear in contemporary design.
Grand domestic revolution : handbook.
"The Whole Earth : California and the disappearance of the outside. Based on the Whole Earth Catalog covers 1969-1974. Exhibition: 26/4-1/7/2013 in Berlin."
Experience, memory, re-enactment.
The right to the city.
The artist's house : from workplace to artwork.
The shape of evidence : contemporary art and the document.
Ego update.
Universal experience : art, life and the tourist's eye.
"Taking voice lessons. Publication in the frame of Performence in Residence : If I can't dance I don't want to be a part of your revolution."
On mobility.
Project 1975 : contemporary art & the postcolonial unconscious.
How far how near : the world in the Stedelijk = de wereld in het Stedelijk.
Marta schweigt.
Art, museums and touch.
Arts and foods : rituals since 1851.
Colour logics.
Une exposition à être lue = an exhibition to hear read : volume 3 : performance.
Expanded violences.
Tactical biopolitics : art, activism, and technoscience.
Return to the postcolony : specters of colonialism in contemporary art.
Decolonizing nature : contemporary art and the politics of ecology.
Concrete jungle : a pop media investigation of death and survival in urban ecosystems.
The economy is spinning.
Planet B : ideas for a new world = Ideen für eine Neue Welt.
Ape culture.
No matter how bright the light, the crossing occurs at night.
Animism : volume 1.
Sexual personae : art and decadence, from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson.
Balance : art and nature.
De jongen.
The map as art : contemporary artists explore carthography.
Present pasts : urban palimpsests and the politics of memory.
Let's entertain : life's guilty pleasures.
The self portrait : a modern view.
The lure of the biographical : on the (self-) representation of modern artists.
Art & laughter.
The severed head : capital visions.
Whatever happened to sex in Scandinavia?
The lonely city : adventures in the art of being alone.
Pissing figures, 1280-2014.
The green room : reconsidering the documentary and contemporary art #1.
What´s love (or care, intimacy, warmth, affection) got to do with it?
Idols of the market : modern iconoclasm and the fundamentalist spectacle.
Brood en zout : verhalen over kunst en migratie.
Exiles, diasporas & strangers.
The archive as a productive space of conflict.
Speed : visions of an accelerated age.
Allegory of the cave painting.
Art nature dialogues : interviews with environmental artists.
Djihad : de discipelen van de vergelding.
Mapping it out : an alternative atlas of contemporary cartographies.
Orbis terrarum : werelden van verbeelding.
Walking and mapping : artists as cartographers.
Dysfunctional comedy : a reader.
Flora und die schönen Künste : zeitgenössische (Garten)-Kunst = Flora and the fine arts : contemporary (garden) art.
Individual stories.
Black art : a cultural history.
In the holocene.
Concrete comedy : an alternative history of twentieth-century comedy.
Black my story.
Black my story.
AutWerke II : contemporary photography on and off the road.
Patterns in design, art and architecture.
Animal. Anima. Animus.
Speculations (the future is).
Body power, power play : Ansichten zum Sport in der zeitgenössischen Kunst = views on sports in contemporary art.
Superkilen : a project by Big, Topotek 1, Superflex.
Alchemy in contemporary art.
Artists' flags.
Global tour : art, travel & beyond : an exhibition based on research and a concept by Amiel Grumberg (1980-2004).
Aufnahmen : fotografische Recherchen in der Stadt.
All inclusive : Die Welt des Tourismus = A tourist world.
Black is beautiful : Rubens to Dumas.
Erotic art.
Lightness : the inevitable renaissance of minimum energy structures.
Motiv Mann : der männliche Körper in der Modernen Kunst.
Kunst die partij koos : een eeuw sociale strijd in de Nederlandse beeldende kunst.
Mazes and labyrinths of the world.
Les animaux : un grand thème de l'art.
Middeleeuwse minnekunst : onderwerpen en voorwerpen van begeerte.
Concours Hippique : het paard als onderwerp=the horse in art.
Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk : Europäische Utopien seit 1800.
Liebe : Dokumente aus unserer Zeit.
In other words : Wort und Schrift in Bildern der konzeptuellen Kunst.
So und So und So III : geluid kunst Nederland.
Magiciens de la terre.
Ursprung und Moderne.
Progetto Civitella d'Agliano 1988 : corpo.
Sociaal engagement in de kunst 1850-1950.
Progetto Civitella d'Agliano 1989 : il luogo=der Ort=the place.
High and low : modern art and popular culture.
New visions of the apocalypse.
Post Human.
A piece of cake : twaalf kunstenaars maakten twaalf taarten.
Images pour la lutte contre le Sida=Images against Aids.
GrossBild : overeenkomsten en verschillen in hedendaagse westerse en niet-westerse kunst.
Brood : de geschiedenis van het brood en het broodgebruik in Nederland.
Progetto Civitella d'Agliano 1990 : natura.
Conceptual clothing.
Pop and artvertising.
Mienenspiele=About faces.
Eros en vruchtbaarheid in de kunst.
De bezette stad : jonge kunstenaars en ontwerpers reageren op het laatste bezettingsjaar 1944/1945 in Amsterdam.
Das Selbstportrait im Zeitalter der Photographie=L'autoportrait à l'âge de la photographie : Maler und Photographen im Dialog mit sich selbst= peintres et photographes en dialogue avec leur propre image.
Von Kopf bis Fuss : Fragmente des Körpers.
:Engel:Engel : Legenden der Gegenwart.
Blijvend in verbeelding : de verwerking van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in de beeldende kunst.
Objects of desire : the modern still life.
Eeuwig kwetsbaar : hedendaagse kunst en religie.
Tanz in der Moderne : von Matisse bis Schlemmer.
Flying over water=Volar damunt l'aigua.
Crossings : Kunst zum hören und sehen.
Neuro-artonomy : een tentoonstelling van kunstenaars en hersenwetenschappers. De pianostemmer van het mosvezelsysteem en andere teksten over kunst en hersenen.
Wild vlees=Proud flesh : 13 benaderingen van geweld.
Wagenpark : auto's in de kunst.
Puppen, Körper, Automaten : Phantasmen der Moderne.
Festival beeldende muziek.
The image of Christ.
Die Kunst des Fliegens : Malerei, Skulptur, Architektur, Fotografie, Literatur, Film.
From the corner of the eye.
Still/life : transformaties van een genre.
Eva und die Zukunft : das Bild der Frau seit der Französischen Revolution.
The Arcimboldo effect : transformations of the face from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.
Holocaust Project : from darkness into light.
In de dræck : 20 april 1910-20 april 1960.
Tabak in de kunst.
Voertuigen van de verbeelding : mobiliteit in de kunst.
De dodendans in de kunsten.
The life of Christ in art.
Angels in art.
The bride stripped bare : the artist and the nude in the twentieth century.
Het paard in de kunst.
De hond in de kunst.
De kat in de kunst.
Omtrent de huid : cultuurhistorische verkenningen.
The culture of love : Victorians to moderns.
Sexuality in Western art.
Ars erotica : een opwindende geschiedenis van erotische kunst.
Adam : het mannelijk naakt in de kunst.
Erotiek in de kunst van de 20ste eeuw.
Nature morte ? : kunst, natuur en biotoop.
Performance Research, vol. 4, no. 1, spring 1999. On cooking.
Das Tier in der Kunst.
Der Kuss : poetische Bilder und Texte.
Neon in Nederland : de stilte van neon.
Tulp 400 jaar.
De Syllabus, jrg. 21, no. 5, feb. 1982. Protest en verzet.
Becoming animal : contemporary art in the animal kingdom.
Monuments and maidens : the allegory of the female form.
architecture of interaction.
Urban avant-gardes : art, architecture and change.
The Phaidon atlas of contemporary world architecture
I am a monument : on learning from Las Vegas.
Bouwkundige termen : woordenboek der westerse architectuurgeschiedenis.
Encyclopaedia of modern architecture.
Sesam Atlas van de bouwkunst : kaarten, overzichten en verklarende teksten. Dl. 1: Algemeen overzicht; Van Mesopotamië tot Byzantium.
Sesam Atlas van de bouwkunst : kaarten, overzichten en verklarende teksten. Dl. 2: Van het Romaans tot heden.
A question of qualities : essays in architecture.
Het nationaal monument op de Dam.
Time space existence : made in Europe : la biennale di Venezia 2014.
Fundamentals : 14th international architecture exhibition.
Manifesta architectura : the gost of Mies.
"Forensis : the architecture of Public Truth. A project by Forensic Architecture, Centre for Research Architecture, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London."
Before and after : documenting the architecture of disaster.
"Architectural Positions : architecture, modernity and the public sphere."
Colonial modern : aesthetics of the past rebellions of the future.
The singular objects of architecture.
Patio and pavilion : the place of sculpture in modern architecture.
The art-architecture complex.
Interactive architecture.
When is the digital in architecture?
Cognitive architecture : from biopolitics to noopolitics. Architecture and mind in the age of communication and information.
Such places as memory : poems, 1953-1996.
The view from the train : cities and other landscapes.
Space craft 2 : more fleeting architecture and hideouts.
Junkspace, with Running room.
Nicht Disneyland, under andere Aufsätze über Modernität und Nostalgie.
Architecture goes wild.
Re-inventing the Academy : the first century of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture 1908-2008.
21 graduation projects 2008-2009.
Polyphilo, or: the dark forest revisited : an erotic epiphany of architecture.
"Michiel Riedijk : De tekening. Michiel Riedijk : The drawing. VVV 18-07-2011"
Architecture or techno-utopia : politics after modernism.
The dynamics of delight : architecture and aesthetics.
Het architectonisch denken en andere architectuur-theoretische studies.
Learning from Las Vegas : the forgotten symbolism of architectural form.
Fantastic architecture.
White walls, designer dresses : the fashioning of modern architecture.
The architecture of deconstruction : Derrida's haunt.
Visions for the future.
Architecture as art.
Een leefbare stad.
Woning en woonomgeving : voordrachtenreeks prof. J.B. Bakema.
Kritiek en ontwerp : proeven van architektuurkritiek.
Architectuur zonder schaduw=Architecture devoid of shadow.
Form and function : a source book for the history of architecture and design 1890-1939.
Studio 1992-1993 : the new public realm.
Studio 1993-1994 : the new private realm.
Studio 1994-1995 : reflexivity.
How buildings learn : what happens after they' re built.
Via Europa : to a European 'Gesamtkunstwerk'.
Ten shades of green : architecture and the natural world.
Spatial arrangement and polyhedra with curved surfaces and their architectural applications.
Forum : sculptuur/architektuur.
La casa della falsita'.
L,v : catalogus bij een tentoonstelling.
Modern architecture since 1900.
Principles of pneumatic architecture.
Innen und aussen : die Frage nach der Integration der Künste und der Weg der Architektur.
Conference proceedings : international working party for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement.
World architecture 3 : art and technology : towards a third culture in architecture.
Exercices de géométrie constructive : traveaux d'étudiants.
Architectural theory : from the renaissance to the present.
Schoner wonen : over milieubewust bouwen en architectuur.
Architectural theory : volume II an anthology from 1871-2005.
"Uitnodigende vorm".
"Dat is architectuur" : sleutelteksten uit de twintigste eeuw.
10 Jahre Il 1964-1974 : anpassungsfähig Bauen=adaptable architecture.
Netze in Natur und Technik=Nets in nature and technics.
Content : Perverted architecture.
1 : 1 : drie architectuurprojecten.
Contact en controle : het vrouwbeeld van de Stichting Goed Wonen.
Logik der Baukunst.
Future systems : the story of tomorrow.
Supermannerism : new attitudes in post-modern architecture.
Overzichtstentoonstelling architectonische vormgeving.
On Adam's house in paradise : the idea of the primitive hut in architectural history.
Begegnung mit Pionieren.
Fantasty worlds.
Fantastische architectuur.
Without rhetoric : an architectural aesthetic 1955-1972.
"Het openbare rijk".
Ontwerp en utopie : architektuur en ontwikkeling van het kapitalisme.
Visionary architecture : from Babylon to virtual reality.
Analysing architecture.
Herzog & De Meuron : Natural History.
Huis van de toekomst.
Zeezucht jrg. 4, feb./mrt. 1991. Architectuur.
Zeezucht jrg.11, no. 9, apr. 1998. Het nomadisch paviljoen.
Caring culture : art, architecture and the politics of public health.
The unknown city : contesting architecture and social space.
Het idee van de stad.
Social housing : housing the social.
The endless city.
Privacy and publicity : modern architecture as mass media.
Urban memory : history and amnesia in the modern city.
Extrastatecraft : the power of infrastructure space.
The neoliberal city : governance, ideology, and development in American urbanism.
The power of place : urban landscapes as public history.
Trail house.
Can architecture affect your health?
Contesting neoliberalism : urban frontiers.
Cities, design & evolution.
The violence of participation.
Did someone say participate?
The city cultures reader.
Placing words : symbols, space and the city.
City of bits : space, place, and the infobahn.
Angst & ruimte : de visie van jonge ontwerpers in Nederland = Fear & space : the view of young designers in The Netherlands.
Architecture after revolution : decolonizing architecture art residency.
Without and within : essays on territory and the interior.
Vacancy studies : experiments & strategic interventions in architecture = experimenten & strategische interventies in architectuur.
Speed and politics : an essay on dromology.
"Unknown quantity. Exhibition: 29/11/2002-30/3/2003 in Paris."
Bunker archeology.
Idealen in beton : verkenningen in midden- en oost-Europa.
Trans urbanism.
Rijkshuisvesting voor morgen, 1 regio Noord
Postmodern urbanism.
Beeldende kunst en sociale woningbouw.
Spaces of Global cultures : architecture urbanism identity.
Delirious New York : a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan.
Het verlangen naar de stad : 25 jaar wonen in Amsterdam.
A civilian occupation : the politics of Israeli architecture.
Perspektive für Architekten.
Basisboek bouwkunde.
Hogere bouwkunde : Jellema 2 onderbouw bouwtechniek.
From Tipi to skyscraper : a history of women in architecture.
Hogere bouwkunde : Jellema 4c omhulling-gevelopeningen.
Hogere bouwkunde : Jellema 4b omhulling-gevels.
Hogere bouwkunde : Jellema 3 draagstructuur bouwtechniek.
Landform building : architecture's new terrain.
"Olifantenpaadjes. Desire lines."
The art of architecture exhibitions.
Imagine architecture : artistic visions of the urban realm.
Displayed spaces : new means of architecture presentation through exhibitions.
Music, space and architecture.
Textile architecture : textile Architektur.
The nature of landscape : a personal quest.
Mobile Architektur : Geschichte und Entwicklung transportabler und modularer Bauten.
The thinking hand : existential and embodied wisdom in architecture.
Acoustic space : media architecture.
Parasite paradise : pleidooi voor tijdelijke architectuur en flexibele stedenbouw.
Warped space : art, architecture, and anxiety in modern culture.
XML Studio : 2009-2010 : Twitter house.
Architekst : letters van architecten.
Nieuwe kubiese konstrukties 1 t/m 10 : Jan Slothouber.
Nieuwe kubiese konstrukties 11 t/m 20 : Jan Slothouber.
Architectuur en verbeelding=Architecture and imagination.
Cubics : a cubic constructions compendium=een compendium over cubische constructies.
Color in townscape : handbook in six parts for architects, designers and contractors, for city-dwellers and other observant people.
Green : architecture now!.
"Public architecture now! Öffentliche Architekture heute! L'architecture publique d'aujourd'hui!"
Home work : handbuilt shelter.
Dwellings: the vernacular house world wide.
Natural architecture.
Living in motion : design and architecture for flexible dwelling.
In side out, on site in : redesigning the national museum of ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands.
Sol power : the evolution of solar architecture.
The architecture of the École des Beaux-Arts.
Architectuur bronnenboek : een visuele gids voor de geschiedenis van de internationale bouwkunst.
Geschiedenis van de bouwkunst : de ontwikkeling van de bouwstijlen van af den oorsprong tot het hedendaagsche tijdperk.
Geschiedenis van de bouwkunst : de ontwikkeling van de bouwstijlen van af den oorsprong tot het hedendaagsche tijdperk.
Architecture in wood : a history of wood building and its techniques in Europe and North America.
A history of architecture : settings and rituals.
De bouwkunst van Hellas tot heden.
Styles of architecture.
The prodigious builders : notes towards a natural history of architecture with special regard to those species that are traditionally neglected or downright ignored.
Encyclopedia of world architecture=Enzyklopädie der Weltarchitektur= Comprendre l'architecture universelle.
Ornaments of the metropolis : Siegfried Kracauer and modern urban culture.
De grond waarop wij staan.
Straatstructuren : een wandeling : Amsterdamse details.
Out of site : fictional architectural spaces.
Architecture without architects : a short introduction to non-pedigreed architecture.
Oblique drawing : a history of anti-perspective.
"Proportio. Exhibition: 9/5-22/11/2015 in Venice."
outline of European architecture.
Architecture : from prehistory to postmodernity.
African painted houses : Basotho dwellings of southern Africa.
Autochtone Architektur auf Siberut : Dokumentation von Bauaufnamen.
De traditionele architectuur op Siberut.
The first cities.
De piramiden van Egypte.
De bouwkunst van de farao's.
Egypte : van de Prehistorie tot de Romeinen.
Maya's : paleizen en piramiden in het oerwoud.
Katsura : tradition and creation in Japanese architecture.
Shinto art : Ise and Izumo shrines.
Hindoeïstisch India : tempels en heiligdommen van Khajuraho tot Madurai.
Architecture in continuity : building in the islamic world today.
Islam : de vroege architectuur van Bagdad tot Córdoba.
Turkije : van de Seltsjoeken tot de Ottomanen.
Greek architecture.
Griekenland : van Mycene tot Parthenon.
Griekenland : van Mycene tot Parthenon.
Romeinse bouwkunst.
Imperum Romanum : van de Etrusken tot de val van het rijk.
Early Christian and Byzantine architecture.
Byzantine architecture.
Vroege Middeleeuwen : van de late Klassieke Oudheid tot het jaar 1000.
Romaanse stijl : steden, kathedralen en kloosters.
Geschichte der Baukunst des XIX.Jahrhunderts.
Romaanse bouwkunst.
Architectural principles in the age of Humanism.
Barok en rococo : architectuur en decoratie.
Roma Barocca : the history of an architectonic culture.
Follies : bizarre bouwwerken in Nederland en België : -idylle-.
Albert Frey and Lina Bo Bardi : a search for living architecture.
Forum voor architectuur, jrg. 27, mei 1980 : Rood wit blauw in München.
Forum voor architectuur, jrg. 27, nov.-dec. 1980 : Jan Rietveld, 1 : 200.
Modern architecture : a critical history.
Architecture after modernism.
The language of post-modern architecture.
International style : modernist architecture from 1925 to 1965.
Case study houses : the complete CSH program, 1945-1966.
Contemporary European architects.
Hedendaagse architectuur.
Theory and design in the first machine age.
Violated perfection : architecture and the fragmentation of the modern.
Revision der Moderne : postmoderne Architektur 1960-1980.
Biennale de Parijs : architecture 1985.
Vision der Moderne : das Prinzip Konstruktion.
Créer dans le crée : l'architecture contemporaine dans les bâtiments anciens.
De collectie : architectuur 1960-1988 : een keuze uit het bezit van het Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt am Main.
J.J.P. Oud en Bruno Taut : ontwerpen voor een nieuwe stad : Rotterdam-Berlijn.
Architectuur van de toekomst.
Transformations in modern architecture.
Moderne architectuur : een kritische geschiedenis.
Architectuur van de 20e eeuw.
Architectuur van de 20e eeuw : deel 1 en deel 2.
Die neue Architektur und das Bauhaus : Grundzüge und Entwicklung einer Konzeption.
Back from utopia : the challenge of the modern movement.
Neue urbane Wohnformen : Gartenhofhäuser, Teppichsiedlungen, Terrassenhäuser.
Hedendaagse architecten in Nederland en Vlaanderen.
Current architecture.
Contemporary European architects.
Contemporary European architects.
Contemporary European architects.
Building a new millennium=Bauen in neuen Jahrtausend=Construire un nouveau millénaire.
Architecture now=Architektur heute=L'architecture d'aujourd'hui.
Architecture now 4 : Architektur heute=L'architecture d'aujourd'hui.
Encyclopaedia of 20th century architecture.
Functional architecture : the international style=Funktionale Architektur : le style international 1925-1940.
What a wonderful world : musicvideo's in architecture.
Contemporary European architects.
Architektur der Gegenwart.
Art Nouveau architecture.
Radical games : popping the bubble of 1960 s´ architecture.
Die heroische Periode der modernen Architektur.
Geschiedenis van de architectuur in de 20e eeuw.
Naturstein und Architektur : Materialkunde Anwendung Steintechnik.
Tony Garnier : the cité industrielle.
Wiederhall, no. 1, 1986.
World Architecture, no. 14, 1991. Denys Lasdun. Light as architectural form. Meier's Barcelona Museum. Avant garde in New York.
World Architecture, no. 10, 1991. Gustav Peichl. Egypt's library reborn. Ellis Island refurbished. Dangerous German architects.
World Architecture, no. 16, 1991. Fumihiko Maki. Viñoly's theatrical forum. Hamamatsu's musical forte. The patron of century tower.
Pet architecture guide book
"Cities on the move. Exhibition in 1997 in Vienna and Bordeaux."
Featherweights : light, mobile and floating architecture.
New European architecture 07 08 : essays about the current state of European architecture.
The Phaidon Atlas of 21st century world architecture.
Grafisch Nederland : kerstnummer 1980 : Nooit gebouwd Nederland : 'want tussen droom en daad staan wetten in de weg en practische bezwaren...'.
Een kwestie van schaal : tentoonstelling van maquettes.
Amsterdam, vier eeuwen bouwkunst.
Middeleeuwse stadswallen en stadspoorten in de lage landen.
De Gothische kerkelijke bouwkunst.
Wonen in de Amsterdamse School : ontwerpen voor het interieur, 1910-1930.
Amsterdamse school : Nederlandse architectuur, 1910-1930.
De Architekten Cie.
Amsterdam op de helling : de strijd om stadsvernieuwing.
Het nieuwe bouwen : voorgeschiedenis = previous history.
Het Nieuwe Bouwen in Rotterdam 1920-1960.
Het Nieuwe Bouwen internationaal=international : CIAM volkshuisvesting, stedebouw=housing, town planning.
Het Nieuwe Bouwen : De Stijl : de nieuwe beelding in de architectuur= neo-plasticism in architecture.
Het nieuwe bouwen : Amsterdam, 1920-1960.
Gerrit Rietveld Mien Ruys in Bergeijk.
De Rietveld Academie=The Rietveld Academy : een akademiegebouw als model= an academy-building as a model.
Vierwindenhuis=House of the four winds, Wittenburg Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, het mekka van de volkshuisvesting 'sociale woningbouw, 1909-1942'.
Benthem Crouwel.
Kijk uit, om je heen : de geschiedenis van de moderne architectuur in Nederland.
Bouwkunst, stijl, stedebouw : van Eesteren en de avant-garde.
Het algemeen uitbreidingsplan van Amsterdam : geschiedenis en ontwerp.
Het landschap van de Ijsselmeerpolders : planning, inrichting en vormgeving.
Architectuur uit bouw 1976.
Architectuur in Nederland : wereldbeelden, bouwopgave, tradities, techniek, macht en status, stadslandschap, mobiliteit, erfgoed.
50 jaar Groot Handelsgebouw : icoon van de wederopbouw, metafoor van Rotterdamse daadkracht.
Bouwen 1920-1940 : de Nederlandse bijdrage aan het Nieuwe Bouwen.
Het Witte Dorp : Oud-Mathenesse 1923-1987.
Mecanoo : vijfentwintig werken.
Forum voor architectuur, jrg. 27, jul. 1981 : Van stoel tot Stopera.
Het plan Amsterdam-Zuid van H.P. Berlage=H.P. Berlage's plan for the southern extension of Amsterdam.
Gids voor moderne architectuur in Nederland=Guide to modern architecture in the Netherlands.
Wie is er bang voor nieuwbouw... : confrontatie met Nederlandse architecten.
Structuralism in Dutch architecture.
Piet Blom en de kunst van het bouwen.
Architektur-Urbanismus=Architecture-urbanism=Architecture-urbanisme : Architectengemeenschap van den Broek en Bakema.
Architectenbureau Jowa Amsterdam: particulieren, kantoren en openbare ruimten, museale projecten/private homes, offices and public venues, museum projects,
Amsterdam : an architectural lesson.
Benthem Crouwel 1980-2000.
Functionalism in the Netherlands=Functionalisme in Nederland.
Het architectonische detail : Nederlandse architecten verbeelden hun concepten.
el croquis; no. 85 : Wiel Arets 1993-1997.
Re-Arch : nieuwe ontwerpen voor oude gebouwen.
De Amsterdamse School.
Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller : W. Quist, architect : nieuwbouw=extension 1970-1977.
Rijkshuisvesting voor morgen 4 : regio Noord-West.
Rijkshuisvesting voor morgen 5 : regio Oost.
SMA(A)K : stedenbouw, monumentenzorg, architectuur, architectuurbeleid, kunst 1995-2000.
Benthem Crouwel.
34 projekten in Velsen, Uitgeest en Halfweg.
Atelierwoningen Zomerdijkstraat 1932 - 1934 : Zanstra, Giesen en Sijmons, architecten.
Architectuur in Nederland 1960-1967.
Faculteit der Kunsten Tilburg : architektenburo Jo Coenen.
Architectuur van deze eeuw.
The Amsterdam School.
Expressionismus in Holland : die Architektur der Amsterdamer Schule.
"From material gestures to situations. This publication contains a selection of projects generated by the participants of Studio for Immediate Spaces in the school year 2013-14 of the Sandberg Instituut."
"Overvecht zo tussen '64 en '76. Perfect day."
"Kracht, karakter, innovatie : startende architecten ontwerpen voor Brabant. hhh"
Woning op maat : visioen en werkelijkheid van flexibel bouwen.
Van Gogh Museum Architecture : Rietveld to Kurokawa.
Architectuur in Nederland.
Superdutch : new architecture in the Netherlands.
Nederlandse architecten : documentatie van recent uitgevoerde projecten van Nederlandse architecten, interieurarchitecten, stedenbouwkundigen en landschapsarchitecten. Dutch architects : documentation of recently executed pro
Tangible traces : Dutch architecture and design in the making
Complexity and contradiction in architecture.
L'Architecture française : des origines à nos jours.
Observations on American architecture.
Rude timber buildings in Australia.
Splendours of the Raj : British architecture in India 1660 to 1947.
Images of early America.
The English home from Charles I to George IV : its architecture, decoration and garden design.
Follies : a national trust guide.
Verborgene Schönheit : Bauwerk und Plastik der Ostmark.
Shaker architecture : descriptions with photographs and drawings of Shaker buildings at Mount Lebanon New York, Watervliet New York, West Pittsfield Massachusetts.
Your house : the outside view.
Japanische Architektur : Geschichte und Gegenwart.
Poelaert en zijn tijd.
Bruxelles=Brussel=Brussels 1900 : capitale de l'art nouveau=hoofdstad van de art nouveau=capital of the art nouveau.
Villenarchitektur=Villa architecture in Dresden.
Architecture from the Arab world : 1914-2014 : a selection.
"A ein guide to Archigram 1961-74. Archigram-Programm 1061-74."
Een eeuw architectuur op Curaçao : de architectuur en stedenbouw van de twintigste eeuw op Curaçao.
Modern architecture in Africa.
Project Japan metabolism talks.
La Grande Borne à Grigny : ville d'Emile Aillaud.
Bouwen in België 1945-1970.
Neue französische Architektur.
Architektur in Deutschland : Bundesrepublik und Westberlin.
Contemporary Japanese architecture=Architettura giapponese contemporanea.
Siedlungen der zwanziger Jahre-heute : vier Berliner Gross-Siedlungen 1924-1984.
Contemporary British architects : recent projects from the Architecture Room of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
Papierarchitektur : neue Projekte aus der Sowjetunion.
Die Weissenhofsiedlung=The Weissenhof Colony=La cité de Weissenhof Stuttgart.
The Weissenhofsiedlung : experimental housing built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart 1927.
Werkbund-Ausstellung "Die Wohnung" Stuttgart 1927 : Die Weissenhofsiedlung.
Idee, Prozess, Ergebnis : die Reparatur und Rekonstruktion der Stadt.
Neue italienische Architektur.
Contemporary American architects.
Contemporary Japanese architects.
Abgelehnt : nicht ausgeführt : die Bau- und Projektgeschichte der Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien 1873-1993 : ein ebenso unbekanntes wie lehrreiches Kapitel der Wiener Kultur- und Architekturgeschichte : 125 Jahre Hoc
Contemporary Asian architects.
Russland : die Rekonstruktion der Architektur in der Sowjetunion.
Russia : an architecture for world revolution.
De wolkenkrabber : het verhaal van een ontleding.
Contemporary Japanese architects.
British architecture.
Französische Baukunst der Gegenwart.
Contemporary Japanese houses.
Casa Malaparte.
Bruxelles 1900 : Horta, Van de Velde, Hankar, Serrurier-Bovy et les autres créateurs de l'art nouveau.
Chicago architecture 1872-1922 : birth of a metropolis.
Paris : contemporary architecture.
Architecture, culture, and spirituality.
Kloosters : honderd wonderen van het avondland.
Rituals and walls : the architecture of sacred space.
The architecture of hospitals
The contemporary mosque : architects, clients and designs since the 1950s.
Kerken en godshuizen in Amsterdam.
Venetian palazzi = Paläste in Venedig = Palais Vénitiens.
Amsterdamse bruggen 1910-1950.
Gemalen in Nederland.
Nederlandse vuurtorens : bouwgeschiedenis en organisatie.
Watertorens in Nederland (1856-1915).
Living bridges : the inhabited bridge : past, present and future.
Making public buildings : specificity, customization, imbrication.
Musea : idee en architectuur.
GA contemporary architecture : museum 2.
Binnen was buiten : de Sandbergvleugel Amsterdam.
Museums for a new millenium : concepts, projects, buildings.
De architectuur van de ouderenhuisvesting
A short look into the future?
The architecture of hospitals.
New museums.
Les musées.
Musées : tome 2.
The achitecture of stations and terminals.
Hedendaagse architectuur: van schets tot gebouw. Wereldberoemde architecten tonen hun ontwerpen aan de hand van schetsen en plattegronden.
Muziekcentrum Vredenburg : voorgeschiedenis, ontwerp, archeologische vondsten, constructie, akoestiek, klimaatbeheersing, organisatie bouwproces, uitvoering, projectorganisatie.
Architecture of rail : the way ahead.
Theatres and auditoriums : progressive architecture library.
6 ontwerpen voor het Nederlands Architectuurinstituut.
Stationsarchitectuur in Nederland 1938/1998
Stadhuis/Bibliotheek Den Haag : Richard Meier and Partners Architects.
Het museum Boymans van Hannema=The Boymans Museum and director Hannema : gebouw, geschiedenis, architectuur=the history of the building.
Jan Wils/het Olympisch Stadion.
Gewächshäuser und Wintergärten im neunzehnten Jahrhundert.
Die Museumsbauten der neuen Generation=The museums of the last generation.
Centraal Museum Utrecht Mededelingen no. 27, najaar 1979 : notities over architectuur van architect Bertus Mulder.
De Stopera : een Amsterdamse geschiedenis.
Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam.
New Second Chamber of Parliament building.
Spoorweg-stations : hoogtepunten uit de architectuur.
Naar een betere ruimte voor de kunst en het publiek : modernisering en uitbreiding van het Stedelijk Museum.
Het Muziektheater Amsterdam.
Walls that teach : on the architecture of youth centres.
Wiel Arets : architect : Maastricht Academy for the Arts and Architecture.
Stedelijk architectuur.
Planning stores that pay : organic design and layout for efficient merchandising.
Esposizioni : architetture - allestimenti=Exhibitions : architecture - displays.
The golden age of shop design : European shop interiors 1880-1939.
Exhibition design.
Oude fabrieken nieuwe functies : herbestemming industrieel erfgoed.
Les cafés.
Les usines.
Les boutiques.
Bouwwerk : een hoofdkantoor voor Gasunie.
Westergasfabriek Culture Park : transformation of a former industrial site in Amsterdam.
Bauten der Technik : ihre Form und Wirkung : Werkanlagen.
Monumenten van bedrijf en techniek : industriële archeologie in Nederland.
Een park voor de 21ste eeuw : vijf visies voor de Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.
Boutiques 1929.
Westergasfabriek : het terrein en de gebouwen : een cultuurhistorische verkenning.
Bouwheer en -meester : de architectuur van kantoorgebouwen.
Die alten Lagerhäuser Amsterdams : eine kunstgeschichtliche Studie.
Bouwen aan detentie.
Het eigen huis : landhuizen, villa's en andere eengezinshuizen.
De architectuur van de hedendaagse gevangenis : pleidooi voor het flexibele dominomodel.
Heterotopia and the city : public space in a postcivil society.
De straat : vorm van samenleving.
In search of new public domain : analysis and strategy.
Houses generated by patterns.
Remaking NL : cityscape, landscape, infrastructure.
Atlas nieuwe Hollandse waterlinie.
Geest en grond : culturele planologie in de duin- en bollenstreek.
The other side of design : Markerwaard : water en land=water and land : mythe of rede=myth or mind.
Beyond shelter : in search of a better environment.
Habitat soleil : exposition des projets primés au concours d'Architecture Solaire.
Learning from China : the tao of the city.
"Urban politics now : re-imagining democracy in the neoliberal city. reflect #06"
Urban flotsam : stirring the city.
Topologies : the urban utopia in France, 1960-1970.
A la recherche de l'urbanité : savoir faire la ville, savoir vivre la ville.
Great leap forward.
Harvard design school : guide to shopping.
De verstrooide stad.
Public places : exploring their history.
Out of time, out of place : public art (now).
Vertical : the city from satellites to bunkers.
Temporary urban spaces : concepts for the use of city spaces.
De-/signing the urban : technogenesis and the urban image.
Garden cities of to-morrow.
The death and life of great American cities.
Nature in fragments : the legacy of sprawl.
The visual perception of the built environment.
"Open city : designing coexistence."
Collage city.
Olympic cities.
The intercultural city : planning for diversity advantage.
Instant cities.
Parallel cities : the multilevel metropolis.
Tools and architecture.
De kritiese jaren zeventig : architectuur en stedenbouw in Nederland, 1968-1982 = The critical seventies : architecture and urban planning in the Netherlands, 1968-1982.
ISBN 90 72855 05 1.
"Helaas ! De holen der menschen" : "geschikte woningen voor de lagere klassen" : fragmenten uit de geschiedenis van de fabriekswoonwijken.
Visie op de stad : Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk Den Haag.
Betondorp : gebouwd, verbouwd 1923-1987.
Betondorp : ontwerp, maatschappij, techniek.
Boomtown Amsterdam : ontwerpen om de stad.
Kwaliteit van de openbare ruimte : resultaten ontwerpprijsvraag Spoorzone Tilburg.
AIR-Zuidwaarts=Southbound : de ontdekking van de Hoeksche Waard.
AIR-Zuidwaarts=Southbound : de verkenning van de Hoeksche Waard : waar het landschap begint=new landscape frontiers.
AIR-Zuidwaarts=Southbound : de toekomst van de Hoeksche Waard : waar het landschap begint=new landscape frontiers.
Volle boel : het straatmeubilair van PTT temidden van al het andere.
Het staat op straat : straatmeubilair in Nederland.
City branding : image building & building images.
De omslag : Ypke Gietema en de stad Groningen.
Buitenwijk : stedelijkheid op afstand.
Welschen 7.
Initiatief en inspiratie : thema's voor de kwaliteit van volkshuisvesting en stadsontwikkeling.
Wiederhall, no. 18, 1995.
Jakarta Megalopolis : horizontal and vertical observations.
L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui sept./oct. 1973, no. 169 : renovation urbaine.
Exterior design in architecture.
Kunst en de openbare ruimte.
The history of the city.
De Europese stad.
Amsterdam Zuidas transfer node.
Kinderspielplätze : Beurteilungskriterien und Planungshilfen : Modell Ölmühle Düren.
Vrije ruimten Zuidas.
Publieke kunst: nieuwe dimensies in ruimte en tijd, voor kunstenaar en publiek.
Stadse fratsen.
Europan 4 : bouwen van de stad op de stad=constructing the town upon the town : transformatie van stedelijke gebieden=transformation of contemporary urban sites.
Europan 5 : nieuwe woonlandschappen, verplaatsen en verblijven=new housing, landscapes, travel and proximity.
Ort und Platz : stadträumliche Architekturanalysen : Studentenarbeiten im ersten Semester der Meisterklasse für Architektur, Prof. Hans Hollein, Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien.
Citythoughts # 9/2006 : suburban scenario´s.
De recreatieve stad.
Squares in contemporary architecture.
Grundformen der europäischen Stadt : Versuch eines historischen Aufbaues in Genealogien.
Urban space.
Laat duizend vrijplaatsen bloeien : onderzoek naar vrijplaatsen in Amsterdam.
Cities and planning in the ancient Near East.
De Koperen Lamp : keuze 1967-1979.
Matrix of man : an illustrated history of urban environment.
Defensible space : crime prevention through urban design.
De stad als kunstwerk : Londen, Parijs, Wenen 1814-1914.
Architecture versus housing.
Lebensgerechte Aussenräume=Livable Environments=Les extérieurs vivants.
The architecture of the city.
Een maquette staat model.
Hoe het ook anders kan : een pleidooi voor beeldvorming bij de voorbereiding van het globaal bestemmingsplan.
Nieuwe openingen ; 5.
11ha : het Storkterrein in Amsterdam verkend door kunstenaars en onderzoekers.
Terpen : mens en milieu.
De landelijke bouwkunst in Hollands Noorderkwartier : een omvangrijk documentatiewerk over de Westfriese boerderij met zijn typisch pyramidale dak.
Die schönsten Gärten.
Stadstuinen Almere Hout : Ymere Stimuleringsprijsvraag 2005 : voor (landschaps)architectuur, beeldende kunst en stedenbouw.
Barokke siertuinen.
Ode aan het Vondelpark.
Garden architecture in Europe 1450-1800 : from the villa garden of the Italian Renaissance to the English landscape garden.
Gestaltqualitäten in Landschaft und Freiraum : abgeleitet von den körperlich - seelisch - geistigen Wechselwirkungen zwischen Mensch und Lebensraum.
Deutsche Gartenstadtbewegung : Kulturpolitik und Gesellschaftsreform.
Churchyards and cemeteries.
Europese tuinkunst van de Oudheid tot heden.
Architecture and landscape : the design experiment of the great European gardens and landscapes.
Het Beth Haim van Ouderkerk=The Beth Haim of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel : beelden van een Portugees-Joodse begraafplaats=images of a Portugese Jewish cemetery in Holland.
Landscape architecture now!
Maakbaar landschap : Nederlandse landschapsarchitectuur 1945-1970.
New landscape design.
De angst voor het nieuwe landschap : beschouwingen over landschapsontwerp en landschapsbeheer.
Dictionary of today's landscape designers.
R&Sie architects : spoiled climate.
Nederlandse landschapsarchitectuur : tussen traditie en experiment.
Modern landscape.
Holland schept ruimte : het Nederlandse paviljoen op de wereldtentoonstelling Expo 2000 te Hannover.
Theme park.
Freizeitstätten für Kinder und Familien.
Vitamin 3-D : new perspectives in sculpture and installation.
Ornament and crime : selected essays.
De sculptura : beschouwingen over beeldhouwkunst.
Forum : architektuur als imaginaire werkelijkheid.
Forum : architektuur als imaginaire werkelijkheid : verslag 1986.
Bespiegelingen over beeldhouwkunst.
Kleur als verschijnsel in sculptuur.
Outdoor sculpture : object and environment.
Extraordinary : from everyday objects to art.
Cire perdue retrouvée.
Boetseren en gipsgieten.
Technik der Bronzeplastik.
Kunststoff-Fibel : das freie Gestalten mit Kunststoffen.
Sculpture in plastics : polyester, plastic foams, acrylic sheet, flexible plastics.
The Thames and Hudson manual of metalworking.
Op de kop af.
The evolution of modern sculpture : tradition and innovation.
Dekorative Skulptur aus den Hauptepochen der Kunst.
Sculpture in 19th and 20th centuries.
Le monde chrétien : le musée imaginaire de la sculpture mondiale.
Sculpture : process and principles.
Sculpture : from Antiquity to the Middle Ages; volume I.
Sculpture : from the Renaissance to the present day; volume II.
Sculpture of the Eskimo.
Buddhastatuen : Ursprung und Formen der Buddhagestalt.
Japanese portrait sculpture.
Het goddelijk gezicht van Indonesië : meesterwerken der beeldhouwkunst 700-1600.
Greek sculptors at work.
Greek sculpture : a critical review.
Greek sculpture.
Later Greek sculpture and its influence on East and West.
Sculpture in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain 1400 to 1500.
Die gotische Holzfigur : ihe Wesen und ihre Technik.
De taal van de beeldhouwkunst : over de grondslagen van de moderne sculptuur.
Origins of modern sculpture : pioneers and premises.
Het grote gedicht : Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst, 1945-1994.
Nieuwe monumenten = new monuments.
A concise history of modern sculpture.
Als de kunst erom vraagt : de Sonsbeek tentoonstellingen.
Sonsbeek 1952 : internationale tentoonstelling beeldhouwkunst.
Sonsbeek 1958 : internationale beeldententoonstelling in de open lucht.
5e internationale beeldententoonstelling Sonsbeek 1966.
Sonsbeek 1971 : Sonsbeek buiten de perken.
Sonsbeek 1971 : Sonsbeek buiten de perken.
Voer voor miljoenen : de aktie BBK en Sonsbeek buiten de perken.
Sonsbeek 1986 : internationale beelden tentoonstelling=international sculpture exhibition.
Sonsbeek 1986 : internationale beelden tentoonstelling=international sculpture exhibition.
Sonsbeek 93.
Sonsbeek9 : Locus Focus. sculpture exhibition.
Sonsbeek9 : Appendix. sculpture exhibition.
"Sonsbeek9 : Where the bus takes us. Sonsbeek9 : Waar de bus ons brengt."
Beelden in de stad Utrecht : percentageregeling sinds 1954, fonds stadsverfraaiing sinds 1948.
Skulptur im 20. Jahrhundert.
Skulptur Projekte in Münster 1987.
Inside outside : an aspect of contemporary sculpture.
Beelden in de stad : Rotterdam. Sculpture in the city : Rotterdam.
Het beeld van de eeuw : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Cobra 3 dimensionaal : werk in hout, klei, metaal, steen, gips, afval, polyester, brood, keramiek, ....
Sculpture : projects in Münster 1997.
Sculpture since 1945.
Reliefs : Formprobleme zwischen Malerei und Skulptur im 20.Jahrhundert.
Die Plastik der Moderne : von Rodin bis zur Gegenwart.
Das Bildhauersymposion : Entstehung und Entwicklung einer neuen Form kollektiver und künstlerischer Arbeit.
Sculpture unlimited.
Sculpture unlimited 2 : materiality in times of immateriality.
Unmonumental : the object in the 21st century.
The Brancusi effect : an archival impulse.
Skulptur-projekte Münster 2007.
Sculpture projects Muenster 2007.
Sculpture today.
Berlinde de Bruyckere Martin Honert : Under cover - aus dem Verborgenen.
Stedelijk Museum in de Nieuwe Kerk No1: beelden 1947 > 2002 sculpture.
Beeldengids Nederland.
Het Amsterdams beeldenboek : vier eeuwen buitenbeelden (1600-heden).
Houten beelden : de houtsculptuur in de Noordelijke Nederlanden tijdens de late Middeleeuwen.
Bodytalk : de nieuwe figuratie in de Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst van de jaren negentig.
Een beeld van een vrouw : Nederlandse beeldhouwsters uit de School van Bronner.
Beelden van bedrijven.
Het gat.
Sta een ogenbik stil... : monumentenboek 1940-1945.
Beeldenparken : kunst en natuur in Europa : een gids.
200 Years of American sculpture.
Italian sculpture 1250-1700.
Meesters van het brons der Italiaanse Renaissance.
Italian high Renaissance and Baroque sculpture.
Italian high Renaissance and Baroque sculpture.
Italian high Renaissance and Baroque sculpture.
Italian Renaissance sculpture.
Sculpture in Italy 1400 to 1500.
Britse sculptuur = British sculpture, 1960-1988.
The third dimension : sculpture of the New York School.
Skulptur und Macht : figurative Plastik im Deutschland der 30er und 40er Jahre.
Skulptur des Expressionismus.
A quiet revolution : British sculpture since 1965.
9 Studenten der Bildhauerklasse Brodwolf, Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste Stuttgart.
Objektbau bei Christian Hasucha 1984-1988 : Ergebnisse einer Lehrveranstaltung an der HdK Berlin Fb 11.
Plastik/Metall : Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Halle : Klasse Irmtraud Ohme 1980-1995 : Absolventen, Studenten, Lehrer.
Zonnewijzers aan en bij gebouwen in Nederland : benevens een korte beschrijving van twee astronomische torenuurwerken.
Amsterdamse gapers.
Public monuments : art in political bondage, 1870-1997.
Shell-journaal van Nederlandse standbeelden.
Op de bres voor de vrijheid : oorlogs-, verzets- en bevrijdingsmonumenten in Amsterdam.
Bronssculptuur=Bronze sculpture : beeldhouwkunst 1500-1800 in de collectie van het Museum Boymans-van Beuningen=sculpture from 1500-1800 in the collection of the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum.
Hout- en steensculptuur : beeldhouwkunst 1200-1800 in de collectie van het Museum Boymans-van Beuningen.
Contemporary art with wood : creative techniques and appreciation.
Vitamin P : new perspectives in painting.
Vitamin P 2 : new perspectives in painting.
The drawing book : a survey of drawing: the primary means of expression.
Vitamin D : new perspectives in drawing.
The primacy of drawing : histories and theories of practice.
Knaurs Lexikon alter Malerei.
Knaurs Lexikon moderner Kunst.
Knaurs Lexikon abstrakter Malerei : mit einer ausführlichen Darstellung der Geschichte der abstrakten Malerei.
De verzameling van de Stichting Willem van der Vorm in het Museum Boymans- van Beuningen Rotterdam=Collection of the Willem van der Vorm Foundation at the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam.
Painting as model.
Thinking through painting : reflexivity and agency beyond the canvas.
Painting beyond itself : the medium in the post-medium condition.
All the paintings of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam : a complete illustrated catalogue.
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
Schilderkunst uit de eerste hand=Malerei aus erster Hand : olieverfschetsen van Tintoretto tot Goya=Ölskizzen von Tintoretto bis Goya.
Die goldene Palette : Tausend Jahre Malerei in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.
Johan Hauser : Kunst aus Manie und Depression
Della Pittura : de schilderkunst en andere media.
What great paintings say : from Bayeux tapestry to Diego Rivera; volume I.
What great paintings say : from Bayeux tapestry to Diego Rivera; volume II.
Drawings from ancient Egypt.
Ancient faces : mummy portraits from Roman Egypt.
Painting and culture of the Mongols.
Dreams of spring : erotic art in China from the Bertholet collection.
On the laws of Japanese painting : an introduction to the study of the art of Japan.
La peinture grecque.
Welt der Ikonen.
La peinture byzantine.
La peinture romane : du onzième au treizième siècle.
La peinture gothique.
Giotto to Durer : early Renaissance painting in the National Gallery.
Duitse en Franse schilderijen vijftiende en zestiende eeuw=German and French paintings fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Renaissance Venice and the North : crosscurrents in the time of Bellini, Dürer and Titian.
15th century paintings.
Schilderkunst van de Renaissance.
De Watteau à Tiepolo : le dix-huitième siècle.
Rococo to revolution : major trends in eighteenth-century painting.
Schilderkunst van de Barok.
Van Gogh's grote tijdgenoten.
Het symbolisme in Europa.
De grote naïeven.
Biedermeier und Romantik : Bilder aus einem gräflichen Album, ca. 1820-1850.
Dierbare schilders : het burgerlijk realisme in de negentiende eeuw.
Gauguin and the Pont-Aven School.
Matisse to Malevich : pioneers of modern art from the Hermitage.
Bonnard und die Nabis.
De Goya à Gauguin : le dix-neuvième siècle : formes et couleurs nouvelles.
Auf Zeit.
Mondrian und die Abstrakten.
Die naive Malerei : das naive Bild der Welt.
Ensor, Hodler, Kruyder, Munch : wegbereiders van het modernisme=pioneers of modernism.
Het oog in het wild : surrealisme en schilderkunst.
Meesters der materie : materieschilderkunst in een internationaal perspectief.
Munch en na Munch of, De hardnekkigheid van schilders=Munch and after Munch, or, the obstinacy of painters.
Flemish and Dutch painting : from Van Gogh, Ensor, Magritte and Mondrian to contemporary artists.
Meesters van het licht : luministische schilderkunst in Nederland en Duitsland.
Twisted : urban and visionary landscapes in contemporary painting.
Van Van Gogh tot Picasso=From Van Gogh to Picasso : schilderijen en tekeningen uit de negentiende en twintigste eeuw uit het Poesjkin Museum te Moskou en de Hermitage te Leningrad=nineteenth and twentieth-century paintings
Neue Sachlichkeit und Realismus : Kunst zwischen den Kriegen.
A new spirit in painting.
The spiritual in art : abstract painting 1890-1985.
Drawing from the modern 1945-1975.
The new image : painting in the 1980s.
Infinite possibilities: Serial Imagery in 20th-century drawings.
atlas of drawings : transforming chronologies.
The triumph of painting : Albert Oehlen, Thomas Scheibitz, Wilhelm Sasnal, Kai Althof, Dirk Skreber, Franz Ackermann.
Schilderen in Nederland : de geschiedenis van 1000 jaar kunst.
Dutch painting.
Koud tot op het bot : de verbeelding van de winter in de zestiende en zeventiende eeuw in de Nederlanden.
Bruegel : een dynastie van schilders.
Van Eyck to Bruegel 1400 to 1550 : Dutch and Flemish painting in the collection of the Museum Boymans-van Beuningen.
Pieter Breughel de Jonge (1564-1637/8)-Jan Brueghel de Oude (1568-1625) : een Vlaamse schildersfamilie rond 1600.
Altniederländische Malerei : von Van Eyck bis Bosch.
Aristoteles over kleuren.
Tot lering en vermaak : betekenissen van Hollandse genrevoorstellingen uit de zeventiende eeuw.
Nederlandse genreschilderijen uit de 17e eeuw : eigen collectie Museum Boymans van Beuningen.
Hollandse schilders in de Gouden Eeuw.
Ontrouw aan Rembrandt en andere verhalen : een bloemlezing uit Kunstschrift met artikelen over de 17de-eeuwse Nederlandse kunst.
Kwesties van betekenis : thema en motief in de Nederlandse schilderkunst van de zeventiende eeuw.
Arm in de Gouden Eeuw.
De Haagse School : Hollandse Meesters van de 19e eeuw.
De schilders van Tachtig : Nederlandse schilderkunst 1880-1895.
Het Haagse School boek.
Koninklijke prijs voor vrije schilderkunst 2012.
Koninklijke prijs voor vrije schilderkunst 2011
Koninklijke prijs voor vrije schilderkunst 2013.
Koninklijke prijs voor vrije schilderkunst 2013.
"Koninklijke prijs voor vrije schilderkunst 2014. Winnaars: Niels Broszat, Koen Doodeman, Bob Eikelboom, Jessica Skowroneck."
Wedstrijd Prix de Rome 1983 : monumentale en versierende schilderkunst.
De Branding 1917-1926.
Koninklijke Subsidie voor Vrije Schilderkunst 1989.
Vijftig jaar Nederlandse realistische kunst=Fifty years of Dutch realistic art.
Magie en zakelijkheid : realistische schilderkunst in Nederland 1925-1945.
11 schilders=11 painters.
15 jaar Nieuwe Realisten=15 years of Dutch New Realism.
De Haagse School, De Stijl en Mondriaan.
De Rijksakademie, jrg. 4, no. 11, apr. 1990. Over schilderen=On painting.
De Bergense School.
De Ploeg 1918-1930.
De Amsterdamse Joffers.
De ballingen : Frits Van den Berghe, Gustave De Smet en Rik Wouters in Nederland 1914-1921.
Nederlandse schilders in Parijs 1900-1940.
Into drawing : contemporary dutch drawings. Into drawing : hedendaagse nederlandse tekeningen.
"All about drawing : 100 Dutch artists. All about drawing : 100 Nederlandse kunstenaars."
Verf : hedendaagse Nederlandse schilders over hun werk.
Dit is Nederland: in tachtig meesterwerken.
Cinq siècles d'art français : Musée de l'Ermitage, Léningrad, Musée des Beaux-Arts Pouchkine, Moscou. Dl. 1: 15e-18e siècles.
Cinq siècles d'art français : Musée de l'Ermitage, Léningrad, Musée des Beaux-Arts Pouchkine, Moscou. Dl. 2: 19e et 20e siècles.
Van Titiaan tot Tiepolo=From Titian to Tiepolo : Italiaanse schilderkunst in Nederlands bezit=Italian painting in Dutch collections.
Bilder aus der Neuen Welt : Amerikanische Malerei des 18. und 19.Jahrhunderts : Meisterwerke aus der Sammlung Thyssen-Bornemisza und Museen der Vereinigten Staaten.
A students' guide to Italian painting 1250-1800.
A students' guide to Italian painting 1250-1800.
Poland : painting of the fifteenth century.
European master drawings unveiled : Van der Goes, Michelangelo, Van Goyen, Fragonard and others masters from Belgian collections.
Aan de oorsprong van de schilderkunst=The birth of panel painting : vroege Italiaanse schilderijen in Nederlands bezit=early Italian paintings in Dutch collections.
Italiaanse renaissanceschilderkunst.
De Italiaanse schilders van de Renaissance.
The age of Caravaggio.
Pontormo, Rosso Fiorentino.
La peinture italienne : les créateurs de la Renaissance.
Rubens en zijn tijd=Rubens and his age.
Rubens & Brueghel : een artistieke vriendschap.
La peinture romantique anglaise et les Préraphaélites.
Ingres en Delacroix : tekeningen en aquarellen.
Britse landschapstekeningen en aquarellen uit de Morgan Library : van Gainsborough tot Ruskin.
The great century of British painting : Hogarth to Turner.
Heavenly visions: Shaker gift drawings and gift songs.
Der französische Impressionismus : die Hauptmeister in der Malerei.
Die Präraffaeliten.
L'École de Barbizon et le paysage français au XIXe siècle.
A day in the country : Impressionism and the French landscape.
Traum und Wahrheit : Deutsche Romantik aus Museen der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik.
Philipp Otto Runge, Caspar David Friedrich : het jaar en de dag.
Impressionisme : een schone kijk : de stroming en de aanloop.
The Nabis and their period.
The pre-Raphaelites.
The History of Impressionism.
The Realist tradition : French painting and drawing 1830-1900.
D is for drawing.
Meisterwerke Russischer Malerei vom Ende des 19.Jahrhunderts bis zum Beginn des 20.Jahrhunderts.
The stage of drawing : gesture and act : selected from the Tate Collection.
Magic line.
Chinese muren=Chinese walls.
Budapest '88 : 8 Hongaarse schilders=8 Ungarische Maler.
Experiment Weltuntergang : Wien um 1900.
Abstract expressionism : the critical developments.
Kunstmuseum Hannover mit Sammlung Sprengel : die Künstlergruppe "Brücke" : Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen und Druckgraphik : Verzeichnis der Bestände.
Hand-painted pop : American art in transition 1955-1962.
Delaunay und Deutschland.
Refigured painting : the German image 1960-1988.
The new Chinese painting 1949-1986.
De Fauves : de kleur aan de macht.
A concise history of English painting.
Sint-Martens-Latem : gezegend oord van de Vlaamse kunst.
The Hermitage, Leningrad : French 20th century masters.
Die Neuen Wilden in Berlin.
Fotorealismus : die Malerei des Augenblicks.
Masterpieces of Latvian painting=Latviesu glezniecibas meistardarbi= Scsedevry Latyskoj zivopisi=Meisterwerke der lettischen Malerei.
Matisse en het fauvisme.
Felicien Rops & Edvard Munch : man woman.
The century of change : British painting since 1900.
Geschichte der deutschen Malerei im 20.Jahrhundert.
English post-Impressionism.
Expressionist portraits.
3 x Abstraction : new methods of drawing : Hilma af Klint Emma Kunz Agnes Martin.
Abstract graffiti.
Drawing typologies : voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen / proposal for municipal art acquisitions.
Drawing on space.
Maria en haar kind.
Russische Ikonen des 14. bis 16.Jahrhunderts : Historisches Museum Moskau.
Signs and symbols in Christian art.
Ikonen : vensters op de Eeuwigheid.
Seeing ourselves : women's self-portraits.
Modeling life : art models speak about nudity, sexuality, and the creative process.
Portretschilderkunst : meesterwerken uit de Europese portretschilderkunst 1420-1670.
Contemporary figure painters.
Lang leve de koningin! : 60 kunstwerken met onze 60-jarige koningin Beatrix.
Het zelfportret in de Nederlandsche en Vlaamsche schilderkunst.
The face in western art.
Het getekende gelaat.
Nederlandse portretten uit de 17e eeuw=Dutch portraits from the seventeenth century : eigen collectie Museum Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam.
Kinderen op hun mooist : het kinderportret in de Nederlanden 1500-1700.
"Dear painter, paint me...": painting the figure since late Picabia.
Hedendaagse portretkunst in Nederland.
Animals and men : their relationship as reflected in Western art from prehistory to the present day.
"Bestiaire médiéval enluminures. Tentoonstelling 19/06/2004-19/09/2004 Bibliothèque nationale, Parijs."
Bloemen van de nieuwe tijd: Nederlandse bloemschilderkunst 1980 - 2000.
Flower painting.
Landscape and power.
Landscape drawings.
Schok der herkenning : het Engelse landschap der Romantiek en zijn Hollandse inspiratie.
Landschaft - topographisch : historische und zeitgenössische Landschaftsdarstellungen.
Places of delight : the pastoral landscape : from Giorgione to Matisse.
Vijf eeuwen landschap.
Lof der zeevaart : de Hollandse zeeschilders van de 17e eeuw.
De Nederlandsche landschapskunst tot het einde der zeventiende eeuw.
Perspectiven : Saenredam en de architectuurschilders van de 17e eeuw.
Bart van der Leck : ruimten, kleur, beelden.
Stilleben in Europa.
Stillevens uit de Gouden Eeuw=Still life paintings from the Golden Age : eigen collectie=own collection.
Spanish still life : from Velázquez to Goya.
Het nederlandse stilleven 1550-1720.
The art of the still life : still life painting in the early modern period.
Still life : still life painting in the early modern period.
Vier eeuwen stilleven in Frankrijk.
Jean Fouquet : prince des enlumineurs.
Indian miniature paintings c. 1590 to 1850.
Indian miniature painting.
Persische Miniaturen.
Indische Miniaturen.
The Très Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry : Musée Condé, Chantilly.
Romaanse en gotische miniaturen.
Hebrew illuminated manuscripts.
Französische Buchmalerei.
Bestiaire médiéval : enluminures.
L'oeil qui rit : le pouvoir comique des images.
Graphics : Carlos Antonio Llerena Aguirre 1971-1981.
Peter van Straaten.
GAL : Kissinger, Carter, Coca en Co : politieke tekeningen 1970-1977.
No known survivors : David Levine's political plank.
Duivels, demonen, dood, verdoemenis, Devils, demons, death and damnation.
De kleine groten der aarde : politieke karikaturen : Ori Hofmekler.
The New Yorker : album of drawings 1925-1975.
Buitenlandse zaken : 30 jaar wereldgeschiedenis in woord en beeld.
Bij ons in het dorp : een vrolijke geschiedenis voor jong en oud, uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van de verkiezingen van 1977.
Beschwerdebuch : Karikaturen aus dem Osten : Begegnung mit 16 satirischen Zeichnern aus Jugoslawien, Polen, der Tschechoslowakei und Ungarn.
La vie est devenue meilleure....
Once in a lifetime.
Literaire tekeningen.
Malarbok : Tracey Emins och Edvard Munchs arbeten tolkade av Reala, Ida Börjel och Lars Mikael Raattamaa = Coloring book : the works of Tracey Emin and Edvard Munch interpreted by Reala, Ida Börjel and Lars Mikael Raattamaa.
Ruik : de geur is de betere helft van de smaak.
Ballet in art : from the Renaissance to the present.
Trompe-l'oeil painting : the illusions of reality.
The birth of graffiti.
Couleur locale : stadsschilderingen in Rotterdam : meningen en visies van de Rotterdamse Kunststichting, kunstenaars en bevolking.
Muurschilderingen : Verenigde Staten/West-Europa.
Kunst der illusie : antieke wandschilderingen uit Campanië.
Wand Bild Mexico.
Toward a people's art : the contemporary mural movement.
Amsterdam Graffiti: the battle of Waterloo, 25 jaar graffiti historie op het Waterlooplein/Mr. Visserplein.
New York graffiti.
Das Trompe-l'oeil : gemalte Architektur.
Stadt Malbuch.
der Wand : Graffiti zwischen Anarchie und Galerie.
Glas in lood in Nederland 1817-1968.
Glas en lood in de Marnixstraat : 34 ontwerpen door Joost Swarte.
Architectural glass : a guide for design professionals.
Farbiges Glas als Element der Architektur.
De kunst van gebrandschilderd glas van de 11de eeuw tot heden.
Das Aquarell.
XXth century drawings and watercolours.
A concise history of watercolours.
XIXth century drawings and watercolours.
Mostly true.
International paper biennial Rijswijk.
Drawing and painting the portrait.
Malmaterial und seine Verwendung im Bilde.
Methods and materials of painting of the great Schools and Masters.
Methods and materials of painting of the great Schools and Masters.
Ga schilderen ! : strip-tips voor aspirant-schilders.
The complete guide to painting and drawing : techniques and materials.
Geschichte der Kunst und der künstlerischen Techniken.
The artist's handbook of materials and techniques.
Schilderijen restaureren.
Lucas Cranach the Elder : painting materials, techniques and workshop practice.
The practice of tempera painting : materials and methods.
Temperamalerei : Einführung in Werkstoffe und Malweisen unter Berücksichtigung synthetischer Dispersionsfarben.
Rendering with pen and ink : manual.
Stein an Stein : Technik des Mosaiks für Laien und Künstler : praktische Einführung in alle kindertümlichen und künstlerischen Mosaiktechniken mit vielen Beispielen und Anregungen.
Sgraffito : handboek voor allen die bij het ontwerpen, maken en beoordelen van wandversieringen betrokken kunnen zijn.
Wandmalerei : praktische Einführung in Werkstoffe und Techniken.
De kunst van het zijdeschilderen : technieken en voorbeelden.
Graphic design theory : readings from the field.
Semiology of graphics : diagrams networks maps.
Conditional Design : workbook.
Graphic design history : a critical guide.
Graphesis : visual forms of knowledge production.
Uncorporate identity : metaheaven.
Black transparency : the right to know in the age of mass surveillance.
Talks about money.
Can I make everybody happy?
Design fiction.
"I heard they ripped it off".
Why not?'is the new 'No way!'
Taking a line for a walk : assignments in design education.
See also : an alternative graphic design lexicon.
37 Assignments.
Our daily debates or : 45 minutes with graphic designers.
G : an avant-garde journal of art, architecture, design and film, 1923-1936.
Graphic design : now in production.
"Off-white paper : on the Brno Biennial and education. Exhibition: The 26th International Biennial of graphic design 2014 Brno."
Iaspis forum on design and critical practice : the reader.
De stijl van het Stedelijk = The style of the Stedelijk.
Signals from the periphery : alternative practices of graphic designers.
Passing on history : design contribution to knowledge production = Transmettre l'histoire : contribution du design à la production des savoirs.
All possible futures.
Dutch resource : collaborative exercises in graphic design=excercises de collaboration en graphisme.
Opera works : high, low and inbetween.
Graphic design : history in the writing (1983 - 2011).
What, you don't know Grapus?
Anatomy of printing : the influences of art and history on its design.
Prints : history of an art.
Geschichte der graphischen Kunst : von ihren Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart.
De meesterwerken van de Europese prentkunst 1410-1914.
Druckgraphik : Wandlungen eines Mediums seit 1945.
International print exhibit : 1983 ROC.
Eaux-fortes, mezzotintes et pointes-seches modernes.
Graphik des Expressionismus.
s Levens felheid : de Meester van het Amsterdamse Kabinet of de Hausbuch-meester ca. 1470-1500.
2nd international biennial print exhibit : 1985 ROC.
Jugendstil : grafiek en tekeningen.
Jugendstil : Druckkunst.
Landschappen : etsen van de Nederlandse meesters uit de zeventiende eeuw : op ware grootte afgebeeld.
Nederlandsche grafische kunstenaars uit het einde der negentiende en het begin van de twintigste eeuw.
Grafiek : Nederlandse grafiek na negentienvijfenveertig.
Tekenen dat het gedrukt staat : 500 jaar grafiek in Nederland.
Het Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier.
Grafiek nu : hedendaagse prentkunst in Nederland.
Fodor jrg. 3, no. 5, dec. 1983 : Grafiek, een keuze uit het werk van (oud-)studenten van de afdeling Grafiek aan de Rijksakademie te Amsterdam.
Javaanse Jongens Grafiekprijs 1993.
Grafiek Nu 5 : biënnale van Nederlandse grafische kunst.
Kwak en van Daalen en Ronday Grafiekprijs 1996.
Grafiek Nu 2 : hedendaagse grafische kunst in Nederland.
Grafiek Nu 3 : biënnale van Nederlandse grafische kunst.
Javaanse Jongens Grafiekprijs 1990.
Javaanse Jongens Grafiekprijs 1991.
Javaanse Jongens grafiekprijs 1992.
Russische Graphik des 19. und 20.Jahrhunderts.
Special exhibition : collector's show of traditional Chinese woodcut prints.
Traditional woodblock prints of Taiwan.
150 ans de gravure en Belgique.
Russische Graphik des XIX. und XX.Jahrhunderts : eine Berliner Privatsammlung.
Japanese prints from 1700 to 1900.
Japanse prenten, no. 7 : Go-spelers.
Japanse prenten, no. 11 : Landschappen.
La gravure française au XXe siècle.
The prints of the Ten Bamboo Studio : followed by plates from the Kaempfer Series and Perfect Harmony.
Graphic art of the Pre-Impressionists.
New graphic design in Revolutionary Russia.
Graphic works of the American thirties : a book of 100 prints.
Amerikaanse grafiek 1860-1940 : een keuze uit de collectie van het Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Graficieni romani contemporani=Romanian contemporary graphic artists= graphistes roumains contemporains.
First impressions : early prints by forty-six contemporary artists.
Grafik in der DDR.
American prints and printmakers : a chronicle of over 400 artists and their prints from 1900 to the present.
Die Mappenwerke "Neue europäische Graphik'.
Polish contemporary graphic art : studio graphics, the poster, book design, press design.
Japanese graphics now!
Sketchbook : Hansje van Halem.
New design: Amsterdam : the edge of graphic design.
The art of rock : posters from Presley to Punk : a spectacular visual and oral history.
Design literacy : understanding graphic design.
NL affiches : meer dan een eeuw Nederlandse affiches.
Like art : Glenn O'Brien on advertising.
Ogilvy : on advertising.
Poster No 524 : exploring the contemporary poster.
Grafische verleiders : affiches van PTT, 1920-heden.
Dans la rue : Franse affiches : een keuze uit de collectie van het Stedelijk.
100 jaar bekijks : een keuze uit de affiche-collectie van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam = 100 years on view : a selection from the poster-collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1883-1983.
De kunst van de revolutie.
Billboard : art on the road : a retrospective exhibition of artists' billboards of the last 30 years.
1930s Commercial art.
Dutch posters 1960-1996 : a selection by Anthon Beeke.
Advertising outdoors : watch this space !
Posters : the 20th-century poster : design of the avant-garde.
11th international poster biennale Warsaw 1986.
12th international poster biennale Warsaw 1988.
Andrzej Pagowski.
Sovetskij zrelitsjnijj plakat : teatr, tsirk, balet, kino 1917-1987.
I miedzynarodowe Biennale Plakatu w Warszawie 1966=The first international Poster Biennale in Warsaw 1966.
A century of posters.
Paradiso Posters 1968-2008.
Artvertising : aka the million dollar building.
The Milton Glaser poster book.
Poster : selected from the Graphis Annuals.
Het geluk van de huisvrouw.
Politische Plakate der Welt.
Een teken aan de wand : album van de Nederlandse samenleving 1963-1983.
Art of the modern movie poster.
Sensational billboards in advertising.
Artisten- und Zirkus Plakate : ein internationaler historischer Überblick.
Mobilia no. 294, 1980. Mobilia on posters.
Geschichte des Plakates=Histoire de l'affiche=History of the poster.
Poster Annual 2001 : the international annual of poster art.
Die Reichen müssen noch reicher werden : Politische Plakate : mit einem Gespräch zwischen Klaus Staeck, Lothar Romain und Hanno Reuther.
Grapus 85 : verschillende andere pogingen=différentes tentatives différentes=various different attempts.
Die Frau im politischen Plakat.
Recovered : 50 tijdschriftcovers uit de jaren 1958-2002.
Prop art : over 1000 contemporary political posters.
Bernard Chadebec : intrus sympathiques : 40 years of security posters for the National Safety and Research Institute (INRS) in France.
Speciaal catalogus van de Nederlandse telefoonkaarten 1996-1997.
Graphis ephemera : artists' self-promotion=Künstler-Eigenwerbung= autopromotion des artistes.
Ex libris en kleingrafiek 1900 - 1950.
Lietuviu ekslibrisas.
De Nederlandsche exlibris-kunst.
Das Monogramm : 3000 Entwürfe und Zeichnungen.
8vo : on the outside.
Jail keys made here, and other signs.
IVème biennale des arts graphiques Brno 1970=IV.bienále uzité grafiky Brno 1970 : exposition internationale des arts graphiques consacrée à l'affiche et à la publicité=mezinárodní prehlídka plakátu a propagacní grafiky.
26th International biennial of graphic design Brno 2014 : graphic design, education and schools, 19.6-26.10.2014.
Caractère Noël : revue mensuelle no. 13, dec. 1961.
"Wim Crouwel : a graphic Odyssey. Catalogue Design Museum London. Exhibition: 30/03-03/07/2011 in London."
The debate : the legendary contest of two giants of graphic design.
Marginalia 1.
Bauhaus : Drucksachen, Typografie, Reklame.
Uiterlijke staat : goed : wild plakken in het NAGO-archief.
C/ID : visual identity and branding for the arts.
1000 record covers.
R > D > E >[ootje] OXENAAR : ontwerper + opdrachtgever.
Gebonden vormgeving, werk van afgestudeerden.
Start '74 : eindexamenwerk 1974 van studenten gebonden vormgeving van de akademies voor beeldende kunsten.
Photo Graphik=Photo graphism=Photo graphisme : international.
Free press : underground & alternative publications 1965-1975.
Huisstijl : een expressie van kwaliteitszin.
Designed by maching : the loud sound of graphics.
Grafische vormgeving in Nederland : een eeuw.
Grafische vormgeving in Nederland : een eeuw.
Italian graphic designers.
Caractère Noël : revue mensuelle no. 13, dec. 1958.
Caractère Noël : revue mensuelle no. 13, dec. 1959.
Caractère Noël : revue mensuelle no. 13, dec. 1960.
City signs and lights : a policy study.
Typographie hollandaise.
Graphic design and typography in the Netherlands : a view of recent work.
Beeld tegen beeld : Wild Plakken.
Pack-age, les cultures del'emballage : espace, tendances, trend forum.
Teige animator : Karel Teige (1900-1951) en de Tsjechische avantgarde.
Graphic design in America : a visual language history.
From Hard Werken to Inízio : from cultural oasis to multimedia.
Sebastiao Rodrigues : designer.
School of Visual Arts : Gold : fifty years of creative graphic design.
Baer Cornet : grafisch ontwerper=graphic designer.
Da marignano eurocultura 15.15 : 15 giovani x 15 opere.
100 Citroën-advertenties van Karel Suyling.
Linksaf, rechtsaf, alsmaar rechtdoor : katalogus bij de tentoonstelling over bewegwijzering van de Beroepsvereniging Grafisch Vormgevers Nederland GVN.
3e algemene tentoonstelling van toegepaste grafiek.
Jaap Drupsteen : televisiewerk en grafische ontwerpen.
Wendingen 1918-1932.
Planning for industry, art and education as executed by Pieter Brattinga.
Grafisch Nederland 2002 : wie denkt u wel dat ik ben.
Novivorm DSM : richtlijnen, normalisatie, visuele vormgeving.
De wereld moe(s)t anders=The world must change : grafisch ontwerpen en idealisme=graphic design and idealism.
Drukwerk voor PTT : typografie en vormgeving voor een staatsbedrijf in de jaren twintig en dertig.
Why not associates.
Tibor Kalman : design en undesign.
Geïllustreerde ledenlijst 1977.
Best of Graphis : advertising I.
Italian art deco : graphic design between the wars.
Dutch moderne : graphic design from De Stijl to deco.
Ontwerp : Total Design : de jaren tachtig=les années quatre-vingts.
Label design : 1000 illustrations=étiquettes=Etiketten.
Nederlandse verpakkingsgids 1950.
Een wegwijzer in het doolhof van bewegwijzering.
Photo Graphics : photographic techniques for design.
Smile i-D : fashion and style: the best from 20 years of i-D.
Büro Destruct.
Graphic design : with a special reference to lettering, typography and illustration.
Guerilla advertising : unconventional brand communication.
Internationale graphische Annalen=International graphic annual=Les annales graphiques internationales.
Modern publicity 1949 : art and industry annual of international advertising art.
Modern publicity 1950-1951 : art and industry annual of international advertising art.
Recollected work - Mevis & Van Deursen.
Graphic beat : the soft mix : a collaboration of music and graphics London/Tokyo.
Graphic beat : the soft mix : a collaboration of music and graphics London/Tokyo.
Moderne Werbe- und Gebrauchs-Grafik.
Classic Rock covers.
Mind grenades : manifestos from the future.
The face of Rock 'n' Roll : images of a generation.
Print : America's graphic design magazine XLV:VI, 1991 : the Dutch issue.
Pubblicità in Italia 1954-1956.
Dutch graphic design 1918-1945.
Lelystad : straatnaambebording en stedelijke bewegwijzering : een projektbeschrijving.
Thoughts on design=Réflexions sur l'art graphique=Reflexiones sobre el arte grafico.
Geïllustreerde geschiedenis van de propaganda in de tweede wereldoorlog.
Points of view on design education.
Basic design : the dynamics of visual form.
Uncommon characters by uncommon characters.
Marten Jongema.
Process visual : development of a corporate identity=Entwicklung eines Firmenprofils=développement d'une identité d'entreprise.
Polygraph Jahrbuch 1969 : internationales druck- und reproduktionstechnisches Forschen und Schaffen im Querschnitt der Jahresleistung, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des deutschsprachigen und gesamteuropäischen Raumes.
Bewegwijzering in Nederland=Dutch sign design : een overzicht van leden van de Vereniging Bewegwijzering Nederland VBN en hun werk=a survey of members of the Netherlands Sign Design Society VBN and their work.
Pophoes en symboliek : over stijl en mode in publiciteit.
Synthèse : revue mensuelle illustrée réservée au corps médical, jrg. 5, no. 12, dec. 1937. La médecine, les sciences, les lettres, les arts.
Graphic designers aux États-Unis=in the USA=in USA 1.
Grosse Designer in der Werbegraphik : USA III.
VRI-boek=VRI-book=Livre de la VRI=VRI-Buch.
Zambon European packaging competition : Erasmus Universities : Amsterdam - Barcelona - Berlin - Milan - Paris.
Zeezucht, vol. 3, okt. 1990. Graphic design in the USA.
Zeezucht, jrg. 6, no. 7, nov. 1993. Grafische vormgeving in Japan.
Grafische vormgeving in Oost-Europa : affiches 1981-1991.
"New alphabet : a possibility for the new development : an introduction for a programmed typography. (Wim Crouwel)"
Jan van Toorn : critical practice.
10 jaar designkritiek 1969-1979 : geknipt en gescheurd uit....
Looking closer : critical writings on graphic design.
Looking closer 2 : critical writings on graphic design.
Het kader van grafisch ontwerpers.
De toekomst van de grafische industrie in Nederland.
Das triviale Nachleben der Antike : der Weg einer Komposition aus Säulen und Giebeln vom dorischen Tempel über die Villa Rotonda Palladios und deren Ableger im englischen Kolonialstil bis hin zum Rolls-Royce-Grill und hinunte
Ontwerpen voor massa-media.
De maniakken : ontstaan en ontwikkeling van de grafische vormgeving aan de Haagse akademie in de jaren dertig.
Ontwerpen en drukken : over drukwerk als kwaliteitsprodukt.
Vorm en tegenvorm : poging tot portret van een ontwerper.
Kastanjes uit het vuur : inventie en innovatie in de grafische technieken.
Over het kiezen van een organisatie-structuur.
Bekroningen : meningen en ideeën.
Hebben nieuwe zetttechnieken invloed op typografie ? : een gestructureerde bloemlezing.
Vormgever en techniek.
Vormen van schrift : de mens als tekstverwerker.
Een certificeerder gecertificeerd : achtergronden bij de toekenning van de Graivisieprijs-1985 aand de VPGI (Vereniging Produktbewaking).
Visies op het grafisch management in de toekomst.
Papieren gids en elektronisch doosje in de race naar 2000.
De opdracht.
Omgeving en identiteit.
Tekst in musea : omgaan met informatie in het museum.
Wapens, gemeenten, gemeentewapens : heraldiek op de keper beschouwd.
De letter buiten z'n boekje.
Creativiteit gericht op visuele informatie.
Over grafisch ontwerpen in Nederland : een pleidooi voor geschiedschrijving en theorievorming.
Karel Martens : weerdruk.
Vormgeving in functie van museale overdracht.
Twaalf opleidingen grafisch ontwerpen.
Heeft grafische vormgeving nut ?
Over vorm en inhoud : functie-onderzoek van de grafische communicatie.
Design without boundaries : visual communication in transition.
Schrijfwijzer : handboek voor duidelijk taalgebruik.
In hoeverre is het haalbaar en gewenst voor een beroepsopleiding voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving om grafisch ontwerpers die rechtstreeks in de beroepspraktijk inzetbaar zijn af te leveren ?
Tubifex, jrg. 1, 0-nummer, juni 1996. We exist in so far we hang together.
Rietveld idiotenband.
Het ontwerpproces : grafisch ontwerpers en hun opdrachtgevers.
De Derde Verdieping.
Het tweede plan : bevlogen verhalen 2.
Lay in, lay out.
Grafische vormgeving verhoudt zich tot beeldende kunst.
The relative effectiveness of ten alternative systems of typographic coding in bibliographical material.
Directional signing and labelling in libraries and museums : a review of current theory and practice.
De jas van de krant : over sensatie, informatie en vormgeving van Nederlandse dagbladen.
KesselsKramer 1996-2001.
Cultiver notre jardin.
Tekst over tekst : een documentaire over typografie. kunt er mee lezen en schrijven : automatisering in relatie tot grafisch ontwerpen en tot de grafische industrie.
Om de kunst.
Zeezucht, jrg. 2, mei 1989. Grafische vormgeving.
Galeislaven en rekentuig : drukkers, ontwerpers en de vooruitgang.
100 vel van 100.
Timbres d'artistes.
Nederlandse koning- en koninginnezegels van 1852 tot en met 1981.
Wat is uw Decemberzegel?
Nederlandse postzegels 1971 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, eerstedag stempels.
Nederlandse postzegels 1972 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, eerstedag stempels.
Nederlandse postzegels 1973 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, eerstedag stempels, diversen.
Nederlandse postzegels 1974 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, eerstedag stempels, diversen.
Nederlandse postzegels 1975 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens, vormgeving, eerstedag stempels, diversen.
Nederlandse postzegels 1976 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens, vormgeving, eerstedag stempels.
Nederlandse postzegels 1977 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens, vormgeving, eerstedag stempels.
Nederlandse postzegels 1978 : emissiegegevens, aanleiding en achtergronden, presentatie, vormgeving, eerstedag stempels.
Nederlandse postzegels 1979 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, eerstedag-stempels, stempelvlaggen.
Nederlandse postzegels 1982 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, stempels en een essay van Arie van den Berg: De taal van de postzegel.
Nederlandse postzegels 1983 : emissiegegevens, achtergronden, vormgeving, stempels, stempelvlaggen.
Nederlandse postzegels 1984 : achtergronden, vormgeving, emissiegegevens, poststempels en een essay van Jan Noordhoek: Afscheid van de brief.
Nederlandse postzegels 1985 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens, vormgeving, poststempels. Wanneer krijgen we nou eens vlinders ? : een emissieprogramma, van binnenuit beschreven.
Nederlandse postzegels 1986 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens, vormgeving, stempels en een essay van Rudie Kagie: Franco !
Nederlandse postzegels 1987-1988 : achtergronden, emissiegegevens en vormgeving.
Mét/Geen frankeerwaarde : PTT als collectant voor de tuberculosebestrijding in Nederland : ontwerpen voor de kerstsluitzegels 1996 Rietveld Academie.
"Emigre no. 70. The lookback issue : selections from emigre magazine #1-#69. 1984-2009."
Symbols, signs and signets.
The language of pattern : an enquiry inspired by Islamic decoration.
Diagram : the instrument of thought.
Indiaanse tekens en symbolen.
World trademarks : 100 yrs / volume 1
World tradmarks : 100 yrs / volume 2
Pictures on a page : photo-journalism, graphics and picture editing.
Graphic design now
Der Mensch und seine Zeichen.
Der Mensch und seine Zeichen.
Der Mensch und seine Zeichen.
The Grid : a modular system for the design and production of newspapers, magazines, and books.
Layout : the design of the printed page.
Trademarks and symbols of the world. Vol. 1: The alphabet in design.
Trademarks and symbols of the world. Vol. 2: Design elements.
Socrates vraagt aan iemand die loopt te zoeken: 'waar zoek je naar ?'. Zegt de zoeker: 'dat weet ik juist niet.' Antwoord Socrates: 'hoe weet je dan wanneer je het hebt gevonden ?'
Spruijt's kalender 1981/1982 : een kalender over gebruiksaanwijzingen en instruktieve illustraties.
...De vorm zal u toegeworpen worden : over vormgeven van visuele informatie.
Open here : the art of instructional design.
Marks of excellence : the function and variety of trademarks.
1000 signs.
Das Buch der Werkzeichen.
Pictogrammen en iconen.
U&Lc: influencing design & typography.
Mark : gemeentelijke kunstaankopen grafische vormgeving 2003-2004. municipal art acquisitions graphic design 2003-2004.
Swiss graphic design : the origins and growth of an international style 1920-1965.
Swiss graphic design.
Senior ontwerper gevraagd.
Advertising now : tv commercials.
The printmaking bible : the complete guide to materials and techniques
Grafik, Form und Technik : Druck, Typografie, Grafik, Fotografik, Material.
Printmaking today : a studio handbook.
Geïllustreerd handwoordenboek voor de grafische vakken.
The craft of woodcuts.
Chiaroscuro woodcuts : sixteenth to eighteenth century.
1800 Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and his school.
Woodcuts and some words.
Evolving techniques in Japanese woodblock prints.
Woodcut/wood engraving : a contribution to the history of the art.
Wood engraving.
Prenten maken in hoogdruk : linosnede, houtsnede, houtgravure.
Posada : messenger of mortality.
Etching and engraving : techniques and the modern trend.
Etching, engraving, and intaglio printing.
Ets-vademecum : een beschrijving van techniek, kenmerkende verschijnselen, oorzaken en oplossingen bij het afdrukken van etsen.
The Tamarind book of lithography : art and techniques.
150 years of artists' lithographs 1803-1953.
A complete course of lithography.
The Thames and Hudson manual of advanced lithography.
Print liberation : the screen printing primer.
The artist's airbrush manual.
The complete manual of airbrushing : a practical guide to the tools, materials, and techniques of successful airbrushing.
Papier in druk : met papier in de weer.
Magie des Papiers.
Papers on paper.
Vom Zauber des Papiers : von den Anfängen in China über die Technik der Herstellung bis zur Vielfalt der Verwendung.
Papier : geschiedenis, techniek, milieu, keuze, ontwerpen, drukken, afwerken, kunst, zelf maken, vaktermen.
Papermaking : the history and technique of an ancient craft.
Dictionary and encyclopaedia of paper and paper-making : with equivalents of the technical terms in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Het papier voor de drukker.
Papier en zo.
Papier op papier : verklaring van gewone en ongewone papieruitdrukkingen.
De Nederlandse papiernijverheid in de negentiende eeuw.
A handbook of graphic reproduction processes=Handbuch der Druckgraphik= Manuel de la gravure.
The complete guide to prints and printmaking : techniques and materials.
Over typografie en grafische kunst.
Grafisch woordenboek : termen en technieken.
Klimschs Jahrbuch des graphischen Gewerbes : technische Abhandlungen und Berichte über die Neuerungen auf dem Gesamtgebiet des graphischen Gewerbes. Bd. 28.
De grafische technieken.
The complete screenprint and lithograph : the art and technique of the screen print, the lithograph, photographic techniques, care of prints, the dealer and the edition, collecting prints, print workshop, sources and charts.
Practical screen printing.
Tekstwijzer : een gids voor het grafisch verwerken van tekst.
"Het ideale boek : honderd jaar privatepress in Nederland, 1910-2010. Tentoonstelling: Huis van het boek 20/11/2010-20/02/2011 museum Meermanno, Den Haag."
From hieroglyphics to Isotype : a visual autobiography.
Proef van nederduitsche letters en gotische initialen uit de XVde eeuw.
Post-digital print : the mutation of publishing since 1894.
Johannes Gutenberg in Zeugnissen und Bilddokumenten.
Sjoerd H. de Roos : typografische geschriften 1907-1920.
Stanley Morison en de typografische traditie.
A selection of types from six centuries in use at the office of Joh. Enschedé at Haarlem.
Het huis Enschedé 1703-1953.
Opschrift, op schrift : van schrijvers in Egypte tot drukkers van nu : een repertorium voor de geschiedenis van letter en boek.
Over de uitvinding van de boekdrukkunst.
Meggs´ history of graphic design.
Boekkunst en grafiek.
Zilvertype, corps 15 : briefwisseling tussen J.F. van Royen en S.H. de Roos over het ontwerp van de Zilvertype, 1914-1916.
Het werk van S.H. de Roos : een bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de herleving der Nederlandsche boekdrukkunst.
Printing types : their history, forms, and use : a study in survivals. Vol. I.
Printing types : their history, forms, and use : a study in survivals. Vol. II.
The crystal goblet : sixteen essays on typography.
Dossier Fernand Baudin
Prix Fernand Baudin 2012 : prix des plus beaux livres á Bruxelles et en Wallonië.
Fernand Baudin students publications : a proposal.
Fernand Baudin Prize 2013.
Anthon Beeke : body type.
2+52 : Charles Jongejans, Melle + de typografieklas en Mart Stam.
The elements of typographic style.
The elements of typographic style.
Isotype : design and contexts 1925-1971.
Pierre di Sciullo : expériences graphiques et typographiques.
Churchward international typefaces.
Design research unit, 1942-72.
Over de drukletterontwerpen van Sjoerd H. de Roos.
Boektypografische verkenningen : uit Boekblad en andere periodieken.
Adrian Frutiger typefaces : the complete works.
Andy de Fiets : letter to Robin Kinross.
Detail in typography : letters, letterspacing, words, wordspacing, lines, linespacing, columns.
Wim Crouwel : modernist.
I don't know where I'm going but I want to be there.
Typeface as program : applied research and development in typography.
Unjustified texts : perspectives on typography.
Modern typography : an essay in critical history.
Leben und Werk des Typographen Jan Tschichold.
Grid systems in graphic design : a visual communication manual for graphic designers, typographers and three dimensional designers. Raster systeme für die visuelle Gestaltung : ein Handbuch für Grafiker, Typografen und Ausste
Walter Nikkels depicted / abgebildet / afgebeeld.
The A-Z book.
Wim Crouwel : alphabets.
Exercises in style.
Bezig met letters : in dertig jaar van afdeling typografie naar open werkplaats-zetterij.
Typografische experimenten op een tekstverwerker.
Die Schrift : Geschichte, Gestaltung, Anwendung : ein Lern- und Lehrbuch für die Praxis.
Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-90) : restless typographer.
Herb Lubalin : American graphic designer 1918-81.
Counterpunch : making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now.
Letters of credit : a view of type design.
Rules of hypergraphy.
Konnte Adam schreiben ? : Weltgeschichte der Schrift : von der Keilschrift zum Komputersatz.
Oefeningen typografische vormgeving.
The craft of lettering.
Basic typography.
Biljetletters : een keuze uit honderden biljetletters van de 'Biljetdrukkerij Amsterdam': typografie Dick Elffers.
Biljetletters : een keuze uit honderden biljetletters van de 'Biljetdrukkerij Amsterdam': typografie Dick Elffers.
Een eeuw Hoenderloo 1851-1951 : een typografische vertelling van Charles Jongejans.
Letterproef voor het lettertype Levanah.
Mondriaan, De Stijl en de nieuwe typografie.
Op de bodem ligt lettergraniet en spreekt klare taal.
Twentieth century type designers.
"Typographie kann unter Umständen Kunst sein" : Ring 'neue Werbegestalter' : die Amsterdamer Ausstellung 1931.
"Typographie kann unter Umständen Kunst sein" : Vordemberge-Gildewart : Typographie und Werbegestaltung.
Adieu æsthetica en mooie pagina's ! : J. van Krimpen en het 'schoone boek' : letterontwerper en boekverzorger 1892-1958.
C.E. Weber Stuttgart : Schriftgiesserei.
Visible Language.
Text als Figur : Visuelle Poesie von der Antike bis zur Moderne.
"Typographie kann unter Umständen Kunst sein" : Kurt Schwitters : Typographie und Werbegestaltung.
Lineair B en verwante schriften.
Die gotischen Schriftarten.
Mijn leven met letters.
Typage: typedesign, typography, graphic design.
Typecosmic : digital type collection : serif.
Typecosmic : digital type collection : sans serif.
Grid systems : principles of organizing type.
Emigre fonts : who needs type? : typeface designs.
A handwriting manual.
Typography=Typographie : when, who, how=wann, wer, wie=quand, qui, comment.
Adrian Frutiger : Gutenberg-Preisträger 1986 der Stadt Mainz und der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft.
Een verhandeling over typografie.
Over typografie.
Typography : selected from the Graphis Annuals.
Hoogtepunten van het letterontwerpen in Nederland=Some peaks in type design in the Netherlands. Hollands landschap met letters=Dutch landscape with letters.
Drukletters : hun ontstaan en hun gebruik.
Nederlandse drukletters=Dutch printing types=Niederländische Druckschriften=Caractères hollandais.
The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even : a typographic version of Marcel Duchamp's Green Box.
Geschichtliches über die endstrichlose Schrift, die wir Grotesk nennen.
Ontwerpen met letters.
De puntjes op de i.
Een typografische wandeling door Amsterdam : letters en cijfers op straat.
Vladimir Nabokov : alphabet in color.
Collection de spécimens de caractères 1517-2004.
Sign, symbol and script : an account of man's efforts to write.
Formal penmanship and other papers.
Allesbehalve plat.
A type primer.
Deutsche Schriftkunst : ein Fachbuch für Schriftschaffende.
Alfabet in steen
Letterontwerpers : gesprekken.
The art of lettering with the broad pen.
Fleuron : anthology.
Die schöne Schrift in der entwicklung des lateinischen Alphabets I.
Die schöne Schrift in der entwicklung des lateinischen Alphabets II.
Nederlandse letter- en cijfervoorbeelden.
Letterwork : creative letterforms in graphic design : handwritten, computer-generated, cut and torn, constructed, photocopied and faxed, painted and sprayed.
Letters in studie : letterontwerpen van studenten in het Nederlandse kunstonderwijs.
De handen van de zeven zusters : letters kijken.
The stroke : theory of writing.
The 26 letters.
Rietveld Cahier : korte verhalen van vier studenten.
Van de ene taal in de andere.
De tekstverwerker : eindexamen 7/1983.
Rookledge´s classic international typefinder.
Alfabetten, cijfers en miniaturen uit de Middeleeuwen.
Letterboekje : een overzicht van twintig PostScript fonts.
The liberated page : an anthology of major typographic experiments of this century as recorded in 'Typographica' magazine.
Bruckmann's Handbuch der Schrift.
How to plan print.
Vita activa : Bilder, Schriften und Schriftbilder.
The art of writing : an exhibition in fifty panels.
Typographische Variationen : 78 Buchtitel und Textseiten als Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten der Typographie und Buchgraphik : ein Sonderdruck der Schriftgiesserei D. Stempel AG gesetzt aus klassischen und neuzeitlichen Schriften.
Letters : een bloemlezing over typografie.
Asymmetric typography.
Linotype : een toelichting op het Linotype-zetsysteem.
Berthold : een toelichting op het Berthold-zetsysteem.
Letterproef van de lettersoorten, ornamenten, lijnen, randen, vignetten enz.
Letterproef van de drukkerij=Printer's specimen of types=Épreuve de caractères de l'imprimerie=Schriftprobe von der Druckerei.
Letterproef van de drukkerij=Printer's specimen of types=Épreuve de caractères de l'imprimerie=Schriftprobe von der Druckerei.
The complete manual of typography : a guide to setting perfect type.
Letterproef 1.
Letterproef 2.
Letterproef 3.
Grondbeginselen der typografie.
Lexikon der Satzautomation : 300 Stichwörter der elektronischen Satzherstellung.
atlas of typeforms.
Lettertypen van de nv Lettergieterij en Machinehandel voorheen N. Tetterode - Nederland.
Opstellen over typografie.
The new typography : a handbook for modern designers.
Schriftkunde, Schreibübungen und Skizzieren : ein kleines Lehrbuch der Schrift für Setzer und Graphiker.
Schrift ist nicht nur zum Lesen da : eine Studie über den Charakter der Schrift.
2+52 : Charles Jongejans, Melle+de typografieklas, en Mart Stam.
Rotatiedruk : rollenrotatiedruk in Nederland, 1950-2004.
t Geluck waeit niemand in den mond : 20 jaar margedrukker De Ammoniet.
Japanese bookbinding : instructions from a craftsman.
The Thames and Hudson manual of bookbinding.
Het boekbindboek : eenvoudige handleiding voor het oude handwerk.
Geschichte der Schrift.
Das Schreibbuch des Urban Wyss : Libellus valde doctus Zürich 1549.
Writing: urban calligraphy and beyond.
Papyri graecae berolinenses.
Der Raum des Buches.
The form of the book book.
The form of the book book.
De staart van de kat : de vorm van het boek in opstellen.
Penguin by design : a coverstory 1935-2005.
Boek over het maken van boeken.
Boek over het maken van boeken.
Wordingsgeschiedenis van het boek.
Esthétique du livre d'artiste 1960-1980.
Les éditions de l'Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne.
De sonnetten van Lovïze Labé naast den oorspronkelijken tekst.
2003 De best verzorgde boeken = the best Dutch book designs.
Dit is geen boek : de best verzorgde boeken 2007 = This is not a book : the best Dutch book designs 2007.
Het Nederlandse fotoboek.
The book of books : 500 years of graphic innovation.
The book as a work of art.
Swiss photobooks from 1927 to the present.
Beauty and the book : 60 Jahre Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher. Beauty and the book : Les plus beaux livres suisses fêtent leurs 60 ans. Beauty and the book : 60 years of The most beautiful Swiss books.
The most beautiful Swiss books 2003.
The past issue : the most beautiful Swiss books 2007
The present issue : the most beautiful Swiss books 2008
The future issue : the most beautiful Swiss books 2009
The most beautiful Swiss books 2010.
The most beautiful Swiss books 2011.
The most beautiful Swiss books 2012.
The most beautiful Swiss books 2013 = Die schönsten schweizer Bücher 2013.
Bepaalde zaken.
Aventur und Kunst : ein Chronik des Buchdruckgewerbes von der Erfindung der beweglichen Letter bis zur Gegenwart.
De kwadratuur van de kwattareep : zestig jaar collectieve propaganda voor het nederlandse boek.
Irma Boom : biography in books : books in reverse chronological order 2010-1986.
Je goeie gezicht' : het gezicht van de organisatie 'Je Goeie Gezicht'.
De bestverzorgde negenenveertig boeken van de jaren 1470-1970.
De verloren jaren : persoonlijke visies op De Best Verzorgde Boeken 1971 tot en met 1985.
De best verzorgde boeken 1991=The best book designs.
De best verzorgde boeken 1992=The best book designs 1992.
De best verzorgde boeken 1993=The best book designs 1993.
De best verzorgde boeken 1994=The best book designs 1994.
De best verzorgde boeken 1996=The best book designs 1996.
De best verzorgde boeken 1997=The best book designs 1997.
100 % : de best verzorgde boeken 1998=the best book designs 1998.
De best verzorgde boeken 2000=the best dutch book designs 2000.
Het botanisch kabinet : herbaria, houtverzamelingen, aquarellen en boeken uit vier eeuwen.
Charles Nypels : meester-drukker.
De best verzorgde boeken 1988=The best book designs.
De best verzorgde boeken 1989=The best book designs.
De best verzorgde boeken 1990=The best book designs.
Zeven dagen, houdbaar.
Ingrediënten : een culinair voyeurisme inzake de Rietveld Academie : is een initiatief van eetclub niveau en een poging om aan te tonen dat de diverse afdelingen van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie niet slechts disciplinair, maar
Zoon van haar vader.
O Edel Neerlandt soet.
De vlaggenzee.
Requiem voor Tinglado No. 2.
In memoriam Charles Nypels 1893-1952.
Het zie ben denk systeem.
Dat vreemt is.
Het mechanisme van het leven.
7 studenten Illustratie Rietveld 1987.
Illustration now!
Papieren drama's : toneel met balloons : strips op de planken.
Ghost world.
How to read Donald Duck : imperialist ideology in the Disney comic.
My New York diary.
The system of comics.
Comics and narration.
Gary Panter : Dal Tokyo.
World map room.
De ontdekking
Wordt vervolgd : stripleksikon der Lage Landen.
De wereld van de strip.
75 jaar boekbindkunst in Nederland.
The covers of Wendingen 1918-1931.
Designing books : practice and theory.
Understanding a photograph.
Banking on images : the Bettmann archive and Corbis.
The photograph as contemporary art.
What photography is.
Towards a philosophy of photography.
Photography theory in historical perspective.
Light matters : writings on photography.
The human snapshot.
The flood of rights.
The concept of non-photography.
Believing is seeing (observations on the mysteries of photography).
Words not spent today buy smaller images tomorrow : essays on the present and future of photography.
The burden of representation : essays on photographies and histories.
Imaging history : photography after the fact.
Berenice Abbott.
Paul Strand.
Edward Weston.
Harry Callahan.
Barbara Morgan.
Eikoh Hosoe.
Eugène Atget.
Manuel Alvarez Bravo.
Walker Evans.
André Kertész.
Alfred Stieglitz.
Robert Frank.
Le grand oeuvre : photographies des grands traveaux 1860-1900.
Etienne-Jules Marey.
Eugène Atget : un choix de photographies extraites de la collection du Musée Carnavalet.
L'Opéra de Paris.
Mario Giacomelli.
William Klein.
Walker Evans & Dan Graham.
The history of fashion photography.
The family of man : the greatest photographic exhibition of all time : 503 pictures from 68 countries.
Useful photography, no. 003.
Aperture vol. 15, no. 1, spring 1970 : French primitive photography.
Aperture vol. 17, no. 1 : Octave of prayer.
Aperture vol. 17, no. 3 and 4 : Clarence John Laughlin : the personal eye.
Aperture vol. 18, no. 2 : Celebrations.
Aperture vol. 19, no. 1 : The snapshot.
Masterpieces of erotic photography.
Les premiers reporters photographes 1848-1914.
A votre profit.
Another way of telling.
Victorian photographs of famous men and fair women.
"Transformer" : Aspekte der Travestie.
Kurt Kranz : Fotoreihen, Fotomontagen, Fotos.
Het stilleven in de fotografie=Still life in photography.
Questioning Europe : reinterpretations within photography.
Photographie japonaise=Japanse fotografie.
Verten : werk van laatstejaarsstudenten Fotografie en Film van de Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten te Gent.
De Stichting Kunst Aanmoedigingsprijs Amstelveen.
Een toekomst in de fotografie : oud-studenten van de Academie Sint Joost te Breda.
The other side of photography : profiles of education.
Gegeven beeld : 6 eindexamenstudenten fotografie.
Post-St. Joost : fotografie.
What Germans wanted : 30 years of photography in Germany : 30 years of the BFF.
Noorderlicht : Africa inside.
Buren=Neighbours : drie buitenlandse fotografen kijken naar Nederland=The Netherlands as seen by three foreign photographers : Eva Leitolf + Mark Power + Stephan Vanfleteren.
Jobs : Auftragsarbeiten von Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Studienbereichs Fotografie der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich.
Instant fotografie.
A century of Japanese photography.
20 gedichten van Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Foto's van Sérgio Zalis.
The private experience : Elliot Erwitt : personal insights of a professional photographer.
Photography index II.
Vrouwen van Parijs.
The family of woman.
Another Russia : through the eyes of the new Soviet photographers : from the collection of Daniela Mrázková and Vladimír Remes.
Rotterdam gefotografeerd in de 19de eeuw.
Nel Punt : panoramische fotomontages van de gebouwde omgeving.
The cowboy : a contemporary photographic study.
Vanishing Africa.
Gerrit Rietveld Academie : afdeling Fotografie 1992.
Private view : the lively world of British art.
The family of man : the greatest photographic exhibition of all time : 503 pictures from 68 countries.
Useful photography, no. 001 : an ode to the photographers we don't know by name, but whose work we all know by looking at it daily.
Cruel and tender : the real in the twentieth-century photograph.
The ongoing moment.
"Regeneration2 : tomorrow's photographers today. Regeneration project."
Why photography matters as art as never before.
Illuminations : women writing on photography from the 1850s to the present.
Veronica's revenge : contemporary perspectives on photography.
Magnum : met 413 foto's in kleur en duotoon.
The critical image : essays on contemporary photography.
Over exposed : essays on contemporary photography.
Well, what is photography? : a lecture on photography on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Fotomuseum Winterthur.
Take place : photography and place from mutiple perspectives
Morgen gemaakt : kunstenaars en fotografie in het huidige 'fin de siècle'.
Photographie in der deutschen Gegenwartskunst.
Vent du Nord VI en VII : clichés : a softer edge.
Kunst mit Photographie : die Sammlung Dr. Rolf H. Krauss.
Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose : gender performance in photography.
Photography after photography : memory and representation in the digital age.
Fotografia Buffa : geënsceneerde fotografie in Nederland=staged photography in The Netherlands.
Fotografie van de 20e eeuw : Museum Ludwig Keulen.
Vergleichende Konzeptionen.
Tati : 50 x 50.
Surreality localizer 1.2.
The office : Ruud van Empel.
Fotocollectie Hoboken.
Special collections : the photographic order from pop to now.
Het fotografisch genoegen : beeldcultuur in een digitale wereld
Constructed moment.
Foam highlights of 2010.
Trade : commodities, communication, and consciousness.
De sandwichman nr. 5, oktober 2002 : fotografie
Wichtige bilder: Fotografie in der Schweiz.
Fotografie in het Stedelijk : de geschiedenis van een collectie.
Dutch eyes : a critical history of photography in the Netherlands.
The photobook : a history ; volume I.
The photobook : a history ; volume II.
The photobook : a history ; volume III.
Photography at the dock : essays on photographic history, institutions, and practices.
Millie Perkins : een transparante herinnering.
Vitamin Ph : new perspectives in photography.
Photography from 1839 to today : George Eastman House, Rochester, NY.
Fotografie in Nederland 1940-1975.
Malerei und Photographie im Dialog : von 1840 bis Heute.
De Nieuwe Fotografie in Nederland.
De Japanse fotografie van 1848 tot heden=Japanische Fotografie von heute und ihre Ursprünge.
Kryn Taconis.
Fotografía y sociedad en la España de Franco : las fuentes de la memoria.
The art of photography at National Geographic.
La photographie polonaise 1900-1981.
Architekturfotografie und Stadtentwicklung 1850-1914.
Kunstfotografie um 1900 in Deutschland.
Fotografie in der Weimarer Republik.
Fotografie in deutschen Zeitschriften 1924-1933.
Künstler verwenden Fotografie - heute.
Fotografie Lateinamerika : von 1860 bis heute.
On the art of fixing a shadow : one hundred and fifty years of photography.
In relatie tot Van Gogh=In relation to Van Gogh : fotografie van tijdgenoten=photography by contemporaries.
Het glazen oog.
De camera : van Daguerre tot nu.
Een camera vol stilte : Nederland in het begin van de fotografie 1839-1875.
A new history of photography.
The origins of photography.
Camera work : a critical anthology : selections from the Photographic Quarterly illustrating the evolution of the avantgarde in American art and photography from 1903-1917.
American photography : a critical history 1945 to the present.
Malerei, Fotografie, Film.
Sowjetische Fotografen 1917-1940.
Fotografie in Nederland 1839-1920.
Fotografie in Nederland 1920-1940.
French photography from its origins to the present.
Totale Photographie : die Optik des neuen Realismus.
A history of women photographers.
Fotografie an der Angewandten.
Art and photography.
Photographie im Wandel der Zeiten.
Die Geschichte der Fotografie im 20.Jahrhundert : von der Kunstfotografie bis zum Bildjournalismus.
In sight : contemporary Dutch photography from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
Link : voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen fotografie 2002-2003. Link : proposal for municipal acquisitions photography 2002-2003.
Utrechtse krop.
Divendal : fotografie=photography=photographie.
Het oog van het Noorden.
Foto en document : Bernd en Hilla Becher : Erasmusprijs 2002. Photo and document : Bernd and Hilla Becher : Erasmus prize 2002.
Face : the new photographic portrait.
Human conditions, intimate portraits = Conditions humaines, portraits intimes.
Max Natkiel : Paradiso stills : photography.
Hedendaagse naaktfotografie : deel 2.
Mapping sitting : on portraiture an photography.
The camera i : photographic self-portraits from the Audrey and Sydney Irmas Collection.
Conditions humaines, portraits intimes=Human conditions, intimate portraits.
Eye 2 eye : dutch women photographers at the turn of the 20th century.
Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe : the last sitting
32 portraits=32 portretten : photography in art=fotografie in kunst.
Who's looking at the family ?
Nudes : Index I.
Freaks : collectie Akimitsu Naruyama : de exploitatie van menselijke fysieke fenomenen in circussen en reizende gezelschappen.
Portrait and the camera : a celebration of 150 years of photography.
The male nude.
Hedendaagse naaktfotografie.
1000 Families : das Familienalbum des Planeten Erde=the family album of planet Earth.
Bettina Rheims und Serge Bramly : I.N.R.I.
Stofgoud : Rineke Dijkstra en Jacob Molenhuis.
Het vrouwengezelschap : 50 groepsportretten.
Another look : new angles on contemporary artists from Holland.
To Sang fotostudio.
foto.zine nr.1 : made in brazil.
Beastly = Tierisch.
Voyage botanique : Paul den Hollander.
Recollecting landscapes : herfotografie, geheugen en transformatie, 1904-1980-2004.
Gardner's photographic sketch book of the Civil War.
Documentaire nu! Hedendaagse strategieën in fotografie, film en beeldende kunst.
How the other half lives.
Bending the frame : photojournalism, documentary, and the citizen.
Nagele (NOP).
Nagele revisited : een modernistisch dorp in de polder.
Bijzondere Nederlandse restaurantinterieurs : een fotografische ontdekkingsreis langs Nederlandse restaurants.
Anita and 124 other portrets by Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm.
World Press Photo : New Stories.
Duitsland sinds 1945 door het oog van Nederlandse fotografen.
Gemalen in Nederland.
Gemengd nieuws : Amsterdamse persfoto's 1920-1940.
In our time : the world as seen by Magnum photographers.
PhotoWork(s) in Progress II/Constructing identity.
Pictures on a page : photo-journalism, graphics and picture editing.
Schiphol Airport.
World of energy : Taco Anema, Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski.
Toen de oorlog voorbij was : 168 meesterwerken van Magnum-fotografen.
Things as they are : photo journalism in context since 1955.
Alfred Stieglitz : Camera work : the complete illustrations 1903-1917.
Rotterdam '88 : de stad als podium : eindverslag van de culturele manifestatie.
Ijzer aan de Oude Ijssel : wonen en werken van gieterijpersoneel Langs de Oude Ijssel 1880-1980.
150 years of photo journalism=150 Jahre Photojournalismus=150 jaar fotojournalistiek : the Hulton Getty Picture Collection.
Pictures of architecture, architecture of pictures : a conversation between Jacques Herzog and Jeff Wall, moderated by Philip Ursprung.
Any resemblance to existing persons is purely coincidental : stories of Mr. Wood : Bombay, Los Angeles.
Invention of hysteria : Charcot and the photographic iconography of the Salpêtrière.
Beelden van de oriënt : fotografie en toerisme = Images of the Oriënt : photography and tourism, 1860-1900.
Cross over : Fotografie der Wissenschaft + Wissenschaft der Fotografie = photography of science + science of photography.
Pioneers of Soviet photography.
Alles op zijn plaats : het moderne interieur in de fotografie 1933-1965 : de foto's van Jaap d'Oliveira, Hans Spies, Jan Versnel.
New color/new work : eighteen photographic essays.
The photograph and the American dream 1840-1940.
Inszenierte Modefotografie 1953-1983 und wie sie entstand : eine Chronologie.
Fashion images de mode.
Fashion images de mode.
Guaranteed real Dutch photomagazine : 2.
Image makers image takers : the essential guide to photography by those in the know.
Photography : a cultural history.
Civil imagination : a political ontology of photography.
Picturing atrocity : photography in crisis.
Positions, attitudes, actions : engagement in de fotografie=social and political commitment in photography : Foto Biënnale Rotterdam 2000.
Photography: a critical introduction.
Camera lucida : reflections on photography.
The photographic paradigm.
De paradox van de fotografie : een kritische geschiedenis : met foto's uit de collectie van het Museum voor Fotografie en het MUseum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen en uit privé-collecties.
Nabeelden : album van niet gemaakte foto's.
Lichtleer voor de fotograaf.
Nieuw handboek voor fotografie : moderne fotografie in theorie en praktijk.
The photographer's playbook : 307 assignments and ideas.
Streuli/Basilico : urban views.
Regards sur la thierache 3 : foto-expositie afdeling Fotografie avondschool Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
The inpossible image : fashion photography in the digital age
La terre de l'homme : vues aériennes.
Antonio Gálvez : Luis Buñuel.
Fotowerk : fotografie in opdracht, 1986-1992.
/Hier groeien boeken uit de grond : Nederlandse bibliotheken en bibliothecarissen gefotografeerd door Candida Höfer en Bert Nienhuis. /Books grow out of the ground here : dutch libraries and librarians photographed by Candid
The art of strip photography : making still images with a moving camera.
Computergraphics : moderne toepassingen in fotografie en vormgeving.
Pinhole fotografie door studenten van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.
Een cirkel van licht=A circle of light : zes jaar pinhole fotografie in het basisjaar van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie=six years pinhole photography in the foundation course of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
De bewogen camera : protest en propaganda door middel van foto's.
Beyond photography : the digital darkroom.
Photovision no. 15 : fotografia estenopeica=pinhole photography.
The visionary pinhole.
Handboek voor de smalfilmer : filmtechniek, filmtitels maken, ontwikkelen en monteren.
Ultra light - Super Strong
Thinking through craft.
The craft reader.
Are we human? : notes on archaeology of design.
Design noir : the secret life of electronic objects.
Speculative everything : design, fiction, and social dreaming.
Hertzian tales : electronic products, aesthetic experience, and critical design.
Making futures : marginal notes on innovation, design, and democracy.
Super normal : sensations of the ordinary.
Visual design : a problem-solving approach.
The design of scarcity.
In a manner of reading design : the blind spot.
The responsible object : a history of design ideology for the future.
The design culture reader.
Adhocism : the case for improvisation.
The design history reader.
Critical design in context : history, theory, and practices.
Design, when everybody designs : an introduction to design for social innovation.
The idea of design : a design issues reader.
Stuff matters : the strange stories of the marvellous materials that shape our man-made world.
Problems of design.
The design of everyday things.
Slow reader : a resource for design thinking and practice.
Design for the real world : human ecology and social change.
Pioneers of modern design : from William Morris to Walter Gropius.
What is a designer : things, places, messages.
Design : Dieter Rams &.
Hello world : where design meets life.
Beyond the new : on the agency of things.
The craftsman.
The craftsman.
B is for Bauhaus : an A-Z of the modern world.
Steeds slimmer.
At the origin is thought : from philosophy tot corporate identity.
Design as future-making.
Design by choice.
Seventy-nine short essays on design.
Forum : design.
Forum : design.
Children, spaces, relations : metaproject for an environment for young children.
De hedendaagse ontwerper : het Sandberg Instituut ontwerpt de ontwerper.
Form organization : new design procedures for numerical control.
Philips : a study of the corporate management of design.
Industriële vormgeving.
Eternally yours : visions on product endurance.
Trespassers : inspirations for eco-efficient design.
Presence : new media for older people.
Visies op vormgeving : het Nederlandse ontwerpen in teksten. Deel 1: 1874-1940
Visies op vormgeving : het Nederlandse ontwerpen in teksten. Deel 2 : 1944-2000.
Zweites Kölner Design-Jahrbuch 1993 : Thema: Ökologie und Design, und Berichte aus der Projektarbeit.
Olivetti : a study of the corporate management of design.
The solid side : the search for consistency in a changing world : projects and proposals.
Au bonheur des formes : design francais 1945 - 1992.
Design renaissance : selected papers from the International Design Congess, Glasgow, Scotland 1993.
Dictatuur van het design : ontwerpen van gebruiksvoorwerpen gezien vanuit de cognitieve psychologie.
How things don't work.
Design for human scale.
Communication by design : a study in corporate identity.
Designers in Nederland : een eeuw productvormgeving.
Basic design : the dynamics of visual form.
Cult objects : the complete guide to having it all.
60+40 is waarschijnlijk honderd ; ahrend, passers pennen podloden en projecten
Design voor opdrachtgevers : wat het is, wat u eraan hebt, hoe u het laat maken : briefing, merken, doelcommunicatie, bedrijfspresentaties, logo's, opdracht geven, voorbereiding, signing, p.o.s. power, wie gaat het doen, conc
Design-Schnittpunkt-Essen 1949-1989=Design lines meet in Essen 1949-1989 : von der Folkwangschule für Gestaltung zur Universität Essen, 40 Jahre Industriedesign in Essen=from the Folkwangschule für Gestaltung to the Universit
Hochschule für Gestaltung=Hogeschool voor Vormgeving Ulm.
NL-NY : projecten van afgestudeerden 1987/1992 : Architectonische Vormgeving/Interieur van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie te Amsterdam= projects by graduates 1987/1992 : Architectural/Interior design from the Gerrit Rietveld Aca
Geschiedenis van het ontwerp-onderwijs.
Mechanization takes command : a contribution to anonymous history.
Le machine et le monde des formes.
Objects of desire : design and society since 1750.
Modernism : designing a new world.
Huis en huisraad in de Griekse en Romeinse oudheid.
The Crystal Palace exhibition : illustrated catalogue London 1851 : an unabridged republication of The Art Journal : special issue.
Pre-industriële gebruiksvoorwerpen=Pre-industrial utensils 1150-1800 : afdeling Kunstnijverheid en Vormgeving=department of Applied Arts and Design.
Vienne 1815-1848 : un nouvel art de vivre à l'époque Biedermeier.
Kunstnijverheid Middeleeuwen en Renaissance=Decorative art Middle Ages and Renaissance : afdeling Kunstnijverheid en Vormgeving=Department of Applied Arts and Design Museum Boymans-van Beuningen Rotterdam.
Kunstnijverheid 1600-1800 en tegels=Applied arts 1600-1800 and tiles.
Past tense, future sense : competing through creativity : 80 years of design at Philips.
Dutch design : a history.
Leven in een verzameling : toegepaste kunst 1890 - 1940 uit de collectie Meentwijck.
Living in a modern way : California design, 1930-1965.
Maharam agenda.
Arts and Crafts in Britain and America.
Liberty design 1874-1914.
Islamische Kunstwerke : Keramik, Gewebe, Teppiche.
Kunstgewerbe in Tibet.
Indonesische kunstnijverheid : platen-atlas.
Papier in Japan.
Masterpieces of contemporary Japanese crafts.
Gods incarnate.
1988 Japanse crafts exhibition.
Wie verpacke ich fünf Eier : Kunst des Verpackens in Japan.
Celestial art : paper offerings and textiles from China collected by Leo Haks.
Japanse design : a survey since 1950.
Japan design.
Kunstgewerbe der Hindu.
Japan design : the four seasons in design.
Package design in Japan.
Japanse volkskunst.
Folk arts and crafts of Japan.
Cinq oeufs dans un papier : emballages traditionnels japonais.
Japanese design.
The art of the Japanese kite.
Interior design : Uchida, Mitsuhashi, Nishioka and Studio 80.
Designing the 21st century : Design des 21. Jahrhunderts : Le design du 21e siècle.
Designed for delight : alternative aspects of twentieth-century decorative arts.
Reizstoffe : Positionen zum zeitgenössischen Kunsthandwerk=positions of contemporary arts and crafts : 75 Jahre Danner-Stiftung.
Licht=Light : hedendaagse vormen in joodse rituelen=contemporary design in Jewish ceremony.
London Amsterdam : new art objects from Britain and Holland.
Europäisches Kunsthandwerk 1991=Arts and crafts in Europe 1991.
50s Decorative art : a source book.
60s Decorative art : a source book.
70s Decorative art : a source book.
1900s-1910s decorative art : a source book.
1920s decorative art : a source book.
1930s-1940s decorative art : a source book.
Design van de 20e eeuw.
Designing the 21st century : Design des 21. Jahrhunderts le design du 21e siècle.
International crafts : ceramics, textiles, glass, lettering and books, jewelry and metalwork, baskets and wood, furniture.
Droog design : 1991-1996.
Here there everywhere : Droog.
De feestdis=The banqueting table : ontworpen door negenendertig kunstenaars=designed by thirtynine artists.
Borek Sipek : stijl vormt functie.
Symfonie voor solisten : ontwerponderwijs aan de afdeling Vormgeving in Metaal en Kunststoffen van de Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten te Arnhem tijdens het docentschap van Gijs Bakker 1970-1978.
Gelderse Vormgevingsprijs 1994 : interieurvormgeving en gebruiksvoorwerpen in en om het huis.
Products of imagination : the Dutch experiment in design.
Wendingen 1918-1931 : documenti dell'arte olandese del Novecento.
Droog Design : catalogue.
Jan Eisenloeffel 1876-1957.
Gijs Bakker : the holes project.
Maria van Kesteren.
Klärwerk 2 : Gerrit-Rietveld-Academie Amsterdam : Textile Formgebung, Edelschmieden, Keramische Formgebung, Glasformgebung.
Premsela present : designers design for a designer : toonaangevende Nederlandse vormgevers ontwierpen een product, geïnspireerd op Benno Premsela=designs by leading Dutch designers inspired by Benno Premsela.
De nieuwe munten van Nederland.
Kunstnijverheid in Nederland 1880-1940.
Galerie Kapelhuis : dertig jaar vernieuwing in toepaste kunst 1960-1990.
Art nouveau en art deco in Nederland : verzamelobjecten uit de vernieuwingen in de kunstnijverheid van 1890 tot 1940.
Gijs Bakker, vormgever : solo voor een solist.
Gebruiks- en siervoorwerpen in het binnenhuis.
Makers : the new industrial revolution.
The hot house : Italian New Wave design.
1925 : exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes 1925.
British decorative arts from 1880 to the present day.
Talentbörse Handwerk 1992.
1995 : living design in Denmark : Danish designers in the nineties.
Das Schöne, das Nützliche und die Kunst=Beauty, function, and art : Danner-Preis=Danner Award 1996.
Cinquantenaire de l'exposition de 1925.
Provokationen : Design aus Italien : ein Mythos geht neue Wege.
The maker's eye.
Uit het licht van de lagune=By the light of the lagoon : textiel van Norelene/glas van Tagliapietra=fabrics by Norelene/glass by Tagliapietra.
Design in Finland, no. 30, 1991 : Design in Finland 30 years.
Design in Finland, spec. issue 1992.
"Power of copying 2010 : international contemporary design from slected art academies. Uitgegeven n.a.v. gelijknamige tentoonstelling in 2010 in China."
Design Milano sistema : Milan design system.
Aufbruch zum neuen Wohnen : Deutsche Werkstätten und WK-Verband (1898-1970) : ihr Beitrag zur Kultur unseres Jahrhunderts.
Alessi : ontwerpers, design en produktie.
Officina Alessi.
"Vrije vormgeving. Mapping dutch conceptual crafts. Nederlandse vrije vormgeving in kaart brengen."
Marti Guixé : 1:1.
21st Century design : new design icons from mass markett to avant-garde.
Design is a state of mind.
Bakelite : the material of a thousand uses : based on the Becht collection.
Hannes Wettstein : seeking archetypes.
De droomfabriek : Alessi vanaf 1921.
Design and the elastic mind.
Bekroonde ontwerpers : zes jaar Kho Liang le-prijs.
Design als Gegenstand : der neue Glanz der Dinge.
In good shape : style in industrial products 1900 to 1960.
Italiaans new design.
The practical idealists : twenty-five years of designing for industry.
Philippe Starck.
Domestic animals : the neoprimitive style.
The design of Herman Miller : pioneered by Eames, Girard, Nelson, Propst, Rohde.
Industrial art : objects, play and thought in Danese production.
Raak catalogus 11.
Bakeliet : techniek, vormgeving, gebruik.
Design made in Italy : exhibition of Italian industrial design : XIV Premio Compasso d'Oro.
Vormgeving na 1960 : van pop-art tot postmodern.
Holland in vorm : vormgeving in Nederland 1945-1987.
1.Design-Börse Stuttgart.
De harmonie van het contrast : Benno Premsela, Ulf Moritz.
Brits design, imago en identiteit.
Memphis 1981-1988.
Alessandro Mendini : schetsboek=sketchbook.
Domestic nature : Sergio Cappelli and Patrizia Ranzo 1979-1989.
Mutant materials in contemporary design.
Dl. 1: Young industrial designers 1994 : France, Germany, Holland. Dl. 2: Industrial design in the urban landscape.
Industriële vormgeving.
Dingen=Things : collectie Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen=collection Boymans-Van Beuningen Museum.
Lindfors : rational animal : selected projects from Stefan Lindfors' first 15 years as an artist and designer 1985-2000.
California design eleven : a triennial exhibition of manufactured products and the work of the State's artist craftsmen.
Het transparante Noorden=The Nordic transparency : industriële vormgeving uit Finland, Zweden, Denemarken, Noorwegen en IJsland=industrial design from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway ans Iceland..
New York : nomadic design.
Street furniture : list of designs included in Design Index 1972-1973 : high mast lighting, lighting columns and wall brackets, amenity lighting, litter bins and grit bins, bus shelters, outdoor seats, children's play equipme
Art plastic : designed for living.
Dan Friedman : radical modernism.
Stallinga : this is our logo.
Best of Graphis : design.
Design ist unsichtbar.
Ontwerp: Memphis : meubels, objecten en dessins.
De menselijke factor in het ontwerp van telefoons.
High Touch : the new materialism in design.
Plastics : designs and materials.
Classic plastics : from bakelite to high-tech : with a collector's guide.
Industrieel ontwerp=Industrial design '92 : nederlands industrieel ontwerp=Dutch industrial design : een overzicht van de leden van de Kring Industriële Ontwerpers KIO en KIO-branche en hun werk.
W.H. Gispen : industrieel ontwerper (1890-1981) : een modern eclecticus.
W.H. Gispen : serieproducten 1923-1960.
Package design now.
Juke box : Saturday night.
Perception and lightning as formgivers for architecture.
Kunst, Design, Wirtschaft=Art, design, business.
Formica and design : from the counter top to high art.
Industrial design.
Made in Holland: : design aus den Niederlanden.
Functionalist design : an ongoing history.
Massive change.
Street style : British design in the 80s.
1000 Extra/ordinary objects.
Lamps and lighting.
Home office.
Pentagram : the work of five designers=l'oeuvre de cinq designers=fünf Designer und ihre Arbeiten.
Pentagram book five : fifty case histories in architecture, graphic, and industrial design from the international consultancy Pentagram.
Das Designbuch : 1 Jahrhundert, 400 Designer, 1000 Objekte.
Toekomst - Afval - Afval - Toekomst : onderwijsproject : het gescheiden vergaren van huisafval.
Satyendra Pakhalé (cultural nomad) : from projects to products / dal progetto al prodotto.
Alchimia : never-ending Italian design.
Gadgets ! : the ultimate catalog for gadget lovers.
Goed in vorm : honderd jaar ontwerpen in Nederland.
The international design yearbook 1993.
The international design yearbook 1987-1988.
The international design yearbook 1985-1986 : furniture, lightning, ceramics, tableware, textiles, revivals.
Het massaproduct van 1 x 1000 naar 1000 x 1 : wat is de invloed van de Flexibele Productie Automatisering op het product, de consument en de industrial designer ?
Philippe Starck : subverchic design.
Ontwerpen voor de industrie 1 : studies over ontwerpen voor de industrie, waarbij opgenomen de catalogus van de gelijknamige tentoonstelling over industrieel ontwerpen en vormgeven.
Goed in vorm : gesprekken over Dutch design.
Omnibook 2 : industrial designers Italiani=Italian industrial designers.
Ornamente der Volkskunst : Gewebe, Teppiche, Stickereien.
Ornamente der Volkskunst : Keramik, Holz, Metall u.a.
Ornamente der Völker : Volkskunst in Europa und Asien.
Ornamente der Völker : eine Sammlung angewandter Schmuckformen aus Ägypten, China, Japan, Siam, Tibet, der Lappen sowie der Sibirischen und Islamischen Völker.
Ornamente der Völker : eine Sammlung angewandter Schmuckformen aus Afrika, Asien und Indonesien, Australien und Ozeanien, Nord-, Mittel- und Südamerika.
Art of the Huichol Indians.
Ndebele : leven tussen de kleuren.
Schweizer Bauernkunst.
Ife, Akan und Benin : Westafrikanische Kunst aus 2000 Jahren=West African art from 2000 years : Gold, Bronzen, Terrakotten=gold, bronzes, terracottas.
Chefs-d'oeuvre des arts indiens et esquimaux du Canada=Masterpieces of Indian and Eskimo art from Canada.
Kaiapó : the art of body decoration.
Arts and crafts of India.
Mexican folk crafts.
Unter afrikanischen Handwerken : Begegnungen und Erlebnisse in Westafrika.
Kwakiutl art.
The decorative arts of Africa.
Jun Kaneko : Dutch series - between light and schadow
Völker im Goldenen Dreieck : sechs Bergstämme in Thailand.
The flowering of American folk art 1776-1876.
L'art populaire en Russe subcarpathique.
Speaking with beads : Zulu arts from Southern Africa.
Swedish handcraft.
Peasant art in Roumania.
The decorative arts of Sweden.
New Zealand : Maori arts and crafts.
Volkskunst Amerikas.
African textiles and decorative arts.
Native American art.
IFI lexicon : interior design glossary.
Moderne Vergangenheit Wien, 1800-1900.
A history of interior design.
80 jaar wonen in het Stedelijk.
Leerboek der meubelstijlen : ten dienste van hen die studeren voor een der vakexamens woninginrichting of voor de akte NX, tevens handboek voor de belangstellende leek.
Bent wood and metal furniture 1850-1946.
The furniture collection Stedelijk Museum : 1850 - 2000 / from Michael Thonet to Marcel Wanders.
A social history of furniture design from B.C. 1300 to A.D. 1960.
Furniture : a concise history.
Het Europese binnenhuis : de stijlveranderingen in de interieurkunst van het Romeinse Rijk tot het begin van de twintigste eeuw.
The furniture of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.
Xtreme interiors.
Meubels in Nederland 1840-1900. Dl. I.
Meubels in Nederland 1840-1900. Dl. II.
The design of Herman Miller : pioneered by Eames, Girard, Nelson, Propst, Rohde.
Shaker furniture : the craftsmanship of an american communal sect.
Architect-designers : Pugin to Mackintosh.
English furniture : from gothic to sheraton.
Möbel und Raumkunst in England 1680-1800.
English furniture at a glance.
African furniture and household objects.
By Shaker hands : the art and the world of the Shakers, the furniture and artifacts, and the spirit and precepts embodied in their simplicity, beauty, and functional practicality.
Interior design visual presentation : a guide to graphics, models, and presentation techniques.
Meubeldesign van de 20ste eeuw.
Toward a new interior : an anthology of interior design theory.
Zweedse vormgeving.
Dokumentation zur Innenarchitektur.
Interior design=Interieur ontwerp '92 : nederlandse interieur architectuur=Dutch interior architecture : overzicht van de leden van de Beroepsvereniging van Nederlandse Interieurarchitecten BNI en hun werk.
Cor Alons : binnenhuisarchitect en industrieel ontwerper 1892-1967.
50 tables : innovations in design and materials.
Caleidoscopio 33, vol. 20, no. 38, 1985 : concorso: elementi di seduta per spazi collettivi.
Der Kragstuhl=The cantilever chair : Kragstuhlsammlung - Jean-Prouvé Archiv - Urmodelle der Moderne.
Martin Visser : 'verzameld werk'.
Interieur 86 : 10e biennale Kortrijk.
Een spiegel van ontwerpen : overzicht van tien jaar nederlandse meubelprijzen.
14 Concurso internacional de diseno del mueble en Valencia=14th International furniture design competition.
Zanotta catalogo 1978-1979.
Zanotta 1993 : i nuovi prodotti.
Ein Stuhl macht Geschichte.
Interieur 78 : 6e biennale Kortrijk.
Interieur 80 : 7e internationale biennale Kortrijk.
Interieur 82 : 8e internationale biennale Kortrijk.
Marcel Breuer : design.
1000 chairs.
Interior design : an introduction to architectural interiors.
Jean Prouvé : Möbel=furniture=meubles.
Herman Zeekaf. De toegang tot het licht.
Möbel und Wohnraum=Meubles et aménagements intérieurs=Furniture and rooms.
Nomadic furniture : how to build and where to buy lightweight furniture that folds, collapses, stacks, knocks down, inflates or can be thrown away and recycled, being both a book of instruction and a catalog of access for eas
La seggiola di Vienna : storia dei mobili in legno curvato.
s Avonds 5 jaar Binnenhuis : een fragmentarische momentopname uit 5 jaar avondopleiding architectonische vormgeving aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Ein Möbelbuch : ein Beitrag zum Problem des zeitgemässen Möbels.
Practische en aesthetische woninginrichting.
Paul Bromberg 1893-1959 : binnenhuisarchitect en publicist.
Bugholzmöbel : das Werk Michael Thonets : ein Wiener Sessel erobert die Welt.
Interior design in Japan.
Wonen, werken, rusten.
Stoelen : Nederlandse ontwerpen 1945-1985.
Wim den Boon : binnenhuisarchitect (1912-1968).
Nest.: ontwerpen voor het interieur : voorstel tot gemeentelijke kunstaankopen 2004. Nest. : design for the interior : proposal for muncipal art acquisitions 2004.
Een relatie met ruimte : Friso Broeksma en Benno Premsela.
Mooi van binnen : Mart Stamprijs voor interieurarchitectuur 1986-2001.
Het meubel verbeeld=Furniture as art : recente tendensen in sculptuur= recent tendencies in sculpture.
Oggetto ambiente.
Architectural painting.
High-Tech : the industrial style and source book for the home.
Spelen met licht.
Handleiding Acoat Color Codification (ACC).
Sitzhaltung, Sitzschaden, Sitzmöbel.
Benno Premsela : een vlucht naar voren.
Benno Premsela onder anderen.
Innenausbau im Wohnhaus.
Innenarchitektur und Raumgestaltung. Bd. 2: Gestaltungselemente : Entwurf und Planung mit Beispielen.
Asking Questions : 10 years of architectural design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Asking Questions : 10 jaar architectonisch ontwerp aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Sand Studio : textile design and styling.
Nobody expected there would be much discussion about it.
z.B. Stühle : ein Streifzug durch die Kulturgeschichte des Sitzens : vom Thron zum Chefsessel, vom Baumstumpf zum Designproduct, vom Küchenstuhl zum Kunstobjekt, vom Heiligen- zum Feuerstuhl.
Der offene Kamin=The open fireplace=La cheminée ouverte.
Der offene Kamin.
50 lights : innovations in design and materials.
Struck by lighting : an art-historical introduction to electrical lighting design for the domestic interior.
300 lights=Leuchten=lampes.
Cheminées anciennes.
Canto chiaro.
Ogenblikken: een persoonlijke kijk op (interieur)architectuur.
Intimus : interior design theory reader.
The ceramics reader.
Seeing things : collected writing on art, craft and design.
Keramische kontrasten : hedendaagse keramiek uit Duitsland.
Making marks : discovering the ceramic surface.
Barbara Nanning : reizen in tijd en ruimte=travels in time and space.
Decorative art of the southwestern indians.
Keramiek in het Stedelijk = Ceramics in the Stedelijk.
Hedendaagse keramiek in Nederland : contemporary Dutch ceramics.
Jan van der Vaart : keramiek.
Lucie Rie.
Chinesische Baukeramik.
Bestandscatalogus Nederlandse na-oorlogse keramiek.
Europäische Keramik der Gegenwart.
Meister der Deutschen Keramik 1900 bis 1950.
Facets of the same nature : a survey of contemporary Dutch ceramists.
Rozenburg 1883-1917 : geschiedenis van een Haagse fabriek.
Communicerende vaten : beeldtaal van slibversiering op laat-middeleeuws aardewerk in de Nederlanden.
Terra sculptura, terra pictura : keramiek van de "klassieke modernen".
Metamorphosis of contemporary ceramics : the international exhibition of contemporary ceramics.
Imre Schrammel.
Ceràmica hàbitat : ceràmica a l'equipament urbà=ceramics as part of urban amenities=cerámica en el equipamiento urbano.
"The workplace".
Transparency in clay : Rudolf Staffel.
Deense keramiek=Danish ceramics, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen : verzameld= collected 1970-1995.
Ceramiche della Repubblica di Weimar.
Wayne Higby.
Keramiek 90 : moderne keramiek in Nederland=modern ceramics in the Netherlands.
The art of Peter Voulkos.
Neue Formen der Keramik aus den Niederlanden.
Geschiedenis van een Delftse fabriek : een overzicht van de productie van De porceleyne Fles te Delft van de zeventiende eeuw tot heden.
Piet Stockmans : een huis vol kisten.
The turbulent vessel : Babs Haenen : keramiek=ceramics 1991-1998.
Potterij en potterie : Meindert Zaalberg vijftig jaar pottebakker.
De Noordelijke traditie=The Northern tradition : Leen Quist, keramiek en de keramiekcollectie Koster en Quist=Leen Quist, ceramics and the Koster and Quist ceramics collection.
Johan Creten : la misère dorée.
Uniek en meervoudig=Unique and multiple.
World ceramics : an illustrated history.
Ceramic art : comment and review 1882-1977 : an anthology of writings on modern ceramic art.
The book of cups.
American ceramics 1876 to the present.
The potter's art : a complete history of pottery in Britain.
The mad potter of Biloxi : the art and life of George E. Ohr.
A century of ceramics in the United States 1878-1978 : a study of its development.
Contemporary ceramics.
The book of pottery and porcelain.
The new ceramics : trends and traditions.
Mexican folk ceramics.
Keramische verkenningen=Ceramic explorations : vier beeldende kunstenaars op nieuwe wegen=four artists on new trails.
Samtidskeramikk : Norsk keramikk fra 1940 til i dag.
Aardewerk en porselein in de nederlandse musea.
Gerold Tusch : in den geschickten Polsterungen der Sinne.
Zillïj : the art of Moroccan ceramics.
Struktuur 68 : Werk in uitvoering.
Lucie Rie : a survey of her life and work.
Drie beeldhouwers in klei=Three sculptors in clay.
Japan : frühe Kunst.
Fragiles: porcelain, glass & ceramics.
Chineesch aardewerk en porcelein vanaf zijn oorsprong tot aan zijn verval.
Les céramiques précolombiennes.
South American folk pottery : traditional techniques from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia.
The art of Japanese ceramics.
Middeleeuwse ceramiek : enige hoofdlijnen uit de ontwikkeling in Nederland.
Piet Stockmans.
The world of Japanese ceramics.
Mobach : 100 jaar keramiek.
125 Sphinx-Céramique 100.
Nederlandse keramiek 1900-1975.
Nederlandse keramiek 1975-1985.
Ates : daha çok=more fire : Beril Anilanmert.
Pre-Columbian terracottas.
Present : koninklijke tichelaar makkum.
Les faïences de Tunisie : Qallaline et Nabeul.
De Nederlandse tegel.
De Nederlandse tegel=The Dutch tile : decors en benamingen=designs and names 1570-1930.
Tile paintings.
Bloemen op tegels in de Gouden Eeuw : van prent tot tegel=Dutch floral tiles in the Golden Age : and their botanical prints.
Keramische Glasuren 2 : neue Erkenntnisse, neue und alte bewährte Rezepturen.
Keramische Glasuren 2 : neue Erkenntnisse, neue und alte bewährte Rezepturen.
Pioneer pottery.
Pottery and porcelain : a dictionary of terms.
Industrial ceramics : tableware.
Manual of pottery and ceramics.
Studio porcelain : contemporary design and techniques.
A potter's book.
Hamada, potter.
Kenzan and his tradition : the lives and times of Koetsu, Sotatsu, Korin and Kenzan.
Beyond East and West : memoirs, portraits and essays.
Technologie der Keramiek.
The kiln book : materials, specifications and construction.
Shoji Hamada : a potter's way and work.
Clay and glazes for the potter.
Salt-glazed ceramics.
Het porseleinboek : de geschiedenis van stijlen en technieken met een uitvoerig merkenregister.
Handbuilding ceramic forms.
Glass through the ages.
The encyclopedia of working with glass.
Eighteenth-century english drinking glasses : an illustrated guide.
A history of glass in Japan.
L'art du verre en France 1860-1914.
New glass : a worldwide survey.
Harvey K. Littleton : glass sculpture.
Beelden in glas=Glass sculpture.
Sien van Meurs.
Glas des späten Mittelalters : die Sammlung Karl Amendt.
Loetz Austria : Glas um 1900.
Loetz Austria 1900 : Glas=glass=verre=vetri.
Copier : glasontwerper/glaskunstenaar=glass designer/glass artist.
Dale Chihuly : objets de verre.
Geperst glas uit Leerdam.
Sybren Valkema.
Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding : Glassammlung Ernsting=glasscollection Ernsting.
Contrasten in glas : 43 kunstenaars/ontwerpers en het gebruik van glas.
Mieke Groot.
Une saison hollandaise.
Richard Meitner : le verre, le contraire et l'autre=glass, the contrary and the other.
The other side of the looking glass : the glass body and its metaphors.
Vijftig jaar glasindustrie : gedenkboek uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het 50-jarig bestaan der N.V. Glasfabriek "Leerdam" voorheen Jeekel Mijnssen en Co. te Leerdam.
Crafts no. 22, sep./okt. 1976 : Hot glass, red Indian art, degree shows.
Jutta Cuny : sculture in vetro nei fotomontaggi di Cesare Somaini 1982-1983.
The technique of glass forming.
Techniques of kiln-formed glass.
Modern glas in Nederland : modern glass in the Netherlands 1880-1940
Lexicon Nederlandse glaskunst van de twintigste eeuw.
Glas: Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1969-2009.
The collector's dictionary of glass.
Working with hot glass.
Art glass nouveau.
Glass craft : designing, forming, decorating.
Glass : a contemporary art.
Louis C. Tiffany's glass, bronzes, lamps : a complete collector's guide.
Glass terminology : a German-English glossary.
Visual art in glass.
Glassblowing : a search for form.
How much do you know about glass ?
Glass fusing : book one.
Richard Meitner
Out of the fire : contemporary glass artists and their work.
Frans Molenaar : haute verrerie.
The glass of Lalique : a collector's guide.
Glass : its makers and its public.
Glass and glassware.
Modern glas en kristal.
A handbook on beads.
Achter glas : verrassende facetten van de wondere wereld van glas.
Glass, resin and metal construction.
Designing and building a studio glass furnace.
The book of glass.
Barbara Nanning : metamorphose.
On jewellery : a compendium of international contemporary art jewellery.
Africa adorned.
Abecedarium : Schmuch, Gefäss, Gerät, Jewel, Vessel, Implement.
Medieval goldsmith's work.
Nederlandse pedellenstaven van de Nederlandse universiteiten en hogescholen.
Hans Appenzeller : sieraden en schalen.
Gioielli e legature : artisti del XX secolo.
Eisen statt Gold : Preussischer Eisenkunstguss aus dem Schloss Charlottenburg, dem Berlin Museum und anderen Sammlungen.
Schatten van de tsaar : hofcultuur van Peter de Grote uit het Kremlin : Historisch-Cultureel Staatsmuseum "Het Moskouse Kremlin".
Eetgerei van het Stenen Tijdperk tot heden.
The collector's dictionary of the silver and gold of Great Britain and North America.
Giampaolo Babetto : artisti orafi contemporanei.
Erico Nagai : zeitgenössische Goldschmiedekünstler.
Robert Smit : sieraden van eigentijdse kunstenaars.
Ambtsketens van burgemeesters in Nederland.
The triumph of love : jewelry 1530-1930.
The master jewelers.
Het goud van de farao's.
Early Celtic masterpieces from Britain in the British Museum.
Schmiedeeisen und Leichtmetall am Bau : Kunstschmiede- und Schlosserarbeiten.
introduction to ironwork.
Open slot : sluitwerk en slotenmakers in Nederland uit de 15e tot de 19e eeuw.
Sloten en sleutels door de eeuwen heen.
Eisenwerke oder Ornamentik der Schmiedekunst des Mittelalters und der Renaissance.
Ijzerversiering : practische handleiding voor smeden, bouwkundigen, onderwijsinrichtingen en zelfstudie.
Art of the European Iron Age : a study of the elusive image.
Louis Mueller : sculpture.
Contemporary pewter in the Netherlands.
Working with pewter.
René Lalique : Schmuck.
The art of Cartier.
Goldschmiede Silberschmiede: von der Weimarer Zeit bis heute. Op kaft: Drei Generationen Gold- und Silberschmiede.
Münchner Goldschmiede : Schmuck und Gerät 1993.
The world of French jewelry art : the art of Cartier.
Friedrich Becker : Schmuck, Silbergerät, kinetische Objekte 1951-1983.
Pearls : ornament and obsession.
Schmuck und Gerät unserer Zeit.
Art Jewelry Forum's best of interviews.
Fabulous follies, frauds and fakes.
Ralph Bakker : archief.
Peter Bauhuis : Ding.
Peter Bauhuis : abecedarium : Schmuck, Gefäss, Gerät = jewel, vessel, implement.
The pearl necklace.
Sigurd Bronger : laboratorium mechanum.
Water : een sieraad- en modepresentatie.
Mind flights: jewellery by Lucy Sarneel/sieraden van Lucy Sarneel.
Hilde Foks : sieraden textiel 1986-2007.
"Lisa Walker : wearable. Exhibition 2010-2011 in London, Miami and Christchurch."
"Amsterdam-München-Amsterdam-Tokyo-Tokyo-Amsterdam-Tokyo-München-München. Exhibition 20/06/1997-19/07/1997 Galerie für angewandte Kunst, Munich."
"Golden clogs, dutch mountain : contemporary young dutch jewelry art curated by Andrea Wagner."
Australian jewellery topos : talking about place : talking about place with eighteen contemporary Australian jewellers
Paul Derrez, maker : sieraden en object = jewellery and objects, 1975-2015.
Owner's manual : jewellery by Warwick Freeman.
Untitled : Thomas Gentille : American jeweler.
De show van Gijs + Emmy : mode- en sieraadontwerpen = The Gijs + Emmy spectacle : fashion and jewellery design Gijs Bakker + Emmy van Leersum.
Daniel Kruger : zwische Natur und Künstlichkeit : Schmuck = Between nature and artifice : jewellery, 1974-2014.
Otto Künzli : the book.
Felieke van der Leest : the zoo of life : jewellery & objects, 1996-2014.
On and off : jewelry in the wider cultural field.
Sally Marsland.
Contemporary jewelry : Hiko Mizuno presents 14 jewelry artists on earth.
From the coolest corner : Nordic jewellery.
Ted ubiquist Noten.
Vinkhoek : Ruudt Peters kunsttoepassing=artwork, Bob van Reeth architectuur=architecture.
Pneuma : Ruudt Peters.
Ruudt Peters : dedicated to.
Ruudt Peters : QI.
Ruudt Peters : dusza.
Annelies Planteijdt.
Katja Prins : the uncanny valley.
Dierbaar : 40 jaar galerie Ra = Cherished : Ra gallery 40 years.
Contemporary jewelry in perspective.
Juwelen=Jewellery 1820-1920 : Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
Ringe aus Vier Jahrtausenden.
Chris Steenbergen : oeuvreprijs Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst 2000.
Twentieth-century jewelry.
Wendy Ramshaw, David Watkins : Schmuck=jewellery.
Schmuck : Zeichen am Körper.
"10 jaar Ra. VVV 13-07-2011"
Hermann Jünger : Schmuck nach 1945.
Tragezeichen : Schmuck.
Schmuck 1977 : Tendenzen.
art collection of combs : combs designed by artists.
Ornamenta 1 : internationale Schmuckkunst.
Triennale européenne du bijou.
Françoise van den Bosch 1944-1977.
l'Arte della gioia : gioiello Olandese d'autore.
Beauty is a story.
Otto Künzli : das dritte Auge=the third eye=het derde oog.
Fremdkörper : Schmuck der Avantgarde aus der Sammlung Teunen.
Verleden beelden : Ruudt Peters.
56 bracelets, 17 rings, 2 necklaces.
Schmuck der Südsee : Ornament und Symbol : Objekte aus dem Linden-Museum, Stuttgart.
Otto Künzli : ein Dach über dem Kopf.
Hans Appenzeller.
Otto Künzli : everything goes to pieces.
Nel Linssen : papieren sieraden=paper jewelry 1986-1991.
Edelsmeden joint exhibition : Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry FAA Dept., Gerrit Rietveld Academie E, Dept.
Power and gold : jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines : from the collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum Geneva.
13 Goldschmiede : von Amsterdam bis Tokyo.
Emmy van Leersum : gebroken lijnen=broken lines 1930-1984.
Echo : Rian de Jong.
Mag het iets meer zijn ? : Marion Herbst 1968-1993.
Wendy Ramshaw : rings.
Subjects : international jewelry art exhibition Helsinki 1993.
Tekens en ketens=Signs and chains=Zeichen und Ketten.
Daniel Kruger : vijf stenen en een kleine schijnbeweging.
Schmuck Burg Giebichenstein 1970-1992.
Sieraad=The jewel : symbool, signaal=sign and symbol.
Lous Martin 1965-1995 : simpelweg sieraden : (thirty years of modern jewellery 1965-1995) en Galerie Sieraad 1969-1995.
Schmücken=The art of adornment : Hochschule für Gestaltung/Fachhochschule Pforzheim Studiengang Schmuck und Gerät 1965-1995.
Hilde De Decker : Eva's kussen : sois belle Eve !
Erotischer Schmuck.
Ein Teil vom Ganzen : Schmuck von Dorothea Prühl.
Therese Hilbert : Weiss und Schwarz : Schmuck.
Passion and profession : twintig jaar Ra : sieraden toen, nu, straks= jewellery in past, present and future.
Jewellery through 7000 years.
Bernhard Schobinger : Feuer über Wasser : Schmuckobjekte aus den Jahren 1968-1996.
Ramon Puig Cuyàs : dibuixos de taller=workshop drawings.
Glanzstücke : Modeschmuck vom Jugendstil bis zur Gegenwart.
Xavier Domènech : arquitectures, amulets, atuells=architectures, amulets, vessels.
Jewelryquake : international three schools jewelry collaboration.
Konzepte : 3 Goldschmiede.
Subjects : international jewellery art exhibition Helsinki 1996.
Onno Boekhoudt : why not jewellery?
Deganit Stern Schocken.
Manfred Nisslmüller : eines und anderes.
Nordisk smykkekunst=Nordic jewellery.
Otto Künzli.
Julia Manheim : the shifting emphasis.
Esther Knobel.
Granulation 1996 : internationaler Schmuckwettbewerb.
Schmuck um Schmuck : Schmuck von Karl Fritsch.
Sieraden : de keuze van Amersfoort.
Sieraden=Jewellery : de keuze van Nijmegen=Nijmegen's choice.
Thérèse Hilbert.
Brooching it diplomatically : a tribute to Madeleine K. Albright.
Rian de Jong : reisgenoten.
Christoph Zellweger : time warp=Zeitsprung.
VES / catalogus SM 1982.
Schmuck der Moderne=Modern jewellery 1960-1998 : Bestandskatalog der modernen Sammlung des Schmuckmuseums Pforzheim=catalogue of the modern collection in the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim.
Kunst hautnah : virtuelles, visuelles, haptisches.
Display : het dilemma van de hedendaagse sieraadkunst.
Karl Fritsch - Schmuck/The jewelry of Karl Fritsch.
Kunst Aanmoedigingsprijs Amstelveen 2000 : sieraden. .
Sense of wonder : chi ha paura...?
Bernhard Schobinger : jewels now !
Given: jewellery by Warwick Freeman.
Radiant: 30 jaar Ra/ 30 years Ra.
Ornament as art : avant-garde jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Choise: zeitgenössische Schmuckkunst aus Deutschland, ein Lesebuch. contemporary jewellery from Germany, a reader.
Des Wahnsinns fette Beute. The fat booty of madness.
Karl Fritsch : metrosideros robusta.
Die Schmuckklasse/The jewellery class.
Christoph Zellweger : foreign bodies.
Das Eigene und das Fremde/The everyday and the far away.
"Yuka Oyama : Schmuck Quickies. VVV 12-07-2011"
Gijs Bakker : real ?
Lisa Walker : unwearable.
Ringe aus vier Jahrtausenden.
Marion Herbst : een overzicht 1969-1982.
Jewellery redefined : the 1st international exhibition of multi-media non-precious jewellery 1982.
Variationen in Metall und Porzellan : Gretchen Klunder Raber und Jolande Haas Goldberg.
Kollektion Künzli 1983 : Tapetenbroschen von Otto Künzli.
The Japan Jewellery Designers Association.
Die Kunst der Glyptik.
Cross currents : jewellery from Australia, Britain, Germany, Holland.
Hermann Schafran : Arbeiten 1976-1984.
Images : sieraden=Schmuck=jewellery.
Lam de Wolf.
Dictionnaire international du bijou.
Sieraad 1900 - 1972.
Lam de Wolf.
Sieraden : leerlingenboekje.
The new jewelry : trends and traditions.
Jewelry of our time : art, ornament and obsession.
The history of beads : from 30.000 B.C. to the present.
Primitive and folk jewelry.
New directions in jewellery.
Jewelry through the ages.
Erlesener Schmuck : ein internationales Handbuch von der Entwicklung der Goldschmiedekunst mit hervorragenden Beispielen von 1890 bis heute : für Goldschmiede, Künstler und alle Freunde schönen Schmuckes.
Hanging around.
Kumihimo jewelry.
Rings for the finger : from the earliest known times to the present, with full descriptions of the origin, early making, materials, the archaeology, history, for affection, for love, for engagement, for wedding, commemorative
Beppe Kessler.
One of a kind : American art jewelry today.
100 Jahre Schmuck-Design.
Earrings : from antiquity to the present.
Art nouveau jewellery and fans.
CH2=c(CH3)C(=O)OCH3 enclosuresand other TN´s
Ruudt Peters
Goldschmiedekunst : Arbeiten von 32 europäischen Goldschmieden.
Schmuck 2000 : Rückblick, Visionen.
100 Schmuckstücke=jewels 2001.
Goldsmiths' art : 5000 years of jewelry and hollowware.
Hans Appenzeller : sieraden=jewelry : zijn visie op sieraden=the Dutch designer : een overzicht van 15 collecties=a review of 15 jewelry collections.
Jewelry 7000 years : an international history and illustrated survey from the collections of the Britsh Museum.
Contemporary jewelry : a critical assessment 1945-1975.
Jewelry in Europe and America : new times, new thinking.
Het Nederlandse sieraad in de 20ste eeuw.
Jewelry: concepts and technology.
The best in contemporary jewellery.
It was like a fever : RMIT gold & silversmithing : graduationwork 2011.
Zeldzaam zilver uit de Gouden Eeuw : de Utrechtse edelsmeden Van Vianen.
Zilver : catalogus van de voorwerpen van edelmetaal in de collectie van het Museum Boymans-van Beuningen.
Peter Bauhuis : 7 new vessels.
Nederlands zilver 1815-1960.
Silver of a new era : international highlights of precious metalware from 1880 to 1940.
Zilver in beweging.
Investing in silver.
"Art and textiles : fabric as material and concept in modern art from Klimt to the present. Exhibition: 12/10/2013-22/6/2014 in Wolfsburg and Stuttgart."
Into indigo : African textiles and dyeing techniques.
A history of dyed textiles : dyes, fibres, painted bark, batik, starch-resist, discharge, tie-dye, further sources for research.
Synthetic dyeing : for spinners, weavers, knitters and embroiderers.
Techno textiles 2 : rovolutionary fabrics for fashion and design
Textiles today : a global surveyof trends and traditions.
Clothing technology : from fibre to fashion.
Cover space lecture series 2004.
Textiles : open letter.
Textiles Werken Bd. IV : Faden und Gewebe.
The textile reader.
Warp & weft : woven textiles in fashion, art and interiors.
Cultural threads : transnational textiles today.
Contemporary Textiles.
Renaissance clothing and the materials of memory.
Textiles : the whole story : uses meanings significance.
"Met hun handen en hun ogen" : Maya-textiel, spiegel van een wereldbeeld.
Soft sculpture and other soft art forms : with stuffed fabrics, fibers and plastics.
Slovenské l'udové umenia : výtvarný prejav.
Textiles from Mexico.
Textile tectonics.
Indonesian textiles.
Organisation et méthode : een autobeeldbiografie.
America's fabrics : origin and history, manufacture, characteristics and uses.
K 18-Stoffwechsel : Internationale Kunstausstellung.
Textiel gebonden.
Anna : textielconstructies, tuintekeningen en schetsen 1970-1980.
Fibres Art 1985 : catalogue=guide.
La tessitura del Bauhaus 1919-1933 : nelle collezione della Repubblica Democratica Tedesca.
Désirée Scholten : lijnen van een onvoltooid portret=portrait imperfect.
A world of costume and textiles : a handbook of the collection.
Acht in opdracht.
Nederlandse beeldende kunst : textiel.
Nederlandse beeldende kunst : textiel. Dl. 2: Meervoudige opdracht.
Verena Sieber-Fuchs.
Textiel in het Stedelijk=Textiles in the Stedelijk : collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
3rd international exhibition of miniature textiles 1978.
Klasse Erdmann : Textilgestaltung.
16e Biennale Internationale de Lausanne : textile et art contemporain= textile and contemporary art=Textil und zeitgenössische Kunst.
Textiles and new technology 2010.
Lenore Tawney.
Flexible I : pan-European art.
Flexible I : pan-European art.
Amsterdamse School textiel 1915-1930.
Batik : sukma Jawa=de ziel van Java=the soul of Java.
The new textiles : trends and traditions.
The art fabric : mainstream.
Velvet : history, techniques, fashions.
Textiles of ancient Peru and their techniques.
Textiles of ancient Peru and their techniques.
Vilt maken : nieuw tijdperk in textiel.
De fluwelen verleiding.
The fiberarts design book : from the editors of the Fiberarts Magazine.
Caring for textiles.
De kracht van zacht=The power of softness : textiel van=textile work by Herman Scholten, Maria Blaisse, Margot Rolf.
Gids voor textieltoeristen.
Indonesian textiles.
Textiel in beeld : werk en visie van 34 Nederlandse textielkunstenaars.
Der Unterricht : Farben, Formen, Textiles Gestalten.
Decorative art in Indonesian textiles.
Fabrics for interiors : a guide for architects, designers, and consumers.
Furnishing fabrics : an international sourcebook.
Spinnen und Weben einst und jetzt : die Entwicklung des Baumwollgewerbes zur Industrie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der schweizerischen und kontinentalen Verhältnisse.
Onder de dekens, tussen de lakens....
The development of Italian textile design from the 12th to the 18th century.
Mexican patterns : a design source book.
Herman Scholten : Oeuvre Award 1998.
Systematik der Textilen Techniken.
Bloesem van het heelal : de kleurrijke wereld van de textiel op Java.
Jeroen Vinken.
On weaving.
Knoll Textiles : 1945 - 2010.
Rita Kok : weefwerken tot 2007 : een selectie.
Weefboek : handboek voor het weven op grote en kleine getouwen.
Walk in beauty : the Navajo and their blankets.
Creative design in wall hangings : weaving patterns based on primitive and medieval art.
Weverij De Ploeg.
The book of looms : a history of the handloom from ancient times to the present.
The art of Bolivian Highland weaving.
Weverij De Ploeg van 1923 tot 1957.
Jack Lenor Larsen.
The tapestries of Trude Guermonprez.
The woven and graphic art of Anni Albers.
Les textiles de l'Inde et les modèles créés par Issey Miyake.
Bauhaus : de weverij en haar invloed in Nederland.
Ploegstoffen : niederländische Textilien von 1923 bis heute.
Embroidery and tapestry weaving : a practical text-book of design and workmanship.
A handweaver's pattern book.
Weven 2
Weven 3
Woven works.
The art of the loom : weaving spinning and dyeing across the world.
Indian blankets and their makers.
Weef- en borduurkunst.
West African weaving.
Sheila Hicks.
The Maori mantle.
A handbook of weaves.
Navajo and Hopi weaving techniques.
Weaving without a loom.
Margot Rolf : textiel.
A study of Okinawan textiles. Vol. 1: A study of Okinawan textile fabrics. Vol. II: A study of the cultural value of Okinawan textiles.
Weaves and pattern drafting.
Identifying tartans : the new compact study guide and identifier.
Advanced textile design.
Textiles en Europe sous Louis XV : les plus beaux spécimens de la collection Richelieu.
Weaving is for anyone.
Traditional "small motif and middle figure".
Traditional ikat (Kasuri).
Traditional stripes and lattices.
Tapestries from Egypt : woven by the children of Harrania.
Die altpersischen Teppiche : eine Studie über ihre Schönheitswerte.
La nouvelle tapisserie.
Harry Boom : gobelins en tijdgenoten=tapestries and contemporaries.
6th international triennale of tapestry=miedzynarodowe triennale tkaniny.
7e biennale internationale de la tapisserie=7th international biennial of tapestry.
Beyond craft : the art fabric.
How to know oriental carpets and rugs.
Das grosse Buch der Tapisserie.
Stitched and stuffed art : contemporary designs for quilts, toys, pillows, soft sculpture and wall hangings.
Woven by hand.
Geschiedenis der tapijtweverijen in de Noordelijke Nederlanden : bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der kunstnijverheid.
Geschiedenis der tapijtweverijen in de Noordelijke Nederlanden : bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der kunstnijverheid.
Traditional knitting patterns.
The art of knitting : inspirational stitches, textures and surfaces.
The techniques of sprang : plaiting on stretched threads.
Baskets as textile art.
The new basketry.
The pieced quilt : an American design tradition.
The subversive stitch : embroidery and the making of the feminine.
A gallery of Amish quilts: design diversity from a plain people.
Les trésors de la broderie religieuse en Tchécoslovaquie. L'enfant-Jésus de Prague.
Samplers and taperstry embroideries.
The standard book of quilt making and collecting.
A book of old embroidery.
Kant uit koninklijk bezit : de kantverzameling van H.M. de koningin in bruikleen gegeven aan het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
Nuttig en nodig : Nederlandse kantopleidingen 1850-1940=Practical and needful : Dutch Lace Schools 1850-1940.
Kant : met naald en klos en speldenbos.
Kantwerk : het maken van kloskant.
Indian floral patterns.
Vlisco fabrics.
Fabric dyeing and printing.
Designing with dye resists, batik and tie-and-dye.
Fifties furnishing fabrics.
Art sur soie=Art on silk : Bianchini-Férier : cent ans de création textile=one century of textiles.
Achter het behang : vierhonderd jaar wanddecoratie in het Nederlandse binnenhuis.
Katoendruk in Nederland.
Classic textile designs.
A literary history of wallpaper.
Print in fashion : design and develop in textile fashion.
Decorative endpapers.
Dekorationsstoffe, Tapeten, Teppiche.
The dyer's art : ikat, batik, plangi.
Koromo : Jürgen Lehl's fabrics.
Novelty fabrics.
Patterns for papers.
Ornate wallpapers.
The Thames and Hudson manual of dyes and fabrics.
The Thames and Hudson manual of textile printing.
industrious art : innovation in pattern and print at The Fabric Workshop.
Marbling : a complete guide to creating beautiful patterned papers and fabrics.
The surface designer's art : contemporary fabric printers, painters and dyers.
Made in Japan : the textiles of Jürgen Lehl.
Patterns for textiles.
Floral borders.
Digital jacquard design.
Digital textile design.
Vormen van textiel.
Zelf bloemen maken van textiel.
Het aangeklede venster : een praktische gids voor het aankleden van uw ramen.
Leather as art and craft : traditional methods and modern designs.
Made in Tilburg : design - kunst: productie textielmuseum.
Textiles now.
Over/under, under/over : notes.
Larousse encyclopedia of music.
XYZ der muziek.
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.
The order of sounds : a sonorous archipelago.
Hearing cultures : essays on sound, listening, and modernity.
Sonic warfare : sound, affect, and the ecology of fear.
Of remixology : ethics and aesthetics after remix.
Alternative mainstream : making choices in pop music.
The singing neanderthals : the origins of music, language, mind and body.
A brief history of new music.
The ancient phonograph.
Alte Musikinstrumente.
Geschichte der Musik in Bildern.
Echtzeitmusik Berlin : sebstbestimmung einer szene = self-defining a scene.
White riot : punk rock and the politics of race.
Give my regards to eighth street : collected writings of Morton Feldman.
Het gejuich was massaal : punk in Nederland, 1976-1982.
Girls to the front : the true story of the Riot Grrrl revolution.
The queen's throat : opera, homosexuality and the mystery of desire.
Lords of chaos : the bloody rise of the satanic metal underground.
The KLF : chaos, magic and the band who burned a million pounds.
The tao of Wu.
The Wu-Tang manual.
The Beatles : anthology.
Rave : rave and its influence on art and culture.
Sound unbound : sampling digital music and culture.
Musical instruments in colour.
Klank en muziek : de oorsprong.
Muziek in de Filippijnen : instrumentale muziek van etnische minderheden in de Filippijnen.
Ueinzz Theatre Company : cosmopolitical delay.
Choreographing exhibitions.
Assign & arrange : methodologies of presentation in art and dance.
"Dance with camera. Exhibition: 11/9/2009-21/3/2010 in Philadelphia. Exhibition: 7/8-17/10/2010 in Houston."
"Move : choreographing you. Tentoonstelling 13/10/2010-09/01/2011 Hayward gallery, Londen. Tentoonstelling 10/02/2011-15/05/2011 Haus der Kunst, Munchen."
Embodied consciousness : performance technologies.
Danse : an anthology.
Dancing : the power of dance around the world.
Van hofballet tot postmoderne-dans : de geschiedenis van het akademische ballet en de moderne-dans.
Pina Bausch.
Alexandra Radius, Han Ebbelaar : dancing.
Hans van Manen : foto's, feiten, meningen=photographs, facts, opinions.
Great male dancers of the ballet.
Les hommes de la danse.
Impro : improvisation and the theatre.
Le Marquis de Sade et les pierres de Lacoste.
Man looking for words.
The actor in costume.
Knaurs Schauspielführer : eine Geschichte des Dramas.
The encyclopedia of world theater.
Dynamics of drama : theory and method of analysis.
The life of the drama.
The theatre of the Bauhaus.
The Italian Comedy : the improvisation, scenarios, lives, attributes, portraits and masks of the illustrious characters of the Commedia dell'Arte.
Bühne und bildende Kunst im XX.Jahrhundert : Maler und Bildhauer arbeiten für das Theater.
Het doek gaat op : vijfentwintig eeuwen in en om het Europese theater. Dl. 1: Oudheid-barok.
Het doek gaat op : vijfentwintig eeuwen in en om het Europese theater. Dl. 2: Rococo-heden.
Marge theater in Nederland : 10 jaar Shaffy.
Dogtroep : photobook 1975-1981.
Dogtroep : verslag 1990-1992.
Een theatergeschiedenis der Nederlanden : tien eeuwen drama en theater in Nederland en Vlaanderen.
Hinderlaag : de catalogus van een voorstelling.
Scarabee 1965-1983 : de boodschap van het beeld.
Drama es ter : magyar szinhazi es televizios diszlet-jelmez 1979-1983.
Shakespeare en het theater van zijn tijd.
Max Reinhardt und die Welt der Commedia dell'arte : Text- und Bilddokumentation.
Renaissance theatre costume and the sense of the historic past.
Unspeakable acts : the avant-garde theatre of Terayama Shuji and postwar Japan.
The scenography of Josef Svoboda.
Dressing up : transvestism and drag : the history of an obsession.
The revolutions of stage design in the 20th century.
Medieval theatre costume : a practical guide to the construction of garments.
Film and television makeup.
Die Maler und das Theater im 20.Jahrhundert.
Raumkonzepte : konstruktivistische Tendenzen in Bühnen- und Bildkunst 1910-1930.
Drags : de wereld van de travestie : geschiedenis, cultuur, interviews, personalities, informatie, boeken, films, attributen.
Stage makeup.
Toneelbeeld vanaf 1945 in Nederland.
Le décor de théatre dans le monde depuis 1935.
Theatre planning.
Doeken in het theater.
Vloeren in het theater.
In the gutter.
Sprekende theaterbeelden : zestien hedendaagse theatervormgevers.
The human face.
Perspective drawing for the theatre.
Theatre props.
Stage lighting.
Shadow theatre in Java : the puppets, performance and repertoire.
Heerekrintjes : over Jan Klaassen en Katrijn en hun buitenlandse soortgenoten.
n Open boekje !
The world of puppets : hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets from ancient Egypt to modern day America to Malaysia.
Marionetten aus aller Welt.
Resonant bodies, voices, memories.
The electronic cry : voice and gender in electroacoustic music.
Dumbstruck : a cultural history of ventriloquism.
See this sound : audiovisuology.
Echo : the images of sound.
Immediacy and non-simultaneity : utopia of sound.
Noise, water, meat : a history of sound in the arts.
"Acoustic Territories : sound culture and everyday life."
Site specific sound.
"Sound art : beyond music, between categories."
Lexicon of the mouth : poetics and politics of voice and the oral imaginary.
"Background noise : perspectives on sound art."
Wired for speech : how voice activates and advances the human-computer relationship.
The sound studies reader.
Voice studies : critical approaches to process, performance and experience.
Braaf ! Bravo ! Bravour ! : het circus door de eeuwen heen.
Van binnen moet je wezen ... : tweehonderd jaar circus in Nederland.
De circusclown.
Een ruimte om in te bewegen : Serge Daney : tussen cinema en beeldcultuur.
Volharden : gesprekken met Serge Toubiana.
Artificial darkness : an obscure history of modern art and media.
The Routledge encyclopedia of film theory.
A short history of cahiers du cinéma.
Exhibiting the moving image : history revisited
The cinematic city.
Dreams of a nation : on Palestinian cinema.
Ecologies of the moving image : cinema, affect, nature.
Film as a subversive art.
Red, white and black : cinema and the structure of U.S. antagonisms.
Séances : re-wiring images in the Amsterdam underground.
On screen in time: transitions in motion graphic design for film, television and new media.
Illuminating video: an essential guide to video art.
Film art : an introduction.
The autobiography of video : the life and times of memory technology.
Film, a sound art.
Cinema 1 : The movement image.
Cinema 2 : The time-image.
The matter of images : essays on representations.
The intelligence of a machine.
"Releasing the image: from literature to new media."
De fabel van de cinema.
The intervals of cinema.
Expanded cinema.
Het linnen venster. De absolute film.
The voice in cinema.
Audio-vision : sound on screen.
Het experiment in de nederlandse film.
Wild blooms of imagination : art direction in Hong Kong films 1979-2001.
mm2 : experimentel film in the Netherlands since 1960.
Film en beeldende kunst 1900-1930.
The talkies : articles and illustrations from a great fan magazine 1928-1940.
Knaurs Buch vom Film.
A history of experimental film and video : from the canonical Avant-Garde to contemporary British practice.
Cinematography : Robby Müller.
Hollywood babylon.
Bunuel over Bunuel
For ever Godard.
Werner Herzog : a guide for the perplexed, conversations with Paul Cronin.
The wrong house : the architecture of Alfred Hitchcock.
P.P.P. : Pier Paolo Pasolini : life, work, historical context.
Saint Paul : a screenplay.
Béla Tarr, the time after.
Sculpting in time : the great Russian filmmaker discusses his art.
"Dialogues" : a film by Owen Land.
Scream and scream again : film in art.
Fashion in film.
Lessen in regie.
Film und Design : Erklären, Entwerfen und Anwenden der elementaren Phänomene und Dimensionen des Films im gestalterischen Unterricht an der AGS Basel, Höhere Schule für Gestaltung.
Photographic theory for the motion picture cameraman.
Het mysterie in de abstracte film=The dream of color music.
The business of filmmaking.
Surfing the black : Yugoslav Black Wave cinema.
The celluloid closet : homosexuality in the movies.
New documentary.
Documents of utopia : the politics of experimental documentary.
Filmtitels en trucfilms : handleiding voor de "animation"-techniek, van tructitels en getekende titels tot tekenfilm, poppenfilm, schablonenfilm en andere trucfilms.
Gerrit van Dijk : de kunst van de beweging=the art of motion.
The do-it-yourself film animation book.
Masters of animation.
The animation book : a complete guide to animated filmmaking : from flip-books to sound cartoons to 3-D animation : new digital edition.
Cracking animation: the Aardman book of 3-D animation.
Of mice and magic : a history of American animated cartoons.
Disney animation : the illusion of life.
Animation now!
The animator's survival kit: a manual of methods, principles and formulas for classical, computer, games, stop motion and internet animators.
Shot by shot : film directing : visualizing from concept to screen.
A long time between suns : the Otolith Group.
Revision : art programmes of European television stations.
Reisgids van een straat : een verzamelplaats van reizigers.
Thirty frames per second the visionary art of the music video.
Video art.
The magnetic era : video art in the Netherlands 1970 - 1985
New media culture in Europe : art, research, innovation, participation, public domain, learning, education, policy.
A.V. is : 13 jaar audiovisuele afdeling van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Geluid <=> kijken=Sound <=> sight : drie audio-visuele projekten=three audio-visual projects.
Uitg. AVE, jrg. 2, no. 3, nov. 1991.
"Nam June Paik : Werke 1946-1976 : Musik - Fluxus - Video. VVV 13-07-2011"
ID : an international survey on the notion of identity in contemporary art.
Jeffrey Shaw : eine Gebrauchsanweisung=a user's manual : vom Expanded Cinema zur Virtuellen Realität=from expanded cinema to virtuel reality.
Media-Art-History : Media Museum ZKM/Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.
XII Videobrasil-Festival Internacional de Arte Eletrônica.
Het lumineuze beeld=The luminous image.
Nan Hoover.
Understanding hypermedia : from multimedia to virtual reality.
Künstler-Videos : Entwicklung und Bedeutung : die Sammlung der Videobänder des Kunsthauses Zürich.
Pixels and places : video art in public space.
Art cinema.
World 0neminutes: video & literature.
Klein cultureel woordenboek van de wereldliteratuur.
Echolalias : on the forgetting of language.
The pleasure of the text.
Does writing have a future?
Philosophy of language.
Metaphors we live by.
Speech genres and other late essays.
The future of nostalgia.
Language : the unknown : an initiation into linguistics.
Keywords : a vocabulary of culture and society.
Politics of modernism.
The book in history, the book as history : new intersections of the material text : essays in honor of David Scott Kastan.
The search for the perfect language.
Empire of signs.
Het rijk van de tekens.
Elements of semiology.
Eats, shoots & leaves : the zero tolerance approach to punctuation.
In praise of opacity : a collection of translator's writings.
Literary theory : an introduction.
Against expression : an anthology of conceptual writing.
Uncreative writing : managing language in the digital age.
Poetic intention.
How to write a thesis.
How to write a thesis.
Hoe schrijf ik een scriptie.
On pain of speech : fantasies of the first order and the literary rant.
The Faber book of utopias.
Archaeologies of the future : the desire called utopia and other science fictions.
Simple forms.
Nation and narration.
Mad like Artaud.
The romantic agony.
Anthology of black humour.
The atrocity exhibition.
The powers of horror : an essay on abjection.
The king of the dead : and other Libyan tales.
Nightwalking : a nocturnal history of London, Chaucer to Dickens.
I hate my teddy bear.
The joke book.
The Cambridge encyclopedia of language.
Heather Christle.
Carl Phillips.
Eugene Ostashevsky.
Ishion Hutchinson.
Matthew Dickman.
Ilya Kaminsky.
Dorothea Lasky.
Mary Ruefle.
M.A. Vizsolyi.
Susan Wheeler.
Noelle Kocot.
Sarah Fox.
Caroline Knox.
Anna McDonald.
Valzhyna Mort.
Matthew Zapruder.
Stemmen op schrift : geschiedenis van de Nederlandse literatuur vanaf het begin tot 1300.
Stroomingen en gestalten : geschiedenis der Nederlandsche letteren.
My Emily Dickinson.
Dictionary of received ideas.
Sentimental education.
The Thoreau you don´t know : the father of nature writers on the importance of cities, finance, and fooling around.
Exploits & opinions of dr. Faustroll, pataphysician.
Blood and guts in high school.
I'm very into you : correspondence, 1995-1996.
Flight out of time : a Dada diary by Hugo Ball.
The unseen.
Sideraal Amerika.
A manual for cleaning women.
The book of imaginary beings.
Naar de ziel van de fles : over papegaaien & Marcel Broodthaers.
The king of a rainy country.
With William Burroughs : a report from the bunker.
Burroughs live : the collected interviews of William S. Burroughs, 1960-1997.
Invisible cities.
If on a winter's night a traveler.
The songlines.
The long bood-bye.
Geometries of desire : an interview with Dennis Cooper.
Generation X : tales for an accelerated culture.
Miss Wyoming.
Polaroids from the dead.
The year of magical thinking.
Blue nights.
The young and evil.
Willie Masters' lonesome wife.
A love of UIQ : a screenplay.
The Dispossessed : an ambiguous utopia.
Breakfast on the Maas.
De erker.
The doors of perception & Heaven and hell.
Modern love.
Collected works of Velimir Khlebnikov, volume 1 : letters and theoretical writings.
Aliens & anorexia.
Fanged noumena : collected writings, 1987-2007.
Tristes tropiques.
Myth and meaning : cracking the code of culture.
The faggots and their friends between revolutions.
The stories of Breece D´J Pancake.
Species of spaces and other pieces.
Life : a user's manual.
The art and craft of approaching your head of department to submit a request for a raise.
The bell jar.
Anarchism is not enough.
The emigrants.
In praise of shadows.
A.U.T.O.B.I.O.G.R.A.F.I.E. : aantekeningen uit Tedja's onderbewuste bibliotheek in oorspronkelijk grootste retoriek als fallectomie in erotiek.
Dark pool party.
Life : a novel.
A perfect spy.
Compo de rheto.
House of leaves.
Stunning lofts.
The undercommons : fugitive planning & black study.
Silk handkerchiefs.
Alone, desperate and going nowhere.
Jonny on a chorizo.
Defiant pose.
The suiciders.
Ecology of secrets.
Fat mountain : scenes.
Poetical assumption.
10:04 : a novel.
The ecstasy of influence : nonfictions, etc.
On the self-reflexive page.
Satin island.
Nicola, Milan.
Tree of codes.
New Dystopia.
Venusia : Roman.
Shahrzad : history.
Changing my mind : occasional essays.
The faraway nearby.
In Amerika.
Mirrorshades : the cyberpunk anthology.
Supernatural strategies for making a rock 'n roll group.
Censorship now!!
The psychic soviet.
Dit is jouw huis : verhalen.
Magnetische velden.
Ilias : de wrok van Achilles.
Odyssee : de terugkeer van Odysseus.
Kalevala : the land of the heroes.
Wij zijn de laatste geliefden in de wereld.
Text-sound texts.
The divine comedy, volume 1: inferno.
The Complete poems.
Er staat een stad op.
Twee zonnen.
The H.D. book.
The waste land.
Selected poems, 1947-1995.
Sister outsider : essays and speeches.
Frank O'Hara : poet among painters.
The nature of things.
Letters to a young poet.
New impressions of Africa.
De aquaholist : gedichten en prozagedichten.
Er hangt een hoge lucht boven ons.
Affirmation of poetry.
Didactic poetries.
A beautiful marsupial afternoon : new (soma)tics.
Citizen : an American lyric.
Cinema of the present.
De keizer van het verlies en andere theaterteksten.
The illustrated Stratford Shakespeare : the complete illustrated works of William Shakespeare.
Brecht on theatre : the development of an aesthetic.
Brecht and method.
"Flatland: a romance of many dimensions."
I sa man tra tamara ! ?
Verdwenen tijd.
The law of averages : new and selected stories.
The autobiography of red.
The autobiography of red.
I love Dick.
Summer of hate.
Alles is Carmen.
The gray cloth : Paul Scheerbart's novel on glass architecture.
The volcano lover.
Aan de voet van de gletsjer.
Blauwtje en geeltje : een verhaal voor kinderen en andere mensen.
Zomer in Baden-Baden.
Hier begint het verhaal.
Atlas van de westerse beschaving.
Atlas van het tweestromenland : overzicht over geschiedenis en beschaving van Mesopotamië van de steentijd tot de val van Babylon.
Atlas van de antieke wereld.
Atlas van de oudchristelijke wereld.
Cartographies of time.
A history of writing.
The heraldic imagination.
Gran pavese : vlaggenproject=the flag project : 50 kunstenaars/50 vlaggen= 50 artists/50 flags.
The world of flags : a pictorial history.
20e eeuw 21e eeuw kunstenaars (137) naslagwerk
I shall bear witness : the diaries of Victor Klemperer, 1933-41.
Religion and the rise of capitalism : a historical study.
Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism.
A philosophy of walking.
Undermining : a wild ride through land use, politics, and art in the changing west.
Wanderlust : a history of walking.
Gods, mongrels and demons : 101 brief but essential lives.
Psychologie und Alchemie : Traumsymbole des Individuationsprozesses, die Erlösungsvorstellungen in der Alchemie u.a.
Alchemie en mystiek : het hermetische museum.
Alchemie en mystiek : het hermetische museum.
Zwaarden, paarden en ziektekiemen : waarom Europeanen en Aziaten de wereld domineren.
The African origin of civilization : myth or reality.
Herbs, health, healers : Africa as ethnopharmacological treasury.
Shaman : the wounded healer.
The grail : quest for the eternal.
The earth spirit : its ways, shrines and mysteries.
De keltische mythologie : een geïllustreerd overzicht.
Celtic mysteries : the ancient religion.
De shamaan : reizen van de ziel, trance, extase en genezing van Siberië tot de Amazone.
De wijsheid van India : voorstellingen en praktijken, goden en wereldbeeld, meditatie en yoga.
A life with the gods in their Yoruba homeland.
Simulacra and simulation.
Semiotics : the basics.
The function of criticism.
Cultural studies 1983 : a theoretical history.
High society : the central role of mind-altering drugs in history, science and culture.
Culture and communication : the logic by which symbols are connected : an introduction to the use of structuralist analysis in social anthropology.
Our aesthetic categories : zany, cute, interesting.
Pure war : twenty-five years later.
Negative horizon.
City of panic.
War and cinema : the logistics of perception.
The vision machine.
Smaak : mensen, media, trends.
Jong! : jongerencultuur en stijl in Nederland 1950-2000.
Representation : cultural representations and signifying practices.
Interculturele intoxicaties: over kunst, cultuur en verschil.
Girl culture : an encyclopedia volume 2.
Girl culture : an encyclopedia volume 1.
Palestina, Israel, and the politics of popular culture.
Understanding representation.
De winkel van Sinkel : het mooiste en interessantste uit oude prijscouranten.
Huisraad van een molenaarsweduwe : gebruiksvoorwerpen uit een 16e-eeuwse boedelinventaris.
Hermann Jünger : herbei, herbei, was Löffel sei... : ein poetisches Schau- und Lesebuch.
Quintessens : wetenswaardigheden over acht eeuwen kookgerei.
Forks, knives and spoons.
Dressing dolls.
A history of toys.
Deutsches Spielzeug.
Kinderspielzeug aus alter Zeit : eine Geschichte des Spielzeugs.
Barbie : what a doll!
Poppen en poppenhuizen.
Tangram : het oude Chinese vormenspel=das alte chinesische Formenspiel.
Taking the waters : spirit, art, sensuality.
Tempels of convenience and chambers of delight.
Sanitair : een historisch overzicht.
Het mes op de keel : de man op zoek naar perfectie.
Eternal erasure : on ´Fashion matters´.
The beautiful fall : fashion, genius and glorious excess in 1970s Paris.
Fashion design drawing.
Tim van Steenbergen : Act(e).
Fashion & anti-fashion : exploring adornment and dress from an anthropological perspective.
400 Years of fashion.
De grote mode-encyclopedie.
Kostuum 2003.
A pictorial history of costume=Illustrierte Kostumgeschichte=Histoire illustree du costume=Storia illustrata del costume=Historia ilustrada del vestido.
Histoire du costume : en occident, de l'antiquité a nos jours.
Kostümgeschichte in Bildern : eine Übersicht der Kostüme aller Zeiten und Völker vom Altertum bis zur Neuzeit einschliesslich der Volkstrachten Europas und der Trachten der aussereuropäischen Länder.
Haute couture en prêt-à-porter : mode 1750-2000 : een keuze uit de kostuumcollectie Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Fashion in photographs 1860-1880.
Fashion in photographs 1880-1900.
Fashion in photographs 1900-1920.
Fashion in photographs 1920-1940.
Knaurs Kostümbuch : die Kostumgeschichte aller Zeiten.
A history of costume : with over 600 patterns and illustrations.
Cantecleer kostuumgeschiedenis.
The man of fashion : peacock males and perfect gentlemen.
Galante Mode : Mode-Graphik aus zwei Jahrhunderten.
Early American dress : the colonial and revolutionary periods.
The fashion system.
The language of fashion.
The supermodern wardrobe.
The future of fashion is now.
Mensen en mode : de relatie tussen kleding en conjunctuur.
Women in clothes.
Seeing through clothes.
The unfashionable human body.
Deluxe : how luxury lost its luster.
Extreme beauty : the body transformed.
Costumes of the Greeks and Romans.
Fashion and psychoanalysis.
The color revolution.
Aesthetic politics in fashion.
Take Ivy.
Exposed : a history of lingerie.
Brassey?s book of camouflage.
The Hawaiian shirt.
Fashioning value : undressing ornament: a critical study of fashion as a system of value production, through the paradigmatic changes of ornament.
Dictionary dressings : re-reading clothing definitions towards alternative fashion perspectives.
Blue is the new black : the 10 step guide to developing and producing a fashion collection.
Designing a knitwear collection from inspiration to finished garments.
Men in black.
Why a man should be well-dressed : appearances can be revealing.
The devil's cloth : a history of stripes and striped fabric.
No sweat : fashion, free trade, and the rights of garment workers.
Symposium 2: seam & star: male elegance.
Fashion design=Modeentwürfe=disenos de la mode=design di moda=créations de mode 1850-1895.
Balenciaga : shaping fashion.
"Walter van Beirendonck : dream the world awake. Tentoonstelling: 14/09/2011-19/02/2012 in MOMU te Antwerpen."
Bless : retroperspective home N° 30 - N° 41.
Moi Veronique : Branquinho TOuTe NUe.
"Dries van Noten. Exhibition: 1/3-31/8/2014 in Paris. Exhibition: 13/2-19/7/2015 in Antwerp."
Hussein Chalayan.
Dolce & Gabbana : Uomini.
Peter Jensen & Mary Miles Minter & Mildred & Emma & Olga & Nancy & Gertrude & Cindy & Tonya & Fanny & Sissy & Helena & Tina & Christina & Mink & Candice-Marie & Jodie & Jytte & Laurie & Muriel & Shelley & Anna Karina.
Ofoffjoff : one to one : Joff & Julia Born.
Bas Kosters : I want it to be soft.
Maison Martin Margiela.
Maison Martin Margiela : `20´ the exhibition.
De liefde kijkt niet met ogen : dertien jaar met Lee Alexander McQueen.
Issey Miyake : photographs by Irving Penn.
Irving Penn regards the work of Issey Miyake : photographs 1975-1998.
Street style.
The Ossie Clark diaries.
Mode : de eeuw van de ontwerpers 1900-1999.
Nanni Strada : Mappamodello.
Jun Takahashi : undercover.
Couture graphique : mode, grafisch ontwerp en het lichaam.
Het verzameld breiwerk van Loes Veenstra uit de 2e Carnissestraat.
Viktor & Rolf : 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.
Hussein Chalayan.
Diana Vreeland : the eye has to travel.
"Alexander McQueen. Exhibition: 2015 in London."
Yohji Yamamoto.
Yohji Yamamoto : my dear bomb.
Emillio Cavallini.
The sourcebook of contemporary fashion design
Bernhard Willhelm en Jutta Kraus.
100 years of Western wear.
A fashion for extravagance : art deco fabrics and fashions.
The changing world of fashion : 1900 to the present.
Decoratie in ontwerp : over kleding en mode 1985/1986.
Giorgio Armani : images of man.
Le vent du Nord : défilé des jeunes talents Hollandais : mode 1987.
Frans Molenaar : design.
Rietveld onder het Rijks : mode.
Believe : Walter Van Beirendonck and wild and lethal trash!
The art of African fashion.
Dries van Noten : women's collection fall-winter 1998-1999.
Dries van Noten : women's collection summer 1998.
Kenzo Paris : collection femme printemps-été 1992.
Kenzo : le monde est beau : giornale di viaggio primavera-estate 1993 : femme, homme, jungle, jeans, enfant, mer, la maison.
Kenzo : le monde est beau : carnet de voyage automne-hiver 1993.
Vent'anni di moda Italiana 1922-1943 : proposta per un museo della moda a Milano.
Chanel and her world.
Madeleine Vionnet.
Belgian fashion design.
Collezioni bis : Donna : prêt-à-porter : primavera/estate, spring/summer 1991, no. 20.
Fashion in the Forties and Fifties.
Mode in de Lage Landen : België.
Donna Karan, New York.
Sonia Rykiel.
Vivienne Westwood.
Comme des Garçons.
Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Christian Lacroix.
Yohji Yamamoto.
Emanuel Ungaro.
Roger Vivier.
Elsa Schiaparelli.
Thierry Mugler.
Dolce & Gabbana.
Yves Saint Laurent.
The fashion year.
50s Fashion style : stylish swimwear from the golden age of American fashion : beach and summer.
50s Fashion style : stylish casual wear from the golden age of American fashion : casual for spring.
Excess: fashion and the underground in te ´80s.
Visionaire's Fashion 2000 : designers at the turn of the millennium.
Dior : Christian Dior 1905-1957.
Valentino: themes and variations.
Alexander van Slobbe, and...and...and....
Jonge modeontwerpers.
Wild style : the next wave in fashion, hair and makeup.
Issey Miyake.
Ik heb niks om aan te trekken.
Fashion : the collector's book of the twentieth-century.
Madeleine Vionnet.
Gianni Versace.
Jean Paul Gaultier.
Frans Molenaar : haute couture.
Pierre Cardin : past, present, future.
East meets West.
Todd Oldham : without boundaries.
Het versierde spijkerpak : blue denim magic.
The Stephen Sprouse book.
Diesel : for succesful living.
The art of Zandra Rhodes.
Fashion in the '30s.
De gentleman : handboek van de klassieke herenmode.
Limpergprijs 1994 : Orson en Bodil by Alexander van Slobbe.
Street, special edition, vol. 1 and 2. Maison Martin Margiela.
Woman by.
Issey Miyake : bodyworks.
Valentina: American couture and the cult of celebrity.
The battle of Versailles : the night American fashion stumbled into the spotlight and made history.
The look : adventures in pop and rock fashion.
Style surfing ± what to wear in the 3rd millennium.
Fashion : a philosophy.
Designing a knitwearcollection : from inspiration to finished garments.
Radical lace and subversive knitting.
Bodywork: dress as cultural tool : dress and demeanour in the south of Senegal.
Mode in de 20ste eeuw.
Over mode en mensen : tien eeuwen kostuumgeschiedenis.
De nieuwe kleren : over modevormgeving en ecologie.
De macht van mode : over ontwerp en betekenis.
Four hundred years of fashion.
Anziehungskräfte : variété de la mode 1786-1986.
Mode en kunst 1960-1990.
Cubism and fashion.
Il futurismo e la moda : Balla e gli altri.
The face of the century : 100 years of makeup and style.
Haute culture.
Tigersprung : fashion in modernity
Crosscurrents : art, fashion, design 1890-1989.
Cultuur en kleedgedrag 1900-1990.
Modus : over mensen, mode en het leven.
Kleding, van idee tot eindprodukt.
Mode en marketing.
Fashion : the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute. Fashion : a history from the 18th to the 20th century.
100 Contemporary fashion designers : A-K ; L-Z. 100 Zeitegenössische Modedesigner : A-K ; L-Z. 100 Créateurs de mode contemporains : A-K ; L-Z.
100 Contemporary fashion designers : A-K ; L-Z. 100 Zeitegenössische Modedesigner : A-K ; L-Z. 100 Créateurs de mode contemporains : A-K ; L-Z.
History of childern's costume.
The child in fashion.
A brief history of shorts : the ultimate guide to understanding your underwear.
De verborgen verleiding : alles over ondergoed.
Buttoned-up : a survey of a curious fashion phenomenon.
Shoemaker of dreams : the autobiography of Salvatore Ferragamo.
The trench book.
Brillen des 20.Jahrhunderts : vom Kassenmodell zum Designobjekt.
Gli ombrelli=Umbrellas.
Tokio Kumagaï : schoenen=shoes.
Salvatore Ferragamo : the art of the shoe 1898-1960.
You'll never walk alone : Lola Pagola 1994.
Voetstukken : schoenen tussen kunst, ambacht en industrie.
Hats from India.
The bikini book.
Leather jackets.
Mode : hoeden.
The century of hats : headturning style of the twentieth century.
Accessoiries of dress : an illustrated history of frills and furbelows of fashion which have come to be known as accesoiries of dress.
Identifying wristwatches : the new compact study guide and identifier.
Everything Elvis.
Scarperentola : arte design fashion.
Shoes : fashion and fantasy.
Uiterlijk schoon : haardracht en opsmuk door de eeuwen heen.
Costume jewelry in Vogue.
Mani mani = les gants de Reiko.
Schoenen : een eerbetoon aan pump, sandaal, muiltje en meer.
Hats in Vogue since 1910.
Brides in Vogue since 1910.
The book of buttons : a practical and creative guide to the decorative use of buttons.
Nederlandse klederdrachten.
Sinnerokken : sinnerokken vanaf 2003 tot ...
Klederdrachten : een reis langs de levende streekdrachten van Nederland.
Kimono : art traditionnel du Japon.
Japanese costume and textile arts.
Dressed to kill : het uniform in de mode.
Het beeldwoordenboek van de militaire uniformen.
Traditional henna designs=Traditionelle henna-designs=Motifs traditionels au henné=Disenos tradicionales con henna=disegni tradizionali all'henné.
Tattoo : lichaamskunst als spiegel van je ziel.
Tribal tattoo design=Ethnische Tattoos=Disenos de tatuajes tribales= Dessins de tatouages tribaux=Il design dei tattuaggi tribali.
Decorated skin : a world survey of body art.
Dearest pet : on bestiality.
On ugliness.
History of beauty.
The history of men's magazines; volume 4: 1960's under the counter.
Firmenschilder aus zwei Jahrtausenden : Malerei im Dienste der Werbung.
Het Gilgamesj epos : nationaal heldendicht van Babylonië.
Gesture and speech.
The Classical World : an epic history of Greece and Rome
Memorboek : platenatlas van het leven der joden in Nederland van de middeleeuwen tot 1940.
Amsterdam : a brief life of the city.
One man's trash is another man's treasure : de metamorfose van het Europese gebruiksvoorwerp in de Nieuwe Wereld=the methamorphosis of the European utensil in the New World.
This is America.
The self-made map : cartographic writing in early modern France.
Atlas of the conflict : Israel-Palestine.
A people´s history of the world.
A people's history of the United States.
The texture of memory : Holocaust memorials and meaning.
Een kleine geschiedenis van de wereld.
A little history of the world.
Djenné : beeld van een Afrikaanse stad.
Zeitgenössische Kunst der Indianer und Eskimos in Kanada : im Schatten der Sonne.
Far West : geboorte van een volk.
The North American Indian : the complete portfolios.
The new bohemia.
Indian crafts and lore : thousands of exciting Indian activities.
Kunst, macht en mecenaat : het beroep van schilder in sociale verhoudingen 1250-1600.
Indians : the great photographs that reveal North American Indian life 1847-1929, from the unique collection of the Smithsonian Institution.
Dogon : art, antropologie, architectuur.
De romantische orde.
Poetics of relation.
Springtime : the new student rebellions.
Exotische Welten, Europäische Phantasien.
De wereld binnen handbereik : nederlandse kunst- en rariteitenverzamelingen 1585-1735.
Circa 1492 : art in the age of exploration.
Catharina : de keizerin en de kunsten : uit de schatkamers van de Hermitage=Catherine : the empress and the arts : treasures from the Hermitage.
Botje bij botje : menselijke resten in musea.
English is broken here : notes on cultural fusion in the Americas.
De wereld in een dorp : schilders, schrijvers en wereldverbeteraars in Laren en Blaricum 1880-1920.
Talking visions : multicultural feminism in a transnational age.
Oude beschavingen : een geïllustreerde gids over religie, mythologie en kunst.
The Low Countries : arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands : a yearbook 1998-1999.
Unpacking Europe : towards a critical reading.
Sociale geschiedenis van de kunst.
Erasmus en zijn tijd.
Erasmus en zijn tijd.
Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen : studie over levens- en gedachtenvormen der veertiende en vijftiende eeuw in Frankrijk en de Nederlanden.
Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen : studie over levens- en gedachtenvormen der veertiende en vijftiende eeuw in Frankrijk en de Nederlanden.
Duecento : zwerftocht door Italië's late Middeleeuwen.
De Eeuw van de Rede : figuren uit de 18e eeuw flitsend belicht.
The making of the English working class.
Besichtigung der Moderne : Bildende Kunst, Architektur, Musik, Literatur, Religion : Aspekte und Perspektiven.
The world of Serge Diaghilev.
Berlijn-Amsterdam 1920-1940 : duits-nederlandse wisselwerkingen.
Berlijn-Amsterdam 1920-1940 : duits-nederlandse wisselwerkingen.
Niederländer und Weimar.
Russia in revolution 1900-1930.
Kunstgreep : overzicht van kunst en cultuur in Nederland na 1945 : literatuur, beeldende kunsten, toneel, cabaret, architectuur, televisie, film, populaire muziek, klassieke muziek, danskunst.
May '68 and its afterlives.
1000 makers of the twentieth century.
Provo : Amsterdam's anarchist revolt.
Lost Berlin.
Fin de siècle Vienna : politics and culture.
The Times comprehensive atlas of the world.
Purity and danger : an analysis of concept of pollution and taboo.
Conversations with Lévi-Strauss.
Desert dreamers, with the Warlpiri people of Australia.
Signs of the Inka Khipu : binary coding in the Andean knotted-string records.
Natural symbols : explorations in cosmology.
Egypte, beeldverslag excursie mei 2002
Alvar Aalto.
Alvar Aalto.
Alvar Aalto : 1898-1976 paradise for the man in the street.
Alvar Aalto : sketches.
Steven Aalders : cardinal points.
Aarsman's Amsterdam : foto's en notities.
Ik zie ik zie : de Aarsman collectie.
De fotodetective.
De Aarsman collectie.
Het engeltje dat op mijn tong pieste.
Twee hoofden, één kussen : roman.
Onzichtbaar Gent : foto's en diagrammen van de stad = Invisible Ghent : photo's and diagrams of the city = Gand invisible : photo's et diagrammes de la ville.
Vrrooom! Vrrooom!
The movement of clouds around Mount Fuji : photographed and filmed by Masanao Abe.
Harmen Abma.
Marina Abramovic : The artist is present.
Marina Abramovic : performing body.
Relation work and detour.
Art, love and friendship : Marina Abramovic and Ulay together & apart.
Marina Abramovic.
Marina Abramovic : objects, performance, video, sound.
Marina Abramovic.
Marina Abramovic.
When Marina Abramovic dies : a biography.
Tomma Abts.
"Vito Acconci : writings, works, projects. VVV 11-07-2011"
Vito Acconci
"Vito Acconci : catalogue of headlines & images. Exhibition : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 30.11.1978-14.1.1979."
Storefront for art and architecture.
Vito Acconci : the city inside us.
Vito Acconci : making public.
Franz Ackermann : seasons in the sun.
Rita Ackermann.
Between the lines : the work and teaching of Roger Ackling.
Ansel Adams : an autobiography.
Ansel Adams : the eloquent light : his photographs and the classic biography.
Ansel Adams : Trees
Dennis Adams : the architecture of amnesia.
California : views by Robert Adams of the Los Angeles Basin, 1978-1983.
The boy who fell over Niagara Falls.
Bas Jan Ader : please don't leave me.
Bas Jan Ader : in search of the miraculous.
Bas Jan Ader.
Bas Jan Ader : death is everywhere.
Discovery file 143/76.
David Adjaye : a house for an art collector.
Etel Adnan : la joie de vivre.
Etel Adnan : the Arab apocalypse.
Etel Adnan : night.
L.A. Adriaans.
Laurence Aëgerter : a meeting on paper.
South Bronx hall of fame : sculpture by John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres.
Eija-Liisa Ahtila : Kuviteltuja henkilöitä ja nauhoitettuja keskusteluja=Fantasized persons and taped conversations.
Eija-Lissa Ahtila.
Otl Aicher.
Doug Aitken
Doug Aitken : new ocean.
Doug Aitken : notes for new religions, notes for no religions.
Secession : Doug Aitken, 18.10.-23.11.2000.
Schilder painter Akkerman.
Philip Akkerman : het geheim van de spiegel=the mirror's secret : schilderijen, tekeningen=paintings, drawings 1981-1999.
Philip Akkerman : 2314 self-portraits 1981-2005.
Elizabeth van den Akker : textiel & beeldende vormgeving.
Eylem Aladogan : realms, 1999-2005.
Josef Albers : glass, color, and light.
Les estampes de 1946 à 1972.
Pierre Alechinsky : paintings and writings.
Wobbe Alkema en de Groninger schilderkunst.
Allora & Calzadilla : works 1997-2009.
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema : de schilder van een groots verleden.
Ruïnes in Nederland = Ruins in the Netherlands, XIX-XXI.
Lara Almarcegui : braakliggende terreinen sloopwerken volkstuinen. Lara Almarcegui : terrains vagues démolitions jardens ouvriers. Lara Almarcegui : wastelands demolitions allotment gardens.
Merry Alpern : shopping.
Yariv Alter Fin : interface.
Pawel Althamer : the neighbors.
Kai Althoff : and then leave me to the common swifts = und dan überlasst mich den Mauerseglern.
Lola Alvarez Bravo : the Frida Kahlo photographs.
Manuel Alvarez Bravo.
Francis Alÿs.
"Francis Alÿs : a story of deception. Tentoonstelling: Tate Modern 15/06/2010-05/09/2010 Londen. Centrum voor hedendaagse kunst 09/10/2010-30/01/2011 Brussel."
Francis Alÿs : blueorange 2004.
Francis Alÿs : seven walks : London, 2004-5.
Francis Alÿs.
Woody van Amen : retrospectief 1960-1990.
Woody van Amen : 240 days = dagen = jours = Tage.
Carlos Amorales : los Amorales.
Carl Andre : wood.
Carl Andre.
About Carl Andre : critical texts since 1965.
"Carl Andre : sculpture as place 1958-2010. Exhibition: 5/5/2014-12/2/2017 in New York, Madrid, Berlin and Paris."
Carl Andre : extraneous roots.
"Lauri Anderson : dal vivo. Exhibition: 12/6-12/7/1998 in Milan."
Mamma Andersson.
Tadao Ando.
Ando : complete works.
Chichu Art Museum : Tadao Ando builds for Walter de Maria, James Turrell, and Claude Monet.
Emmy Andriesse : foto's/photographs 1944/52.
Armando Andrade Tudela : oeuvres choisies = selected works, 2003-2012.
Kasper Andreasen writing over.
Moment's notice.
Forest gate.
Kasper Andreasen : land route.
De beeldhouwer Mari Andriessen.
Erik Andriesse : schilderijen=paintings 1989-1991.
Jan Andriesse.
Tiong Ang : not dark yet.
"Giovanni Anselmo. Exhibition: 18/3-22/4/1979 in Basel. Exhibition: 5/10-4/11/1979 in Eindhoven."
Emmanuelle Antille : kiss and shoot.
Karel Appel : sculpture : a catalogue raisonné.
Zwart : met gedichten van Hugo Claus.
Cobra : Appel, z'n kinderen en dieren.
Karel Appel : street art, ceramics, sculpture, wood reliefs, tapestries, murals, Villa El Salvador.
Nevel en/and haze : Marlies Appel.
Archipenko : the sculpture and graphic art : including a print catalogue raisonné.
Rasheed Araeen.
Araki : Tokyo lucky hole.
The Photographic life of Nobuyoshi Araki.
Diane Arbus : eine Monographie.
L'universo illusorio di Archimboldo.
Cory Arcangel : all the small things.
Penny Arcade : bad reputation: performances, essays, interviews.
Lost library.
Wiel Arets : architect.
Karin Arink : inlet : such stuff as thoughts are made of.
De zondag=Sundays.
In de beste tradities.
Armando : vormen van herinnering.
Het Werkmanmonument door Armando.
Ben d'Armagnac.
Ad Arma.
Siah Armajani : Kunsthalle Basel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
John Armleder.
Armleder : corso superiore di arte visiva=advanced course in visual arts.
Eve Arnold : in retrospect.
De tijd onder het mes : hout- en linoleumsneden 1920-1970.
A-Z by Lars Arrhenius.
Richard Artschwager : texts and interviews.
Richard Artschwager!
Art & language : hostages XXV-LXXVI.
Art & language : now they are.
Art-language June 1994.
The Fox : volume one, number one.
The Fox : number two.
The Fox : number three.
Art and language.
Vilanova Artigas : arquitetos Brasileiros=Brazilian architects.
The art workers' coalition.
Michael Asher : Kunsthalle Bern, 1992.
Situation aesthetics : the work of Michael Asher.
Michael Asher : Kunsthalle Bern.
Doug Ashford : writings and conversations.
Yes, but is it edible? : the music of Robert Ashley, for two or more voices.
Outside of time : ideas about music = Ausserhalb der Zeit : Gedanken über Musik.
Gijs Assmann : to go up and to go down.
Gijs Assmann : pathologist.
Gustave Asselbergs en de pop art in Nederland.
Marjolijn van den Assem : tekeningen, schilderijen.
Atelier E.B. : the inventors of tradition II.
Atelier E.B. : the inventors of tradition: collection 2011.
E. Atget : Lichtbilder.
Ed Atkins.
A seer reader.
A primer for cadavers.
"Monika E. Auch : hinter der Tapete.. achter het behang.. behind the wallpaper."
Stories, myths, ironies, and other songs : conceived, directed, edited, and produced by M. Auder.
Frank Auerbach.
Frank Auerbach : paintings and drawings 1977 - 1985 British paviljon XLII Venice Biennale june - september 1986.
Maria Austria.
Maria Austria : Holland zonder haast.
"AVAF : assume vivid astro focus."
Richard Avedon : performance.
Milton Avery.
Frozen silence : Hendrick Avercamp 1585-1634, Barent Avercamp 1612-1679 : paintings from museums and private collections.
Francis Bacon.
Silvia Bächli.
Francis Bacon : the logic of sensation.
Francis Bacon : logica van de gewaarwording.
Francis Bacon.
Francis Bacon.
Francis Bacon : full face and in profile.
Francis Bacon : figurabile.
Francis Bacon.
Francis Bacon : a terrible beauty.
David Bade : catch of the day.
Onze vader, onsmoeder : een project van David Bade, het Trias College en het Museum Jan Cunen in Oss.
"Jo Baer : broadsides & belles lettres : selected writings and interviews 1965-2010."
David Bailey's trouble and strife.
Black and white memories : photographs 1948-1969.
Gijs Bakker and Jewelry.
Gerrit van Bakel : Witteveen+Bos-prijs voor Kunst+Techniek 2007.
Aldo Bakker : containing content.
Henny Bal.
John Baldessari.
John Baldessari : somewhere between almost right and not quite (with orange).
More than you wanted to know about John Baldessari vol. 1.
More than you wanted to know about John Baldessari vol. 2.
John Baldessari : pure beauty.
Céline van Balen.
Joost Baljeu.
Miroslaw Balka.
Stephan Balkenhol : sculptures and drawings.
Balla : the futurist.
Balthus : in his own words. A conversation with Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz.
Lewis Baltz.
Hans van den Ban.
Anna Banana : 45 years of fooling around with A. Banana.
Arctic voices : resistance at the tipping point : Subhankar Banerjee.
Subhankar Banerjee : resource wars.
"Subhankar Banerjee : artist in residence : winter 2009. Exposition: 13/1-8/2/2009 in New Hampshire."
Pavel Banka : Vzpomínky a predstavy=Recollections and imaginations.
Banksy : wall and piece.
Stefan Banz : I built this garden for us, photographic works, 1992-1999.
Tina Barney : theater of manners.
"Rosa Barba : white is an image."
Rosa Barba : the color out of space.
The design work of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.
Gianpaolo Barbieri : Artificial.
The cremaster cycle.
Matthew Barney : drawing restraint ; vol. I : 1987-2002.
Matthew Barney : Cremaster 4.
Barragán : the complete works.
Yael Bartana.
Bart Wells Institute.
Georg Baselitz.
Georg Baselitz : Malelade, ein Künslerbuch.
Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Saul Bass and associates.
Christiaan Bastiaans : hurt models.
To Nirvana and back : photo album : real Lear in Echigo-Tsumari.
Christiaan Bastiaans: Club Mama Gemütlich.
ABC3D : Marion Bataille.
Marius Bauer : zoals men hem niet kent : een essay over het weinig bekende werk van den kunstenaar, zijn jeugdwerk, zijn werkwijze en zijn betekenis als illustrator.
"Josef Bauer : Werke 1965-heute. Josef Bauer : works 1965-today."
Lothar Baumgarten : Eklipse.
Thomas Bayrle : 40 years of Chinese rock 'n roll.
"Thomas Bayrle : all-in-one. Exhibition: 9/2-12/5/13 in Brussels. Exhibition: 21/6-14/10/13 in Napels."
Helke Bayrle : Portikus under construction, 1992-2016.
De Bazel : tempel aan de Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam.
The early work of Aubrey Beardsley.
The later work of Aubrey Beardsley.
Cecil Beaton : photographs 1920-1970.
Paul Beckman : meubel/sculptuur = furniture/sculpture.
Bernd und Hilla Becher.
Bernd und Hilla Becher : printed matter 1964-2013 : éphemera, catalogues et ouvrages monographiques.
Bernd and Hilla Becher : basic forms.
Max Beckmann : a dream of life.
Max Beckmann.
Max Beckmann : Landschaft als Fremde.
James Beckett 1998-2008
James Beckett : transcriptions, 1-6.
David Mancuso : last night.
Delphine Bedel : all that is solid melts into air : notes on tourism.
Hans Op de Beeck : on vanishing.
"Hans Bellmer Louise Bourgeois : double sexus. Tentoonstelling 24/04/2010-15/08/2010 Staatliche Museen Berlijn. Tentoonstelling 11/09/2010-16/01/2011 Gemeente Museum Den Haag."
"Erick Beltrán : the world explained : a microhistorical encyclopaedia. Composed of diverse interviews, recordings and transcriptions, held from 2008-2012 in Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Amsterdam."
Will Benedict : corruption feeds.
The city amplified.
Hendrik Petrus Berlage : het complete werk.
Imagination : Move : UN Studio : Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos.
Move : UN Studio : Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos.
Techniques : Move : UN Studio : Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos.
Effects : Move : UN Studio : Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos.
Otto Berchem : it's not my fault.
De Burcht van Berlage : van Bondsgebouw tot Vakbondsmuseum.
De inrichting van de Beurs van Berlage : geschiedenis en behoud.
H.P. Berlage (1856-1934) : ontwerpen voor het interieur.
Drawing Berlage's Exchange.
H.P. Berlage : idea and style : the quest for modern architecture.
Wallace Berman : support the revolution.
Bernadette Corporation : the complete poem.
Bernadette Corporation : 2000 wasted years.
Reena Spaulings.
Bernadette Corporation : BC Timeline.
Fred Bervoets.
Eva Besnyö.
Eva Besnyö.
What is art? : conversation with Joseph Beuys.
Joseph Beuys : Natur, Materie, Form.
Thinking is form : the drawings of Joseph Beuys.
Joseph Beuys : coyote.
Joseph Beuys : documenta Arbeit.
Joseph Beuys : aktioner = Aktionen.
Joseph Beuys : the reader.
The essential Joseph Beuys.
Joseph Beuys : Skulpturen und Objekte.
Michael Beutler : Bonniers Konsthall.
De collectie : Jan Bezemer : litho's.
Gerry Bibby : the drumhead.
Waldo Bien, including the series with Virgil Grotfeldt.
Guillaume Bijl.
Guillaume Bijl : Installationen, Situationen und Kulturtourismus.
Central airport Basel : eine Intervention von Klaus Littmann, mit den Künstlern Guillaume Bijl, Enrique Fontanilles und Peter Knapp im Foyer Grosse Bühne Theater Basel.
Marc Bijl : after hours.
Max Bill's view of things : Die gute Form : an exhibition, 1949.
Linus Bill : Topmotiviert.
Tuotanto = production.
"Dara Birnbaum : the dark matter of media light. Tentoonstelling: 04/04-06/09/2009 te Gent, 25/03-04/07/2010 te Porto."
Dara Birnbaum : technology/transformation: wonder woman
Rob Birza.
Rob Birza : cold fusion.
Japon : Werner Bischof.
Pierre Bismuth.
Pierre Bismuth : alternance d'éclaircies et de passages nuageux l'apres-midi.
Autogestion, or : Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade.
Carel Blazer fotograaf : anderland.
Inside Outside : Petra Blaisse.
Het complete grafische werk van William Blake.
Peter Blake.
Ross Bleckner.
"Dineke Blom : vast : zout en zeep. Dineke Blom : attached : salt and soap."
Dineke Blom : waterstof.
Dineke Blom : quantiteit.
Ansuya Blom : let me see, if this be real.
Barbara Bloom : the reign of narcissism, guide book - führer.
Karl Blossfeldt : photographs 1865-1932.
Karl Blossfeldt 1865-1932.
Andrea Blum : domestic arrangement/public affairs.
Lina Bo Bardi.
Lina Bo Bardi.
John Bock Filme / Films.
John Bock : Koppel.
Alexander Bodon : architect.
Encounters : on three films by Manon de Boer.
Alighiero Boetti 1965-1994.
Alighiero e Boetti : mappa.
Marinus Boezem.
Boezem : oeuvre catalogus.
Ricardo Bofill : Taller de Arquitectura.
The possible life of Christian Boltanski.
Christian Boltanski.
Christian Boltanski : reconstitution.
Merijn Bolink.
Merijn O. Bolink : there must be a simple way to make everything quite clear.
Bonnard : the complete graphic work.
MB_Matrix botanica : vol. 1 : non-human persons.
Melanie Bonajo : I have a room with everything.
Spheres #1 : Melanie Bonajo: in what spheres do we live in?
The snowball : a collaborative project by Peter Bonde and Jason Rhoades.
Bob Bonies.
Cosima von Bonin : hippies use side door : das Jahr 2014 hat ein Rad ab = The year 2014, has lost the plot.
kunstfilosofie kunstkritiek geschiedenis
Delire de vie.
Christine Borland : the dead teach the living : selected works 1990-1999.
Michaël Borremans : Whistling a Happy Tune.
Michaël Borremans : eating the beard.
Michaël Borremans : Zeichnungen, tekeningen, drawings.
Michaël Borremans : the performance.
Wim Borst : keramiek. Wim Borst : ceramics.
"All events are even : Mark Borthwick. Exhibition: 15/11-29/12/2002 in Eindhoven."
Hieronymus Bosch : eine Einführung in seine geheime Symbolik : dargestellt am "Garten der himmlischen Freuden", am Heuwagen-Triptychon, am Lissaboner Altar und an Motiven aus anderen Werken.
Hieronymus Bosch : Einführung in das Werk des Hieronymus Bosch.
Jeroen Bosch rond 1450-1516 : tussen hemel en hel.
Wim Bosch : arrival delayed.
Sandro Botticelli 1444/1445-1510.
Sandro Botticelli : the drawings for Dante's Divine Comedy.
Fernando Botero.
Miserere : die grossen Busswallfahrten in Europa.
Mario Botta : the complete works. Vol. 1: 1960-1985.
Mario Botta.
"Aftershow : Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz. Exhibition: Patriarchal poetry at the Badischer Kunstverein in 2013."
Morad Bouchakour : party! in The Netherlands = Nederland viert feest!
Louise Bourgeois : the locus of memory : works 1982-1993.
Louise Bourgeois : drawings and observations.
Louise Bourgeois : memoriay arquitectura.
"Louise Bourgeois. Exhibition: 15/5-20/7/1997 in Milan"
Louise Bourgeois : the spider, the mistress and the tangerine.
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec : drawing.
Roman & Erwan Bouroullec : works.
Graphic anatomy Atelier Bow-Wow.
Atelier Bow-Wow : behaviorology.
Tudor Bratu : the disidents' travel guide.
Dirk Braeckman.
"Dirk Braeckman : z.Z(t). Volume II."
Constantin Brancusi 1876-1957.
Eugène Brands.
Georges Braque : les papiers collés.
Georges Braque.
Brassaï Paris : 1899-1984.
The activities of Pieter Brattinga=De activiteiten van Pieter Brattinga : a portrait of an era=een tijdsbeeld.
Among photgraphers.
Photo Studio Koos Breukel.
George Brecht : events; eine Heterospektive, a heterospective.
Robert Breer : films, floats & panoramas.
KP Brehmer : real capital-production.
De foto's van Breitner.
George Hendrik Breitner 1857-1923 : schilderijen, tekeningen, foto's.
Over nutteloze zaken : Harmen Brethouwer.
Marcel Breuer : furniture and interiors.
Marcel Breuer : architecttura 1921-1980.
Breyten Breytenbach : uit de eerste hand : schilderijen, tekeningen en essays.
Barry Bridgwood : 1983-1985.
Holy bible.
Alexey Brodovitch.
Barbara Broekman.
Frank van den Broeck.
René van den Broek : atelier reflections.
Joachim Brohm : typology 1979.
Joachim Brohm : Areal, Ein fotografisches Projekt = A photographic project, 1992-2002.
Queer spirits.
The absence of work : Marcel Broodthaers, 1964-1976.
Marcel Broodthaers : Dichter und Künstler.
Marcel Broodthaers : a retrospective.
Marcel Broodthaers : l'invitation au voyage.
Marcel Broodthaers : l'architecte est absent : Le Maçon.
Marcel Broodthaers : collected writings.
Marcel Broodthaers : 26 January - 30 March 2008.
Souvenirs : Herman Brood de schilder
Stanley Brouwn.
Stanley Brouwn : 1000 mm, 879 mm.
Stanley Brouwn : a distance of 2444601 feet.
Stanley Brouwn : a distance of 336 steps.
Stanley Brouwn : a distance of 2232 ells.
Stanley Brouwn : a chronology.
Stanley Brouwn : 1 m x 1 m.
Günter Brus : Augensternstunden.
Bruegel : la Chute d'Icare.
Pieter Bruegel : the complete paintings, drawings and prints.
Mark Brusse.
Jean Brusselmans.
"Cripplewood : Berlinde de Bruyckere & J.M. Coetzee : kreupelhout. Exhibition: 1/6-24/11/2013 55th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venetia."
Daniel Buren.
Daniel Buren : essai hétéroclite.
Daniel Buren : photos-souvenirs 1965-1988.
The eye of the storm : works in situ by Daniel Buren.
Sjoerd Buisman : tekeningen/beelden=drawings/sculptures 1980-1992.
Sjoerd Buisman, 1967-1992.
Prime numbers : Angela Bulloch.
Cut-ups, cut-ins, cut-outs : the art of William S. Burroughs.
Chris Burden : beyond the limits=jenseits der Grenzen.
"Chris Burden : extreme measures. Exhibition: 2/10/13-12/1/14 in New York."
Chris Burden : beam drop.
Marie Jo'se Burki : time after, time along, the river.
Scott Burton.
Jean-Marc Bustamante.
Jean-Marc Bustamante : a world at a time.
Jean-Marc Bustamante.
Jean-Marc Bustamante : private crossing.
James Lee Byars - Im full of Byars: eine Hommage/a hommage.
James Lee Byars : 1/2 : an autobiography, sourcebook.
The present tense through the ages : on the recent work of Gerard Byrne.
Geneviève Cadieux.
"André Cadere : documenting Cadere 1972-1978. Exposition: 14/12/2012-30/6/2013 in Oxford, Ostend and New York."
A year from monday : new lectures and writings.
X writings ´79-´82.
Silence : lectures and writings.
"The anarchy of silence : John Cage and experimental art. Tentoonstelling van 4/9/2010 t/m 28/11/2010 in de Stadsgalerij te Heerlen."
"Sounds like silence : John Cage 4'33'' : silence today 1912 1952 2012. Exhibition: 25/8/2012-6/1/2013 in Dortmund."
Reception : the radio-works of Robert Rauschenberg and John Cage.
John Cage, Morton Feldman : radio happenings : conversations = Gespräche.
John Cage : visual art: to sober and quiet the mind.
Claude Cahun : Bilder.
Disavowals or cancelled confessions.
Alexander Calder : 1898-1976.
Animal sketching.
Calder intime.
Santiago Calatrava 1951 : architect, ingenieur, kunstenaar.
Sophie Calle : take care of yourself.
Sophie Calle : the reader.
Appointment with Sigmund Freud.
Sophie Calle : double game.
Sophie Calle : m´as-tu vue.
Luis Camnitzer.
Jacob van Campen : het klassieke ideaal in de Gouden Eeuw.
Stray warmings : Nina Canell.
Canova : scultore, pittore, architetto a possagno.
Robert Capa : photographs.
Mensen in de oorlog : foto's van Robert Capa.
Caravaggio : genie in opdracht : een kunstenaar en zijn opdrachtgevers in het Rome van rond 1600.
Janet Cardiff : the walk book.
Janet Cardiff : Drogan's nightmare : the walk.
Janet Cardiff : a survey of works including collaborations with George Bures Miller.
Gerard Caris : Pentagonismus/Pentagonism.
Anthony Caro.
Anthony Caro.
"Ulises Carrión : ""We have won! Haven't we?"" Exposition: 18/1-23/2/1992 in Amsterdam. Exposition: mrt-mei/1992 in Bremen."
Carrà : mostra antologica.
Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Henri Cartier-Bresson : photographer.
Henri Cartier-Bresson : the man, the image & the world : a retrospective.
The decisive moment.
"Uncomfortable objects : Mariana Castillo Deball. Exhibition: 27/9-18/11/2012 in Zürich."
Mariana Castillo Deball : Interlude : the reader's traces.
Mariana Castillo Deball : these ruins you see = Estas ruinas que ves.
Mariana Castillo Deball : never odd or even.
"Enrico Castellani 1958-1970. Exhibition: 26/4-14/6/2001 in Milan."
Maurizio Cattelan.
Maurizio Cattelan : is there life before death?
Bernhard Cella : Jahrbuch Kunst Österreich : Der Kalender für ein Jahr, 52 Einsichten in das österreichische Kunstgeschehen.
Paul Cézanne : Aquarelle.
Cezanne : a biography.
Paul Cézanne 1839-1906 : natuur wordt kunst.
Cézanne by himself : drawings, paintings, writings.
Pierre Chareau : designer and architect.
Chabot : de maan en het oog=the moon and the eye.
Marc Chagall 1887-1985.
Chagall discovered : from Russian and private collections.
Marc Camille Chaimowicz : celebration? realife.
"Marc Camille Chaimowicz : peintures & objets. Exposition: 10/9-15/10/1994 in Dijon. Exposition: 22/10-31/12/1994 in Quimper."
An autumn lexicon : Marc Camille Chaimowicz.
Marc Camille Chaimowicz : café du rêve.
Marc Camille Chaimowicz : un écran, un pendule, un diptyque, un foulard, un dessin, une bouteille.
Marc Camille Chaimowicz : celebration? Realife : revisited.
Paul Chan : the 7 lights.
Paul Chan ± selected writings 2000-2014.
"Clippings," 24 screens, 2010.
Olga Chernysheva : works, 2000-2008.
Ian Cheng : live simulations.
Metaphysical Art : the De Chirico Journals-Fondazione e Isa De Chirico.
Giorgio de Chirico.
De Chirico : the new metaphysics.
Metaphysical Art : the De Chirico Journals-Fondazione e Isa De Chirico.
Metaphysical Art : the De Chirico Journals-Fondazione e Isa De Chirico.
Sandro Chia.
Chillida 1948-1998.
Bernard Childs : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Christo : collection on loan from the Rotschild Ban k AG, Zürich.
Christo : wrapped walk ways : Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri 1977-1978.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude : Verhüllter=Wrapped Reichstag Berlin 1971-1995.
The Gates : Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005.
Paul Citroen en het Bauhaus : herinneringen in woord en beeld door Paul Citroen.
Paul Citroen 1896-1983 : tussen modernisme en portret.
Lygia Clark.
Tom Claassen.
Tom Claassen.
David Claerbout : video works photgraphic installations sound installations drawings 1996-2002.
Clegg & Guttmann : monument for historical change and other social sculptures, community portraits and spontaneous operas, 1990-2005.
Francesco Clemente : three worlds.
The departure of the argonaut : Francesco Clemente.
Francesco Clemente : Testa Coda.
Boooook : the life and work of Bob Cobbing.
Denkmal II : ISBN 9080842427.
Denkmal III : ISBN 9789080842434.
Denkmal IV : ISBN 9789080842441.
Denkmal 9 : Henry van de Velde university library, Rozier 9, Ghent, 2004.
Jean Cocteau et les arts plastiques.
Jean Cocteau and his world.
Jo Coenen : architect.
Rond Paasheuvel en Prinsenhof : Fré Cohen.
Fré Cohen 1903-1943 : leven en werk van een bewogen kunstenares : een catalogue raisonné.
Guy de Cointet's five sisters.
Guy de Cointet.
Who's that Guy? : tell me more about Guy de Cointet.
Hannah Collins : filming things.
James Coleman : projected images, 1972-1994.
Mat Collishaw.
Collective actions : audience recollections from the first five years, 1976-1981.
Phil Collins : the world won't listen.
Adam Colton : sculpturen en tekeningen. Adam Colton : sculptures and drawings.
Joost Conijn : ijzer en video. Joost Conijn : iron and video.
Piloot van goed en kwaad.
Bruce Conner : it's all true.
Tony Conrad : two degrees of separation = über Zwei Ecken.
Beyond the Dream Syndicate : Tony Conrad and the arts after Cage.
Opstand van de Homo Ludens : een bundel voordrachten en artikelen.
Constant : schilderijen 1969-1977.
Constant : schilderijen 1940-1980.
Constant : aquarellen=watercolors 1975-1995.
Constant's New Babylon : the hyper-architecture of desire.
Constant : New Babylon. To us, liberty.
Eli Content : kleine schilderijen.
Coop Himmelblau : die Faszination der Stadt = the power of the city.
John Coplans : self portrait: hand/foot
"Complete Copier : the oeuvre of A.D. Copier 1901-1991. Exposition: 16/04/2011-09/04/2012 at Leerdam."
Leo Copers.
Leo Copers : sculpturen, 1989-1968.
William N. Copley.
Le Corbusier / Cassina.
The city of tomorrow and its planning.
Le Corbusier : ideas and forms.
The modulor: a harmonious measure to the human scale universally applicable to architecture and mechanics.
Towards a new architecture.
Le Corbusier : architect of books.
Le Corbusier et Pierre Jeanneret : oeuvre complète 1910-1929.
Le Corbusier et Pierre Jeanneret : oeuvre complète de 1929-1934.
Le Corbusier et P. Jeanneret : oeuvre complète 1934-1938.
Le Corbusier : oeuvre complète 1938-1946.
Le Corbusier : oeuvre complète 1946-1952.
Le Corbusier et son atelier rue de Sèvres 35 : oeuvre complète 1952-1957.
Le Corbusier et son atelier rue de Sèvres 35 : oeuvre complète 1957-1965.
Le Corbusier : les dernières oeuvres=the last works=die letzten Werke.
Modulor 2 1955 : let the user speak next.
Une petite maison.
Famouz : photographs 1976-1988.
Anton Corbijn : inside the American.
Corneille : het complete grafische werk 1948-1975.
Joseph Cornell.
Joseph Cornell : Navigating the imagination.
Ronald Cornelissen's The life and times of Ron Away.
Ronald Cornelissen : toosh.
1964-1990 : Jef Cornelis.
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
Correggio : des Meisters Gemälde.
Leaving skull city : selected writings on art.
Francesco del Cossa.
Gustave Courbet (1819-1877).
Gustave Courbet.
Bit rot : short stories and essays.
Super city.
Couzijn : beeldhouwer/sculptor.
Wessel Couzijn: tekeningen.
Lucas Cranach.
Tony Cragg.
Tony Cragg : sculpture 1975-1990.
Tony Cragg.
Tony Cragg : de schroef van Archimedes : een fonteinsculptuur voor de stad 's-Hertogenbosch = Archimedes screw : a fountainsculpture for the city of 's-Hertogenbosch.
Tony Cragg : XLIII Biennale di Venezia.
Stephen Craig 1:1 / one to one.
Martin Creed : what's the point of it?
Martin Creed : say cheese!
Johan Creten : de storm.
Gregory Crewdson : 1985-2005.
Critical Art Ensemble : disturbances.
Wim Crouwel : mode en module.
Hot properties.
Enzo Cucchi.
Cucchi : drawings 1975-1989 : "la disegna".
Merce Cunningham : co:mm:on ti:me.
John Currin.
John Currin.
Keren Cytter : the true story of John Webber and his endless struggle with the table of content.
The best of Keren Cytter.
The worst of Keren Cytter.
Walter Dahn : Gemälde 1981-1985.
Walter Dahn : Irrationalismus und moderne Medizien : Arbeiten=works 1984-1988.
Walter Dahn : another time, another place.
Dali : het geschilderde werk
Salvador Dali: 1904 - 1989.
Salvador Dalí : génie tragi-comique.
Salvador Dali : the work, the man.
Salvador Dali : das Goldene Zeitalter : Illustrationen 1930-1980 aus der Sammlung Richard H. Mayer, Bamberg.
Cees Dam : architect.
René Daniëls.
René Daniels : de woorden staan niet op hun juiste plaats.
Hanne Darboven : cultural history, 1880-1983.
"Hanne Darboven : een maand, een jaar, een eeuw : werken van 1968 tot en met 1974. Exhibition : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam : 10 januari - 2 maart 1975."
Hanne Darboven : evolution Leibniz, 1986.
Hanne Darboven : Kinder dieser Welt.
Artists on Hanne Darboven.
Henry J. Darger : nei Regni dell´Irreale.
Henry Darger.
Charles Darwin and Victorian visual culture.
"Julian Dashper / Donald Judd. 100 thougts as an artist in residence at the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas."
Honoré Daumier : 240 lithografieën.
Stuart Davis.
No object.
Yael Davids : end on mouth.
Jeremiah Day, Simone Forti.
Richard Deacon : recent sculpture, 1985-1987.
Richard Deacon : art for other people.
Richard Deacon.
Tacita Dean.
Tacita Dean.
Tacita Dean : selected works from 1994-2000.
Deborah Bowmann.
Guy Debord : complete cinematic works : scripts, stills, documents.
Koenraad Dedobbeleer : oeuvre sculpté, travaux pour amateurs.
Pieter Defesche : schilder van werkelijkheden, dromen, landschappen en gestalten.
Pieter Defesche : 1921-1998 het lokkend avontuur.
Degas : the artist's mind.
Edgar Degas : Pastelle, Ölskizzen, Zeichnungen.
A Degas sketchbook.
Ad Dekkers.
Ger Dekkers : planned landscapes : 25 horizons.
Ger Dekkers : new Dutch landscapes.
Ger Dekkers : een retrospectief : landschapswaarnemingen.
Over geen beneden, geen boven, geen zijkanten. About no below, no above, no sides.
Een soort ontwerpen.
L'Univers de Delacroix.
Eugène Delacroix.
Sonia et Robert Delaunay.
Koen Delaere.
Atelier simultané di Sonia Delaunay 1923-1934
Sonia Delaunay : dessins.
Sonia Delaunay : Metz est venu.
Robert en Sonia Delaunay : de kleur zegeviert.
Luc Deleu en T.O.P. Office 1967-1991.
Luc Deleu: T.O.P. office: Orban Space.
Luc Deleu : tribune diary 1971-1978.
Luc Deleu : urbi et orbi : de onaangepaste stad.
Jeremy Deller : The English civil war, part II : personal accounts of the 1984-85 miners' strike.
Paul Delvaux : l'homme, le peintre, psychologie d'un art.
Paul Delvaux.
Wim Delvoye : cloaca, new and improved.
Wim Delvoye : gothic works.
Wim Delvoye : fabrica.
Thomas Demand.
Thomas Demand : processo grottesco.
Thomas Demand : yellow cake.
Thomas Demand.
Thomas Demand : the dailies.
"Simon Denny : full participation. Exhibition:18/05-15/07/2012 in Aspen."
Simon Denny : secret power : New Zealand at Venice.
The human argument : the writings of Agnes Denes.
Andy Denzler : the human nature project.
A. Derain
Destroy All Monsters Magazine
Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel : Rosa aurora.
Dexter Sinister : on a universal bus.*
The other begins where our senses meet the world : Dias & Riedweg. O outro comeca onde nossos sentidos se encontran com o mundo : Dias & Riedweg.
Antonio Dias : anywhere is my land.
Jan Dibbets.
Jan Dibbets.
Jan Dibbets.
Jan Dibbets.
Jan Dibbets: l' oeuvre photographique/the photographic work.
Jan Dibbets : interior light: works on architecture 1969-1990.
Roodborst territorium : sculptuur 1969 = Robin redbreast´s territory : sculpture 1969 = Domaine d´un rouge-gorge : sculpture 1969 = Rotkehlchenterritorium : Skulpture 1969.
Lima : foto's.
Jef Diederen : een overzicht van het werk op papier van 1961 tot 1997.
Richard Diebenkorn.
The Dutch Caribbean : foto's uit Suriname en de Nederlandse Antillen.
Willem Diepraam : foto's = photographs.
Erik Dietman.
Theatrum orbis terrarum.
Rineke Dijkstra : Menschenbilder.
Rineke Dijkstra : portraits.
Rineke Dijkstra : the krazy house.
All American : travelling with Barbara Dijkhuis & Auke Vleer and reading with Tyler Whisnand.
Flesh : architectural probes. The mutant body of architecture.
The academy and the corporate public : an investigation into changes afflicting the public sphere, and their influence on the academy, research and Norway.
Stephan Dillemuth : Schall und Rauch : Eine Revue in Bildern = Sound and smoke : a revue in pictures.
Braco Dimitrijevic.
Jim Dine : complete graphics.
Jim Dine : five themes.
Mark Dion.
The marvelous museum - orphans, curiosities and treasures : a Mark Dion project.
Mark Dion : archeology.
Natural history and other fictions : an exhibition by Mark Dion.
Herbert Distel : the museum of drawers, 1970 - 1977.
Divendal : fotografie=photography=photographie.
Otto Dix 1891-1969.
Nathalie Djurberg : turn into me.
Installations 1980-1986.
Iedereen is een astronaut.
Theo van Doesburg : ter gedachtenis.
Grondbegrippen der nieuwe beeldende kunst.
De Stijl overal absolute leiding' : de briefwisseling tussen Theo van Doesburg en Antony Kok.
Naar een beeldende architectuur.
Theo van Doesburg 1883-1931.
Theo van Doesburg : painter and architect.
Théo van Doesburg : aspects méconnus de l' Aubette deel I . Théo van Doesburg : les projects en couleur 1926 - 1927 deel II .
Peter Doig : works on paper.
Peter Doig.
Exaltation : images of religion and death.
Dora Dolz : 'luchtspiegelingen, beloften en herinneringen'='mirages, promises and memories'.
Aad Donker.
De onbekende Van Dongen : vroege en fauvistische tekeningen 1895-1912.
"Song Dong : dad and mom, don't worry about us, we are all well. Exhibition 26/2-12/6/2011 in San Francisco."
Iris van Dongen : nox noctis.
"Trisha Donnelly. Exhibition 18/1-3/8/2008 in Philadelphia."
Gustave Doré : de Bijbel in beeld : 230 houtgravures.
Stan Douglas.
Into the light : cinematographic choreographies and visual works.
OCI and Christoph Draeger.
Yvonne Dröge Wendel : wooden sticks.
Objects make our world.
Frantisek Drtikol : Photograph des Art Deco.
Suzan Drummen.
Dubuffet : Retrospektive.
Dubuffet : coucou bazar.
Marcel Duchamp.
Marcel Duchamp : the box in a valise : de ou par Marcel Duchamp ou Rrose Selavy.
De bruid van Marcel Duchamp.
Marcel Duchamp : the bachelor stripped bare : a biography.
Marcel Duchamp : étant donnés.
Why Duchamp? : an essay on aesthetic impact.
Duchamp : a biography.
Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp.
Marcel Duchamp : artist of the century.
The apparently marginal activities of Marcel Duchamp.
Willem Marinus Dudok : architect 1884-1974 : stadsbouwmeester van wereldallure.
W.M. Dudok.
Raoul Dufy : poète et artisan.
Raoul Dufy.
J. Duiker bouwkundig ingenieur : constructeur in stuc en staal.
Lili Dujourie.
Lili Dujourie : video's, 1972-1981.
Ed Dukkers : schilder / tekenaar.
Blondjes en beauties : Hans Dukkers : modefotografie=fashion photography 1950-1970.
Marlene Dumas : miss interpreted.
Marlene Dumas : models.
Marlene Dumas: measuring your own grave.
Strippinggirls : Marlene Dumas, Anton Corbijn.
Marlene Dumas : the image as burden.
Marlene Dumas : sweet nothings.
Charlotte Dumas : work horse.
A. Dunoyer de Segonzac.
Richard Dunn : mannig-faltig Malerei + Fotos. Richard Dunn : mani-fold paintings + photography.
Dürer en zijn tijd : meesterwerken van de Duitse tekenkunst, XVe en XVIe eeuw uit de verzamelingen van het Kupferstichkabinett, Staatsmusea, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlijn.
Dürer : the artist and his drawings.
Albrecht Dürer : Landschafts-Aquarelle.
Sam Durant.
Jimmie Durham : Amoxohtli : Libro de carretera/a road book.
Jimmie Durham.
Jimmie Durham : the East London Coelacanth.
Jimmie Durham.
Jimmie Durham : the second particle wave theory, as performed on the banks of the River Wear, a stone's throw from s'Underland and the Durham cathedral.
De shampoo generatie.
Mieke Gerritzen (1962) : Beautiful world 20min.
"Betondorp: 23 min. origineel filmmateriaal uit 1925 over de oorspronkelijke bouw. ""De rijke film Betondorp, om te janken zo mooi""bron: de Volkskrant."
"Nadine Hottenrott : the gerrit rietveld academy in one minutes. dvd pal 16:9."
Anton van Dijck.
Antoon van Dyck : tekeningen en olieverfschetsen.
Van Dyck.
Thomas Eakins.
Charles & Ray Eames 1907-1978, 1912-1988 : voortrekkers van de naoorlogse moderne kunst.
Die Welt von Charles und Ray Eames.
An Eames anthology : articles, film scripts, interviews, letters, notes, speeches by Charles and Ray Eames.
The world of Charles and Ray Eames.
Mi fen'na gowtu,
Martin Eder : die kalte Kraft
Gia Edzgveradze.
Marcel van Eeden : K.M. Wiegand: life and work.
Marcel van Eeden : Celia.
De Cornelia Maersk = The Cornelia Maersk.
Piet Hein Eek : deurkasten.
William Eggleston : The democratic forest.
William Eggleston's guide.
Hans Eijkelboom : people of the twenty-first century.
Hans Eijkelboom : Fotonotities: een selectie uit het fotografisch dagboek = Photo notes: a selection from the photographic diary, 5-12-1992 - 30-7-2004.
Jeroen Eisinga.
Alfred Eisenstaedt : people.
Uta Eisenreich : A not B.
Uta Eisenreich, James Langdon : a play.
Gezeggelijk ben ik wel.
Jan G. Elburg : echt raak is dodelijk : ook voor de kunst.
Henk Elenga : index.
Olafur Eliasson.
Olafur Eliasson : the weather project.
Olafur Eliasson : reality machines.
Olafur Eliasson : your lighthouse : works with light 1991-2004.
Studio Olafur Eliasson : an encyclopedia.
Olafur Eliasson : space is process.
Olafur Eliasson.
Olafur Eliasson : surroundings surrounded: essays on space and science.
Olafur Eliasson : your only real thing is time.
Olafur Eliasson : your position surrounded and your surroundings positioned.
Olafur Eliasson : my now is your surroundings - process as object.
Ger van Elk : "sandwiches" : persen, drukken en trekken=pressing, pushing and pulling.
Ger van Elk : de horizon, een geestelijk verschiet=the horizon, a mental perspective.
Ger van Elk : de Cadillac en de non=the Cadillac and the nun.
Ger van Elk.
Untitled (September magazine).
Elmgreen & Dragset : trilogy.
Powerless structures : works by Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset.
Elmgreen & Dragset : biography.
Elmgreen & Dragset : museum.
Ed van der Elsken : eye love you.
Een liefdesgeschiedenis in Saint Germain des Prés.
Ed van der Elsken : jazz 1955 - 1959 - 1961.
Ed van der Elsken : once upon a time.
Ed van der Elsken : de verliefde camera.
Amsterdam ! : oude foto's 1947-1970.
Bagara : foto's uit equatoriaal Afrika.
Avonturen op het land.
Ed van der Elsken in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Ed van der Elsken my Amsterdam.
L'amour ! : foto's 1950-1990.
Parijs! : foto's 1950-1954.
Hongkong : the way it was.
P.H. Emerson : the fight for photography as a fine art.
The art of Tracey Emin.
Tracey Emin : works 1963-2006.
One thousand drawings by Tracey Emin
Hadassah Emmerich : with love from batik babe.
"James Ensor : universum van een fantast. Tentoonstelling:12/03/2011-13/06/2011 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag."
Jaap van der Ende : Lagen , werk en theorie.
Ommuurde dromen : vrouwen in gevangenschap : Rebekka Engelhard.
Engels : the selfportrait of this century.
Pieter Engels : the selfportrait of this century.
Max Ernst : a retrospective.
Max Ernst : collages : the invention of the surrealist universe.
Max Ernst : life and work.
A little girl dreams of taking the veil.
Une semaine de bont´e : a surrealistic novel in collage.
The essential Max Ernst.
SSS : Sahil Sahnesi Sesi: hali íçin tema ve çesítlemeler = Sound Scene Soundtrack : theme and variations for carpet.
Room of rhythms 1.
Ferdinand Erfmann.
Leven en werk van M.C. Escher : het levensverhaal van de graficus : met een volledig geïllustreerde catalogus van zijn werk.
Zoe Ethridge, Zin Taylor : the ceremony and the spirit.
Bracha L. Ettinger : art as compassion.
Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger: artworking 1985-1999.
Theory, culture & society : special section on Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger: memory, representation and post-lacanian subjectivity.
Walker Evans : first and last.
Walker Evans : American photographs.
Walker Evans : the magazine work.
Let us now praise famous men.
Laat ons nu vermaarde mannen prijzen.
Chris Evans, goofy audit : collected works 1998-2011.
The spirit of ecstasy.
Statement and counter-statement : notes on experimental jetset.
"Valie Export : archiv. Exposition: 29/10/2011-22/1/2012 in Kunsthaus Bregenz."
Jan van Eyck en de uitvinding van de olieverf.
Het Lam Gods.
Sylvie Eyberg, Valérie Mannaerts : La Biennale di Venezia, 2003.
Aldo van Eyck : projekten 1962-1976.
Aldo van Eyck : Hubertushuis = Hubertus house.
Aldo van Eyck : seventeen playgrounds.
Niet om het even ... wel evenwaardig : van en over Aldo van Eyck.
Aldo van Eyck : the shape of relativity.
"Writings : collected articles and other writins 1947-1998. Writings : the child, the city and the artist."
Aldo van Eyck : de speelplaatsen en de stad.
Aldo van Eyck : projekten 1948-1961.
Luciano Fabro.
Another earth catalog : concluding the freeman's journal.
Jan Fabre : hé wat een plezierige zottigheid !
Mestkever van de verbeelding : over Jan Fabre.
Jan Fabre : der Leimrutenmann. Jan Fabre : the lime twig man.
Jan Fabre.
Jan Fabre : heaven of delight.
Fahlström : an other space for painting
Harun Farocki : Diagrams : images from ten films.
Harun Farocki : Filme, 1967-2005.
Code duello : a duel with artworks conducted between Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley.
In memory : Omer Fast.
The casting.
Fautrier 1898-1964.
Nicolas Faure:von einer Schweiz zur Anderen / de Suisse en Suisse.
Nicolas Faure: Switzerland on the rocks:
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Huisboomfeest : een kunstproject van Wapke Feenstra over cyclische tijd in het Piushavengebied van Tilburg.
In a grain of sand : exploring design by nature.
Zoro Feigl : the mechanics.
Andreas Feininger.
Lyonel Feininger.
Hans-Peter Feldmann : 272 pages.
Hans-Peter Feldmann : Das Museum im Kopf.
Frauen im Gefängnis.
Hans-Peter Feldmann : album.
Interview : Hans Ulrich Obrist Hans-Peter Feldmann.
"Hans-Peter Feldmann : catalogue. Exhibition 11/4-3/6/2012."
Hans-Peter Feldmann : voyeur.
Hans-Peter Feldmann : Bilder pictures.
100 Jahre.
Ferdi : hortisculpture : Ferdi Tajiri-Jansen´s garden of delights..
Fernhout : schilder=painter.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : Musée d´art moderne de la ville de Paris.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : Sonne, Mond und Sterne.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : 800 views of airports.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : equilibres.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : how to work better.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : Fotografias.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : will happiness find me?
Sichtbare Welt : Peter Fischli, David Weiss.
Fischli and Weiss : the way things go.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : rock on top of another rock.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss.
Peter Fischli & David Weiss : plötzlich diese Übersicht.
Der geringste Widerstand = The point of least resistance.
Der rechte Weg = The right way.
Peter Fischli, David Weiss : are animals people?
Gerrit Petrus Fieret : foto's, tekeningen, gedichten.
Foto en copyright by G.P. Fieret.
Robert Filliou.
Lehren und Lernen als Auffuehrungskuenste = Teaching and learning as performing arts.
Shock treatment.
Christoph Fink : atlas of movements.
Ian Hamilton Finlay : a visual primer.
Ian Hamilton Finlay : works in Europe = Werke in Europa, 1972-1995.
Nature over again : the garden art of Ian Hamilton Finlay.
Ian Hamilton Finlay : et in arcadia ego.
Hermann Finsterlin : eine Annäherung : Monographie, das Literarische Werk, Aquarelle und Modelle.
"Urs Fischer. Exhibition: 21/4-19/8/2013 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles."
Eric Fischl : paintings.
Barry Flanagan : stampe e disegni=prints and drawings.
Barry Flanagan : recent sculpture.
Barry Flanagan : sculpture.
It is what it is : writings on Dan Flavin since 1964.
Dan Flavin : rooms of light: works of the Panza collection from Villa Panza, Varese and The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York.
Richard Fleischner.
Sylvie Fleury.
Sylvie Fleury : identity, pain, astral projection.
Nicolas Floc'h : in other words.
"Genadeloze sprookjes : Pietsjanke Fokkema en Loes Groothuis. Expositon 7/6-13/7/2003 in Enkhuizen."
Claire Fontaine : foreigners everywhere.
Claire Fontaine : human strike has already begun & other writings.
Lucio Fontana : Retrospektive.
Lucio Fontana : la fine di dio : nature cubo di luce.
The twentyfour men in white : Fortuyn/O'Brien.
Marblepublic : Fortuyn/O'Brien.
Günther Förg.
Marblepublic : Fortuyn/O'Brien.
Fortuyn/O'Brien : works and projects.
Günther Förg : Moskau = Moscow.
Zachary Formwalt : three exchanges.
Simone Forti : thinking with the body.
Sir Norman Foster.
Olivier Foulon : the soliloquy of the broom : a conversation with Michael Krebber taking place in Cologne on December 8, 2008.
Wax and jardins : Alicia Framis : loneliness in the city.
Alicia Framis : works 1995-2003.
Moon life handbook - 1.
Alicia Framis : lost astronaut instructions.
New ways of making demonstrations, by Alicia Framis.
Hollis Frampton : (nostalgia).
Sam Francis.
Saturated blue : ...writings from the notebooks.
Piero della Francesca.
Michel François.
Michel Francois : plans d'évasion.
Robert Frank : moving out.
Robert Frank :Hold still_keep going.
The Americans.
Frank films : the film and video work of Robert Frank.
Shack chic : de vitaliteit van Zuid-Afrika's Shack-landschap : fotografie Craig Fraser.
Museum highlights : the writings of Andrea Fraser.
Andrea Fraser : Texte, Skripte, Transkripte = texts, scripts, transcripts.
Lucian Freud.
Lucian Freud : paintings.
Alphons Freijmuth.
Baroness Elsa : gender, dada, and everyday modernity : a cultural biography.
"The frik collection. Tentoonstelling: 2005 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag."
Caspar David Friedrich : Gemälde, Druckgraphik und bildmässige Zeichnungen.
Caspar David Friedrich : das gesamte graphische Werk.
Caspar David Friedrich en de Romantische beweging in de schilderkunst.
Caspar David Friedrich.
Caspar David Friedrich : the german romantic landscape.
Tom Friedman.
"Tom Friedman. Dl. I Exposition: 25/10-15/12/2002 in Milan."
"Tom Friedman. Dl. 2 Exposition: 25/10-15/12/2002 in Milan."
Secret modernity : selected writing and interviews, 1981-2009.
Peter Friedl.
Theory of justice: 1992-2006.
Lee Friedlander : the little screens.
Gijs Frieling : vernacular painting.
Gijs Frieling : schilderijen 1994-1997.
50x60 : Toto Frima.
Katharina Fritsch, 1979-1989.
Katharina Fritsch.
Aurélien Froment : Pulmo marina.
Michaela Frühwirth : latent image.
No snow on the broken bridge : film and video installations by Yang Fudong.
Kasia Fudakowski : exercises in self sabotage.
Sou Fujimojo : archtecture works 1995-2015.
Buckminster Fuller.
Utopia or oblivion : the prospects for humanity.
Operating manual for spaceship earth.
Jason Fulford : the mushroom collector.
Hamisch Fulton : 10 views of Brockmans Mount, a naturally formed hill near Hythe Kent England.
Camp fire.
Walking artist.
Lotti (van der Gaag) : beelden.
Lotti van der Gaag : tekeningen=dessins. Bert Schierbeek : tekst=texte.
Lotti van der Gaag.
GAAG : the guerilla art action group, 1969-1976 : a selection.
Statische Fragmente.
Hermann Gabler : Schwarzweissbilder.
Stilte etcetera.
Naum Gabo : sixty years of Constructivism.
Julio Galan : pastels.
Martino Gamper : 100 Chairs in 100 days and its 100 ways (not lost in translation).
In a language you don´ t understand : Ryan Gander.
Pure associatons : Ryan Gander.
Ryan Gander : catalogue raisonnable Vol. 1.
Charles Garabedian : a retrospective.
Robert Garcet : Eben-Ezer en er was eens... = Eben-Ezer et il était une fois...
Sí/yes/oui. No/no/non.
Rooms, conversations.
Mario García Torres : an arrival tale.
The drawings of Gauguin.
Gaudí : diseñador=designer.
Gaudí 1852-1926 : Antoni Gaudí i Cornet - ein Leben in der Architektur.
Chr. J. van Geel : "De ene kunst leeft nooit zonder de andere, althans bij mij'.
Guido Geelen : beelden. Nicolette Smabers : "ontsnappingen".
Guido Geelen.
Tussen de bogen=Between the arches : een nieuw leven voor de bogen=new life for the arches : beelden van Guido Geelen=sculpture by Guido Geelen.
Guido Geelen : sculptuur = sculpture, 1986-2000.
Gelatin's Grand Marquis.
Isa Genzken.
Isa Genzken.
Isa Genzken.
MetLife : Isa Genzken.
Isa Genzken : Oil : Deutscher pavillon Venedig biennale 2007.
Isa Genzken.
Isa Genzken : I love New York, crazy city.
General Idea 1968-1984.
General Idea : imagevirus.
George and Gilbert : the living sculptors, London : catalogue for their 1973 Australian visit.
The world of Gilbert & George.
Gilbert & George : the singing sculpture.
Gilbert and George.
With Gilbert and George in Moscow.
Gilbert and George : the naked shit pictures.
The words of Gilbert and George : with portraits of the artists from 1968 to 1997.
Gilbert & George : the complete pictures 1971-2005; volume one 1971-1988. Gilbert & George : the complete pictures 1971-2005; volume two 1988-2005.
Géricault's raft of the Medusa.
gerlach en koop : choses tuées.
Reinier Gerritsen : Wall Street Stop.
Jef Geys : Kempens informatieblad.
362.880 x Jef Geys.
The studio of Giacometti.
Alberto Giacometti - Henri Cartier-Bresson : une communauté de regards.
Alberto Giacometti : Skulpturen, Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Graphik.
Alberto Giacometti.
Giambologna : the complete sculpture.
Michael Gibbs : all or nothing, and other pages.
Heidi de Gier : a falling horizon.
Peter L.M. Giele : verzamelde werken.
Krijn Giezen : sporen = remains = traces.
Landschap : een impressie van het landschap Midden-Delfland winter 1983-84 door Krijn Giezen: wonen werken en rekreëren.
Enkele voorstellen voor beeldende kunst in het polderpark Cronesteyn door Krijn Giezen.
www HR Giger com.
Wim Gijzen.
Proxemics : selected writings (1988-2006).
Meaning Liam Gillick.
Literally no place : communes, bars and greenrooms.
Liam Gillick.
Industry and intelligence : contemporary art since 1820.
Maybe it would be better if we worked in groups of three? : Hermes lecture.
Giotto : the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua.
Robert Gober.
Robert Gober.
Robert Gober.
Kees de Goede.
Kees de Goede : edities ´80 - ´04.
Kees de Goede : Double face split level.
Kees de Goede : an anthology of events.
Marijke de Goey : lijn, ruimte, illusie.
Marijke de Goey.
Marijke de Goey : rake lijnen.
The works of Vincent van Gogh : his paintings and drawings.
Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890 : leven en scheppen in beeld.
Verzamelde brieven van Vincent van Gogh.
Verzamelde brieven van Vincent van Gogh.
De schetsboeken van Vincent van Gogh.
Vincent van Gogh : tekeningen.
Vincent van Gogh : schilderijen.
Van Gogh en zijn weg: het complete werk.
Vincent van Gogh.
Geert Goiris : possibilities (inertia).
Daan van Golden : youth is an art : Diana.
"Daan van Golden : apperception. Exhibition: 28/1-29/4/2012 in Brussels."
Daan van Golden : photo book(s).
Daan van Golden : overzichtstentoonstelling 1963-1982.
Daan van Golden : werken = works, 1962-1991.
Daan van Golden : the pencil of nature : XLVIII Biennale di Venezia.
Daan van Golden : Dante e Leonardo.
Nan Goldin.
David Goldblatt : South Africa : the structure of things then.
Nan Goldin : the ballad of sexual dependency.
Headless by K.D.
Andy Goldsworthy.
Andy Goldsworthy : time.
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster : 88:88.
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster : Park, plan d'évasion.
Julio Gonzalez.
Works by Julio Gonzalez and other artists from the Foundation Hartung : Wednesday 30 June 1999.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres : specific objects without specific form.
Marnix Goossens : deep light.
Frans van Gool : leven en werk.
Arshile Gorky.
Herman Gordijn.
Het Amsterdam van Herman Gordijn.
Douglas Gordon.
Douglas Gordon : close your eyes, open your mouth.
Kidnapping Douglas Gordon.
Is it my body? : selected texts.
Kim's bedroom.
"Melissa Gordon : material evidence. In conversation : Melissa Gordon & Marie-Anne McQuay. Exhibition in 2014."
Jean Gorin : schilderijen, reliëfs en ruimtelijke constructies.
Antony Gormley.
Field : Antony Gormley.
Antony Gormley : inside Australia.
Firmament en andere stelsels = Firmament and other forms.
On the nature of things : the scientific photography of Fritz Goro.
Toppled : Florian Göttke.
Roel Goussey : bravo! bravo!
Kees Goudzwaard : provisional space.
Kees Goudzwaard : frontal views.
Kees Goudzwaard : frontal views.
Jan van Goyen.
Goya : das Zeitalter der Revolutionen 1789-1830.
Gerhard von Graevenitz.
End of an age : Paul Graham.
Paul Graham.
Video - architecture - television : writings on video and video works 1970-1978.
"Dan Graham : not yet realised : pavilion drawings. Exhibition: 21/3-28/4/2012 in London."
Dan Graham : rock my religion.
Dan Graham : nuggets : new and old writing on art, architecture and culture.
Dan Graham : two-way mirror pavilions = Einwegspiegel-Pavillons, 1989-1996.
Rock my religion : writings and art projects, 1965-1990.
Dan Graham.
Rodney Graham : phonokinetoscope.
Rodney Graham.
Rodney Graham : a little thought.
Rodney Graham : lightboxes.
"Gotthard Graubner : Magier der Farbe. Exposition: 27/9/2013-26/1/2014 in Düsseldorf."
Eileen Gray : architect/designer.
Eileen Gray : design and architecture 1878-1976.
Renée Green : na de tien duizend dingen = after the ten thousand things.
El Greco : Gemälde.
Peter Greenaway : architecture and allegory.
Peter Greenaway : the physical self : a selection by Peter Greenaway from the collections of the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam=de keuze van Peter Greenaway uit de collecties van Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterd
Peter Greenaway : museums and moving images.
Juan Gris.
Reality : Mitch Griffiths.
Johan Grimonprez.
Dial h-i-s-t-o-r-y : a film by Johan Grimonprez, A holiday from histoty : an essay by Slavoj Zizek.
Walter Gropius : der Architekt Walter Gropius : Zeichnungen, Pläne und Fotos aus dem Busch-Reisinger Museum der Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge/ Mass. und dem Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin=the architect Walter Gropius : dra
Gropius : 1883-1969 : propagandist voor de nieuwe vorm.
Rotate Rietveld.
I swear, I use no art at all : 10 years, 100 books, 18,788 pages of book design by Joost Grootens.
Katharina Grosse.
Katharina Grosse : holey residue.
Ecce homo.
George Grosz : his life and work.
"Show and tell : a chronicle of Group Material."
Democracy : a project by Group Material.
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys : objects as friends.
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys : optimundus.
Grünewald : le retable d'Issenheim.
Matthias Grünewald : Zeichnungen und Gemälde.
Igor Grubic : 366 liberation rituals.
Voebe de Gruyter : from action of matchmaking photons to Zen Buddhists' bad breath.
Klaas Gubbels.
Sigurdur Gudmundsson : situaties.
Sigurdur Gudmundsson.
Sigurdur Gudmundsson / Iceland
The criminal alphabet.
The Guerrilla Girls : the bedside companion to the history of western art.
Bitches, bimbos and ballbreakers : the Guerrilla Girls' illustrated guide to female stereotypes.
Hector Guimard.
ModeWelten : Photographien 1950 bis heute.
Andreas Gursky photographs 1984 - 1993.
Andreas Gursky : Fotografien 1984 bis heute.
Philip Guston : the studio.
Philip Guston : das grosse Spätwerk = late works.
Philip Guston : collected writings, lectures, and conversations.
Philip Guston : schilderijen, 1969-1980.
A critical study of Philip Guston.
Philip Guston : Nixon drawings, 1971 & 1975.
Brion Gyson : dream machine.
Back in no time : the Brion Gysin reader.
Boven de stad: aquarellen 1968-2008 met nadruk op klein werk.
Wim de Haan 1913-1967 : wie doet mij de tekens verstaan.
Bodenlos : Hans Haacke.
Hans Haacke : volume I.
Hans Haacke.
Mia san mia : Hans Haacke.
Hans Haacke & Pierre Bourdieu : free exchange.
Hello, my name is Jens Haaning.
Aad de Haas : de collectie Stadsgalerij Heerlen.
John Habraken : Oeuvre Award 1996 : architecture.
Alfredo Häberli : Design live.
The complete Zaha Hadid.
Babs Haenen
Arie Hagoort : architect.
Albert Hahn : tekenen om te ontmaskeren.
Mirroring the tongue : Ellert Haitjema.
Gewapend spons : Ellert Haitjema.
Public fase: must 1.
Ellert Haitjema : haphazard.
Spells by Irena Haiduk.
Ni Haifeng : para-production.
Ni Haifeng : no-man's land.
Petrit Halilaj.
Frans Hals.
Richard Hamilton.
Swinging London 67 (f) Richard Hamilton.
Richard Hamilton.
Hamburger Eyes : the continuing story of life on earth.
Lawrence Abu Hamdan : [inaudible], a politics of listening in 4 acts.
Pinball !
David Hammons : rousing the rubble.
David Hammons : Bliz-aard ball sale.
Lalala : typografie centrifuge grootboek.
Duane Hanson.
K8 Hardy : How to : untitled runway show.
Anne Hardy : twin fields, field.
Keith Haring.
Keith Haring : posters.
All the things.
Mona Hatoum.
Mona Hatoum.
Gegen den kalten Blick der Welt : Raoul Hausmann : Fotografien 1927-1933.
Raoul Hausmann 1886-1971 : der Deutsche Spiesser ärgert sich.
The kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.
Frank Havermans : architectonische constructies = architectural constructions.
Richard Hawkins : third mind.
Jet master : a visual strategy, by Idan Hayosh, Corina Künzli, Salome Schmuki.
Play : a photographic record.
John Heartfield.
Erich Heckel 1883-1970 : Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen und Graphik.
Jacoba van Heemskerck 1876-1923 : kunstenares van het expressionisme.
Jeanne van Heeswijk : face your world.
Jeanne van Heeswijk : De strip.
Michael Heizer.
"Michael Heizer. Exhibition: 11/12/1996-31/1/1997 in Milan."
Die Deutsche Informationsbibliothek Pjöngjang = The German library Pyongyang.
Mary Heilmann : Save the last dance for me.
Bernard Heiliger : Retrospektive 1945 bis 1995.
Jeppe Hein : a smile for you.
Jeppe Hein : until now.
Robert Heinecken : object matter.
Robert Heinecken : lessons in posing subjects.
Simon Hempel : plants and soil : the visual development of a structure.
Frank van Hemert: mind of Tibet Malerei auf Leinwand.
Lieven Hendriks : Starlet
"Lieven Hendriks : Landing Soon #1 Landing Soon #1 Project vond plaats van 1-11 t/m 31-1-07 Yogyakarta, Indonesië."
Lieven Hendriks, Frank Koolen : tourist trophy.
Jan Henderikse : modern times.
New theater : selected plays, 2013-2015.
Jeroen Henneman : een overzicht.
Camille Henrot : prehistoric collections.
Barbara Hepworth : a pictorial autobiography.
Barbara Hepworth : sculpture for a modern world.
Herzog & de Meuron : Sammlung Goetz.
Prada Aoyama Tokyo : Herzog & de Meuron.
Herzog & De Meuron : 1981-2000, between the face and the landscape and the cunning of cosmetics = entre el rostro y el paisaje y la astucia de la cosmética.
René Herbst : pioneer of modernism.
Koningin Eenoog.
Georg Herold : gekrümmte Poesie=shifted verses.
Herringa Van Kalsbeek : controlled accidents.
Herman Hertzberger : ruimte en leren : lessen in architectuur 3.
Jan van Herwijnen 1889-1965 : de krankzinnigen-tekeningen.
Eva Hesse
Eva Hesse.
Eva Hesse : diaries.
Anton Heyboer.
Anton Heyboer : de week heeft elf dagen.
J.C.J. van der Heyden.
J.C.J. van der Heyden.
JCJ Vanderheyden.
JCJ Van der Heyden : the analogy of the eye.
Sheila Hicks : weaving as metaphor.
Gary Hill.
Gary Hill : I believe it is an image.
Jaap Hillenius : poging om dichterbij te komen.
Our true intent is all for your Delight : the John Hinde Butlin's photographs.
"Roger Hiorns. Exhibition: 1/12/2012-14/2/2013 in De Hallen in Haarlem."
Hiroshige : le tokaido.
Damien Hirst : i want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now.
Thomas Hirschorn : Katalog. Thomas Hirschorn : catalogue.
Critical laboratory : the writings of Thomas Hirschhorn.
Thomas Hirschhorn.
Thomas Hirschhorn : Deleuze monument.
Horst : sixty years of photography.
Matthias Hoch : Fotografien / photographs.
David Hockney : cameraworks.
China diary.
David Hockney : paintings and photographs of paintings.
David Hockney : a drawing retrospective.
Secret knowledge : rediscovering the lost techniques of the old masters.
David Hockney by David Hockney.
Ferdinand Hodler.
Hans van Hoek.
Hans van Hoek.
The drawings of William Hogarth.
Ull Hohn : foregrounds, distances.
The Hokusai sketch-books : selections from the Manga.
Hokusai : paintings, drawings and woodcuts.
Hokusai and his school : paintings, drawings and illustrated books.
Hokusai : one hundred views of Mt. Fuji.
Hokusai : one hundred poets.
Hans Holbein der Jüngere : Zeichnungen.
Hans Holbein : the dance of death.
Hans Holbein der Jüngere.
Extended operations III : Yngve Holen.
Carsten Höller : registro.
Carsten Höller : geluk/Skop.
A house for pigs and people = Ein Haus für Schweine und Menschen.
Maisons = Häuser.
Architecture and urbanism no. 2 : Hans Hollein.
Karl Holmqvist : 'K.
P. Holstein : op weg : tekeningen-prenten-text-enzovoort. P. Holstein : on the way : prints-drawings-writing-etcetera.
"Nancy Holt : sightlines. Exhibitions: 22/12/2010-20/1/2013 in Germany and America."
Studio Anne Holtrop.
Jenny Holzer.
"Jenny Holzer. Tentoonstelling : Protect Protect"
Jenny Holzer : black garden.
Jenny Holzer.
Winslow Homer.
Hyper ballad : Icelandic suburban landscapes : Takashi Homma.
Honoré d'O : tant pis.
Nan Hoover : retrospektiva=retrospective 1989-1997.
Nan Hoover : movement in light.
Modern living : the graphic universe of Han Hoogerbrugge.
Edward Hopper.
Edward Hopper : the complete prints.
Edward Hopper 1882-1967 : Visioen van de werkelijkheid.
Rebecca Horn.
Rebecca Horn.
Rebecca Horn : tailleur du coeur.
Rebecca Horn : all these black days - between.
Rebecca Horn : concert for Buchenwald.
Ingrid Hora : Jomohomo.
Roni Horn : including the installation 'Pair Field' and selections from the work 'To Place' by Roni Horn and the essay "Roni Horn : being double".
Another water.
Loes van der Horst : Oeuvre Award 1998 : fine arts.
Loes van der Horst.
Alle Hosper : landschapsarchitect, 1943-1997.
Shirazeh Houshiary : Isthmus.
Notes from the cosmic typewriter : life and work of Dom Sylvester Houédard.
Seet van Hout : rood draad - red thread.
Handige jongensboek.
Kunstgenot extra speciaal.
700 centenboek.
Jos Houweling : met het oog omhoog, 4 jaar kunstombudsman.
Stiff : Hans van Houwelingen vs. public art.
Hans van Houwelingen : undone.
Out of now : the lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh.
Thomas Huber : boeken=books.
Thomas Huber in München.
Thomas Huber : rauten traurig, la langeur des losanges, sad facets : Gemälde, tableaux, paintings.
Alex Hubbard : eat your friends.
Max Huber.
Paul Huf : highlights.
Paul Huf : leeg kijken.
Shadows of a hand: the drawings of Victor Hugo.
Jopie Huisman. Zoals het daar lag : over schilderen en schrijven.
Dave Hullfish Bailey, Sam Watson : CityCat project, 2006-2016.
Gary Hume.
Rini Hurkmans : lopende gebeurtenissen=current events.
Rini Hurkmans : mute : three installations.
Vilmos Huszár : schilder en ontwerper 1884-1960 : de grote onbekende van De Stijl.
White paper : on land, law and the imaginary.
Bethan Huws : singing to the sea.
Bethan Huws : selected textual works, 1991-2003.
Parallel presents : the art of Pierre Huyghe.
Pierre Huyghe : celebration park.
Pierre Huyghe.
Pierre Huyghe : la château de Turing.
Pierre Huyghe : the trial.
Pierre Huyghe, Douglas Coupland : school spirit.
Philip Huyghe : super-symmetry.
Raoul Hynckes 1893-1973 : een overzicht.
Cristina Iglesias.
Ryoji Ikeda : formula.
Jörg Immendorf : LIDL 1966-1970.
Jörg Immendorff : Café Deutschland and related works.
Portraits by Ingres : image of an epoch.
Ingres : catalogo completo dei dipinti.
Robert Indiana : beyond love.
Das Institut.
Seeing is forgetting : the name of the thing one sees : over thirty years of conversations with Robert Irwin.
Een halve eeuw met Jozef Israels.
Isaac Israels.
Isaac Israels.
Johannes Itten : Velum voor het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Sanja Ivekovic´: selected works.
Sanja Ivekovic : triangle.
Sanja Ivekovic : sweet violence.
Alfredo Jaar : let there be light : the Rwanda project 1994-1998.
David Jablonowski : Tools and orientations.
Emily Jacir.
Henri Jacobs : over oppervlakken onderdoorgronden en volumeloosheden uit onderzoeken naar schijngestalten. Henri Jacobs : about 'under-penetrating' surfaces and volumelessnesses through investigations into phases.
Henri Jacobs.
Henri Jacobs : journal drawings.
Surface research = Oppervlak onderzoek.
Henri Jacobs : parcours de tocht.
A century in portraits : Roel Jacobs geboren en getogen.
Arne Jacobsen : a Danish architect.
Theo Jansen : de grote fantast.
Christian Jankowski : play.
Scene shifters : Saskia Janssen.
Blaka Watra spiders : Saskia Janssen.
Welcome stranger.
Flowers from the cardboard hotel, 2005-2015.
The gliding gaze : some proposals by Ann Veronica Janssens 1999-2003.
Endless andness : the politics of abstraction according to Ann Veronica Janssens.
Ann Veronica Janssens : 8'26"
Ann Veronica Janssens : une image différente dans chaque oeil = a different image in each eye.
Derek Jarman's garden.
Alexej von Jawlensky.
Neil Jenney : schilderijen en beelden 1967-1980.
S. Jessurun de Mesquita.
Folkert de Jong : shoot the freak.
Studio Job : the book of Job.
"Rob Johannesma : spots of time. Exhibition: 27/1-17/3/2012 in Bolzano. Exhibition: 4/2-12/4/2012 in Florence."
Rob Johannesma : in dark trees.
Jasper Johns : working proofs.
Jasper Johns : a retrospective.
Jasper Johns : Retrospective der Druckgraphik.
Jasper Johns : an allegory of painting, 1955-1965.
Jasper Johns : drawings.
The name of the game : Ray Johnson´s postal performance.
Not nothing : selected writings by Ray Johnson, 1954-1994.
Larry Johnson : commie pinko guy.
J.B. Jongkind : voorloper van het impressionisme.
"Joan Jonas : performance video installation 1968-2000."
Joan Jonas : works 1968-1994.
Joan Jonas : I want to live in the country (and other romances).
Cijfers & tekens.
Start a new art world.
Folkert de Jong : amabilis insania : de beminnelijke waanzin = the pleasing delusion.
"Jacqueline de Jong : undercover in art. Exposition: 2/5-23/6/2003 in Amstelveen. Exposition: 12/7-7/9/2003 in Silkeborg Bad, Denmark."
Marie-José Jongerius : edges of the experiment; the making of the American landscape. 2 Dln.
Hella Jongerius.
Hella Jongerius : misfit.
I don't have a favourite colour : creating the Vitra colour & material library.
Elisa van Joolen : 11"x17" reader.
Asger Jorn 1914-1973 : Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Gouachen, Skulpturen.
Asger Jorn 1914-1973.
Fraternité avant tout : Asger Jorn's writings on art and architecture.
Hans Josephsohn.
Donald Judd : a good chair is a good chair.
Donald Judd : complete writings, 1975-1986.
Donald Judd : colorist.
Donald Judd : 1989.
Donald Judd : Eichholteren.
Donald Judd : furniture : retrospective.
"Donald Judd : some apects of color in general and red and black in particular. Published on the occasion of the presentation of the Sikkens Award to mr. Donald Judd 27/11/1993 in Amsterdam."
Kunst und Design : Donald Judd : Preisträger der Stankowski-Stiftung 1993= Art and Design : Donald Judd : recipient of the Stankowski Prize 1993.
Donald Judd : complete writings 1959-1975 : gallery reviews book reviews articles letters to the editor reports statements complaints.
Donald Judd : early work 1955-1968.
Donald Judd : Architektur.
Quaderns 179-180, okt./nov./dec. 1988-jan./feb./mrt. 1989 : Josep Maria Jujol : architecte 1879-1949.
Josep Maria Jujol.
Jesper Just : film works = Filmarbeiten = filmwerken, 2001-2007.
Don't shrink me to the size of a bullet : the works of Hiwa K.
Gerald van der Kaap : Hover Hover : a manual.
Gerald van der Kaap : wherever you are on this planet.
Gerald Van Der Kaap : passing the information.
Leven en werk van beeldhouwer-tekenaar Jaap Kaas.
Ilya Kabakov.
Ilya Kabakov : Zeichnungen = Tekeningen = Drawings.
Ilya Kabakov : op het dak=sur le toit : installatie=installation.
Ilya Kabakov : 16 installaties=16 installations=16 installjatsij.
Ilya Kabakov : installations 1983-1995.
Ilya Kabakov : the old reading room.
Ilya Kabakov : the man who flew into space from his apartment.
1964-1983 : le navire = the ship.
The houses of Louis Kahn.
Louis I. Kahn : conversations with students.
Frida Kahlo : the brush of anguish.
Frida Kahlo 1907-1954 : leed en hartstocht.
Beauty is convulsive : the passion of Frida Kahlo.
Tour de France: tekeningen drawings schilderijen paintings en meer and more.
Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944 : de weg naar abstractie.
Point and line to plane.
Spiritualiteit en abstractie in de kunst.
Kandinsky, the enigma of the first abstract painting.
Kandinsky : lessen aan het Bauhaus : kleurentheorie en analytisch tekenen.
Kandinsky : oeuvres de Vassily Kandinsky 1866-1944.
Kandinsky in Paris 1934-1944.
Tadeus Kantor.
Anish Kapoor : drawings.
Anish Kapoor : svayambh.
Anish Kapoor.
Anish Kapoor.
Allan Kaprow : art as life.
Allan Kaprow : a bibliography.
Essays on the blurring of art and life.
Assemblage, environments and happenings.
The hunter in the armchair, including top ten b?$t songs of 2011.
Gertrude Käsebier : the photographer and her photographs.
Marin Kasimir : profiles of longing.
Kazuo Katase.
On Kawara.
Tadashi Kawamata : work in Progress in Zug 1996-1999 : Projekt Sammlung= project collection.
Tadashi Kawamata.
A choreographer's score : fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena's aria, Bartok.
A choreographer's score : fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena's aria, Bartok.
Ellsworth Kelly : a retrospective.
Drawn from nature : the plant lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly.
The uncanny.
"Ellsworth Kelly : thumbing through the folder : a dialogue on art and architecture with Hans Ulrich Obrist."
Mike Kelley 1985-1996.
Mike Kelley : interviews, conversations, and chit-chat, 1986-2004.
Mike Kelley : minor histories: statements, conversations, proposals.
Mike Kelley.
Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy collaborative works.
"Mike Kelley. Exhibition: 15/12/2012-1/4/2013 at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam."
On the beyond : a conversation between Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and John C. Welchman.
Mike Kelley : the thirteen seasons.
Mike Kelley : educational complex.
Christoph Keller : paranomia.
Mary Kelly.
Post-partum document.
Drowning devourers of the deep plane.
Jan Kempenaers : spomenik.
Niek Kemps.
That which is not drawn : William Kentridge and Rosland C. Morris : conversations.
William Kentridge : thick time.
Garry Neill Kennedy : wall paintings and related works, 1974-1995.
Natasja Kensmil.
Serving compressed energy with vacuum.
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven : beauty, therapeutic use of.
Erik Kessels : in almost every picture.
Dick Ket : over zijn leven, ideeën en kunst.
Floor van Keulen : muurschilderingen=Wandmalerei.
Johan van der Keuken : Quatorze juillet.
L'oeil lucide: l'oeuvre photographique 1953-2000/The lucid eye: the photographic work 1953-2000
Raoul de Keyser.
Raoul De Keyser : paintings 1980-1999.
Anselm Kiefer.
Anselm Kiefer : über euren Städten wird Gras wachsen.
Kienholz: retrospektive.
"Kienholz : before lacma. Exposition: 24/1-3/3/2012 in Los Angelos."
Fransje Killaars.
Na Kim : set.
Phillip King : Kröller-Müller National Museum.
Prospectus : 1988-2010, forty-two works by Ben Kinmont.
Open by chance & appointment.
Pedes in orbis (walking in circles) : Job Kino.
Martin Kippenberger : sehr gute Bilder.
Annotated catalogue raisonné of the books by Martin Kippenberger, 1977-1997 = Kommentiertes Werkverzeichnis der Bücher von Martin Kippenberger, 1977-1997.
67 Improved papertigers not afraid of repetition.
Martin Kippenberger : ten years after.
Martin Kippenberger in Tirol : Sammlung Widauer. sollicitatiegesprekken=Einstellungsgespräche=job interviews.
Martin Kippenberger : the problem perspective.
Kippenberger : the artist and his families.
Kippenberger : psychobuildings.
Martin Kippenberger : the last stop west.
Picture a moon, shining in the sky : conversation with Martin Kippenberger.
Von Dresden nach Davos: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner- Zeichnungen.
Per Kirkeby.
Per Kirkeby : recent painting and sculpture.
Per Kirkeby : baksteensculptuur/Backstein-Skulptur.
Per Kirkeby : Skulpturen.
R.B. Kitaj.
R.B. Kitaj : pictures=Bilder.
R.B. Kitaj : fifty drawings and pastels, six oil paintings.
Kitaj : pictures and conversations.
Aart Klein : Oeuvre Award 1996.
De Amstel is er gelukkig nog : een fotografisch document door Aart Klein.
Paul Klee.
Paul KLee : pedagogical sketchbook.
Handboek 3 : van en over Diederick van Kleef : een keuze 1983-1989.
Yves Klein.
Yves Klein 1928-1962 : international Klein blue.
Yves Klein : works and writings.
Micha Klein.
Paul Klemann : dream drawings.
Michel de Klerk : bouwmeester en tekenaar van de Amsterdamse School 1884-1923.
Max Klinger.
Albert Klijn 1895-1981 : opgeheven natuur.
Gustav Klimt : leven en werk.
The vital gesture : Franz Kline.
Franz Kline: the color abstractions.
"Franz Kline. Exhibition : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 20 sept tot 20 okt 1963."
Harald Klingelhöller.
Architect J.P. Kloos 1905 : de ethiek van de constructie.
Klaas Kloosterboer : shivering emotions + feverish feellings.
Jacobus Kloppenburg : the archive for the future.
Pierre Klossowski.
Mathew Kneebone : Mechanical systems drawing Vol. 2.
Carel Kneulman.
Imi Knoebel : Retrospektive 1968-1996.
Pyke Koch : schilderijen en tekeningen=paintings and drawings.
Everything beautiful is far away : Jean Bernard Koeman.
Job Koelewijn.
Primordial : Job Koelewijn, selected works 1992-2006.
Voor gerrit rietveld : maandag 16 maart 92 : het schoonmaken van het rietveld paviljoen.
Job Koelewijn : history future.
Fritz Koenig : Skulptur und Zeichnung 1942 - 1997.
Joachim Koester : of spirits and empty spaces.
Joachim Koester : messages from the unseen.
Hans Koetsier : 34 teksten, 1984-1989.
Azade Köker : Installationen, Intensitäten, Kulturausflüge.
Oskar Kokoschka : das druckgraphische Werk 1906-1975.
Aukje Koks : ways of being.
Jakob Kolding : city 2.
Käthe Kollwitz : Ich sah die Welt mit liebevollen Blicken : ein Leben in Selbstzeugnissen.
Käthe Kollwitz.
Krijn de Koning : tekeningen, 1989-1990.
Krijn de Koning.
"Krijn de Koning : Metz. Exhibition: 16/6-30/9/2001 in Metz."
Rob van Koningsbruggen : schilderijen 1986-1996.
Aglaia Konrad : elasticity.
Aglaia Konrad from A to K.
Willem de Kooning : Skulpturen.
Willem de Kooning : Retrospektive : Zeichnungen, Gemälde, Skulpturen.
Willem de Kooning : paintings.
De Kooning : een Amerikaanse meester.
Paul Kooiker : hunting and fishing.
Room service.
Jeroen Kooijmans : it's about time.
Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large : Office for Metropolitan Architecture : Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau.
Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large : Office for Metropolitan Architecture : Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau.
Wat is OMA : betreffende Rem Koolhaas en het Office for Metropolitan Architecture.
The Dutch Embassy in Berlin by OMA / Rem Koolhaas.
Koolhaas in Beijing
Rem Koolhaas.
"Rem Koolhaas : OMA six projets. Exposition: 12/1982-3/1983 in Paris."
Rem Koolhaas : O.M.A : Lille.
"Frank Koolen : play hard. Exhibiton: 19/9-20/12/2015 in Roskilde."
Jeff Koons.
Jeff Koons.
The Jeff Koons handbook.
Jeff Koons : one ball total equilibrium tank.
Arthur Köpcke: Bilder und Stücke.
David Vandekop : tekeningen en beelden=drawings and sculpture.
"Irene Kopelman : the Molyneux problem. Exhibition: 21/8-25/9/2011 at BAK in Utrecht."
"Igor & Svetlana Kopystiansky : dialog. Exhibition: 13/3-26/4/1998 in Berlin."
Neel Korteweg : Uit de diepte van de zee duiken nieuwe dieren op.
Katrin Korfmann 2000 2010.
Harmony Korine : the collected fanzines, featuring collaborations with Mark Gonzales.
architectuur John Körmeling : architectonische constructies.
John Körmeling : a good book.
John Körmeling : Witteveen+Bos-prijs voor Kunst + Techniek 2006.
John Körmeling : een goed boek.
"Metamorfoses : Maartje Korstanje. Exhibition: 16/9/2013-21/5/2014 in Oss."
Joseph Kosuth : no exit = kein Ausweg.
Jannis Kounellis: oeuvres de 1983 à 1985.
Jannis Kounellis.
Jannis Kounellis.
Jannis Kounellis.
Jannis Kounellis : via del mare.
Hidden curriculum : a project by Annette Krauss.
Friso Kramer.
Friso Kramer : industrieel ontwerper.
De stoel van Friso Kramer = Friso Kramer's chair.
Bastienne Kramer.
Michael Krebber : Pubertät in der Lehre = Puberty in teaching.
Michael Krebber : Respekt Frischlinge, je suis la chaise, London condom.
Michael Krebber : Apothekerman.
Marijn van Kreij : how to look out.
Marijn van Kreij : the passenger.
Marijn van Kreij : the studio.
Marijn van Kreij : reclining nude with a man playing the guitar.
Susanne Kriemann : ray.
Susanne Kriemann : one day.
Susanne Kriemann : one time one million (migratory birds - romantic capitalism).
Meteorite by Susanne Kriemann.
Sven Kroner : human highway.
Esther Kroon 1966-1992.
Herman Kruyder 1881-1935 : gedoemde scheppingen : schilderijen, aquarellen en tekeningen.
Barbara Kruger.
Remote control : power, cultures, and the world of appearances.
Germaine Kruip : the illuminated void.
André Kruysen.
Shigeko Kubota : video sculpture.
A book based on Guillermo Kuitca.
Guillermo Kuitca : paintings.
Ruud Kuijer : waterwerken = waterworks.
Small architecture - natural architecture.
Milan Kunc : peinlicher Realismus, Ost-Pop (1974-1979), verfeinerte Malerei (1986-1992), embarrassing realism, Ost Pop (1974-1979), refinded painting (1986- 1992).
Frank Kupka.
Yayoi Kusama.
Yayoi Kusama : infinity mirror room - phalli's field.
"Yayoi Kusama : soul burning flashes. Exhibition: 3-28/6/1988 in Tokyo."
Jungles : Frans Lanting.
Dom Hans van der Laan : works and words.
Hotel LaChapelle : photographs by David LaChapelle.
"David Lachapelle : earth laughs in flowers. Tentoonstelling: 25/02-08/05/2011 te Hannover."
Suzanne Lacy : gender agendas.
Mierle Laderman Ukeles : seven work ballets.
Mierle Laderman Ukeles : maintenance art.
Wolfgang Laib : Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart.
René Lalique : Schmuckkunst um 1900.
David Lamelas : publication.
David Lamelas : a life of their own.
Kiki Lamers.
Ine Lamers : motives.
Juliaan Lampens.
Inez van Lamsweerde : photographs.
Roman Lang : Polaroid-Bilder.
Michael Landy : break down.
Michael Landy : semi-detached.
Dorothea Lange : photographs of a lifetime.
Dorothea Lange : a photographer's life.
Jaques Henri Lartigue : Phototagebuch unseres Jahrhunderts.
Jacques-Henri Lartigue : 8 x 80.
"Karl Larsson : strange. Exhibition: 27/9/2014-18/1/2015 North Western Prose in Hamburg."
Annika Larsson.
Liz Magic Laser : public relations = Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.
Laser 3.14 : are you reading me?
Lataster : schilderijen 1939-1996.
Mass-System und Raumkunst : das Werk des Architekten, Pädagogen und Raumgestalters J.L.M. Lauweriks.
Henri Laurens : sculptures.
Bertrand Lavier.
Louise Lawler : a spot on the wall.
Twice untitled and other pictures (looking back) : Louise Lawler.
Louise Lawler.
Louise Lawler : a movie will be shown without the picture.
Louise Lawler : for sale.
Wilhelm Lehmbruck.
William Leavitt : theater objects.
Chris Lebeau 1878-1945.
Inez Lechleitner : Puzzle box.
Bart van der Leck.
Bart van der Leck, 1876 - 1958.
Mark Leckey : on pleasure bent.
F. Leger 1881-1955.
La création du monde : Fernand Léger et l'art africain dans les collections Barbier-Mueller.
Léger et l'esprit moderne : une alternative d'avant-garde a l'art non-objectif (1918-1931) = Léger and the modern spirit : an avant-garde alternative to non objective art (1918-1931).
Annie Leibovitz : photographs 1970-1990.
A Photographer's Life : 1990-2005
Die Bauhaus Künstlerin Margaret Leiteritz : gemalte Diagramme.
Tamara de Lempicka 1898-1980.
Lucas Lenglet.
Zoe Leonard : available light.
From the Ballet Russes to Vogue : the art of Georges Lepape.
Gabriel Lester : how to act.
Gabriel Lester : forced perspectives.
Essai over het surrealisme : met een beschouwing over het werk van Willem van Leusden.
Public mind : Les Levine´s media sculpture and mass ad campaigns, 1969-1990.
Art history, after Sherrie Levine.
The arts of David Levine.
Sol LeWitt.
Sol LeWitt : drawings 1958-1992.
Sol LeWitt : wall drawings, 1984-1988.
Sam Lewitt : more heat than light.
Judith Leyster : schilderes in een mannenwereld.
Max Liebermann in seiner Zeit.
Daniel Libeskind : countersign.
Daniel Libeskind : radix-matrix : architecture and writings.
El Croquis 80 : Daniel Libeskind : 1987-1996.
Roy Lichtenstein : schilderijen, emails, assemblages, tekeningen.
Roy Lichtenstein.
Roy Lichtenstein : drawings and prints.
"Klara Lidén. Exposition: 19/11/2010-30/1/2011 in Bonn."
"Erik van Lieshout : this can't go on (stay with me). Exhibition: 25/11/2006-4/2/2007 in Rotterdam. Exhibition: 13/4-17/6/2007 in Zürich."
Erik van Lieshout : naughty by nature, not because I hate you.
Rolf Lieberknecht : Skulpturen.
Joep van Lieshout : beelden=sculpture.
Atelier van Lieshout : a manual.
The good, the bad + the ugly : Atelier van Lieshout.
Atelier van Lieshout.
Atelier van Lieshout : franchise.
Atelier Van Lieshout : new tribal labyrinth.
Atelier van Lieshout : Stadt der Sklaven = Slave city.
Atelier van Lieshout : bars.
Glenn Ligon : encounters and collisions.
Glenn Ligon : Untitled (I am a man).
Minouk Lim : united paradox.
Wim van der Linden : fotograaf.
Richard Lindner.
Klaar van der Lippe.
Nuances of no.
El Lissitzky.
Theorie en praktijk van de russiese avantgarde : El Lissitzky's tentoonstellingsontwerpen.
El Lissitzky 1890-1941 : architect, schilder, fotograaf, typograaf.
Utopie en werkelijkheid : El Lissitzky, Ilja en Emilia Kabakov.
Dana Lixenberg : Amsterdam.
Dana Lixenberg : United States.
Dana Lixenberg : Imperial Courts, 1993-2015.
This will not happen without you : from the collective archive of The Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+ (1977-2007).
Bart Lodewijks : Ghent, Lisbon, Porto drawings.
J.B. van Loghem 1881-1940 : beelding van levenshouding : landhuizen, stadswoonhuizen en woningbouwprojecten.
Bernd Lohaus.
Richard Long : walking in circles.
Richard Long : heaven and earth.
Richard Long : a line made by walking.
Richard Long : in conversation, Bristol 19.11.1985.
Stones, clouds, miles : a Richard Long reader.
Robert Longo : men in the cities.
Robert Longo : charcoal.
Robert Longo.
Der Architekt Adolf Loos : Darstellung seines Schaffens nach Werkgruppen/ chronologisches Werkverzeichnis.
Adolf Loos : huis voor=house for=maison pour=Haus für Josephine Baker.
Das Andere : Ein Blatt zur Einfuehrung abendlaendischer Kultur in Oesterreich: Geschrieben von Dolf Loos: 1. Jahr.
Polder cup : a project by Maider López, september 4, 2010, Ottoland, The Netherlands.
Claude Lorrain 1600-1682.
"Lee Lozano : win first don't last, win last don't care."
Lee Lozano : notebooks 1967-70.
Lee Lozano : dropout piece.
Lucebert in het Stedelijk=Lucebert in the Stedelijk : catalogus van alle schilderijen, tekeningen, gouaches, aquarellen en prenten in de verzameling=catalogue of all the paintings, drawings, gouaches, watercolours and prints
Lucebert : schilder-dichter.
Der junge Lucebert: Gemälde, Gouachen, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Radierungen 1947 bis 1965.
Van de roerloze woelgeest: gedichten.
Lucebert : schilder dichter fotograaf Maler Lyriker Fotograf.
Het hart van de zoeker : foto's van Lucebert.
Lucebert : tekeningen en gouaches.
Lucassen : schilderijen, tekeningen, assemblages 1960-1986.
Sarah Lucas : au naturel.
Ken Lum.
Marie Lund : turtles.
The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths : a performative re-enactment, or a wink and a nod to Job Koelewijn.
Markus Lüpertz : Arbeiten auf Papier, Bilder und Skulpturen.
Markus Lüpertz: Gemälde - Skulpturen.
Memoirs of a hypnotist : 100 days.
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy : to satisfy the rose.
"Catching the big fish: meditation, consciousness, and creativity"
Charles Rennie Mackintosh : the complete furniture, furniture drawings and interior designs.
Mackintosh watercolours.
August Macke : Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen.
August Macke 1887-1914.
August Macke : Aquarelle : Werkverzeichnis.
Paul McCarthy.
Paul McCarthy : head shop/shop head. : works 1966-2006.
Propo : objects from performances by Paul McCarthy, 1972-1984.
David Mach.
The dream of Fluxus : George Maciunas : an artist's biography.
Diagram of historical development of Fluxus and other 4 dimentional, aural, optic, olfactory, epithelial and tactile Art Forms (incomplete).
Mack : Handzeichnungen.
Dit is geen pijp : met schilderijen en brieven van René Magritte.
René Magritte en het surrealisme in België.
René Magritte : tekens en beelden.
This is not a pipe : with illustrations and letters by René Magritte.
René Magritte : die Kunst der Konversation : Marcel Broodthaers, Joseph Kosuth, Barbara Bloom, Robert Gober, Sturtevant.
Mari Mahr : isolated incidents.
Robert Maillart : Brücken und Konstruktionen=ponts et constructions= bridges and constructions.
Maillol woodcuts : 303 great book illustrations : all the illustrations from the Eclogues, Daphnis and Chloe, the Georgics and the Odes of Horace.
ROSTA-Fenster : Majakowski als Dichter und bildender Künstler.
Michel Majerus : Installationen 92-02. Michel Majerus : installations 92-02.
Cornelius Makkink 1940-1993.
Kazimir Malevich 1878-1935.
"Kazimir Malevich and the Russian avant-garde. Exhibition: 19/10/13-2/2/14 in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam."
Kasimir Malewitsch : Suprematismus - die gegenstandslose Welt.
Nalini Malani.
"Nalini Malani : in search of the vanished blood. Exhibition: Documenta (13) 9/6-16/9/2012 in Kassel."
"Sources in the air : David Maljkovic. Exposition: 6/10/2012-6/1/2014 in Eindhoven, Gateshead, Bergamo."
At twelve : portraits of young women.
Sally Mann : immediate family.
Hans van der Man : chimaera.
Antonio Mancini en Nederland.
Frank Mandersloot : dépôt prénatal.
Frank Mandersloot : body doubles.
Frank Mandersloot.
Voor de bijen / For the bees : Frank Mandersloot.
Mark Manders : parallel occurences / documented assignments.
De afwezigheid van Mark Manders.
Mark Manders : Singing Sailors.
Mark Manders : reference book.
"Mark Manders : Dutch Pavilion. Exhibition: 7/6-24/11/2013 55th International Art Exhibition di Venezia."
Mark Manders : slide projections : two interconnected houses/documented assignment.
Mark Manders : several drawings on top of each other.
Mark Manders : Singing Sailors.
Mark Manders : self-portrait in a surrounding area.
Edouard Manet : Aquarelle und Pastelle.
East wind, west wind.
Bertien van Manen : a hundred summers, a hundred winters.
Robert Mangold : schilderijen=paintings 1964-1982.
Su Mangiarotti : architecttura - design - scultura.
"I see / La Camera : I. Publication in the frame of Performence in Residence : If I can't dance I don't want to be a part of your revolution."
Jan Mankes 1889-1920 : prenten en tekeningen.
Liège : Thomas Manneke, 01 04 2010 - 30 06 2010.
Giacomo Manzù : sculptor.
Giacomo Manzù.
Piero Manzoni.
Robert Mapplethorpe.
Robert Mapplethorpe : fotografie.
The black book.
Mapplethorpe : flowers.
Robert Mapplethorpe : altars.
Sterling Ruby and Robert Mapplethorpe.
Paul Martin : Victorian photographer.
Franz Marc 1880-1916.
Brieven van het front.
Franz Marc : postcards to Prince Jussuf.
On & by Christian Marclay.
Christian Marclay : to be continued.
Ari Marcopoulos : flow : selected photographs, 1982-2006.
Brice Marden : paintings and drawings.
Walter De Maria.
"Walter De Maria. : 999 Milano 2000. Exhibition: 11/11/1999-4/1/2000"
The lightning field.
Enzo Mari.
Chris Marker : la jetée.
Chris Marker : a grin without a cat.
Marquet : journeys.
Kerry James Marshall : painting and other stuff.
Agnes Martin.
Agnes Martin : paintins and drawing=schilderijen en tekeningen=Gemälde und Zeichnungen=peintures et dessins.
Agnes Martin.
Agnes Martin : her life and art.
Karel Martens: full color.
Karel Martens : printed matter = drukwerk.
Karel Martens : reprint.
Karel Martens : prints.
Peter Martens : nothing special.
Helen Marten.
Episode III : enjoy poverty.
Cercle d'art des travailleurs de plantation Congolaise = Congolese plantation workers art league.
Club univers.
Mythologie d'André Masson.
Frans Masereel 1889-1972 : Über Krieg und Frieden.
Frans Masereel.
Frans Masereel.
The sun, the idea & story without words : three graphic novels.
"Henry Matisse : the cut-outs. Exhibition: 17/4/2014-9/2/2015 in New York and London."
Henri Matisse : a second life.
"Henry Matisse : jazz. The original publication was first published by Tériade, Paris in 1947."
De oase van Matisse.
De parkiet, de zeemeermin en de slak.
Matisse on art.
Etchings by Matisse.
Multiple densities : Katja Mater.
Bas Maters (1949-2006): een vierkantje laten lachen : 35 jaar monumentale beeldende kunst en architectonische vormgeving.
Reorganizing structure by drawing through it : Zeichnung by Gordon Matta-Clark.
Gordon Matta-Clark.
Object to be destroyed : the work of Gordon Matta-Clark.
Gordon Matta-Clark : works and collected writings.
Erik Mattijssen : pencil, pastel, gouache & paper.
Life Style.
Ursula Mayer : but we loved her.
Rita McBride.
Rita McBride : Arena.
Allan McCollum.
A question of faith.
Barry McGee.
Lucy McKenzie : chêne de weekend.
Unlawful assembly.
After : inspired by an atlas of leprosy, comprising decoration from a private apartment-office, Berlin
Het verhaal van Han Mes.
Ralph Eugene Meatyard.
Een cursus fotografie.
"Hellen van Meene. Tentoonstelling: 12/01-10/03/2002 te Edinburgh; 20/04-16/06/2002 te Haarlem; 28/06- 14/09/2002 te Chicago."
Hellen van Meene : untitled.
Hans van der Meer : Europese velden : landschap van het amateurvoetbal.
Els Vanden Meersch : implants.
Guy Mees.
Richard Meier : architect 1964-1984.
Richard Meier.
Sal Meijer : zo naïef nog niet.
Rik Meijers : For the children.
Rik Meijers : doe dat niet meer = don't do that anymore.
Florian Meisenberg :
Jonas Mekas : films, videos, installations (1962-2012) : catalogue raisonné.
Jonas Mekas : scrapbook of the sixties : writings 1954-2010.
Jonas Mekas.
De wereld van Melle : 36 tekeningen.
Melle : schilder, aquarellist, tekenaar, Amsterdammer.
De schepping van Melle : visionair realist in de wereld van moderne kunst.
"Book A or MEGACOLON or for & against language."
Melnikov : the muscles of invention.
Taxidermy for language animals : a book on stuffed words.
Hans Memling à l'Hôpital Saint-Jean de Bruges.
De portretten van Memling.
Ana Mendieta.
Mendes da Costa, Jessurun de Mesquita : Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars : joden in de verstrooiing.
Wasmuths Monatshefte für Baukunst, jrg. VIII, no. 1/2, 1924. Erich Mendelsohn : Bauten und Skizzen.
Het kweekvlees kookboek.
(Foto Vincent Mentzel).
Foto Vincent Mentzel.
B. Merkelbach.
Mario Merz : disegni=Arbeiten auf Papier.
Mario Merz.
"Mario Merz. Exposition: 30/3-6/6/1993 in Barcelona."
Mario Merz.
Gerhard Merz : Dresden.
Gerhard Merz : Archipittura.
Marisa Merz.
Annette Messager
Franz Metzner : ein Bildhauer der Jahrhundertwende in Berlin, Wien, Prag, Leipzig.
Hannes Meyer : Bauten, Projekte und Schriften=buildings, projects and writings.
The co-op principle : Hannes Meyer and the concept of collective design.
Joel Meyerowitz : out of the ordinary 1970-1980.
Joan Miró.
Joan Miró 1893-1983 : mens en werk.
Henri Michaux : emergences/resurgences.
Ecuador, een reisjournaal.
Duane Michals : Photographien 1958-1988.
Duane Michals : photography and reality, 1958-1990.
Drawings by Michelangelo in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle, The Ashmolean Museum, The British Museum and other English collections.
Michelangelo en de schepping van de Sixtijnse kapel.
Michelangelo : schilderijen, beeldhouwwerken, architectuur.
Practical training in thinking.
Snejanka Mihaylova : acoustic thought.
Aernout Mik : primal gestures, minor roles.
Aernout Mik.
"Aernout Mik : communitas. Exhibition: 1/3-8/5/11 in Paris. Exhibition: 31/10/11-31/1/12 in Essen. Exhibition: 2012-2013 in Amsterdam."
Aernout Mik : reversal room.
Aernout Mik : Wie die Räume gefüllt werden müssen.
Aernout Mik.
Aernout Mik : für nichts und wieder nichts.
Yesterday´s sandwich by Boris Mikhailov.
Boris Mikhailov : look at me I look at water, or perversion of repose.
Corporate mentality : an archive documenting the emergence of recent practices within a cultural sphere occupied by both business and art by Aleksandra Mir.
Tatsuo Miyajima.
M/M Paris : inventory 2.
Tina Modotti : a fragile life.
Paula Modersohn-Becker : leven en werk.
Paula Modersohn-Becker : Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Gouachen, Pastelle.
Lisette Model.
Moesman : monografie : catalogus van de schilderijen en objecten.
"Emiel van Moerkerken. Tentoonstelling 23/04/2011-04/09/2011 Fotomuseum Den Haag."
Tracey Moffatt.
Pieter Laurens Mol.
Ferro fever.
Pieter Laurens Mol : grand promptness.
The new art - the new life : the collected writings of Piet Mondrian.
Mondriaan : destructie als kunst.
Piet Mondriaan 1872-1944.
Mondriaan : compleet.
Mondriaan : filosoof.
Monet in Holland.
Meredith Monk : solo concert, 1980.
Meredith Monk : inner voice.
This baby doll will be a junkie : report of an art and research project on addiction and spaces of violence.
Henry Moore.
Henry Moore : sculpture : with comments by the artist.
Olaf Mooij : 1189.81.237.
Mariko Mori : dream temple.
Giorgio Morandi : pittore.
"Giorgio Morandi : a retrospective. Exposition: 7/6-22/9/2013 Centre for Fine Arts Brussels."
Benjamin Moravec : Spiegel im Spiegel.
Gustave Moreau.
François Morellet : geometress, neons, vanishing points of view, 1983-1985.
Berthe Morisot.
William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement : a design source book.
News from nowhere.
Het Observatorium van Robert Morris.
Robert Morris
Robert Morris : object sculpture, 1960-1965.
A world without words.
Jasper Morrison : a book of things.
The good life : perceptions of the ordinary.
Jasper Morrison : the hard life.
Jasper Morrison : everything but the walls.
Robert Motherwell.
Robert Motherwell.
Fred Moten and Wu Tsang : who touched me?
"Rabih Mroué : a BAK critical reader in artists' practice."
Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha.
Georg Muche : das künstlerische Werk 1912-1927 : kritisches Verzeichnis, der Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Fotos und architektonischen Arbeiten.
Ron Mueck.
Matt Mullican's pure projection landscapes.
Matt Mullican : subject, element, sign, frame, world.
Mat Mullican : the city project.
Matt Mullican : rubbings catalogue, 1984-2016.
Marc Mulders : dauw. Marc Mulders : dew.
Marc Mulders : nevel : schilderijen. Marc Mulders : mist : paintings.
Marc Mulders : verf als opengelegde spier
Marc Mulders : atelier.
Urbain Mulkers : 1945-2002.
Christian Philipp Müller.
De mythe van Müller : Pjotr Müller : beelden, 1978-2008.
The complete works of Shiko Munakata. Vol. 2: The world of the gods (1).
Design as art.
Supplemento al dizionario italiano = supplement to the italian dictionary = supplement au dictionnaire italien = Anhang zum italienischen Wörterbuch.
The square.
The circle.
The triangle.
Bruno Munari : artista totale = total artist.
Munari's books.
Munch : tekeningen.
E. Munch.
The graphic art of Edvard Munch.
Juan Muñoz : conversaciones.
Juan Muñoz : double bind at Tate Modern.
Juan Muñoz : monologe & dialoge = monologues & dialogues.
Juan Munoz : the nature of visual illusion.
Jan van Munster : die Energie des Bildhauers = the energy of the sculptor = de energie van de beeldhouwer.
Muntadas : a stadium.
Sand Murray-Wassink : profeminist white flowers.
Charlotte Mutsaers : expositie.
Charlotte Mutsaers : schilderijen.
Het circus van de geest : emblemata.
The human figure in motion : a source book of sequential action images by a master photographer.
The male and female figure in motion : 60 classic photographic sequences.
The human figure in motion.
Animals in motion.
MVRDV : farmax : excursions on density.
MVRDV Buildings.
MVRDV: 1997-2002, stacking and layering = apilamiento y estratificación.
N55 book.
Marc Nagtzaam : reissue.
Barbara Nanning / Ceramics : Travels in time and space=Reizen in tijd en ruimte.
Deimantas Narkevicius : Da Capo fifteen films.
Deimantas Narkevicius : once in the XX century.
Deimantas Narkevicius : the role of a lifetime.
Siegfried Nassuth : Oeuvre Award 1998 : architecture.
David Nash.
A rose has no teeth : Bruce Nauman in the 1960´s.
Bruce Nauman : Topological gardens.
Please pay attention please : Bruce Nauman's words.
Bruce Nauman : neons.
Bruce Nauman : Zeichnungen, 1965-1986.
Bruce Nauman : the true artist.
Bruce Nauman.
Bruce Nauman : disappearing acts.
Alexandra Navratil : brittle land.
Adi Nes : soldiers 1994-2000.
Adi Nes.
Warren Neidich : lost between the extensivity/intensivity exchange.
The search drive : a hack-ography.
A forgotten kingdom.
Mike Nelson : between a formula and a code.
Mike Nelson : after Kerouac.
Shirin Neshat : women of Allah.
Shirin Neshat.
Neutra : complete works.
Mariele Neudecker.
Willem Jan Neutelings : architect.
Louise Nevelson.
Barnett Newman : tekeningen 1944-1969.
Barnett Newman : Bilder, Skulpturen, Graphik.
Barnett Newman.
Een subliem gevoel van plaats : een filosofische interpretatie van het werk van Barnett Newman.
Lier en Boog, mei 1993 : Barnett Newman special.
One mind's eye : the portraits and other photographs of Arnold Newman.
Arnold Newman.
Helmut Newton : work.
Seamus Nicolson : works 96-06.
Carsten Nicolai : auto pilot.
Carsten Nicolai : static fades.
Carsten Nicolai : anti reflex.
Olaf Nicolai : the blondes.
Four times through the labyrinth.
Olaf Nicolai : rewind, forward.
Walter Niedermayr, Kazuyo Sejima + Rye Nishizawa, Sanaa.
Johan Niegeman 1902-1977 : Bauhaus, Sowjet Unie, Amsterdam.
Oscar Niemeyer.
Oscar Niemeyer : loopbaan en hedendaagse projecten (1936-2008).
Bruno Ninaber van Eyben with compliments life, work and love are actually one.
Hermann Nitsch : das Orgien Mysterien Theater 1960-1983.
Otobong Nkanga : luster and lucre.
Paul Noble.
Isamu Noguchi : a sculptor's world.
Isamu Noguchi : 75th birthday exhibition.
Emil Nolde : Graphik aus der Sammlung der Stiftung Seebüll Ada und Emil Nolde.
Emil Nolde.
Losing one's head.
Home sweet home.
Nils Norman : edible park = eetbaar park.
The contemporary picturesque.
An architecture of play : a survey of London's adventure playgrounds.
Maria Nordman : de sculptura : works in the city, some ongoing questions.
Jean Nouvel.
Post internet survival guide 2010 : Katja Novitskova.
Katja Novitskova : dawn mission.
Katja Novitskova : if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes.
Ocean Earth, 1980 bis heute.
Marcel Odenbach : Video-Arbeiten, Installationen, Zeichnungen = videos, installations, drawings, 1988-1993.
Erik Odijk : bron: tekenen en fotografie = source: drawing and photography.
Albert Oehlen : home and garden.
Kostrzyn : Kustrin-Kietz, Altstadt-Starowka.
2G N.63 : Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen.
OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen : seven rooms.
OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen : Volume 1, 2-56.
OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen : Volume 2, 56-130.
OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen : Volume 3, 126-201.
Tips and tricks.
Tarihte Bugün : today in history.
Hélio Oiticica.
Hélio Oiticica : the body of colour.
Helio Oiticica and Neville D'Almeida : block-experiments in cosmococa - program in progress.
Georgia O'Keeffe.
Becoming O'Keeffe : the early years.
Joy : photography by Erwin Olaf.
Own : Erwin Olaf : works 1984-2012.
Claes Oldenburg : an anthology.
Claes Oldenburg : tekeningen, aquarellen en grafiek
Claes Oldenburg, Coosje van Bruggen : large-scale projects.
"Claes Oldenburg : large-scale projects 1977-1980. A chronicle by Coosje van Bruggen & Claes Oldenburg, based on notes, statements, contracts, correspondence and other documents related to the works. Monuments."
Claes Oldenburg : more ray gun poems.
Claes Oldenburg : het Schroefboog-projekt = the Screwarch project, commisioned by Museum Boymans-van Beuningen Rotterdam.
Claes Oldenburg : skulpturer och teckningar.
Claes Oldenburg.
Claes Oldenburg : Mouse Museum/Ray Gun Wing.
Wendelien van Oldenborgh : a well respected man, or book of echoes.
Wendelien van Oldenborgh : Amateur.
Wendelien van Oldenborgh : cinema olanda.
Henrik Olesen : what is authority?
Jacob Olie : Amsterdam gefotografeerd 1860-1905.
Jacob Olie : fotograaf van Amsterdam : drie wandelingen door de stad rond 1900.
My 60s : Jan Olofsson.
Paulina Olowska.
Paulien Oltheten : theorie van de straat = theory of the street.
"Roman Ondák : notebook. Exhibition: ""Do not walk outside this area."" 26/04-18/06/2012 in Berlin."
"Roman Ondák : guide. Exhibitions: 2010-2011 in Nice, Salzburg and Trento."
Roman Ondak.
Serge Onnen; volume 3.
Serge Onnen : the lost cent.
I am a lone monk walking the world with a leaky umbrella : 21 chinese shadow puppets by Serge Onnen, 2012-2017.
Yoko Ono : one woman show, 1960-1971.
Mensen=People : Cas Oorthuys.
Cas Oorthuys : fotograaf 1908-1975.
Amsterdam onze hoofdstad : een fotoboek van Cas Oorthuys.
Cas Oorthuys : Amsterdam.
Bild, oder matériel d'exposition #1, un projet de Willem Oorebeek et Joëlle Tuerlinckx.
Pieter Oosterhuis [1816 - 1885].
Dennis Oppenheim : selected works 1967-1990 : and the mind grew fingers.
Dennis Oppenheim : the old in and out.
Ronald Ophuis.
Julian Opie.
Julian Opie : public works.
Meret Oppenheim : 27 octobre - 10 décembre 1984.
Meret Oppenheim : defiance in the face of freedom.
"Lisa Oppenheim : works 2003-2013. Some parts of this book were published in 2010 and 2011."
Zik Orbits : Zik Group works 2006-2013.
José Clemente Orozco 1883-1949.
Gabriel Orozco : from: Green Glass to: Airplane recordings.
Gabriel Orozco.
Gabriel Orozco : Chacahua.
Lucy Orta.
Paul van Osch : didn't hurt a bit.
David Ostrowski : the F word.
David Ostrowski : I want to die forever.
Frei Otto : thinking by modeling.
J.J.P. Oud : architekt 1890-1963 : feiten en herinneringen gerangschikt.
J.J.P. Oud : architect=architekt : meubelontwerpen en interieurs= Möbelentwürfe und Inneneinrichtungen.
J.J.P. Oud : De Stijl toen/nu, de bijdrage van architect J.J.P. Oud aan herdenken, herstellen en bouwen in Nederland, 1938-1963.
Piet Ouborg, solist : zicht op een eigenzinning oevre.
Op basis van Bas Oudt. Based on Bas Oudt.
Reinoud Oudshoorn.
Tony Oursler.
Imponderable : the archives of Tony Oursler.
Tony Oursler : dummies, clouds, organs, flowers, watercolors, videotapes, alters, performances and dolls.
Paul Outerbridge Jr. : photographs 1921-1939.
Paul Outerbridge 1896-1958.
Robert Overby : works, 1969-1987.
Nam June Paik : eine DATA base.
Paik : Video.
Andrea Palladio : the four books of architecture.
Andrea Palladio 1508-1580 : architect tussen Renaissance en Barok.
Blinky Palermo : abstraction of an era.
Charlemagne Palestine : GesammttkkunsttMeshuggahhLaandttttt.
Charlotte van Pallandt : beelden en tekeningen.
Scorched earth.
Panamarenko : multiples.
Panamarenko universum.
Eduardo Paolozzi.
Lygia Pape : a multitude of forms.
Jürgen Partenheimer : Varia : Bilder einer Sammlung.
Jorge Pardo.
Cornelia Parker.
Cornelia Parker : perpetual canon.
The last resort : photographs of New Brighton.
Luxury : Martin Parr.
"Philippe Parreno : anywhere, anywhere out of the world. With 104 photo's by Darius Khondji. Exhibition: 23/10/2013-12/1/2014 in Paris."
Philippe Parreno : Marilyn.
The kit : Emmanuelle's annual manual.
Andrew James Paterson : collection/correction.
Jan van de Pavert : huis.
Jan van de Pavert : voor de spiegel.
Antonietta Peeters : swamp.
Jozef Peeters : (1895 - 1960).
Penck en Visser : schilderijen, tekeningen, beelden en keramiek uit de collectie Visser=paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics from the Visser Collection.
Grey-blue grain.
Adam Pendleton : black dada reader.
"Chi Peng : Me, myself, and I. Tentoonstelling: 26/03/2011-25/09/2011 Groninger museum."
Giuseppe Penone.
Giuseppe Penone : the imprint of drawing/l 'impronta del disegno.
Giuseppe Penone : writings 1968-2008.
Giuseppe Penone.
Roland Penrose : the friendly surrealist.
Sanne Peper : All dressed up, no place to go.
Manfred Pernice : een sculptuurproject in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht = a sculpture project in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.
Manfred Pernice : que-sah.
Lina Perjovschi : timelines.
Gaetano Pesce : architecture, design, art.
A curator's camera.
Anders Petersen : Café Lehmitz.
Dan Peterman.
Raymond Pettibon
Raymond Pettibon : aus dem Archiv der Hefte.
Elizabeth Peyton : Katalog = Catalogue, Künstlerbuch = Artist's book.
Susan Philipsz : you are not alone.
Renzo Piano : mein Architektur-logbuch.
Les sculptures de Picasso.
Picasso : the cubist years 1907-1916 : a catalogue raisonné of the paintings and related works.
Pablo Picasso : a retrospective.
Je suis le cahier : the sketchbooks of Picasso.
Gesprekken met Picasso.
Picasso : theatre.
Picasso and portraiture : representation and transformation.
Pablo Picasso: das Jugendwerk eines Genies.
The success and failure of Picasso.
Picasso's Picassos : the treasures of La Californie.
Pablo Picasso : les déjeuners.
Francis Picabia : the late works 1933-1953.
Amalia Pica.
Walter Pichler: Zeichnungen Skulpturen Gebäude.
Skulptur: Walter Pichler.
Michalis Pichler.
Katharina Pieper : Alles fliesst - Worte im Fluss. Katharina Pieper : words in flow.
Pierre et Gilles : the complete works=l'oeuvre complet=sämtliche Werke 1976-1996.
All of a sudden : Jack Pierson : paperback.
Alet Pilon : not me.
Peter Piller : Nijverdal/Hellendoorn.
Out of order, out of sight, volume 1 : selected writings in meta-art, 1968-1992.
Out of order, out of sight, volume 2 : selected writings in art criticism, 1967-1992.
The prisons=Le carceri : the complete first and second states.
Piranesi : de prentencollectie van de Universiteit Gent.
Falke Pisano : figures of speech.
Michelangelo Pistoletto.
Michelangelo Pistoletto e la fotografia.
Hermann Pitz : libros y obras = Bücher und Werke.
Jan van der Ploeg : wall paintings 2005-2009.
Jan van der Ploeg : wall paintings 1999-2005.
Liesbeth van der Pol : architect.
Jackson Pollock.
Jackson Pollock : works on paper.
Jackson Pollock.
Catching some air : library drawings by Bik Van der Pol.
Bik Van der Pol : with love from the kitchen.
Bik Van der Pol : elements of composition (as above, so below).
NG-1991-4-25 : Fly me to the moon.
Sigmar Polke.
Sigmar Polke.
Sigmar Polke : photoworks : when pictures vanish.
Sigmar Polke : Arbeiten auf Papier 1963-1974.
Sigmar Polke : girlfriends.
Sigmar Polke : Fenster = Windows.
François Pompon 1855-1933.
Pontormo : Monographie mit Kritischem Katalog.
Pontormo : drawings.
Christian de Portzamparc : in the city : an introduction to the oeuvre.
Nicolas Poussin : a new approach.
l'Univers de Poussin.
Thérèse le Prat : Visages d'acteurs.
Avery Preesman.
Avery Preesman.
Benno Premsela onder anderen.
Ken Price sculpture : a retrospective.
Fuck Seth Price : a novel.
Seth Price, folklore U.S.
Wilfredo Prieto : works 1995-2012.
"Reservoir : Bas Princen. Exhibition: 3/3-22/5/2011 in Antwerp."
Richard Prince.
The deposition of Richard Prince.
Richard Prince : untitled (couple).
Richard Prince : collected writings.
"Richard Prince : American prayer. Exhibition: 29/5-26/6/2011 in Paris."
Richard Prince : it's a free concert.
The word for snow.
Richard Prince : jokes & cartoons.
Bas Princen : artificial arcadia.
"Josephine Pryde : the enjoyment of photography. Exhibition: 4/2-9/4/2012 in Dusseldorf. Exhibition: 9/6-12/8/2012 in Bern."
Tom Puckey.
Carla van de Puttelaar : the beholder's eye.
Wim Quist : architect.
Marc Quinn : incarnate.
"Marc Quinn. Exhibition: 5/5-10/6/2000 in Milan."
Tal R : the virgin.
Tal R : fruits.
"John Raedecker. VVV 12-07-2011"
Dick Raaijmakers : monografie.
Method : Dick Raaijmakers.
Walid Raad : miraculous beginnings.
The Atlas Group (1989-2004), a project by Walid Raad.
Markus Raetz.
Arnulf Rainer : bible overpaintings.
Arnulf Rainer.
Arnulf Rainer : noch vor der Sprache=even before language.
Arnulf Rainer
Arnulf Rainer : linguaggio del corpo / Körpersprache / body language.
Arnulf Rainer : Self-portraits.
Yvonne Rainer : the mind is a muscle.
Feelings are facts : a life.
Being watched : Yvonne Rainer and the 1960s.
Yvonne Rainer : moving and being moved.
Paul Rand.
Rauschenberg photographe.
Rauschenberg : art and life.
Off the wall : Robert Rauschenberg and the art world of our time.
Robert Rauschenberg.
Neo Rauch : neue Rollen : paintings 1993-2006.
Neo Rauch : Randgebiet.
Roger Raveel : het grafische oeuvre.
Roger Raveel.
Roger Raveel : werken op papier 1948-1984.
Raveel & van Gogh.
Raveel : Stedelijk museum Amsterdam.
S. van Ravesteyn.
Man Ray.
Perpetual motif : the art of Man Ray.
Man Ray in fashion.
Man Ray 1890-1976.
Jean Pierre Raynaud.
Odilon Redon.
Bob van Reeth : architect.
David Reekie
Adriaan Rees.
Tobias Rehberger : On Otto.
Tobias Rehberger : on solo.
Tobias Rehberger : 005-000 (pocket dictionary).
Art as art : the selected writings of Ad Reinhardt
How to look : Ad Reinhardt art comics.
Unfolding meaning. Ontvouwing van betekenis.
Rembrandt de etser : het volledige werk.
Rembrandt : la ronde de nuit (Rijksmuseum).
Rembrandt : zijn leven, zijn schilderijen : een nieuwe biografie met alle beschikbare schilderijen in kleur afgebeeld.
De firma Rembrandt : schilder tussen handel en kunst.
Rembrandt : de meester en zijn werkplaats : schilderijen.
De tekeningen van Rembrandt en zijn school.
Renoir : beeldhouwer.
Renoir : the man, the painter, and his world.
Renoir : nudes.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 : een droom van harmonie.
Albert Renger-Patzsch : photographer of objectivity.
Thomas Rentmeister : Zwischenlandung.
Paul de Reus.
Magali Reus.
Lili Reynaud Dewar : interpretation.
Jewyo Rhii : walls to talk to.
Hans Richter by Hans Richter.
Gerhard Richter.
Gerhard Richter : Atlas der Fotos, Collagen und Skizzen.
"Gerhard Richter : text : writins, interviews and letters 1961-2007. Edited by Dietmar Elgar and Hans Ulrich Obrist."
Gerhard Richter : books.
Gerhard Richter : doubt and belief in painting.
Daniël Richter : die Palette 1995-2007
A new American picture.
The adventures of Willem de Ridder.
Misha de Ridder : wilderness.
The work of G. Rietveld : architect.
Het Rietveld Schröder Huis.
Gerrit Rietveld : a centenary exhibition : craftsman and visionary.
Rietveld meubels om zelf te maken=How to construct Rietveld furniture : werkboek=workbook : met reprodukties van originele (werk)tekeningen=with reproductions of original (working)drawings.
Rietveld meubels om zelf te maken=How to construct Rietveld furniture : werkboek=workbook : met reprodukties van originele (werk)tekeningen=with reproductions of original (working)drawings.
De huizen van Rietveld.
Gerrit Th. Rietveld 1888-1964 : het volledige werk.
Rietveld in Amsterdam : alle uitgevoerde en niet-uitgevoerde projekten= all executed and not executed projects.
The complete Rietveld furniture.
Rietveld-Schröder Huis 1924.
Rietveld als meubelmaker : wonen met experimenten 1900-1924.
De mooiste ruimte die ik ken=The most beautiful space I know=Lo spazio più bello che io conosca : het Nederlandse Biënnalepaviljoen van Gerrit Rietveld in Venetië=the Netherlands Biennale Pavilion in Venice by Gerrit Rietveld
De kunstnijverheidsscholen van Gerrit Rietveld. The artschools of Gerrit Rietveld.
Rietveld Schröder Huis.
Rietveld: the architecture of Gerrit Th. Rietveld.
Rietvelds universum.
"De Stoel van Rietveld. Rietveld's chair."
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld : life thought work : an outline of his life, thought and work.
Mobilia, no. 149, dec. 1967. Rietveld and his furniture.
Rietveld & Curaçao : a modern architect on a Caribbean island.
Rietveld in Reeuwijk : een onderzoek naar Rietvelds Reeuwijkse projecten, 1957-1960.
Rietveld Schröder Huis 1925-1975.
I mobili di Gerrit Thomas Rietveld.
Leni Riefenstahl : five lives=fünf Leben=cinq vies.
Full grown man.
Forum voor architectuur, jrg. 27, nov.-dec. 1980 : Jan Rietveld, 1 : 200.
Jan Rietveld.
Rietmeyer boxes: 1999-2000.
Jeroen de Rijke, Willem de Rooij.
Jeroen de Rijke, Willem de Rooij : after the hunt.
Miguel Rio Branco : entre los ojos.
Miguel Rio Branco.
Pipilotti Rist : Himalaya.
Elixir : het video-organisme van Pipilotti Rist.
Pipilotti Rist.
Diego Rivera : retrospectiva.
Diego Rivera.
Drawings and digressions.
Het huis : Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Thomas Schütte : sculpturen.
Werk in architectuur : Paul Robbrecht & Hilde Daem.
Andrea Robbins and Max Becher : the transporation of place.
David Robilliard : a roomful of hungry looks=een ruimte vol hongerige blikken.
Swallowing helmets.
Gert Robijns : re-shade.
Gerwald Rockenschaub, 1980-2004.
Rodin : tekeningen en aquarellen.
Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel.
De wereld van Rodin 1840-1917.
Rodcenko : Fotografien.
Alexander Rodchenko : photography 1924-1954.
Alexander M. Rodtschenko, Warwara F. Stepanowa : die Zukunft ist unser einziges Ziel....
Narcisco Rodriguez.
Hugo Roelandt : let's expand the sky.
Cornelius Rogge.
Cornelius Rogge : schetsboek.
Mies van der Rohe.
Mies van der Rohe.
Mies van der Rohe : Lehre und Schule=principles and school.
Mies van der Rohe: Möbel und Bauten in Stuttgart, Barcelona, Brno.
Mies van der Rohe : the built work.
Boy politics.
Marte Röling : vlaggen van rood koper.
Wiek Röling : stadsarchitect Haarlem 1970-1988.
The telephone book : technology, schizophrenia, electric speech.
Willem de Rooij : residual.
Maria Roosen : Ziezo.
Maria Roosen : Maria's.
Maria Roosen : Monster.
Interactive landscapes.
Les fleurs du mal : Felicien Rops.
Museum Félicien Rops.
Ulrike Rosenbach : Foto, Video, Aktion.
James Rosenquist : Gemälde - Räume - Graphik.
Pamela Rosenkranz : no core.
Martha Rosler : in the place of the public=an der Stelle der Öffentlichkeit : observations of a frequent flyer=Beobachtungen einer Vielfliegerin.
Martha Rosler : the Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems.
Martha Rosler : Culture class.
Martha Rosler : positions in the life world.
Decoys and disruptions : selected writings, 1975-2001.
If you lived here : the city in art, theory, and social activism.
Monica Ross : ethical actions: a critical fine art practice.
Aldo Rossi.
Aldo Rossi : the complete buildings and projects 1981-1991.
Dieter Roth : Graphik, Bücher u.a.m 1971-1979.
Dieter Roth : unique pieces.
Susan Rothenberg : recente schilderijen=recent paintings.
Susan Rothenberg.
Mark Rothko 1903-1970.
Mark Rothko 1903-1970 : schilderijen als drama.
Seeing Rothko.
Jan Rothuizen: de zachte atlas van Amsterdam, tekeningen.
Jan Rothuizen : on a clear day you can see forever.
"Mika Rottenberg : dough cheese squeeze and tropical breeze. Video works 2003-2010."
Georges Rouault.
Henri Rousseau : die Gegenwart und das Vergangene : Gedichte und Gemälde.
Rubens und seine Welt.
P.P. Rubens : schilderijen olieverfschetsen tekeningen.
Ernestine Ruben : photographs.
Sterling Ruby.
Ulrich Rückriem : Skulpturen 1968-1976.
Ulrich Rückriem : Zeichnungen 1978-1985.
Ulrich Rückriem.
Julika Rudelius : looking at the other, five video works.
Thomas Ruff.
"Thomas Ruff : Fotografien 1979-heute. Exhibition: 17/11/2001-13/1/2002 in Baden-Baden."
Thomas Ruff : machines = Maschinen.
Jacob van Ruisdael.
Hans Ruijssenaars : architect.
Runge in seiner Zeit : Kunst um 1800.
"Allen Ruppersberg : one of many origins and variations. Exhibition: 11/12/2005-19/02/2006 Kunsthalle Düsseldorf."
"Allen Ruppersberg : between the scenes, the fairy godmother. Exhibition : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, October 5-November 25, 1973."
Allen Ruppersberg : where's Al?
Allen Ruppersberg sourcebook : reanimating the 20th century.
Allen Ruppersberg : letter to a friend.
Allen Ruppersberg : and writing.
Ed Ruscha : they called her Styrene.
Cotton puffs, Q-tips, smoke and mirrors: the drawings of Ed Ruscha.
Ed Ruscha.
"Reading Ed Ruscha. Exhibition: 7/7-14/10/2012 Kunsthaus Bregenz."
Peter Ruting : de gedachten gevormd.
Marc Ruygrok : waar is hier = where is here.
Robert Ryman.
Robert Ryman.
Pieter Saenredam : de schilder in zijn tijd.
Eero Saarinen.
"Tom Sachs. Exposition: 7/4-15/6/2006 in Milan."
Lost once more : five stories = Sehr verfahren : fünf Geschichten.
False friends.
Niki de Saint Phalle.
Niki de Saint Phalle : Bilder, Figuren, Phantastische Gärten.
Niki de Saint Phalle : outside-in.
Erich Salomon : portret van een tijdperk.
Anri Sala : when the night calls it a day = wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen.
Doris Salcedo.
Migrations: humanity in transition : Sebastiao Salgado.
David Salle.
David Salle.
"Sam Samore : een kluwen wilde erotische listen. Sam Samore : tangled web of erotic savage cunning. Project 15/7-11/9/1994 in De Appel Amsterdam."
Nu=Maintenant=Now=Jetzt 2.
Sandberg : experimenta typografica: typography, books, catalogues & posters, texts.
Sandberg + Mondrian by Sandberg.
Sandberg : vormgever van het Stedelijk.
Zoeken & scheuren : de jonge Sandberg.
Willem Sandberg : portrait of an artist.
Sandberg : typograaf als museumman.
Sanaa 2011-2015 : continuity systems.
Fernando Sánchez Castillo : rich cat dies of heart attack in Chicago.
August Sander : photographs of an epoch 1904-1959 : man of the twentieth century, Rhineland landscapes, nature studies, architectural and industrial photographs, images of Sardinia.
August Sander : Rheinlandschaften : Photographien 1929-1946.
August Sander 1876-1964.
August Sander : Menschen des 20.Jahrhunderts.
Daniel Sannwald : Pluto & Charon.
Julião Sarmento.
Viviane Sassen : flamboya.
Viviane Sassen : in and out of fashion.
Wilhelm Sasnal : night day night.
Antonio Saura.
Antonio Saura : l'oeuvre imprimé=la obra gráfica 1958-1984.
Jan Saudek : life, love, death and other such trifles.
Jan Saudek.
Carlo Scarpa : opera completa.
Carlo Scarpa.
Object lessons.
DIY, or how to kill yourself anywhere in the world for under $399.
Mart van Schijndel : kleurrijk architect.
Hans Scharoun.
Hans Schabracq : it's only a paper moon.
Het Amsterdam van Kees Scherer.
Julia Scher : Always there.
Roland Schimmel : blind spot.
Blitzbilder : Roland Schimmel.
Egon Schiele.
Egon Schiele.
Egon Schiele 1890-1918 : pantomimes van lust, visioenen van sterfelijkheid.
Egon Schiele: liefde en dood.
Het beste van=The best of Wim T. Schippers.
Man : teaching notes from the Bauhaus.
Oskar Schlemmer : der Maler, der Wandgestalter, der Plastiker, der Zeichner, der Graphiker, der Bühnengestalter, der Lehrer.
Oskar Schlemmer : das Triadische Ballett.
Oskar Schlemmer : visions of a new world.
Oskar Schlemmer : Aquarelle, Pastelle, Zeichnungen.
Charlotte Schleiffert : feel no shame.
Christoph Schlingensief : German pavilion, 2011.
Jules Schmalzigaug 1882-1917.
Jochen Schmith : certain arrangements.
Julian Schnabel : fox farm paintings.
Julian Schnabel : Summer.
"Julian Schnabel : art and film. Tentoonstelling: 1/09/2010-02/01/2011 Art gallery of Ontario, Canada."
Gregor Schneider.
Gregor Schneider : totes Haus ur, dead house ur, Martwy Dom us : 1985-1997.
Carolee Schneemann : imaging her erotics; essays, interviews, projects.
Double trouble : Carolee Schneemann and Sands Murray-Wassink.
Lara Schnitger : fragile kingdom.
Rob Scholte : how to star.
Tartufo - tartuffe : comédie gastronomique : met een notitie, een introductie, een schema der gerechtelijke relaties, practische noten, meningen en smakelijke vragen.
"Rob Scholte. Exhibition: 15/2-31/3/1991 in Hannover."
The vision of Arnold Schönberg : the painting years = Die Visionen des Arnold Schönberg : Jahre der Malerei.
Jan Schoonhoven.
De lege verzameling : Benjamin Jakobson.
Marien Schouten : "het vieze tafeltje"="the dirty table".
Marien Schouten.
Lydia Schouten.
"Jurriaan Schrofer : graphic designer pioneer of photo books art director teacher art manager environmental artist 1926-1990."
Gerry Schum.
Han Schuil: schilderijen-paintings 1983-1999.
Nora Schultz : Portikus printing plant and Portikus sounds.
Thomas Schütte : (Figur).
Thomas Schütte.
Thomas Schütte.
Johannes Schwartz : Das Prinzip.
Johannes Schwartz : the Athens recorder.
Johannes Schwartz : Tiergarten.
Kurt Schwitters.
Kurt Schwitters.
Kurt Schwitters : schilderijen uit Noorwegen=paintings from Norway.
Kurt Schwitters in Nederland : Merz, De Stijl en Holland Dada.
Kurt Schwitters : Ik is stijl=Ich ist Stil=I is style.
Kurt Schwitters en de avant-garde.
Sean Scully.
Katerina Sedá : for every dog a different master = kazdej pes jiná ves.
George Segal.
George Segal.
Tino Sehgal : art as immaterial commodity.
David Seidner.
Der Schritt, der einmal getan wurde, wird nicht zurückgenommen : Franz W. Seiwert : Schriften.
Allan Sekula : performance under working conditions.
Dismal science : photo works 1972-1996.
Fish story : Allan Sekula.
Allan Sekula : ship of fools/The Dockers' Museum.
Allan Sekula : Okeanos.
Photography against the grain : essays and photo works, 1973-1983.
Ruti Sela : for the record.
Wissenschaft, Industrie und Kunst und andere Schriften über Architektur, Kunsthandwerk und Kunstunterricht.
Gottfried Semper : zeichnerischer Nachlass an der ETH Zürich.
The wandering Jew/the wondering Christian.
Driedimensionale typografie=Threedimensional typography : een project van= a project by Joseph Semah.
Q.S. Serafijn (notes).
Q.S. Serafijn : notes : super non-individual watcher.
Het czaar Peter dossier.
Joe of de kunst van het wandelen.
Het wonder van Wateringse veld.
Codex seraphinianus.
Mime radio, as told by Benjamin Seror.
Richard Serra : tekeningen=drawings 1971-1977.
Richard Serra : weight and measure drawings.
Richard Serra : weight and measure 1992.
"Richard Serra : das druckgraphische Werk 1972-1988. Richard Serra : prints - a catalogue raisonne Exhibitions in 1988 in Germany, Belgium, Suisse and The Netherlands."
Richard Serra : neuere Skulpturen in Europa, 1977-1985 : eine Auswahl = recent sculpture in Europe, 1977-1985 : selected.
Richard Serra : writings, interviews.
Andres Serrano : works 1983-1993.
Andres Serrano : body and soul.
Andres Serrano : America and other work.
Georges Seurat.
Georges Seurat.
Georges Seurat : the drawings.
Dan Van Severen.
Maarten van Severen.
Gil Shachar.
"Wael Shawsky : cabaret crusades. Exposition: 6/9/2014-4/1/2015 in Düsseldorf."
Jim Shaw : the end is here.
Cindy Sherman.
Cindy Sherman 1975-1993.
Cindy Sherman : a play of selves.
Fitcher's bird : based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm.
Independence Cha Cha : the art of Yinka Shonibare.
Stephen Shore : uncommon places : the complete work.
The nature of photographs by Stephen Shore, a primer.
Red book.
Efrat Shvily : new homes in Israel and the occupied territories.
Painting, drawing and sculpture : collected works Gedi Sibony, volume III.
Ann-Sofi Sidén : Warte Mal!
Malick Sidibé.
Katharina Sieverding 1967-1997.
Jeanloup Sieff : 40 years of photography.
Jan Sierhuis : schilderijen=paintings.
Jan Sierhuis.
"Paul Sietsema : interviews on film and works. Exposition: 14/6-26/8/2012 in Basel."
Roman Signer.
Roman Signer : projections : super-8 films and video´s.
Roman Signer : talks and conversations.
Signers Koffer : unterwegs mit Roman Signer.
Roman Signer : XLVIII. biennale di Venezia 1999: Svizzera.
Roman Signer : travel photos.
Charles Simonds.
Taryn Simon : an American index of the hidden unfamiliar.
Foto's voor de Groene van Han Singels : jongeren, werkgelegenheid, bedrijfssluitingen, stakingen, buitenlanders, antiracisme, joodse gemeenschap, zigeuners.
Aaron Siskind : photographs 1932-1978.
SITE : architecture as art.
Alvaro Siza.
Slaats booked.
Slavs and Tatars : kidnapping mountains.
Slavs and Tatars : mirror for princes.
Maarten Sleeuwits : objects and recordings.
Partituur : het levenswerk van Arthur Slenk / his magnum opus.
Andreas Slominski.
Cubische constructies van Slothouber en Graatsma.
Florian Slotawa : Bonner Kunstverein.
Jan Sluijters 1881-1957 : aquarellen en tekeningen.
How to be an explorer of the world: portable art life museum.
Yves De Smet : relations, 1971-78.
Gust. De Smet : retrospectieve.
Zak Smith : pictures of girls.
Michael Smith : drawings simple, obscure and obtuse.
Structure of the visual book.
Structure of the visual book.
Text in the book format.
Non-adhesive binding.
John Smith.
Josh Smith : currents.
Bob and Roberta Smith : I should be in charge.
Jack Smith : wait for me at the bottom of the pool.
Jack Smith : Hamlet, mise-en-scène.
Kiki Smith.
Kiki Smith : all creatures great and small.
Robert Smithson : a retrospective view.
Robert Smithson : the collected writings.
Robert Smithson : art in continual movement.
Robert Smithson.
Robert Smithson : Die Erfindung der Landschaft = The invention of landscape : broken circle-spiral hill & film.
Alison and Peter Smithson : from the house of the future to a house of today.
Helmut Smits : ideas and thoughts.
Philippe van Snick : dynamic project.
Michael Snow : wavelength.
Servaas Snoeken
Sean Snyder.
Soeki Irodikromo: schilderijen keramiek batik/paintings ceramics batik.
Roland Sohier and the pleasure of drawing. Roland Sohier en het tekenplezier.
Nedko Solakov : all in order, with exceptions.
Nedko Solakov : high level margins with a catalogue.
De vulkaanminnaar.
Alec Soth : songbook.
Ettore Sottsass and the poetry of things.
I libri di Ettore Sottsass = Books by Ettore Sottsass.
C. Soutine 1893-1943.
Ettore Spalletti.
Ettore Spalletti : the paradise of the sublime : sculpture and drawing.
Heidi Specker Theo Deutinger : help me, I am blind.
Sankt Anna : Heidi Specker.
William Speakman : spheres of life.
Nancy Spero : re-birth of Venus.
Nancy Spero : woman breathing.
Nancy Spero.
Codex Spero : Nancy Spero - Selected Writings and Interviews 1950 - 2008.
Margherita Spiluttini : Nach der Natur: Konstruktionen der Landschaft.
Léon Spilliaert.
Daniel Spoerri : wenn alle Künste untergehn, die edle Kochkunst bleibt bestehn.
Daniel Spoerri : hommage à Isaac Feinstein.
Daniel Spoerri : Biographie und Werk.
Daniel Spoerri : metteur en scène d´ objets : le hasard comme maître.
Daniel Spoerri : an anecdoted topography of chance (re-anecdoted version).
Cally Spooner : on false tears and outsourcing.
Annie Sprinkle : post porn modernist.
Anne-Marie van Sprang.
Jan Steen : schilder en verteller.
Lotte Stam-Beese 1903-1988 : Dessau, Brno, Charkow, Moskou, Amsterdam, Rotterdam.
Power?... To which people?!
Nicolas De Staël.
Nicolas De Staël: l éxposition (1914-1955).
Mart Stam : overzicht van zijn werk.
Wonen TABK, no. 11, jun. 1982. Mart Stam en het Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs.
Mart Stam.
Simon Starling.
Simon Starling : at twilight: a play for two actors, three musicians, one dancer, eight masks (and a donkey costume).
Uh-oh : Frances Stark, 1991-2015.
Saul Steinberg.
Cover to un . cover : body + context + image.
Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen 1859-1923.
Haim Steinbach.
Haim Steinbach : object and display.
Erik Steinbrecher : Minimalist Kitsch.
Frank Stella : working drawings=Zeichnungen 1956-1970.
Frank Stella 1970-1987.
Frank Stella : paintings 1958 to 1965 : a catalogue raisonné.
The Dutch savannah = De Hollandse savanne.
The writings of Frank Stella. Die Schriften Frank Stellas.
Varvara Stepanova : a Constructivist life.
Liquid city : Gé-Karel van der Sterren.
American Prospects.
The wretched of the screen.
Duty free art : art in the age of planetary civil war.
John Stezaker.
James Stirling : buildings and projects.
Stieglitz on photography : his selected essays and notes.
Bouwmeesters met draagvlak: architectenbureau Van Stigt.
Clyfford Still.
DC : Lily van der Stokker : small talk.
Gunta Stölzl : Meisterin am Bauhaus Dessau : Textilien, Textilentwürfe und freie Arbeiten 1915-1983.
Lily van der Stokker : friends & family.
Lily van der Stokker : poepie en floepie.
Jessica Stockholder : sweet for three oranges.
Paul Strand : sixty years of photography.
Beat Streuli : city.
Berend Strik : sadness, sluices, mermaids, delay.
Berend Strik : thixotrophy, bewerkte, bestikte foto´s. Berend Strik : transfixed, stiched photographs.
Berend Strik : de borduurwerken / the embroideries 1988-1997.
Berend Strik : body electric.
Berend Strik : may I show you my pictures?
Thomas Struth : portraits.
Thomas Struth : still.
Thomas Struth : new pictures from paradise.
1: Vormgeving en exacte disciplines=Design and exact disciplines : 1 jaar Peter Struycken aan de Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht=1 year Peter Struycken at the Stateuniversity of Utrecht. 2. Kunst en wetenschap als partners=Art and
Struycken : beelden en projecten.
Under the sign of [sic] : Sturtevant's Volte-Face.
Sturtevant : Warhol Marilyn.
Sturtevant, author of the Quixote.
"The future of photography. Student publication (2017-2018)"
"A look into an inventory of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, February to March 2017. Student publication (2017-2018)"
"Bird flying so elegant a bit stiff on the wings. Student publication (2016-17)"
"Untranslated : ideas and stories about the use of metal in printed matter. Student publication (2016-17)"
"A vertical slice. Student publication (2016-17)"
"Contentporary Art Daily. Student publication (2016-17)"
"Total exit. Student publication (2016-17)"
"Light as a metaphor for truth : at the preliminary stage of philosophical concept formation (Hans Blumenberg). Student publication (2016-17)"
"Untitled (mini mini mini). Student publication (2016-17)"
"The company we keep : print activism of a seventies magazine. Student publication (2016-17)"
"F. Conijn. Student publication (2016-17)."
"The gay agenda, September 2016-march 2017. Student publication (2016-17)"
"Contagious tales. Student publication (2016-17)"
The Sandberg Student publication (2016-17).
"Candide (laughing). Sandberg Student publication (2016-17)."
"Laughing (dislocating). Sandberg Student publication (2016-17)."
"I eat the words and they taste of history. Sandberg Student publication (2016-17)."
"Applesauce. Sandberg Student publication (2016-17)."
"The period is a hole that the sentence falls into after it is read. Sandberg Student publication (2016-17)."
Josef Sudek, poet of Prague : a photographer's life.
Ton van Summeren.
Superflex : the corrupt show and the speculative machine.
Super superstudio.
Apolonija Sustersic : selected projects 1995-2012.
Apolonija Sustersic : Moderna Museet projekt, 4.2-14.3.1999.
Apolonija Sustersic : community research office.
Graham Sutherland.
Batia Suter : Parallel Encyclopedia.
Batia Suter: surface series.
Batia Suter : a meeting outdoors.
Batia Suter : a meeting outdoors.
Batia Sutter : parallel encyclopedia #2.
Joost Swarte : bijna compleet.
Alina Szapocznikow : du dessin à la sculpture = from drawing into sculpture.
Katarzyna Szugajew : carnalis.
Maurice Tabard.
Sophie Taeuber-Arp.
Sophie Taeuber-Arp.
Johan Tahon : in fluïdum.
Tajiri : sculptures, drawings, graphics, books, video tapes, films.
Spiegels met herinneringen : 101 daguerrotypieën van Tajiri.
Stereoscopic views by Tajiri.
Shinkichi Tajiri : beeldhouwer=sculptor.
De wachters van Shinkichi Tajiri.
Tajiri meets Sabine Weiss & Leonard Freed.
Shinkichi Tajiri : the Berlin wall.
Masaharu Takasaki : architect.
Fiona Tan : provenance.
Fiona Tan : disorient.
Fiona Tan : correction.
Mark Tansey.
Evelyn Taocheng Wang : unintended experience (a job in Amsterdam).
Gespräche mit Antoni Tàpies : mit einer Einführung zum Gesamtwerk.
Antoni Tàpies in print.
Georg Tappert 1880-1957 : ein Wegbereiter der Deutschen Moderne.
Tarsila do Amaral.
Vladimir Tatlin 1885-1953.
Vladimir Tatlin and the Russian avant-garde.
Sam Taylor-Wood.
Sam Taylor-Wood.
Sam Taylor-Wood.
Sam Taylor-Wood.
Hosselen : een diachronische roman in achtenvijftig gitzwarte facetten over beeldende kunst in identiteitsdenkend Nederland anno 2009
EVOLEYLANDSEND : an outburst of passion in limbo.
Jennifer Tee : local myths - love spells.
Jennifer Tee : the soul in limbo.
Marjan Teeuwen : works MMII-XI.
Sisters in the constant lazy travel.
Maurice van Tellingen : selected works, 2001-2004.
Ed Templeton : the cemetery of reason.
David Teniers de Jonge : schilderijen, tekeningen.
Retracing : Rein Jelle Terpstra.
Mario Testino : any objections?
Raoul Teulings : Carrier: werken.
Roos Theuws : 'Tumbled over Rim'.
"Work in progress - art is liturgy" : das historisch-prozessuale und betrachterbezogene Ausstellungskonzept von Paul Thek : zu seinen Ausstellungen der sechziger und siebziger Jahre.
Paul Thek : the wonderful world that almost was.
Paul Thek: artist's artist.
Paula Thies : leven en werk van de schilderes Paula Thies 1920-2000.
Walasse Ting.
Tiepolo in Holland : works by Giambattista Tiepolo and his circle in Dutch collections.
Giambattista Tiepolo.
Wolfgang Tillmans : Burg.
Wolfgang Tillmans.
Wolfgang Tillmans : truth study center.
Wolfgang Tillmans : what's wrong with redistribution?
Wolfgang Tillmans : for when I'm weak I'm strong.
Tintoretto : the Gonzaga cycle.
Jean Tinguely : a magic stronger than death.
Dearest Tinkebell, .
Rirkrit Tiravanija : a retrospective (tomorrow is another fine day).
Rirkrit Tiravanija : Untitled, 1996 (tomorrow is another day).
Titian : the complete paintings.
Jan Toorop 1858-1928 : impressionniste, symboliste, pointilliste.
Jan Toorop 1858-1928.
In de lijn van Jan Toorop : symbolisme in de kunst.
Mark Tobey.
Als zodanig niet herkenbaar, is dat duidelijk?.
Moniek Toebosch : archief 1948-2000.
Eigen grond.
Curdin Tones : here.
Charley Toorop 1891-1955.
Topor : Tod und Teufel.
N.T.Z.T. : Narcisse Tordoir.
Narcisse Tordoir : een kunstwerk voor het KNSM-eiland=a work of art for the KNSM island Amsterdam 1993.
Are we changingh the world : Narcisse Tordoir, collaborate works.
Narcisse Tordoir : comunità Fiamminga del Belgio, 43 Biennale di Venezia 1988.
Narcisse Tordoir, 1987-1993.
European contextualising in analytical sociology and ehtnographical representation on history and the present.
Niele Toroni : catalogue raisonnable - suite no. 2.
Niele Toroni.
Unpublished correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec : 273 letters by and about Lautrec written to his family and friends in the collection of Herbert Schimmel.
Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre.
L'opera completa di Georges de La Tour.
Bernd Trasberger : neu Zeit : works 2000-2012.
Vincent Trasov : the alphabet book.
David Tremlett : dates différentes.
Ryan Trecartin : any ever.
Otto Treumann : grafisch ontwerper.
Rosemarie Trockel.
Rosemarie Trockel.
Rosemarie Trockel.
Wu Tsang : not in my language.
Bernard Tschumi.
Ilja G. Tschaschnik (1902 Ljucite-1929 Leningrad).
"Stefanos Tsivopoulos : history zero. Greek Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Opened from 1/6-24/11/2013 in Venice."
Jim Turrell.
Occluded Front : James Turrell.
James Turrell : hemels gewelf in Kijkduin=celestial vault in the dunes.
James Turrell : air mass.
James Turrell : geometrie des lichts. James Turrell : geometry of light.
Oscar Tuazon : live.
Joëlle Tuerlinckx : this book, like a book.
Jakob Tuggener: photographs.
Turner : watercolours.
Richard Tuttle.
Richard Tuttle : Oxyderood=Red Oxide : een tentoonstelling van keuzes uit het werk van Richard Tuttle, uit zijn collectie, en uit de collectie Van Beuningen-de Vriese=an exhibition of selections from the work of Richard Tuttl
Richard Tuttle : twenty floor drawings.
The art of Richard Tuttle.
"Richard Tuttle : I don't know the weave of textile language. Exhibition: 14/10/2014-6/4/2015 in London."
Luc Tuymans.
Luc Tuymans.
On & by Luc Tuymans.
Cy Twombly : Bilder=paintings 1952-1976 vol. I.
Clare Twomey.
Cave - Zoo.
Ulay : portraits 1970-1993.
Ulay : what is that thing called photography.
Whispers : Ulay on Ulay.
Ulay : Der erste Akt = the first act.
Timm Ulrichs : dem Betrachter den Rücken zukehrend.
Timm Ulrichs : Landschafts-epiphanien.
UMBO : Photographien 1925-1933.
Tomi Ungerer : exhibition.
Veron Urdarianu : transformations.
Utrillo und der Montmartre.
Utamaro : colour prints and paintings.
Jan van der Vaart : keramische multipels.
Fredrik Vaerslev : all around amateur.
Félix Vallotton : idyll on the edge.
Charles Vandenhove : architecture = architectuur, 1954-2014.
De vruchtbare ruïne : een creatie van Patrick Van Caeckenbergh.
Serge Vandercam : retrospectieve.
Maarten Vanden Abeele : your present-my movement of absence-ou comment transformer l'odeur en mémoire.
Georges Vantongerloo 1886-1965.
Georges Vantongerloo 1886-1965.
Vargas : erotische Zeichnungen.
Varga : the Esquire years : a catalogue raisonné.
Ola Vasiljeva : you've got beautiful stairs, you know.
Evita Vasiljeva : if you can't, engage.
Velázquez : the complete works.
Henry van de Velde 1863-1957 : schilderijen en tekeningen=paintings and drawings.
Bram van Velde 1895-1981.
Bram van Velde : peintures.
De onmogelijkheid van de kunst : Samuel Beckett en Bram van Velde.
Lidwien van de Ven.
Lidwien van de Ven : seule la main qui efface peut écrire.
Peer Veneman : sculpture.
"Richard Venlet : Kha and Merit. Published on the occasion of Twin Room, Stombeek/Mechelen."
Richard Venlet : Hotel Wolfers.
Venturi and Rauch : the public buildings.
Jan Vercruysse.
Selma Verhoeven Magré : schilderijen en werk op papier : vroeger en later werk.
Helen Verhoeven : hoge raad - een op een.
Toon Verhoef : schilderijen en tekeningen 1968-1986.
Toon Verhoef: paintings 2002-2004.
Toon Verhoef: werken op papier/works on paper 1999-2001. schilderijen/paintings 1992-2001.
Emo Verkerk.
Nass und trocken : Emo Verkerk, Koen Vermeule.
Johannes Vermeer.
Johannes Vermeer.
Fuga Futuri : Alex Vermeulen.
Alex Vermeulen : S.O.H. : states of humanity.
Jan Versnel.
De Verwey's van Verwey : schilderijen, aquarellen en tekeningen van Kees Verwey.
Alexander Vesnin and Russian Constructivism.
De schilder Jan Veth 1864-1925 : chroniqueur van een bewogen tijdperk.
Francesco Vezzoli
The Vibskov & Emenius : fringe projects 1-10.
Cecilia Vicuña : read thread : the story of the read thread.
Anton Vidokle : produce, distribute, discuss, repeat.
Gustav Vigeland : the sculptor and his works.
Roy Villevoy : detours
Roy Villevoye : propeller.
Roy Villevoye : 'No problem, brother!'.
"At night we slept in the middle of the clouds. That was difficult." So they told me.
Roy Villevoye : kerven = carving.
Roy Villevoye : rood katoen = red calico.
Hannah Villiger.
Justinas Vilutis : becoming a dog.
Leonardo's inventions.
Leonardo : a study in chronology and style.
Leonardo da Vinci : complete catalogus van het geschilderde werk.
Léonard de Vinci Architecte.
The notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Leonardo da Vinci : 1452-1519 : alle schilderijen en tekeningen.
Leonardo da Vinci.
Léonard da Vinci : La Joconde.
Bill Viola : going forth by day.
The art of Bill Viola.
Bill Viola : reasons for knocking at an empty house, writings 1973-1994.
Henk Visch : skulpturen 1980-1986.
Henk Visch : catalogo Padiglione dell'Olanda=catalogue Dutch Pavillion.
Henk Visch : tentoonstelling.
Henk Visch.
Henk Visch : tekeningen=Zeichnungen.
Henk Visch : Boxtel 1974-1981.
Carel Visser : beelden 1975-1985.
Barbara Visser is er niet : works 1990-2006.
Barbara Visser 2007-1987 : The complete incomplete series.
Barbara Visser : prix de la jeune peinture Belge/prijs jonge belgische schilderkunst.
Martin Visser : Oeuvre Award 1998 : design.
Wilma Vissers : visual artist.
Cecilia Vissers : canna.
Van der Vlugt : architect 1894-1936.
Danh Vo : ydob eht ni mraw si ti.
Rob Voerman : aftermath : installations, sculptures, works on paper.
Heidi Vogels : vouw in het landschap.
André Volten : Oeuvre Award 1996 : fine arts.
André Volten 1:100.
André Volten : beelden voor de eigen ruimte, beelden voor de openbare ruimte = sculpture in private space, sculpture in public space.
Giny Vos : 12 skulpturen met bewaking: een beeld voor de suppoost.
In Uit : installaties en projekten van Giny Vos.
Ademtocht : Marisca Voskamp.
Voth : Reise ins Meer.
Herman de Vries : chance and change.
"Herman de Vries : random shapes. Exhibition 7/2-6/4/1975 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam."
Herman de vries : de tuindorpcollecties.
Herman de vries : over de vergankelijkheid van de tekens.
Herman de Vries : Oeuvre Award 1998.
Herman de Vries.
Herman de Vries : texte und tatsachen.
Herman de Vries : Texte, Textarbeiten, Textbilder.
Herman de Vries : to be all ways to be.
Herman de Vries, 1954-1980.
Watergoed kop van overijssel.
Herman de Vries : natural relations: eine skizze.
Auke de Vries : beelden=sculptures=Skulpturen 1980-1987.
Auke de Vries : studies for commissioned sculptures.
Auke de Vries : photo archives.
Auke de Vries : Skulpturen Die 90er Jahre = Sculpture the 90s.
Auke de Vries : living in trees.
The world of Madelon Vriesendorp.
Hans de Vries.
Edouard Vuillard.
Marijke van Warmerdam : it crossed my mind.
Marijke van Warmerdam : single, double, crosswise.
Marijke van Warmerdam : close by in the distance : a catalogue raisonné, 1989-2011.
Albert Waalkens : Benno Premselaprijs 2000
Come on.
Die Baukunst unserer Zeit : dem Baukunstjünger ein Führer auf diesem Kunstgebiete.
Franz Erhard Walther : works 1978-1984.
Franz Erhard Walther : the body decides.
Franz Erhard Walther.
Franz Erhard Walther : first work set.
Kara Walker : narratives of a negress.
Kara Walker : pictures from another time.
Jeff Wall.
Jeff Wall.
Jeff Wall : depiction, object, event.
Jeff Wall : selected essays and interviews.
Jeff Wall : the crooked path.
Jeff Wall : picture for women.
"Jeff Wall : tableaux pictures photographs 1996-2013. Exposition: 1/3-3/8/2014 in Amsterdam; 18/10/2014-11/1/2015 and 6/2-31/5/2015 in Germany and the USA."
Ian Wallace : a literature of images.
Een dagreis naar Macondo.
Marcel Wander : behind the ceiling.
"Marcel Wanders : pinned up ; 25 jaar vormgeving. Exhibition: 1/2-15/6/2014 in Amsterdam."
Riette Wanders.
Stan Wannet : rational animal.
Nick Waplington : safety in numbers.
Andy Warhol : art from art.
Andy Warhol : a guide to 706 items in 2 hours 56 minutes : other voices, other rooms.
I'll be your mirror : the selected Andy Warhol interviews.
The philosophy of Andy Warhol : from A to B and back again.
Andy Warhol : blow job.
A : a novel.
Andy Warhol : a biography.
Andy Warhol : a retrospective.
Pre-pop Warhol.
Vanishing animals.
Alex van Warmerdam : meisje met koffer.
The girl with the x-ray eyes.
Gillian Wearing.
"Gillian Wearing : mass observation. Exhibition: 19/10/2002-19/1/2003 in Chicago. Exhibition: 3/9/- 14/12/2003 in Philadelphia."
Alex Webb : the suffering of light : thirty years of photographs.
Carel Weeber : architect.
William Wegman : paintings, drawings, photographs, videotapes.
Ai Weiwei : interlacing.
Ai Weiwei : fairytaile : a reader.
Ai Weiwei : architecture.
Ai Weiwei speaks.
Fedde Weidema : schilderijen, tekeningen, affiches.
Albert van der Weide : werk.
How to to touch what : Eve Sonneman / Lawrence Weiner.
Lawrence Weiner.
Lawrence Weiner : having from time to time a relation to:=van tijd tot tijd in een relatie staan tot: escalation, overloading, revocation=escalatie, overlading, herroeping.
Lawrence Weiner: as far as the eye can see.
Having been said : writings & interviews of Lawrence Weiner 1968 - 2003.
Show & tell : the films and videos of Lawrence Weiner : a catalogue raisonne.
Lawrence Weiner : a selection of works = een keuze uit zijn werk.
Wait to wait : a conversation.
Richard Wentworth.
Anne Wenzel : Sweet Life.
"Anne Wenzel : prospects of perception. Exhibition: 6/2-5/5/2014 in Rotterdam."
H.N. Werkman : het complete oeuvre.
H.N. Werkman.
De Blauwe Schuit : August Henkels, Ate Zuithoff, Adri Buning, Hendrik Werkman.
The next call : avant-garde geschriften van Hendrik Werkman, uitgegeven van september 1923 tot november 1926 in Groningen=avant-garde writings by Hendrik Werkman published from september 1923 till november 1926 in Groningen.
Werker 2.
Werker 2 : a spoken history of the young worker.
365 Days of invisible work.
Werker 6 : Cinema diary.
Werker 7.
"Guido van der Werve : minor pieces. Exhibition: 21/3-16/5/2009 in Amsterdam."
Nummer vijftien : at war with oneself, the sport works 2008-2012.
Marthe Wery.
Co Westerik.
Koen Wessing : momentopname Suid-Afrika=flashes from South-Africa.
Koen Wessing in China en Tibet.
Koen Wessing : Guatemala : tien jaar Latijns-Amerika.
Koen Wessing, China 85/07.
Marieke Wessels : Elisabeth.
Mariken Wessels : Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off.
Tom Wesselmann.
Franz West : proforma.
Franz West.
Edward Weston : the flame of recognition : his photographs accompanied by excerpts from the Daybook and Letters.
Rogier van der Weyden : een essay met een kritische kataloog van de schilderijen die aan hem en aan Robert Campin worden toegeschreven.
The gentle art of making enemies.
Rachel Whiteread.
Rachel Whiteread : Gouachen=gouaches.
The art of Rachel Whiteread.
Rachel Whiteread : September, 10 - October, 19 2002.
Rachel Whiteread.
Dondi White : style master general : the life of graffiti artist Dondi White.
Erich Wichman 1890-1929 : tussen idealisme en rancune.
Marlow Moss.
Abstraction création art non-figuratif, 1932-1936.
Een man van kleur : Nicolaas Wijnberg : oeuvreprijs Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst 2000.
Robert Wilson : from a Theater of Images.
Robert Wilson.
Stephen Willats : concerning our present way of living=over onze actuele leefwijze.
Between buildings and people.
Beyond the plan : the transformation of personal space in housing.
Control : Stephen Willats, work 1962-69.
Artwork as social model : a manual of questions and propositions.
Society through art.
Stephen Willats : art society feedback.
My life in Flux and vice versa.
Christopher Williams : the production line of happiness.
Christopher Williams : printed in Germany (red edition).
Christopher Williams : program.
Bedwyr Williams : 70°.
"Martha Wilson sourcebook : 40 years of reconsidering performance, feminism, alternative spaces."
Jane and Louise Wilson.
Van de Wint : schilderijen maquettes schetsen blauwdrukken. Van de Wint : Bilder Modellen Skizzen Blaudrucke. Van de Wint : paintings models sketches blueprints.
Garry Winogrand.
Robin Winters : thinktank.
Benno Wissing : Oeuvre Award 1996 : graphic design.
Benno Wissing.
Benno Wissing : grafische & ruimtelijke ontwerpen.
Peter de Wit : a master of gold.
Vierkant eiland in de plas : een kunstwerk van Frans de Wit voor Rotterdam Prinsenland.
Anita Witek : Originalausgabe = Original issue.
Joel Peter Witkin.
Joel-Peter Witkin.
Ludwig Wittgenstein : architect.
Krzysztof Wodiczko : instruments, projeccions, vehicles.
Krzysztof Wodiczko : critical vehicles: writings, projects, interviews.
Fire in the belly : the life and times of David Wojnarowicz.
Close to the knives : a memoir of disintegration.
David Wojnarowicz : a definitive history of five or six years on the lower east side.
Jan Wolkers.
Lam de Wolf.
Lam de Wolf : monumentaal en dichtbij. Lam de Wolf : monumental and close by.
Adolf Wölfli 1864-1930.
"Niet op de tenen, maar uit de tenen : Lam de wolf. Huiswerkboekje voor studenten."
Lam de Wolf : eindeloos hetzelfde en geen ogenblik gelijk.
"Jordan Wolfson : ecce homo / le poseur. Exhibition: 2/12/12-27/1/13 in Los Angelos. Exhibition: 7/9/13-6/1/14 in Gent."
Wols : Bilder, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Photographien, Druckgraphik.
Slow manifesto : Lebbeus Woods blog.
"Mythopoeikon" : fantasies, monsters, nightmares, daydreams : the paintings, book-jacket illustrations and record-sleeve designs of Patrick Woodroffe.
Francesca Woodman : on being an angel.
Betty Woodman : opera selecta.
Betty Woodman.
"Christopher Wool. Exhibition: 25/10/2013-11/5/2014 in New York and Chicago."
Philips Wouwerman 1619-1668.
Frank Lloyd Wright.
Frank Lloyd Wright. 1: Public buildings.
Frank Lloyd Wright : preserving an architectural heritage : decorative designs from the Domino's Pizza Collection.
Frank Lloyd Wright.
The decorative designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.
The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright : a complete catalog.
Frank Lloyd Wright.
Ming-Lun Wu / Mina Wu : het Plateel.
Amelie van Wulfen : Bilder, 1998-2016.
Erwin Wurm : I love my time, I don't like my time.
"Edwin Wurm : the artist who swallowed the world. Publicatie t.g.v. diverse tentoonstellingen."
Erwin Wurm : wear me out.
Erwin Wurm.
Cerith Wyn Evans.
Cerith Wyn Evans.
Cerith Wyn Evans : bubble peddler.
Haegue Yang : wild against gravity.
The photography of Max Yavno.
Anicka Yi : 6,070,430k of digital spit.
Huang Yong Ping.
Film as a form of writing : Quinn Latimer talks to Akram Zaatari.
Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) : der Bildhauer und seine Ikonographie.
Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Robert Zandvliet : brushwood..
Robert Zandvliet: beyond the horizon: Malerei/paintings 1994-2005.
"Robert Zandvliet : I owe you the truth in painting. Exhibition: 19/5-9/9/2012 in The Hague."
Rémy Zaugg : A sheet of paper.
Katarina Zdjelar : Towards a further word.
Pictures of a night in Amsterdam..
"Ben Zegers : look alike. Exhibition: 21/11/1993-31/1/1994 in Rotterdam."
Wedged : Sylvie Zijlmans.
Revalidatiecentrum Breda 2000 : Sylvie Zijlmans, Hewald Jongenelis.
Sylvie Zijlmans and Hewald Jongenelis : ten to one.
Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis : Gemeentehuis Zuidhorn: situaties.
Bijdragen aan het verenigd Europa = Contributions to a unified Europe.
Lambertus Zijl 1866-1947.
Aimée Zito Lema : imprinted mater = materia impresa.
If it happened only once it's as if it never happended.
Kunsthaus Bregenz : Heimo Zobernig, 12-11-2015 - 10-01-2016.
Heimo Zobernig.
Gilberto Zorio.
Josef Zotti : architetto e designer=Architekt und Designer 1882-1953.
Atmospheres : architectural environments, surrounding objects.
Peter Zumthor : hortus conclusus : Serpentine gallery pavilion 2011.
Peter Zumthor : 1985-2013 : buildings and projects.
Peter Zumthor : Kunsthaus Bregenz.
Klangkörperbuch : Lexikon zum Pavillon der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft an der Expo 2000 in Hannover.
Francisco de Zurbarán.
Zurbarán : schilderijen 1625-1664.
Piet Zwart 80 jaar jong : sleutelwoorden=keywords.
Piet Zwart : Retrospektive Fotografie.
Piet Zwart en het gezicht van Bruynzeel's potloden industrie.
Piet Zwart 1885-1977.
Het boek van PTT. Piet Zwart en Het boek van PTT : een commentaar.
Piet Zwart : vormingenieur 1885-1977.
Edwin Zwakman : façades.
De vijfde wand : werk van Diek Zweegman 1937-2004.
Miek Zwamborn + Ton Zwerver : tussen de lijnen / between the lines.
Ton Zwerver : blackbird.
Rhonda Zwillinger : keep in touch.
Frans Zwollo sr. 1872-1945 en zijn tijd=und seine Zeit.
Sisoed but untitled
Anarchy in action.
Permaculture one : a perennial agriculture for human settlements.
Imagine nation : the American counterculture of the 1960s and '70s.
The emergence of social space: Rimbaud and the Paris commune.
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture no.2 2018.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine April-May 2018, nr. 63.
Mousse : contemporary art magazine Summer 2018, nr. 64.
Artforum International March 2018 vol. 56 no. 9.
Artforum International March 2018 vol. 56 no. 10.
The YellowPress periodical #4.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2018 nr. 195.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2018 nr. 196.
The funambulist : politics of space and bodies 16, march-april 2018: proletarian fortresses.
Fantastic man : no. 27; spring & summer 2018.
Artforum International March 2018 vol. 56 no. 8.
Flash Art no. 319 : March-April 2018.
Flash Art no. 320 : May 2018.
Flash Art no. 321 : June-August 2018.
Afterall 2018 nr. 45 : a journal of art, context and enquiry.
Camera Austria : international; 2018, nr. 141.
Camera Austria : international; 2018, nr. 142.
Frieze : contemporary art and culture 2018 nr. 194.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 55, Spring 2018 : Fashion.
Spike Kunstmagazin / Art Magazine; 56, Spring 2018 : Culture wars.
Monu : magazine on urbanism; nr. 28 2018: client-shaped urbanism.
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture no.2 2017.
Neues Glas = New glass : art & architecture no.3 2018.
Press & fold : note on making and doing fashion, issue #0: the street, February 2018.
Aperture no. 231 : film & foto.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 110 : performance evaluation.
n+1 : nr. 31, spring 2018: out there.
Foam magazine issue #50.
032c : 34th issue : the big flat now: how to be everywhere, anytime, and everyone at once.
Volume 52 : the end of informality.
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 1 2016. Cultural policies: agendas of impact."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 4 2014. Speculari."
"Kunstlicht : journal for visual art, visual culture, and architecture; no. 4 2017. Mediated imaginations: technologies touching upon art."
San Rocco; no. 14 Spring 2018 : 66.
Terras 14 : Elders.
De witte raaf : nr.193, mei-juni 2018.
Metropolis M juni/juli 2018 no. 3.
Metropolis M august/september 2018 no. 4.
Metropolis M december 2014/januari 2015 no. 6.
Ground control : fear and happiness in the twenty-first-century city.
The rise of the creative class, and how it's transforming work, leisure, community and everyday life.
Paul Noble : Nobson.
Texte zur Kunst : issue 111 : Amerika.
Idea in action : the bakery.
The metropolitan laboratory : magazine, Volume one: education: trial and error,.
Beni Bischof : Psychobuch.
Space for visual research, volume 2: workshop, manual, and compendium.
Richard Aldrich and the 19th century french painting.
Were it as if : beyond an institution that is.
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys : fine arts.
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys : 30 Jahre Kunst: Kunstverein München 22. April-25. Juni 2017: Verkaufskatalog.
Armin Linke : the appearance of that which cannot be seen.
Panamarenko : workstation Biekorfstraat.
Achille Castiglioni.
Morphologie: city metaphors.
Enzo Mari : autoprogettazione?
Next nature.
The third teacher : 79 ways you can use design to transform teaching & learning.
Christien Meindertsma : Bottom ash observatory: an incinerated municipal solid waste expedition.
The invention of craft.
Robbie Cornelissen : het grote geheugen = the capacious memory.
Working conditions : the writings of Hans Haacke.
David Horvitz : mood disorder.
Jiro Takamatsu.
Guy de Cointet.
Joseph Beuys : greetings from the Eurasian.
The pain journal.
Artists' cocktails.
William Leavitt : the particles (of white naugahyde).
The dynamic library : organizing knowledge at the Sitterwerk: precedents and possibilities.
Hotel theory reader.
School : a recent history of self-organized art education.
Industrial design.
Pasolini's bodies and places.
Documenta 14 #4 : South as a state of mind #9.
Love poems for Ceres.
Manfred Pernice.
Freedom of use.
Karel Martens : couleurs sur la plage = colours on the beach.
The art of civil action.
All the king's horses.
"Madelief Geus : eigenaardig. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Dieuwertje Hehewerth : On active spectatorship. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Jan Berger : I need somebody to hold me : on representation of fender and queerness in video games. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Oda Haugerud : living dead surplus. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Yunie Chae : my moody will murmurs power. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Annie Akerman : the tail end of standard depth. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Lianne van Roekel : the circular story. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Franck Bragigand : peinture(s) de circonstances. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Yaroslav Glazunov : Archeans! Don't wait for Orpheus, he hasn't walked away. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Claes Storm : The oral translation. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Marlies Rijneveld : een huis in een huis in een huis. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Mirre Yayla Seur : where else to draw from? Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Rosita Kaer : yes darling, you are a real woman. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Clara Pasteau : I plunged in slo-mo. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Zofia Skoroszewska : A thousand tiny little loops. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Brigitte Brock : the 'thing' of things. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Brigitte Brock : things & matters. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Brigitte Brock : Ding der Dinge. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Katri Paunu : The hidden connections: thoughts on interbeings. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
"Raden Saleh : devouring the other. Exhibition GRA 2018 Graduation thesis."
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